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Request Thread. comatoast ## Mod ## 16/01/14(Thu)10:07 No. 98039 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 14527624792.jpg - (217.85KB , 1280x720 , 7683321498.jpg )

This is now the new, official, request thread for /tg/.

Like any other board on 7chan, any requests outside of this thread will be deleted and the poster may face a temporary ban.

We have request threads to keep the board (in this case /tg/) from getting shitted up with endless requests.
Many of you may be familiar with this but I want to make sure it's noted for any new comers who may have an interest in /tg/.

I, also, want to make something perfectly clear: There will be no flaming, trolling, or shitting up this thread with incipient bickering.
This is not the FailTrain and we should act like it.

I will personally be lording over this thread day and night to make sure everything goes well for the users of this board who want to enjoy the ability to communicate and trade information about their hobbies.

I, personally, do not take kindly to people flaming the users of 7chan with, narcissistic, ramblings about their, myopic, opinions.
These types of flame wars with in the thread will be dealt with and the posters involved may face a reprimand.
Among that, those type of, pointless, arguments also shit up the post and make it harder for requests to be met and heard.
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Shadow Anonymous 16/09/27(Tue)13:30 No. 110370

Does anyone have a link to an up to date Shadow of the demon lord trove? Thank you!

#dungeoneers is still alive Roberick 15/09/12(Sat)20:26 No. 90086 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 144208240964.jpg - (176.68KB , 500x500 , Sansa.jpg )

Howdy folks.

Just dropping in to let you know that #dungeoneers, 7chan's roleplaying channel and other assorted faggotry, is still alive and kicking and that we're looking for more players for the game I'm currently running.

The system is 13th Age, a d20 system made by the lead designers of 3e and 4e that seeks to unfuck D&D and return to the roots, and the setting is a homebrew I came up with.

It is a setting inspired by dark ages europe, but without any empires or kingdoms to centralize civilizations and with demons instead of the huns. The world is dark and chaotic and there is very little communication between the few patches of civilization left, which aren't very advanced. Think of it as a time of living legends and heroes before writing and communication advanced to the point where historians could factually document events and where the living societies are just barely starting to form, but their nascense is threatened by ravenous, unholy demons.

The idea behind this is to give players more agency and to make their actions have a meaningful effect on the evolution of the world instead of it feeling shallow like it does in most pre-established settings since there is no status quo. You can read more about it here http://robworld.wikidot.com/start (Though it is still work in progress).

Does it sound like Points of Light? Kind of, but I intend to do more with it than Wizards did and I remembered PoL existed long after I wrote the core of setting, as most of us who came up with a campaign like this did, I presume.

So, if you wanna join for some irc tabletop games or just to hang out, download an irc client and fill in this info:
Server: irc.7chan.org
Port: 6667
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Aces high and Investigator weapons Anonymous 16/09/27(Tue)05:48 No. 110364 [Reply]

File 147494811543.png - (285.17KB , 580x282 , Post-64231-this-is-fine-dog-fire-comic-Im-N7mp.png )

Looking for copies of Chaosiums Aces High and Investigator weapons volume 1 and 2

Print and Play Board Games - Sharing/Requests Anonymous 15/12/23(Wed)16:43 No. 97066 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 145088538369.png - (18.62KB , 433x162 , Print-N-Play.png )

Looks like the old thread fell off the board. Here's an archived copy of it: https://web.archive.org/web/20151202210605/http://7chan.org/tg/res/72853.html

I'll start by sharing the Ancient Terrible Things PnP. If you like Elder Sign, you might like this.


Next is a card game definitely worth the paper and ink: Sushi Go!


Lastly is another card game direct from the publisher's own website: Red 7.


That's all for now, but what have you got to share/request?
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Ogre GEV donkey 16/09/14(Wed)22:15 No. 109824

Would this help?


Scabrous+Scrotus 16/09/15(Thu)06:40 No. 109845


Thanks, mate! :)

Request: Game of Thrones BG Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)17:44 No. 110339

Does anyone have a scan of the Game of Thrones boardgame (2nd edition)?

Knights of the Dinner Table Someguy 16/09/26(Mon)04:21 No. 110316 [Reply]

File 147485648910.jpg - (54.86KB , 400x617 , 142cover.jpg )

Would love Knights of the Dinner Table 213 - current please

1ST Edition D&D Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)04:19 No. 110276 [Reply]

File 147476994227.jpg - (17.53KB , 300x300 , an-old-orc-cropped.jpg )

So, by now i'm sure many of you are aware that the first edition of dungeons and dragons was weird. There were elf and halfling classes, even a dwarf class. But i wanted to ask the vast, swirling storm that is the 7chan TG board, was there ever an orc class? And, were there any other race classes?

