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/pr/ - Programming
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Newbie Thread patchouli!!SyAQpmZGyw 13/05/26(Sun)19:31 No. 3818 [Reply] Stickied

File 136958949722.jpg - (25.15KB , 293x324 , bjarne2.jpg )

What's this? Just a compiled list of resources silly!
(Also, check out the book thread, lots of lovely stuff)
Ask newbie/where to begin questions in this thread!

Language Agnostic:

http://www.codeblocks.org/ (great IDE for C/C++ and supports many libraries, cross platform)
http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ (good for scripting languages)
http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ (great editor with large learning curve)
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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 22/11/14(Mon)16:16 No. 5586

biiiiutiful, thx you

Nattajerk 11/09/07(Wed)10:31 No. 6 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

I heart /pr/

lets start with a book thread. I have some cached learning.

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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 22/07/17(Sun)17:58 No. 5569



Drawing Rose 23/10/01(Sun)16:16 No. 5653 [Reply]

File 169616979719.png - (1.27MB , 1280x1280 , Untitled386_20231001091842.png )

Hey there! I'm rose! I'm new to 7chan. If you wanna be friends, you must have twitter. You ALSO must be open to roleplay! Also im a artist, so heres a silly picture i drew! Byeee.. (≡^∇^≡)

DevOps solution for you Jaime Ukol 23/09/13(Wed)13:44 No. 5651 [Reply]

DevOps is important for several reasons, and it has become an integral part of modern software development and IT operations for many organizations. Here are some key reasons why DevOps is crucial:

Faster Delivery of Software: DevOps practices enable organizations to deliver software and updates more quickly and efficiently. By automating processes and streamlining collaboration between development and operations teams, new features and updates can be deployed faster, allowing businesses to respond to market demands and customer needs more rapidly.

Improved Collaboration: DevOps promotes better collaboration and communication between traditionally siloed development and operations teams. This alignment helps in resolving issues faster, reduces misunderstandings, and leads to a more productive work environment.

Enhanced Quality: Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, which are fundamental to DevOps, emphasize automated testing and quality assurance. This results in more reliable software, fewer defects, and better user experiences.

Greater Efficiency: DevOps practices automate manual and repetitive tasks, reducing the risk of human errors. This efficiency not only saves time but also lowers operational costs and minimizes downtime.

Scalability: DevOps provides the flexibility to scale infrastructure and applications as needed, allowing businesses to adapt to changing workloads and traffic patterns.

Improved Security: Security is integrated into the DevOps process, often referred to as "DevSecOps." This means security measures are implemented throughout the development lifecycle, reducing vulnerabilities and the risk of breaches.

Feedback Loops: DevOps encourages the use of feedback loops, where insights from monitoring and user feedback are continuously used to make improvements. This iterative approach helps in delivering software that better meets user expectations.
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A New Guy 14/11/05(Wed)02:40 No. 4611 [Reply]

File 141515165046.png - (15.38KB , 370x370 , photo.png )

Hey /pr/!
First time here..
4chan doesn't have a /pr/ which is what brought me here.

I'm looking to start developing android apps. I have a great grasp on anything computer related, dabble in web development and am currently looking to expand my knowledge.

At this point in time I'm running Lubuntu 14.04 with Android Studio installed. I decided to install this as I saw Google was looking to sway away from eclipse and possibly end plugin development.

My question is, where should I start?!

Does anyone have any good sites for tutorials, torrents or video tuts they can link me to?

I've started using CodeAcademy to learn Java but was looking for something that tends to be more specific to what I'm doing (Android Apps).

Thanks everyone.
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why Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/01/23(Mon)05:03 No. 5601

why tf r u using lubuntu 14? at least 18.04.5 still has extended support

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/05/20(Sat)09:59 No. 5627

Look at how old the thread is

re daniel3112 23/08/30(Wed)17:47 No. 5650


html Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/08/22(Tue)22:36 No. 5648 [Reply]

File 169273658234.png - (4.75KB , 600x517 , html-logo.png )

should I learn html/css? I already know py and some other shit

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/08/23(Wed)04:09 No. 5649

If you're going to be building websites, you certainly will need to. Outside of that, there's not too much reason to.

Lolo4ka 22/04/25(Mon)12:10 No. 5550 [Reply]

File 165088141259.jpg - (7.53KB , 300x168 , images.jpg )

Well, I'd say that developing programming skills is quite hard, but you can try. You can join some courses for that, and I can tell you that it'll be way less time-consuming for you. When I tried doing the same, I understood that it wasn't for me, and decided to work with guys from https://kindgeek.com/, but I hope that it won't be that complicated for you.

