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Deepnight Anonymous 13/05/23(Thu)10:25 No. 29198 ID: 669345 [Reply]

File 136929753576.gif - (680.49KB , 631x648 , 551e5dd8c554175355af6df5a0f3fc93.gif )

Is Deepnight stuff ok?

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Anonymous 13/10/16(Wed)12:30 No. 31561 ID: 2e80ec


Anonymous 13/12/26(Thu)11:25 No. 31795 ID: 2e80ec


More dboy2891 14/02/18(Tue)04:54 No. 32398 ID: 973549

Bump for more. Hottest shit in a while.

Shotas that look like shotas Anonymous 14/02/04(Tue)14:02 No. 32242 ID: 812d7e [Reply]

File 139151895295.jpg - (216.07KB , 824x1000 , 20804325.jpg )

How about a thread for shotas that....look like shotas?

No girly boys, only masculine or boyish shotas- challenge enough for you?

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Masked Shota 14/02/13(Thu)10:07 No. 32325 ID: 40d5ba

File 139228247886.jpg - (126.93KB , 1000x1000 , 41509120_big_p0.jpg )

This has to be my favorite thread topic EVER! Masculine shota being masculine is so hot...traps & uke shota are okay, but can never compare to masculine shota :)

masculine shota all about the shota 14/02/14(Fri)06:38 No. 32337 ID: ebd164

yeh, this shota thread is good. totally good.

masc. shotacon carl_v_steel 14/02/16(Sun)01:14 No. 32354 ID: ebd164

these guys are deff the guys i wanted on my teams sum years ago.

Bridgette Anonymous 14/02/13(Thu)08:56 No. 32313 ID: ad2b47 [Reply]

File 139227819945.jpg - (111.32KB , 750x1200 , zipyaru-20110806-48-00128.jpg )

Bout' time y'all motherfuckers had a Bridgette thread.

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Anonymous 14/02/13(Thu)09:05 No. 32320 ID: ad2b47

File 139227875279.jpg - (106.34KB , 698x960 , zipyaru-20110806-48-00149.jpg )

Anonymous 14/02/13(Thu)09:06 No. 32321 ID: ad2b47

Anonymous 14/02/13(Thu)09:07 No. 32322 ID: ad2b47

Do you think shota Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)09:35 No. 32213 ID: 997730 [Reply]

File 139133012355.jpg - (44.66KB , 704x975 , 485596-trappico.jpg )

can make you feel confused about your gender identity? when i was a teenager i liked to see shota because i fantasized more easy looking at boys at about my age, someday i watched a pic of a crossdresser shota and feel identified, after lots of pics i started to feel confused about my gender...
do you think this could affected me?

Skyler 14/02/02(Sun)11:49 No. 32216 ID: 2f6ae8

File 139133814486.jpg - (242.27KB , 848x1200 , 2n5 danbooru.jpg )

Well, I know I've definitely been tempted to crossdress due to a lot of the really sexy trap shota pics and all that other stuff I've seen... It's not that uncommon, from what I understand. You see them having a good time with it and it makes you want to see if you can get that same feeling from it. I'd say just try it and see how you feel. No need to stick to any one path, y'know?

Anonymous 14/02/02(Sun)20:13 No. 32217 ID: 0cb8f1

I feel like it has something to do with your childhood, honestly.

Peter 14/02/09(Sun)22:09 No. 32282 ID: fecc32

search for HOCD on yourbrainonporn.com

Cute FF XIV Screenshots Cute FF XIV Screenshots 14/02/05(Wed)03:56 No. 32245 ID: 730743 [Reply]

File 139156896526.png - (2.21MB , 1920x1080 , ffxiv_30012014_222737.png )

Post screenshots of some cute shota characters including the cute gridanian boys =3

Anonymous 14/02/05(Wed)05:46 No. 32246 ID: 4a9cfc

I would still be playing this if handsome monster child was a playable race.

Anonymous 14/02/06(Thu)03:10 No. 32253 ID: ac00c2

File 139165263621.png - (2.65MB , 1600x900 , ffxiv_10232013_214321.png )

This is my Lalafell in his surprisingly skimpy armor

Anonymous 14/02/08(Sat)09:47 No. 32268 ID: d2c872

I would post my miqote, but he's probably not shota enough for this :I

>>32246 He is- the Hyurs/humans.

