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Storm (aka marvel's Wonder Woman) in the comics and cartoons Anonymous 20/08/30(Sun)09:58 No. 25740 [Reply]

File 159877431411.jpg - (49.73KB , 491x709 , Storm is marvel's answer to Wonder Woman.jpg )

1975 was the year marvel comics finally introduced their equivalent to dc's Wonder Woman.

2020's decade to feature Ororo Munroe to headline her own stand-alone movie titled 'Storm'?

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Anonymous 22/10/14(Fri)11:35 No. 26371

I hate mutants

Anonymous 23/05/25(Thu)19:46 No. 26493

>>26357 MCU X-MEN: The REAL Reason Marvel Delayed Mutants

Anonymous 23/10/01(Sun)14:04 No. 26577

>>26371 Yet, marvel comics' Storm of the X-men is an icon to others

Anonymous 22/06/21(Tue)10:35 No. 26113 [Reply]

File 165580051976.jpg - (282.92KB , 584x648 , ullmorbtoo.jpg )

We all morb down there, and you will morb too!

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Anonymous 23/09/03(Sun)17:54 No. 26558

File 169375645292.jpg - (1.08MB , 1300x1801 , RCO020_1469485530.jpg )

In order to rescue his friend and save Spider-Man, Professor X sends the X-men out to capture Morbius. After a lengthy battle, the mutant team manages to defeat Morbius and rescue Jorgenson. Afterwards, Jorgenson is able to cure Spider-Man.

Script by Gerry Conway, pencils by Gil Kane, inks by Steve Mitchell with Frank Giacoia and John Romita Sr.

Continuity Notes Anonymous 23/09/03(Sun)17:57 No. 26559

-The Beast declines to join the X-men because he is keeping it secret that he has mutated further and is attempting to investigating the shady operations of the Brand Corporation, as seen in Amazing Adventures (Vol. 2) #11 onward.
The X-men don't learn the truth until Amazing Adventures (Vol. 2) #15.

-Professor X uses his mental powers to learn about Spider-Man's brief mutation into having six arms, and his battle with Morbius and the Lizard.
These events happened in Amazing Spider-Man #100–102.

-Although Morbius is left in the care of the X-men, he manages to escape them in Fear #20.

Anonymous 23/10/01(Sun)14:01 No. 26576

File 169616167363.jpg - (2.00MB , 1200x2249 , 10mighty-marvel-calender-1978-october.jpg )

OCTOBER is not for monsters only!

Nick Fury: Sergeant, Colonel & Director of S.H.I.E.L.D Anonymous 23/10/01(Sun)11:42 No. 26571 [Reply]

File 169615337655.jpg - (284.25KB , 930x1400 , nick-fury-sgt-fury-1963-no-1-cover.jpg )

60 years ago marvel comics' cigar-chomping Nicholas Joseph 'Nick' Fury first appeared in Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos #1 May 1963

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Anonymous 23/10/01(Sun)11:46 No. 26573

File 169615359958.png - (134.92KB , 517x207 , FURY2.png )

..but most of us have forgotten these guys.

Anonymous 23/10/01(Sun)11:48 No. 26574

Most folks have indeed forgotten Baron Strucker's Blitzkrieg Squad, specifically designed to counter Nick Fury's Howling Commandos.

Anonymous 23/10/01(Sun)11:51 No. 26575

File 169615388129.jpg - (233.89KB , 735x1090 , TOHOTMU #8 Nick Fury entry.jpg )

Page from The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #8

In 2024 the Fantastic Four is to be the start of an All New MCU! Anonymous 22/03/17(Thu)17:36 No. 25949 [Reply]

File 164753501451.jpg - (223.44KB , 923x504 , KF_MCUFF.jpg )

In 2008 the Invincible Iron Man became the corner stone of the CURRENT Marvel Cinematic Universe.
The current MCU is to come to an end after 15 years on November 3 2023.
Title of the movie is to be:
Deadpool Kills the Marvel Cinematic Universe

February 16 2024, is to be the start of the all new corner stone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe:
The Fantastic Four

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Anonymous 23/08/09(Wed)20:54 No. 26540


Anonymous 23/09/27(Wed)22:31 No. 26568

Deadpool 3 and Fantastic Four LEAKS: Alleged Plot Details & Hero Changes

Anonymous 23/10/01(Sun)11:04 No. 26570

>>26314 Fantastic Four is getting another reboot in the MCU

Your Favorite Cartoon Growing Up Yourgay!!OxAzMwZTMv 12/03/25(Sun)05:19 No. 22671 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 133264555190.jpg - (55.22KB , 400x300 , heman1.jpg )

Mine was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. What was your's /co/?

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Anonymous 23/09/05(Tue)14:23 No. 26560

File 169391661487.jpg - (202.74KB , 1024x576 , 2023-09-5 40th Anniversary Filmation He-Man and th.jpg )

Happy 40th Anniversary He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)

Anonymous 23/09/25(Mon)00:23 No. 26567

80's cartoon crossover featuring the Transformers, He-Man, GI Joe's Cobra Commander and others.

Anonymous 23/09/27(Wed)22:48 No. 26569

>>26530 Kevin Smith F-ed UP! New Masters of the Universe: Revolution trailer LIES about He-Man, AGAIN!

