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Rules & Requests Anonymous ## Mod ## 13/02/25(Mon)15:24 No. 19768 [Reply] Stickied

File 136180228748.jpg - (108.54KB , 724x540 , media_literacy.jpg )

Welcome to /me/ - Media.

This board is NOT for:
- Promoting your band, art project or shitty youtube channel.
- Raging about media (Go to /rnb/)

This board is for discussions about...
Movies, TV, Music, Books, Websites

Requests go in this sticky for stuff you can't find.

Your shitty Soundcloud (and similar) links go in the shitty Soundcloud thread >>18066

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deadbabies!rfBia8M6N2 16/01/17(Sun)03:44 No. 20857 [Reply] Stickied

File 145299869071.png - (104.89KB , 400x276 , channel7.png )

Channel7 is 7Chan's internet stream for movies and all that good stuff and it's STILL running daily after 6 years, fags. or you can be a badass and just open the stream to view all sorts of crazy shit. It starts at 23:00 GMT (3PM PST) every day and runs about 22-23 hours from then with different and fresh content daily! No, we don't keep a schedule, but you can find out what's on today by checking on our IRC channel!.

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Anonymous 23/02/04(Sat)18:45 No. 22690

Nobody realizes, but this means Quagmire can survive a nuke without much damage, this also means he’s strong enough to rip ATOMS like nothing and can actually grab ATOMS, and remember, he isn’t even supposed to be that strong because the other characters can defeat Quagmire or Joe, so obviously he isn’t using his full potential, but if that's not true then the characters in family guy are insanely strong, because basically everyone can beat Quagmire in a fight.

Anonymous ## Mod ## 16/01/14(Thu)01:35 No. 20852 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 145273175111.jpg - (79.36KB , 841x949 , 6435438756.jpg )

Radio7 is 7chan's local radio station.

We, at Radio7, play a large variety of music.
Anything, from Electronic, to metal, to punk, to industrial, to classical and, much, much, more.

You can listen here: https://7chanradio.org/
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or here: http://radio.7chan.org:8000/radio
Via any streaming device. For example: VLC Media Player.

Our IRC service can be found on the 7chan, premium content, IRC network at #Radio.

So give us a listen and come in and join us. Won't you?
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Anonymous 22/06/10(Fri)21:39 No. 22482 [Reply]

File 165488995737.jpg - (598.01KB , 2479x1971 , 1654889913735.jpg )

Here's your Ellie, bro

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Anonymous 22/06/11(Sat)03:59 No. 22484

File 165491278480.jpg - (931.57KB , 2976x1888 , 1654912821446.jpg )

Anonymous 22/06/11(Sat)15:52 No. 22485

File 165495557017.gif - (800.58KB , 250x195 , 1642895851140.gif )

One of the co-creators of the show is the dude who wrote the scripts for Scary Movie 3 and 4, Superhero Movie, and The Hangover Part II and III. Still IMDb says he wrote only one ep here? Neil fucking Derpmann writes and directs one ep. Ali Abbasi directs three episodes, he made Borders back in 2018 which was pretty good. I think Pedro Pascal could be good as Joel but honestly this sounds like it'll be a fucking mess.

Battlestar Galactica wasn’t good, it was just all we had Anonymous 24/07/11(Thu)23:30 No. 22814


2003 was a dark and bitter time. 50 Cent and Evanescence were on the radio, sometimes back-to-back. Bruce Willis guest hosted The Late Show. And we were all genuinely excited to see The Matrix Reloaded.

Firefly was fading from memory like a dream so wonderful, you mourn waking. Farscape was clawing desperately and futilely for one more season. Buffy and Angel were coming to merciful, it’s-okay-if-it’s-anti-climactic ends.

A barren sci-fi wasteland awaited us. But what’s this? Could it be an oasis for our nerdy hearts? A new show that maybe just maybe could slake our thirst for geek TV? (Remember, oh my sons, that being a nerd wasn’t cool, yet.)

Lo, there, on the horizon: a reboot of Battlestar Galactica; a certified sci-fi classic that ran its concept so far up its own ass that everyone decided to forget that Galactica 1980 ever existed. But this wasn’t going to be your daddy’s Battlestar! This was a sci-fi series that fuuuuuuuuucked.

But not really, hahaha, this is basic cable.

Battlestar Galactica launched as a mini-series because no one was sure anyone would actually watch hard sci-fi, anymore. But the nerds were still jonesing and this was all we had. The miniseries didn’t suck, either. It was a thoughtful origin story that teased a tense and paranoid drama to come.

