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/777/ - Weed
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BWH Goddamn Hippie 23/03/18(Sat)10:55 No. 10 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 167913332819.png - (219.22KB , 571x235 , 1647107312014.png )

It's a new era, godspeed and good vibes.

>Smoke more, chill out.

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Goddamn Hippie 24/05/04(Sat)05:22 No. 780


Goddamn Hippie ## Admin ## 23/03/17(Fri)17:21 No. 1 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 167907006246.jpg - (452.31KB , 3000x2000 , 220724124922-marijuana-stock.jpg )

Over the next few months, we are going to try out a few of the more popular boards that were lost with 420chan going offline. If they generate interest, we will then add them as permanent boards. We are starting out with /weed/, but please feel free to leave suggestions for other boards in this thread (e.g. /woo/).

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Goddamn Hippie 24/03/24(Sun)05:18 No. 743

Bring together /weed/ and /rx/. It can hype up the non /b/ side of the site.

Goddamn Hippie 23/03/27(Mon)05:41 No. 93 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 167988849397.gif - (1.74MB , 308x308 , 1629542417674.gif )


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Goddamn Hippie 24/05/12(Sun)02:01 No. 781

File 171547208363.gif - (378.50KB , 400x215 , 96e8ba68-e877-4d62-a33d-666ee4046310_text.gif )

Back on my bullshit is a funny phrase. It always makes me laugh.

BWH, by the way.

Goddamn Hippie 24/05/15(Wed)18:34 No. 784

File 171579088910.jpg - (114.52KB , 1086x724 , tumblr_dac6c6e14f74a8d5c582190f9ae1ff8c_6d8b2c51_1.jpg )

I may be a tiny bit, of a little, scoonce, of very, lots of high.
This dab tastes like diesel, and hits like fire.

Goddamn Hippie 24/05/17(Fri)05:24 No. 785

File 171591624569.gif - (2.43MB , 498x373 , urusei-yatsura-shuutaro-mendo.gif )

My weed had a faint undersmell of cat piss but not cat piss.

Goddamn Hippie 24/03/24(Sun)17:53 No. 744 [Reply]

File 171129922350.jpg - (42.44KB , 500x500 , ab_Pueblo-Tabak-ohne-Zusatzstoffe-100g-Dose-Zigare.jpg )

Which tobacco do you roll your joints with?

I use pueblo

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Goddamn Hippie 24/04/26(Fri)18:58 No. 775

Cones work good for this, just mix up the weed with 1/4 of a fig and pack down smoke Great but sometimes I fight with the joint for a hit

Goddamn Hippie 24/05/12(Sun)02:02 No. 782

Cones are great but if you overpack them, they hit like ass.

Goddamn Hippie 24/05/12(Sun)08:55 No. 783

Yea sometimes fighting with the roach fir a hit if pack em poorly. They can smoke up too quick as well but I've made absolute bangers with packed cones but a good few went to complete waste

I want to take it easy!ds8De64mpw 24/04/26(Fri)02:49 No. 772 [Reply]

File 171409255468.jpg - (304.10KB , 1630x2048 , IMG_2806.jpg )

4 / 2 0 ! Stoner Snake 24/04/20(Sat)16:10 No. 767 [Reply]

File 171362220310.jpg - (141.11KB , 300x421 , caloriemate.jpg )


Post what you're gonna do today. Or knowing the general speed of our new home, post what you *did* on 4/20/2024 whenever the hell you make it here.

I passed the drug test for my new job a few days ago so I'm gonna get fuckin blitzed today. Edibles in the morning, showing up high to a gig in the evening, then more edibles and cooking food like a madman at night. Shit's gonna be SO cash.

If I don't get too high maybe I'll report back as the day progresses. Commencing virtuous mission NOW!!

Goddamn Hippie 24/04/20(Sat)16:45 No. 768

File 171362434817.png - (864.71KB , 630x1280 , 1464557551570.png )

My sleep schedule is fucked up anyway so my goal is to blaze all day, and hit both 4:20s. it's almost 8 and I'm going to bed soon, setting my alarm for 4:00. gonna get up, probably sleep deprived but I'm gonna take a waterfall bong rip and get drunk immediately so I don't care. Began the morning by blazing at midnight exactly to 2 hours of the best weed songs, made curly fries in my air fryer, then vibed out to some progressive rock and read my weekly manga and it was super chill, then switched to my bong at 4:20 AM and got 3 bowls to deep to some nostalgic music and cartoons. ate a croissant and chicken sandwich then fapped for an hour and a half.
I (had when I started) 14 grams of platinum glue, 14 grams of "preground" gorilla glue which is just small buds + shake, an 1/8th of space rocks, and some hash which I rarely smoke and am saving for later. snacks include twisted fritos, hohos, white cheddar cheezits(HIGHly recommend these), a totinos pizza, two microwave burritos, aforementioned waffle fries, cherry vanilla coke, and toaster strudels. Honestly been having a great time so far, not many plans for later other than chilling more, maybe I'll spin a record or two.

Goddamn Hippie 24/04/20(Sat)16:50 No. 769

File 171362465588.png - (216.23KB , 500x495 , 1705866299334570.png )

^damn I'm fuckt up. just to clarify they are in fact waffle fries and not curly.

Goddamn Hippie 23/05/06(Sat)16:23 No. 276 [Reply]

File 168338300882.jpg - (377.28KB , 1600x900 , Screenshot_20230506_102841_Chrome.jpg )


Is hotwheels our savior?

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Goddamn Hippie 24/04/09(Tue)10:20 No. 757

It appears so... Although we have a roadblock on our hands...

Goddamn Hippie 24/04/19(Fri)14:01 No. 764

yeah it's never coming back guys

Goddamn Hippie 24/04/20(Sat)07:32 No. 765


Goddamn Hippie 23/07/27(Thu)18:04 No. 402 [Reply]

File 16904738432.jpg - (67.90KB , 469x640 , 18425875190_c8772f8548_z.jpg )

is this where 420chan users have gone? i miss that site

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Goddamn Hippie 24/02/28(Wed)04:44 No. 711

I miss 420/mu/

damn that board was good.

Goddamn Hippie 24/03/22(Fri)10:54 No. 739

Psy mu threads were even better imo

Goddamn Hippie 24/04/09(Tue)10:19 No. 756

Here I am...

Weed Goddamn Hippie 24/04/08(Mon)21:29 No. 755 [Reply]

File 171260458293.jpg - (8.32KB , 275x183 , indir.jpg )


Goddamn Hippie 23/07/14(Fri)07:50 No. 391 [Reply]

File 168931381091.jpg - (84.25KB , 1131x764 , IMG_3404.jpg )

Shame Kirtypoo couldn’t get a GRIP

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Goddamn Hippie 24/02/14(Wed)08:11 No. 699

Yea I remember him a little. had no idea he od or whatever his death was. Now worm on the other hand...... I wish he is dead lol

Goddamn Hippie 24/04/01(Mon)21:40 No. 750

it was weird to see it gone but it really was inevitable. Kirt seemed pretty unhinged at the end there and looked like he had an unhealthy crack addiction.

man oh man I do not miss my heavy drug use days.

Goddamn Hippie 24/04/03(Wed)16:40 No. 751


I lied. I really miss the early days before I made myself into an unhealthy drug addict.

Remember kids - eveything in moderation!

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