I kinda wanna know since i'm considering running a quick 1E game with some buds, just to experience the insanity of 1E for ourselves, and i know one of them has a boner for orcs, and would love nothing more than to play hide the pickle with the green chick.

Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)02:15 No. 110307

Orcs weren't an official class but you could easily let your player run an Orc PC. Give them INT and CHA max 10 and STR and CON minimum 13 and see what happens.

DMD 16/09/26(Mon)02:31 No. 110310

You mean Basic D&D? Blue box and red box? There was a supplement called Orcs of Thar that had classes for all the humanoid monsters

Anonymous 16/09/26(Mon)03:29 No. 110312

in truth, i don't have many of the 1st edition books, all of what i have is PDF, and even then its a rather minor collection.

i'll give orcs of thar a look though, sounds like exactly what i need for this.

Anonymous 16/09/23(Fri)20:25 No. 110228 [Reply]

File 147465515530.jpg - (40.75KB , 640x512 , 67978979.jpg )

I'm making a character to prepare myself for joining a group (The search is still on, but I think I'm getting close). I'm using 5.0e as a base, and will adapt it to whatever system the group uses. I have a few questions, tho.

1.) I've made the most progress on an Edlritch Knight nobleman character. Is it awkward/spergie to play as a noble character? And what are some name suggestions? The current one is Illyrius Eupheme Walhart.
2.) What's a good class for a travelling merchant-type character? Homebrew suggestions are allowed, as long as they're balanced.
3.) What's the most appropriate background for an Eldritch Knight character? I'll go with the noble background if I go with the aforementioned character, of course.
4.) Suggested build for Eldritch Knight?
5.) Any classes, homebrew or otherwise, that would work for a Sepulchure type Dread/Chaos Knight?

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)06:57 No. 110285

1. nobles are awesome you have to decide if you want to be a champion of the little people or above them.

2. a traveling merchant? many classes could work but the obvious choice in my mind would be rogue bard or wizard.

3. appropriate for an EK in my setting would be soldier or acolyte, to explain the training.

4. build... i'm no good at builds and it really depends on if feats are allowed.

5. ???

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)12:23 No. 110289

I've changed it a lot since then on the advice of other anons. The version here is more up to date.


The main thing I'm working on now is personal characteristics. My original idea fit into the latter camp, but I don't think that would turn out well. I think I want a gregarious leader of a character, like Aragorn or Robb Stark. Any ideas for bonds, traits, etc?

Papercraft board? Acedra 15/03/21(Sat)05:50 No. 79238 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 142691341759.jpg - (332.88KB , 1024x768 , ravenfell.jpg )

Just wondering where the papercraft discussion board went?

129 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Papercraft shopping mall? Anonymous 16/09/18(Sun)23:50 No. 110065

Does anyone have or know of a 3-d papercraft version of a shopping mall? I'm hoping to run a Hero High supers game in the future, so a mall will be a major recurring location. Even enough shops for an outdoor walking mall would work, though I'll definitely need a food court.

Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)06:53 No. 110284

does anyone have all the ravenfell expansions (from Fat dragon) ?

Adventurers! Gramel Silaris 16/09/17(Sat)07:06 No. 109964 [Reply]

File 147408878955.png - (56.68KB , 140x210 , 123163-thumb140.png )

Someone has the pdf of Adventurers!, Dark Camelot, The down tomorrow from GRAmel?

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Silaris 16/09/24(Sat)21:47 No. 110264

i dnt know who is stefan

Anonymous 16/09/24(Sat)23:25 No. 110269

You didn't put your request in the request thread. The Stefan BS is just there way of trying to make you look stupid, really just make themselves look stupid though.

Silaris 16/09/24(Sat)23:51 No. 110270


oh, thx...

Watermark Remover Omega9999 16/09/21(Wed)18:52 No. 110166 [Reply]

File 147447673427.jpg - (659.60KB , 980x500 , Skulduggery-Billboard.jpg )

I have some PDF that I'd like to share, but they are watermarked, anyone knows how to remove the Watermark in a fast and easy way?

Anonymous 16/09/21(Wed)23:56 No. 110176

There is no 'fast and easy way' if you're going to do it right.

MoneyBro 16/09/24(Sat)22:24 No. 110267

Which game system and where did you download from?

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