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He was chosen one Anonymous 24/06/13(Thu)01:35 No. 22809 [Reply]

File 171823531826.jpg - (186.07KB , 1079x1409 , Before Joker there was Jared Leto.jpg )

He is legendary performance

Anonymous 24/07/02(Tue)22:59 No. 22811

File 171995395612.png - (2.68MB , 2000x1000 , Jack-Nicholson-Heath-Ledger-Jokers.png )

(Jack Nicholson Impression Post)
i will not speak to the complete joke that suicide squad may or may not be, as a live-action movie, but i think that 'joker as gangster-to-clown archetype' was done much better by Jack Nicholson, regardless of the ham and cheese that 1990's batman had in it, itself derived from 1960's batman.

I will also not eulogize Heath Ledger (again), sad as it was to see him go as an actor worth his chops. Others can do that, Elsewhere. Regardless, both Jokers, in their respective eras and styles, did a much better portrayal of Joker than what i have thusfar seen of Jared Leto's 'Smiley the gang-banger'.

There is of course, the voice-work of Mark Hamill and the animation-verse of Joker (alongside Kevin Conroy as the voice of Batman), but that is animation and perhaps not really part of this topic.

What did Lennon see in Yoko? Anonymous 22/07/16(Sat)03:41 No. 22517 [Reply]

File 165793568528.jpg - (30.41KB , 628x412 , 241.jpg )

Man I'm watching the Dick Cavett interview with John Lennon and Yoko Onno and she is ugly, not too bright, and has a bad singing voice. I just think he dated and married her so he could get in arguments about people not thinking progressively, you know just how today do much the same.

Anonymous 22/07/24(Sun)05:35 No. 22541

That is a very interesting question, up there with "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?"

Anonymous 23/08/21(Mon)20:50 No. 22735

She made good music and had a fun personality. Simple as.

Anonymous 24/04/21(Sun)12:46 No. 22807


Wait, Yoko One made good music? Her music was a crime against humanity.

Anonymous 23/07/20(Thu)21:23 No. 22728 [Reply]

File 168988101011.png - (502.85KB , 1170x970 , pepe.png )

>Be me, haven't gone to the cinema in years
>New Nolan movie coming out, whynot.exe
>See group of men in their early 30s walking in with weirdly bulky jackets and awkwardly stuffed sleeves.
>They strut in like they're in Reservoir Dogs or something.
>Can't help but notice they all have one floppy arm
>Starting to smell something odd, like a mix between salami and desperation.
>For whatever reason, they have gloves on. It's summer. Indoors.
>Realization hits, those idiots have sandwiches in their sleeves.
>Seriously who does this?
>They sit down, attempting to act casual
>Start smirking and winking at each other
>One of them drops a piece of lettuce on the floor, tries to kick it under the seat.
>It sticks to his shoe.
>Can't even focus on the movie anymore, keep glancing over them taking bites of their sandwiches
>Finally, the movie ends. They stand up, bits of bread crumbs falling from their sleeves.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 24/01/24(Wed)14:43 No. 22779

Your biggest mistake was going to see a Hack Nolan movie

what do you think about ai music? ANXIOUSMOON 24/04/08(Mon)20:44 No. 22804 [Reply]

File 171260187670.jpg - (245.62KB , 1024x1024 , _5b4bab36-6257-4864-9c6a-f9092bf68361.jpg )

i liked it, this is the first channel i saw that uses it, if you know more, send pls

its incredible how the ai now can make a completely song, with almost real voices

Elvira mistress of the dark Anonymous 24/01/31(Wed)21:40 No. 22785 [Reply]

File 170673364847.gif - (1.54MB , 480x265 , iu-8-1.gif )

Seeing this as a kid was something else

Anonymous 24/01/31(Wed)21:46 No. 22786

File 170673398018.gif - (1.51MB , 500x281 , tumblr_nislv3rkSR1rp0vkjo1_500.gif )

Anonymous 24/03/27(Wed)03:04 No. 22803

File 171150506394.gif - (1.48MB , 498x280 , tassels-elvira.gif )

I saw this on regular tv.

Lynch Anonymous 24/01/24(Wed)14:44 No. 22780 [Reply]

File 17061038963.png - (825.95KB , 601x724 , Dave.png )

In this thread we talk about the greatest filmmaker of all time. The Great David Lynch

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 24/01/25(Thu)12:43 No. 22783

No, Lynch just makes great movies

Anonymous 24/03/16(Sat)20:33 No. 22800

Dune 1984 is star wars on acid

Anonymous 24/03/18(Mon)07:56 No. 22801

No it isn't

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