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Hookup Thread Anonymous ## Admin ## 17/09/25(Mon)22:36 No. 45302 [Reply] Stickied

File 150637179248.jpg - (127.82KB , 850x464 , fark_ixu6tLficyrJ_DyALK6VR3Uc_go.jpg )

It's become apparent to us as of late, that /cd/ & /di/ are in need of a hookup thread, and since we care so little about you, it's taken us quite a while to get around to doing it. Anyway, here it is.
This is going to be a shared thread, that means that both /di/ and /cd/ will be using this thread.. Don't let it turn to complete shit, report rule breaking posts and most importantly, don't be desperate as fuck.

The rules for this thread are as follows:

1) A/S/L is important. Post your age, gender (or post/pre-op), and location. Oh, also, specify if you're a top or bottom if it's relevant.
2) Contact information! If you don't post contact info your post will be deleted. There's no point in posting without contact info. Skype, MSN, E-Mail, IM, anything will do. I'd steer clear of facebook etc, but it's up to you.
3) Post a fucking picture, seriously. Posts without pictures are way less likely to even be acknowledged by the userbase. You're all horny perverts, you're all drawn to images. Use this to your advantage.
Optionally, you can post what you want to do, if you want to meet up with people or just chat etc..

This thread is on trial basis at the moment, if it's still here in a few months then it's probably not going to be deleted/I'm too lazy to delete it.

Pic related: It's you.

Oh also: I forgot to say that irrelevant conversation is discouraged and will be deleted. Please keep all conversation to a minimum, it just clogs up the thread.

That and if you're just looking to meet guys and not traps/crossdressers then check out /fag/'s hookup thread.

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Anonymous 23/11/29(Wed)20:18 No. 48332

M,26, PA


Femboy showing face and small dick for exposure blackmail and humiliation jerking to wives and gf's. Love milfs.

Rules Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/10/20(Thu)16:32 No. 138 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 131912116616.jpg - (6.58KB , 300x168 , Crossdressing Anime.jpg )

1) All new threads require at least three relevant images; anything less will be considered a request and will be subject to deletion and banning. Relevant conversation threads are exempt from this rule.

2) Use the Report button and the Hide Thread feature. No flaming, bitching about board appropriate content, hook-up threads or furry content is allowed.

3) Camwhoring is encouraged. If you're going to camwhore, don't just post one image and ask if /cd/ wants more. Post as many as you can, and if they do they'll tell you. Posts with only one image will be deleted and you'll be banned (for an hour or so) just so you know where you went wrong.

4) Make sure you're posting on the right board. Traps go to /di/, men go to /men/, women go to /s/.

5) At the minute we don't think /cd/ needs a request thread. If however it should need one, this thread will be altered to allow requests.

If you want more content ask for it in the thread, posts asking to be e-mailed more will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

Anonymous 24/06/24(Mon)02:26 No. 48617 [Reply]

File 171918877268.jpg - (274.96KB , 1182x787 , yugggg78k.jpg )

n e w - p o r n - c p - c h i l d r e n - c o l l e c t i o n - 4 - 13 - y e a r s

p r e v i e w - f i l e :


l i s t - o f - f i l e s :


Anonymous 24/03/30(Sat)20:18 No. 48508 [Reply]

File 17118263363.jpg - (192.34KB , 683x1024 , R.jpg )

what her name

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Anonymous 24/04/23(Tue)22:33 No. 48550

she is hot

Anonymous 24/04/28(Sun)17:58 No. 48560

name is latina.com

Anonymous 24/06/18(Tue)20:35 No. 48612

File 17187357265.jpg - (102.43KB , 430x860 , R2_03.jpg )

here are some of me Anonymous 24/04/13(Sat)12:06 No. 48521 [Reply]

File 17130028191.png - (1.04MB , 706x890 , me now.png )

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23ciccio 24/05/11(Sat)09:07 No. 48566

do you have kik

panty show Tim 24/03/19(Tue)10:30 No. 48479 [Reply]

File 171084063191.jpg - (713.23KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_3102.jpg )

Felt horny, if someone is up for some chatting, my kik is dirtytop1986.

17 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 24/03/25(Mon)21:04 No. 48504

File 171139704420.jpg - (912.43KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_3154.jpg )

Anonymous 24/03/25(Mon)21:04 No. 48505

File 171139705636.jpg - (863.22KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_3156.jpg )

Anonymous 24/03/25(Mon)21:04 No. 48506

File 171139706595.jpg - (751.99KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_3157.jpg )

Here is sexy masturbation videos Anonymous 24/03/23(Sat)03:28 No. 48497 [Reply]

File 171116088816.jpg - (1.16MB , 1840x3264 , IMG_20230210_133509.jpg )


Vera 23/09/06(Wed)05:10 No. 48265 [Reply]

File 169396981673.jpg - (874.27KB , 3024x4032 , received_6876110245784634.jpg )

1 post and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Vera 23/09/06(Wed)05:12 No. 48267

File 169396992843.jpg - (79.00KB , 640x1316 , IMG_20230824_191021_188.jpg )

Vera 23/09/06(Wed)05:51 No. 48268

File 169397227263.jpg - (293.48KB , 3264x2448 , received_4283626974980616.jpg )

GFClothes 23/12/09(Sat)18:04 No. 48336

File 170214146617.jpg - (267.81KB , 523x1836 , VideoCapture_20231112-053618.jpg )

I like those legs

Oiled CD for perverted pleasure BobbyXTC 24/03/16(Sat)11:02 No. 48473 [Reply]

File 171058336612.jpg - (2.47MB , 2160x3840 , ziuy5511656.jpg )

Meet up with a horny mature guy who likes oiled transvestites.

Anonymous 24/03/09(Sat)16:06 No. 48462 [Reply]

File 170999677978.jpg - (99.04KB , 1054x1054 , thi.jpg )

Anyone know who she is?

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