He's one of the high mages in Gridania. Like Kanne senna.

Bran Stark Anonymous 13/10/16(Wed)02:03 No. 31554 ID: 403cc4 [Reply]

File 138188181687.jpg - (73.19KB , 515x794 , 137758098342_shotachan.jpg )

from GoT

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Anonymous 13/10/21(Mon)06:01 No. 31614 ID: 6683d0

File 13823281049.jpg - (306.87KB , 827x1019 , 1017854 - A_Song_of_Ice_and_Fire AnonAnim Bran_Sta.jpg )

In my opinion, this is probably the only good rule34 picture of Bran Stark.

Anonymous 13/10/21(Mon)12:19 No. 31621 ID: 522434

amen to that

Anonymous 14/02/08(Sat)05:21 No. 32265 ID: 0f144b

Not in the tv show

Photoshop Anonymous 13/12/22(Sun)22:42 No. 31760 ID: 15b0a6 [Reply]

File 138774856038.png - (839.45KB , 700x700 , txKwn_05.png )

I found a really nice image of Kid Goku, but it seemed strange that the artist would draw him with underwear on whilst he so often swam nude in the tv series. So I decided to try and photoshop in some nudity. I am an amature so it's not perfect but it seems okay to me. I'll post the original in the next post. Also any tips on improving would be helpful and if you have any images that you think could receive similar treatment, I'll try.

Also a number of years ago I photoshopped a picture of Link climinging over a fence or something, in the original he was wearing green underwear, I edited it to make it more titillating. I did it many years ago and I did post it in a number of places (99 chans's old shota board I think) but I no longer have a copy myself, I wonder did anyone here save it?

16 posts and 24 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
v-fox 14/01/06(Mon)17:04 No. 31929 ID: ed2b73

Love it! xD A vast improvement, especially the toys in the background. That horse centaur guy = lol

Anonymous 14/02/07(Fri)17:12 No. 32263 ID: a422e6

Is the thread still going?

Anonymous 14/02/07(Fri)22:12 No. 32264 ID: 15b0a6

There's only one way to find out.

(C74) [Temple Knights] Valentine&!NJ.KOnBjA6 13/08/11(Sun)10:20 No. 30626 ID: 985b25 [Reply]

File 137620923224.jpg - (163.59KB , 775x1100 , 01.jpg )

Hey i was wondering, this is out for quite some while but still it isn't translated. I was wondering if anyone is bothered to translate this. cheers

2 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 13/12/20(Fri)01:06 No. 31735 ID: 5e6c21

do want, i love the way he gets fucked silly by them

Anonymous 14/01/15(Wed)13:37 No. 32054 ID: 596990


Anonymous 14/02/07(Fri)05:56 No. 32260 ID: ae9ce3

Link don't work anymore.

Information of a picture WannaFantaMan 14/02/03(Mon)06:24 No. 32220 ID: 70b4f7 [Reply]

File 139140507314.jpg - (162.05KB , 631x900 , 16.jpg )

Hello again everyone, not that this part of the website is up and running again, I', wondering if anyone could tell me what series/franchise this character is from, if any at all. Any help would be really appreciated, as this kinda of stuff is one of my fetishes xD.

Anonymous 14/02/04(Tue)11:29 No. 32241 ID: 14ad8c

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

WannaFantaMan 14/02/05(Wed)07:03 No. 32248 ID: 70b4f7

ZOMFG, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! *googles yaoi for it like a mad man*

Finn the Human boy Anonymous 14/01/12(Sun)14:58 No. 32013 ID: ccffdf [Reply]

File 138953509322.jpg - (111.33KB , 850x556 , sample_16028a46d9c3aeeeff1a7ca5dc4236b755326fc7.jpg )

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Anonymous 14/01/12(Sun)15:06 No. 32018 ID: ccffdf

File 138953561224.png - (434.07KB , 666x1000 , 978480e5d130aa0d914266c6deded1d882db86e3.png )

Anonymous 14/01/22(Wed)18:15 No. 32120 ID: 5193e9

File 139041089976.jpg - (237.96KB , 596x1000 , AnonAnim - AT - Daily dose of Finn dick.jpg )

Anonymous 14/02/04(Tue)02:20 No. 32237 ID: 4e768a

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