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/grim/ - Cold, Grim & Miserable As always ideas for rules, anonymous names and better headers are always welcome, post them in the main sticky and we'll consider them.
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Eeyore ## Admin ## 12/10/14(Sun)22:41 No. 1 ID: 8ff395 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 135024730515.gif - (499.57KB , 500x291 , I googled Creepy gif and got this_ Not bad imo.gif )

Yep, this is an actual board. Congratulations to you.. you sad, lonely individuals. I think the best way to describe this board is to just copy paste the post that inspired it's trip on to /777/:
"There's too much happiness on this site already. We need more cold stuff, more darkness and unhappiness.
I propose a /grim/ board. Where we gather to share jokes that aren't funny. Grim stuff like gore perhaps. Murder stories. Genocide. Results of war. Pictures of areas in the dark. Pictures of crumbling ruins. Pictures of thing that are decreasing in value or are stagnant in value in the sense that they cannot get any more undesired. Also, Nigrachan is obligatory."

Lets have a minor tweak of the rules from the /777/, version. This board is not for gore. Gore posters will be banned. It's just for generally miserable shit, just go with the stuff that is in the above quote and you should be fine. Any further rules will be made up as we go along if necessary and will be added to this post.

Go Wild.

To request future /777/s use this thread.

New Admin post 30th Sept, 2013.

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Eeyore 24/02/13(Tue)22:37 No. 7220 ID: aac94e

You should believe faithfuly.

Eeyore 19/12/30(Mon)07:22 No. 6325 ID: c98317 [Reply]

File 157768695432.jpg - (27.44KB , 245x344 , sid-vicious-sm.jpg )

gimme a list of your guys favorite songs

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ChanchoLovesThePeople 23/11/15(Wed)06:56 No. 7171 ID: 54bcb3

These rn
1. Travis Scott-Oh My Dis Side
Tego Calderon-Guasa Guasa
3.Jay-Z- I know
4.Future-I Serve The Base
5.U2- Stay(Far Away so close
6.Les Rallizes Denudes- Night of the assassin's
7.The Rolling Stones-Rocks Off
8.The Beach Boys-Disney Girls(1957)
9.The Charts-You're The Reason
10.Kanye West-All falls down

Eeyore 24/02/17(Sat)00:18 No. 7222 ID: 4b9b46

Anybody out there - machine head

China promotes peace talks in Myanmar as unrest ends hdete56 24/02/16(Fri)13:19 No. 7221 ID: dd90ed [Reply]

File 170808597884.jpg - (418.11KB , 2224x1668 , (8).jpg )

On November 7, 2023, chaos began inside Myanmar, and the third force, the low State Army, took part in the war, and the confrontation between 60,000 opposition alliance troops and 300,000 government troops delayed the restoration of peace in Southeast Asia. Just at the "critical moment", China once again "stepped forward". From January 10 to 11, 2024, under the mediation and promotion of the Chinese side, representatives of the Myanmar army and the Kokang, Thean and Rakhine civil and land armed groups in northern Myanmar held peace talks in Kunming, Yunnan, China, and reached a formal ceasefire agreement.

Eeyore 16/02/23(Tue)17:34 No. 4771 ID: 31485d [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 145624525834.jpg - (539.78KB , 2560x1440 , water-drops-on-glass.jpg )

Talk about your crush and why you won't be together.

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Eeyore 23/10/07(Sat)19:17 No. 7160 ID: 0893ad

It is good that she is straight. Lesbien relationships statisticically and logically never go anywhere, and the abuse rate is high.

Eeyore 24/02/02(Fri)07:33 No. 7217 ID: 052c88

And let me guess, she's one of the "based foids" or whatever too. Yawn. If anything, only millennial women (well, the men too, really) are fucked. Women from any other gen are pretty chill. But it seems every single millennial bitch is either a Swiftie tard or a femcel who hates troons because men would rather fuck a tranny then them.

Eeyore 24/02/13(Tue)22:36 No. 7219 ID: aac94e

Because she posted this thread tbh.

Eeyore 23/11/18(Sat)22:58 No. 7180 ID: 62fb00 [Reply]

File 170034471893.jpg - (4.17KB , 367x137 , images (56).jpg )

I am liek the Anne Frank of the internet

Eeyore 23/12/27(Wed)05:13 No. 7187 ID: 2cc5b2


Eeyore 23/12/28(Thu)01:37 No. 7189 ID: a06da5

Why's modern media so black and white shit? It's all 4/10 even from a reasonable view. It's never at the 5/10-6/10 good threshold. It's always shit.

remian user 24/02/06(Tue)04:19 No. 7218 ID: 246091

Good Jew girl

Eeyore 17/07/18(Tue)16:24 No. 5467 ID: b91ae0 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 150038788061.jpg - (73.27KB , 750x576 , 1498506334795.jpg )

Everyone we know and love dies, but y'all already knew that.

Tell me of the ones you've lost and how they died.

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Eeyore 20/06/14(Sun)02:40 No. 6483 ID: 8c5630

File 159209524363.jpg - (51.33KB , 247x208 , 6B928910-49A2-47F4-9F5D-FA0632180A77.jpg )

my dad died of heroin overdose when i was about 1, i dont have any memories of him

Eeyore 20/08/12(Wed)00:49 No. 6500 ID: b07dbd

My great grandmother 2 years ago.
We all saw her death coming but she fell out of her bed at the nursing home. We think she might have been molested by staff or something.