Were the FG writers projecting with this episode? Anonymous 23/09/13(Wed)01:40 No. 26561 [Reply]

File 169456204689.jpg - (47.21KB , 640x480 , 1f9e6541b2ec6b2840a02f024fb711ded9c7035c4da9d4aa4e.jpg )

Between the "fat sex is the hottest sex" line and Peter force(?) feeding Lois, I'd say Seth MacFarlane is a closet chubby chaser

Anonymous 23/09/13(Wed)22:08 No. 26563

File 169463567386.gif - (1.28MB , 640x480 , nos-fat-lois.gif )

Not surprising. Through Peter, Seth gets to express his desire for fattening a woman to be his concubine.

Anonymous 23/09/14(Thu)00:19 No. 26564


This episode is a classic except for how it ends

Anonymous 23/09/14(Thu)00:57 No. 26565

File 169464585696.jpg - (59.22KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault (1).jpg )


Seth wishes he was Peter here.

Then again, so do I, heh

Princess Adora as Despara commits atrocities. How to redeem her: SHE-RA ! Anonymous 13/04/03(Wed)21:09 No. 23511 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 136501617191.jpg - (170.46KB , 768x811 , Despara aka Princess Adora.jpg )

Notice the sadness in Adora's face?
Masters Of The Universe 8 reveals that Adora, now Despara, is a lethal weapon in the service of evil! This means a great deal. This young beautiful girl is deprived of her true calling; a heroin who is meant to represent hope and inspire good. The Horde is to be despised for making her a villainess who ignites despair and enforces evil. As a reader I rejoice in Adora's yearning for a better life. I read it as a sub-conscious expression of weeping for being kept from what she was truly destined to be and being forced to endure this nightmare of a life. Adora must be freed from the Horde and be allowed to choose the kind of life she wants to lead. I am grateful that Despara is covered from head-to-toe. Adora (and her face) should be engaging opponents as a warrior for GOOD and not evil! The bond and friendship with her steed Spirit, can be given more weight to. They can encourage each other to always strive to do good because the guilt of committing horrible acts under Horde-control hangs heavy on them. Also, their desires to be (and stay as long as possible) She-Ra and Swift Wind is great because these are identities that are used in the service of good and have not, in the past, been used for acts of evil! The short-haired Adora can be transformed into the long-haired She-Ra. To have Adora's hair, height, mass, clothes and voice change when she transforms into She-Ra makes for a much better secret identity (a dark tan like He-Man got in the cartoon when Prince Adam turned into him, would also be nice).

106 posts and 186 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 23/01/19(Thu)07:03 No. 26434

IMO, actress Emily Ashbe for the live action She-Ra is also fine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ampaPXj1Kyk

Anonymous 23/03/13(Mon)21:05 No. 26460

File 167873794159.jpg - (325.27KB , 643x924 , 2023-03-13 She-Ra vs_ Skeletor_005 by blackphantom.jpg )

Skeletor & She-Ra Full GalaxyCon Q&A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsvqMnCIcjs

Anonymous 23/09/13(Wed)21:40 No. 26562

File 169463399678.gif - (335.44KB , 220x161 , 2023 september 5 40th anniversary filmation he-man.gif )

>>26407 At least in september 2023, She-Ra hugs her brother for the 40th anniversary of filmation's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Anonymous 18/10/22(Mon)07:04 No. 25346 [Reply]

File 154018469552.jpg - (12.77KB , 180x169 , Peter_Parker_(Earth-616)_from_Amazing_Spider-Man_V.jpg )

Why is he so Amazing?

35 posts and 20 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 23/08/11(Fri)02:52 No. 26546

File 16917151381.jpg - (8.94KB , 297x170 , spectactular.jpg )

> At least he's Spectactular in the Spectactular Spiderman imo, the only best spiderman cartoon forever

Anonymous 23/09/01(Fri)12:39 No. 26553

File 16935647597.jpg - (1.72MB , 1200x2249 , 09mighty-marvel-calender-1978-september.jpg )

SEPTEMBER is such sweet sorrow

UNIVERSE OF COMICS Jack Kirby 15/03/29(Sun)13:32 No. 24237 [Reply]

File 142762873156.jpg - (37.54KB , 325x473 , GRAVATAR.jpg )

I invite you to visit my blog comic, UNIVERSE OF COMICS, With over 5,000 comics ready for download, visit it and enjoy it ...

15 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 23/07/04(Tue)17:58 No. 26523

Captain America Ep. 7! Jack Kirby https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gwXzUD5Rbt0

Anonymous 23/07/04(Tue)19:44 No. 26524


Anonymous 23/08/28(Mon)18:56 No. 26551

Top Ten Facts You Don't Know Jack, about Kirby! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKX-yV55gkQ

Anonymous 23/08/14(Mon)09:03 No. 26547 [Reply]

File 169199659057.jpg - (53.75KB , 1280x704 , 327710209_583085286573606_3742938948383455997_n.jpg )

> two girls lesbian and bisexual kisses in a disney cartoon

why are lesbians in cartoons like lumity from the owl house that bad? are they that shit? i hope not

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