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OP 22/09/26(Mon)05:13 No. 813766 [Reply]

File 166416202247.jpg - (19.04KB , 200x200 , Ico.jpg )

Here goes nothing..

We're running an online experiment. Similar to the current chan's roaming the internet. Except our version (topplr) is moderated by the users.

There is no content at the moment. But feel free to get started on there.

https:// topplr.co

Miku Fanboy 22/09/21(Wed)21:02 No. 813654 [Reply]

File 166378695139.png - (302.03KB , 351x624 , 4ad.png )

I wish more cops watched Anime. It would be easier to identify with them more. Maybe they wouldn't be such horrible people all the time. Maybe just a few Pigs watching anime is all the world really needs

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Steve 22/09/23(Fri)16:43 No. 813708

File 166394419553.jpg - (357.74KB , 800x800 , TB1t3F8hamgSKJjSsphXXcy1VXa_!!0-item_pic.jpg )

You all just want to commit crimes and then hope to be arrested by pic related.

Sick weirdos!

Marisa Kirisame 22/09/23(Fri)18:14 No. 813713

File 16639496806.gif - (245.39KB , 300x100 , b affraiiid.gif )


And we all promise not to come quitely

remember you are anon, for your own safty, please

derp 22/09/25(Sun)23:57 No. 813765

File 166414305639.jpg - (182.55KB , 1367x2048 , Minami Kotori Cosplay.jpg )

>remember you are anon, for your own safty, please
Otherwise, no Minami Kotori cosplay will arrest me?

Weeabot 22/06/15(Wed)19:39 No. 811893 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 165531474626.jpg - (8.82KB , 225x225 , drugs_meido.jpg )

only just remembered this place still exists

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p4ch3c0 ## Mod ## 22/09/25(Sun)21:18 No. 813759

This is, actually, exactly how it is, yes.

OP 22/09/25(Sun)21:22 No. 813760

You are the exception not the rule anon.

Spiderman 22/09/25(Sun)23:55 No. 813764

reminder 10 years later panichio has gross 5" long pubes falling off everywhere and he has to dance around the shower stall to avoid getting his "big toe" stuck in the shower grinder he bought for his drain back when he was rich and famous

herp 22/02/14(Mon)11:37 No. 810393 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]


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h 22/09/21(Wed)13:41 No. 813649

Youtube  >>813648

To honest no

3rd of september has past again

h 22/09/22(Thu)08:59 No. 813668

Youtube  don't leave the

Christian Weston Chandler 22/09/25(Sun)23:49 No. 813763

Youtube  Radar Love

Panawave 22/06/21(Tue)18:54 No. 811979 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 165583048615.jpg - (111.67KB , 1300x957 , lviv-ukraine-14th-mar-2022-entrance-of-the-hostel-.jpg )

Should I go to Ukraine and volunteer for an NGO? I'm not really doing anything else right now, and it seems like it could be fun. They provide housing. My best friend is there in Lviv now, and he says the food is cheap and the girls are beautiful. Almost no girls are fat, unlike in the US.

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herp 22/08/28(Sun)22:46 No. 813235

I HATE immigration restrictions. Multiple times now, it's affecting me personally.

Dating a Ukrainian girl. She was planning to go to Mexico for the winter, but now because of a new law that's taking effect that would prohibit her from leaving, she has to leave earlier. I asked her if she wanted to be my girlfriend and she said she would have said yes if not for having to leave so soon.

derp 22/09/25(Sun)15:58 No. 813757

File 166411432261.jpg - (207.36KB , 757x1600 , signal-2022-09-25-143405_002.jpg )

Spiderman 22/09/25(Sun)19:19 No. 813758

Yeah you always want to get out early if shit's been hitting the fan for ages. Same goes for currency controls; if you don't move your savings or whatever else out early then you're going to be stuck there because the state can't survive if everybody pulls the money out and leaves.

zeneslev 22/09/23(Fri)05:50 No. 813696 [Reply]

File 166390504483.jpg - (127.68KB , 750x731 , 1663809583663645.jpg )

I airwolfed a girl so hard I got one of her eggs in my dick and it made its way back into my balls. It started to grow, but because testicles can't support a child it miscarried it the next time I came. There was so much blood, but I saw a little leg twitching for a few minutes until it stopped. I didn't know what to do so I put it in a shoebox, and buried it next to my turtle in my back yard.

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Spiderman 22/09/24(Sat)00:23 No. 813718

File 166397181322.gif - (1.36MB , 468x306 , oh,yeah.gif )


not a mason, don't have a masonmaster. whatever one them is.
ain't going to be sucking any man's dick either.
so i'll try an have a great weekend.
best i can do.

all the best anon and yeah fcuk the UN right bunch child trafficing rapseed kunts

tee 22/09/25(Sun)07:15 No. 813749

File 166408290281.jpg - (465.18KB , 2426x2888 , 1097517.jpg )

Where's the dick?

Anonymous 22/09/25(Sun)14:48 No. 813755

Obsession. By troonchan. For Exmann. Produced by the bugmen.

He-Man 22/09/20(Tue)13:46 No. 813625 [Reply]

File 166367440875.png - (794.92KB , 625x400 , 1450077920994.png )

Any 420chan refugees here?
So many independent internet spaces have died this year.

15 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
PrettyPony 22/09/25(Sun)07:12 No. 813748

File 166408277310.png - (578.22KB , 792x418 , wuygdvblvb.png )

My front camera is always covered thanks to the picture related.

Homicide 22/09/25(Sun)11:45 No. 813751

Nah i'm not about hopping on camera and last time i was in a video chat (tinychat?) with 420channers someone sent me drugs and there was some 13 year old kid on cam, stealing his moms pills and injecting lol.

ian 22/09/25(Sun)14:37 No. 813754

File 166410944798.jpg - (185.73KB , 1004x1027 , 16638879122464420.jpg )

Sazpaimon 22/09/15(Thu)19:41 No. 813524 [Reply]

File 166326371994.png - (1.19MB , 797x1290 , azov_beach_008ps.png )

Azov-chan / Marichka

21 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
p4ch3c0 22/09/24(Sat)23:20 No. 813744

File 166405442726.jpg - (37.27KB , 480x360 , circle jerking.jpg )

Stop jerking, start sucking!

tee 22/09/25(Sun)11:57 No. 813753


Your a pineapple

oh and ya pic is limp as shit

derp 22/09/25(Sun)15:29 No. 813756

File 16641125768.png - (1.05MB , 1024x1921 , pineapple_face_xd__poundcakemlp2000_oc__by_shera5-.png )

I am a fabulous pineapple pony princess who doesn't give a shit about your opinion.

p4ch3c0 22/09/25(Sun)10:33 No. 813750 [Reply]

File 166409482010.jpg - (48.55KB , 600x900 , b3d942cf-7655-4283-b113-98bc3cdc8dcd.jpg )


ian 22/09/23(Fri)23:55 No. 813717 [Reply]

File 166397015712.jpg - (117.68KB , 780x780 , 1663957594692-0.jpg )

Spread everywhere

r000t 22/09/24(Sat)22:42 No. 813741

The first two aren't that bad.

Novice Equestrian 22/09/25(Sun)11:47 No. 813752


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