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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 22/08/01(Mon)08:30 No. 5575

Hello. You can start develop blockchain games for example. Typically you’re able to choose between different cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A single coin might be valued at thousands of dollars. However, most exchanges allow you to buy a fraction of a coin, which is far more affordable for first-time investors. Also do not forget about this service https://bitcoinwide.com/

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 22/09/16(Fri)09:50 No. 5577

Every web developer do not forget about such thing like https://chekkee.com/types-of-moderation-techniques/
Content moderation is defined as the process of ensuring user-generated content that must uphold the platform-specific rules and guidelines while establishing its suitability for publishing. From images, Ads, text-based content to forums, videos, social media pages, websites, and online communities, the goal of content moderation is to maintain brand reputation and credibility for the businesses as well as for the followers

Michael Johnson 23/08/04(Fri)12:14 No. 5647

It will be useful for any trader to learn about an application that makes it convenient to exchange euros for any cryptocurrency and vice versa. Here is the site https://ka.app/convert is a cryptocurrency payment application that allows you to quickly and easily send, receive and exchange cryptocurrency.

Java Noah 17/07/31(Mon)01:09 No. 5058 [Reply]

File 150145619578.jpg - (106.68KB , 1280x768 , background.jpg )

What does /pr/ think of Java? Is it still worth learning?

I want to get into software development and I'm not sure what language to pickup.

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Decimal Error Rounding Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/04/25(Tue)05:04 No. 5616

Quick question about floating/double rounding errors in Java. Teacher tried to explain, but amounted to "it can sometimes round +/- 1 of your smallest units without explanation. Any further clarification possible?

We did a simple cashier problem where we make do full-on braindead and deduct and write out how many of each bill/coin to give the customer back. As he said sometimes it was a penny more/less/exact to the real mathematical price. To his credit he did offer several suggestions to avoid/correct for it.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/04/25(Tue)05:59 No. 5619

If I recall correctly, it has something to do with with the internal representation of the double initializing the entire length significant digits and the loss of precision at the end causing a tiny rounding errors at the end that can bubble up. I'm guessing you were instructed to use BigDecimal, or something similar to more accurately handle decimals of specific lengths.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/07/30(Sun)17:10 No. 5644

Still plenty of jobs for java devs, so yes.

I also think it’s a nice language but I’m biased

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/06/29(Thu)01:37 No. 5633 [Reply]

File 168799546492.png - (5.84KB , 174x252 , darwin from gumball.png )

I hate modern web browsers. How do I make my own web browser? I don't just mean stealing somebody else's code library and writing five lines of code. I mean actually making a browser myself.

We can start off with the basics I guess. How would I make a browser that can view a youtube video? And I don't just mean embedding the video into a web browser library. I mean actually making some application that can actually play a youtube video.

I'm sure you are also sick and tired of the fact that there are only three web browsers that the whole world uses. We need to start making some new ones. This is AMERICA the land of the FREE!!! FUCK YEAH!

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/07/25(Tue)10:51 No. 5643

yeah good luck with that. The Serenity team is working on one for a couple years now and it's not even somewhat stable.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 16/11/03(Thu)02:58 No. 4952 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 147813833229.gif - (0.99MB , 250x333 , 1477848410201.gif )

What programming language should I learn first?

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Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/05/01(Mon)16:44 No. 5622

It depends on what you want to do. Analytics? ML? Scripts? Maybe Software development? It's a must to choose, otherwise, you'll lose time and money. Tell you what, visit websites of various programming companies, say, https://sloboda-studio.com/hire-ruby-on-rails-developers/ this one and read what guys do. Choose what you like most and get back on this thread with a question: 'what to learn to do specific stuff?'

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/05/12(Fri)11:20 No. 5624

I admire people who can create something, develop something and generally understand digital technologies. I run a business and I'm good at it, and everything that concerns development, I prefer to trust experienced professionals. If you are looking for a company to develop products for your business, I recommend https://urancompany.com/ . I had no problems with this company and the software I received.

Neckbearded Basement Dweller 23/06/29(Thu)02:36 No. 5634

C or an assembly language is good to learn first but only if you are smart. If you aren't smart then do something shitty and easy first like Python.

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