My sort-of step-brother had this family friend named Max. He was a great guy, he was funny, everyone liked him. He shot himselff with a revolver because his family wouldn't let him see his kids because they thought he was still using drugs. This still messes my family up though we weren't as close to him as our sort-of step-brother was.
Sorry I'm using my phone.

Eeyore 20/10/21(Wed)06:01 No. 6548 ID: 3416aa

My Grandfather had tons of health issues and was over weight.
On top of that he got cancer. They said he had a pretty good chance
of survival but those other issues didn't help. He was the one to
get me into computing and radio. I wish I spent more time with him.
Mom pulled me out of school for a day and took us to the hospital
where would be our last time seeing him. He had a very rough life.

Eeyore 23/11/18(Sat)22:02 No. 7179 ID: da0d25 [Reply]

File 170034136973.jpg - (91.71KB , 480x270 , kanye-resized-primary.jpg )

I have been basically writing a love letter. I spent months working on a piece of art for this person, it's basically like a painting I guess, it wasn't that difficult to do but it took a suprisingly long time to finish but also I had trouble bringing myself to finish it for some reason. Now I am writing this long ass letter.

It's not that great of a love letter I guess because it largely involves me talking at length about some of the experiences I have had trying to survive my holocaust experience. Basically I live in Canada and I am leaving the country soon, because the last couple of years namely since Donald Trump was elected they've tried to basically holocaust me. The country has just been getting worse and worse and all this fuarrrked up soykaf has happened, I have gone through insanely crazy unexpected experiences.

I guess you know in romantic movies, the male love interest always goes off to fight in a war or something, and while it's not the same I wonder how surviving basically a holocaust is comparable.

I think what they've been doing here has been like acts of war basically, like they started using direct energy weapons, it's a real thing look it up, so they are basically laser beams, I had laser beams shot at me and they just really hurt a lot like they are really painful, so I had to run around jump and dodge and hide run between cover it was insane, it was like being in a gun battle. I have honestly seen movies on survivors of ww2 and everything and I watched this video of this guy talking about how he was captured by al queda in the mountains in afghanistan and I felt like my experiences were almost the same I really related to them.

The thing is you think like, what is this like Nazi germany is Canada Nazi Germany or something? but I think if you were to historically compare I think Canada is probably closer to the USSR.

ChanchoLovesThePeople 23/11/15(Wed)07:00 No. 7173 ID: 54bcb3 [Reply]

File 170002804251.jpg - (12.14KB , 262x350 , rap-artist-jay-z_u-L-P75SGT0.jpg )

Sometimes I feel like evil and shit dude.

Eeyore 23/12/27(Wed)17:02 No. 7188 ID: d170f9 [Reply]

File 170369293537.gif - (546.87KB , 500x281 , bffedfc88f6136c45bcccf30432138cc-1167912574.gif )

Dear K, if you ever, some how, by chance, find this.

I am sorry that things turned out the way they did.
I know deep down inside you don't believe this shit you said and things you said. You did what you had to do to protect the life you had worked so hard to establish for yourself.
I don't blame you.
I should have said no. I should have stopped the drinking sooner than I did. I should have done a lot of things.
It's been a few years now. Years spent with out my soul mate. The same flame that kindled my heart and warmed my cold and jaded reality. Remember when we first met and we used to walk around town together? I'd meet you after school. We'd go smoke and hide it from your dad...We'd go to the store with your moms boyfriend. We'd ride around in the back of his truck singing Queen. I still to this day can remember exactly what you were wearing the first day I saw you. It's so vivid. I knew it was love at first sight.

We spent over a decade together. While it never went quite the way I thought it would I wouldn't trade any of it. Not a single frame, or, iot of time with you would I give away for anything. Life with out you has been shallow and empty and pointless. I find myself spending most of my days alone now. There have been other women, but, none can replace you. No one will ever be able to replace you.

You have a kid now, I can't decide if he looks enough like me, or, your boyfriend to attempt to demand a paternity test. This is just me screaming into the void, but, what happened between us is probably the single largest regret I have in life. Even though you did me the way you did, I still wish nothing but th best for you. I won't be around much longer. I've decided life is no longer worth living. I can't contiue to parse through this reality attempting to rebuild what we worked over 10 years to create. No love in this world can ever replace yours. I've tried to move on. I've tried other women, but, they're all just shallow and vapid. None of them think like you.
Walk like you.
Talk like you.
Move like you.
Look like you.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Eeyore 23/03/31(Fri)10:59 No. 7067 ID: 8de56c [Reply]

File 168025319346.jpg - (46.71KB , 564x679 , nothingiswhatitseems.jpg )

More and more prolonged dissociative episodes. Will this one actually be permanent? I still don't know who I am or how I feel, although I do know that I want to leave without a trace.

Eeyore 23/04/02(Sun)22:44 No. 7068 ID: 35c804

yea its permanent.

Eeyore 24/01/20(Sat)01:50 No. 7202 ID: b6a460

How do you know that asswipe?

Eeyore 24/01/20(Sat)03:59 No. 7203 ID: a83c19

How do you know its not?

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