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Request Thread Comatoast!!SxA2EzAwt1 ## Mod ## 19/07/21(Sun)01:47 No. 131526 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 156366645086.png - (2.07MB , 1920x1080 , 1503687587761.png )

Well, after a long hiatus I have returned, so, with my re-positioning back onto the staff we have decided to reinstate a request sticky. (Apparently I was the only one who could handle you fucking shit lords.)

The rules are as follows; as they were back in 2016:

No Flaming one another

This thread is for sharing information about playbooks and things involving tabletop games. This is not a place to call people shit heads and tell them their mom is gay.
(They probably already know that.)

No Trolling

Again this is a place to distribute information about tabletop games. No one cares how fucking funny it was you pissed off that other anon in the thread. You are just making it harder for people to get the shit they want and making it harder for me to do my job.

This is the only request thread.
I know the board has been experiencing a downturn in activity in my absence, but, no other request threads need to be posted outside of this one.
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Transformers Fantasy Grounds Anonymous 24/03/10(Sun)23:35 No. 132319

I'd like to request, if at all possible, Transformers Essence20 for Fantasy Grounds?
It'd be very appreciated by me and my group!

Anonymous 24/05/08(Wed)21:14 No. 132326 [Reply]

File 171519565120.jpg - (240.58KB , 1024x1024 , battleship12-1648165141832.jpg )

>be 12

Anonymous 24/05/12(Sun)00:12 No. 132327

>b 14

I a wait your reply

Japanese TRPGs Share Thread Anonymous 20/12/14(Mon)19:59 No. 131922 [Reply]

File 160797239831.jpg - (54.44KB , 363x512 , dc.jpg )

Thread for discussing and sharing weird tabletop games and tabletop-gaming related stuff from japan!
This thread mostly focus on RPGs, but wargames and card games are also always welcome.

Post about weird tabletop gaming related shit from japan that you found. Images, Raws, possibly translations. Or just talk about your experiences with tabletop games from Japan. That works too.

>Japanese RPG Troves:

>Wanna provide raws so maybe we can get a translation going?
You can find a guide here: https://pastebin.com/t4pnDT4K

>Wanna help get more games translated but you know next to no Japanese?
Check this guide: https://pastebin.com/LWnc2tmT

>Want some Japanese TRPG Tools? Try these.
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Anonymous 23/02/07(Tue)09:47 No. 132233

File 167575965058.gif - (948.51KB , 800x451 , 00.gif )

Or kicks that rend mountains asunder

Anonymous 23/05/13(Sat)03:31 No. 132261

Anyonegot Kamimachi Street, Ventangle's Supplement? I don't see it in the Mega, unless I'm blind

Anonymous 24/02/01(Thu)02:15 No. 132311

File 170675012943.png - (1.85MB , 1536x2048 , IMG_0209.png )

4e Third Party Quintessential Fighter Anonymous 24/01/01(Mon)20:29 No. 132304 [Reply]

File 17041373809.jpg - (794.52KB , 750x1061 , STK380557.jpg )

Going through the old 4e third party content, looking at the trends and laughing at the garbage, and none of the repositories of content have Quintessential fighter, which is some of the garbage of the garbage. I've done an extensive search, and I can't find it anywhere online any more. If anyone has it, please drop it here

2 players ttrpg BobJune 22/12/05(Mon)17:19 No. 132197 [Reply]

File 167025715826.jpg - (135.88KB , 1300x968 , two-old-friends-playing-game-chess-studio-shot-woo.jpg )

Looking for some suggestions aabout players ttrpg. Which one are your favourites? I0m talking about game specificall design for two players, like Murderous ghos or ironsworn, not for suggstions on how to play dnd in 2 or mythic.

Anonymous 22/12/09(Fri)23:46 No. 132198

This video,
5 tabletop rpgs for just TWO players || Luboffin
YES she end's up waffling on about two player D&D
This took me a few mins
Which I would say from my frist hand knowledge
Is was some Rich kid get one other kid to DM him phanar, phanar
While paying the poor kid of in what ever way

Anonymous 23/06/28(Wed)07:14 No. 132278

Do you have parkinson's or something?

Planejammer General Anonymous 19/11/03(Sun)05:40 No. 131689 [Reply]

File 157275603448.png - (565.09KB , 595x842 , In My Mind.png )

Resurrecting a thread from different chans, let's talk about the Classic D&D cosmology (1E - 3E Great Wheel). In addition, Spelljammer accounts for bits of the Prime Material and the planes beyond too.
A number of ideas to kick off discussion:
>What is your favorite part of the classic greater D&D universe?
>How would you mend and change-up Post-Faction War Sigil? (The authors planned on patching things up, but it never happened.)
>Does Planescape actually lack dungeons? If so, how did you remedy this? If not, what are your favorites tucked away in the setting?
>Would you prefer Spelljammer as an independent entity or connected to settings?
>How should Planescape and Spelljammer interact?
>Is there anything in the 1E version of the Wheel that you wish ported over to later takes?
>Is the Ordial Plane a cool concept or is it just crap?
>Have you incorporated other cosmological models (Such as the Cosmology of the Immortals from Mystara, The Dawn War Universe from 4th Edition, Eberron's Orrery or creations of your own)?

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Anonymous 23/07/27(Thu)19:04 No. 132283

Got hold of the Spelljammer series of books
Complete this time, just started the last one (book six).
well worth a read, if you are going to run a

Anonymous 23/07/28(Fri)05:41 No. 132284

Thanks, I will have to check these out, as I've always been a fan of the old paperbacks (and still have a few). I was running a Spelljammer campaign with the 5ed source book set, but they are completely uninspired in my opinion (at least compared with my fond memories of 2ed).

Anonymous 23/07/31(Mon)23:32 No. 132286


just going tell it how it was for book six was a bit of let down.
Whoever don't let that put you off.
Lot of stuff in thier to help any DM flesh a campaign. I believe.

All the best anon, and remember Gnomes are every where

Active ttrpg servers Anonymous 21/05/11(Tue)17:17 No. 131994 [Reply]

File 162074622849.jpg - (632.43KB , 864x1046 , 3aefd72.jpg )

Just looking for any server that has active users. Can anyone post link or make a suggestion? Pretty elf for your troubles. I hope this isn't against the rules.

4 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 21/12/24(Fri)22:26 No. 132081

Isn't this Demondice? Has she done nudes? Or is she still doing the vtuber nonsense?

Anonymous 22/04/05(Tue)01:43 No. 132108

I do recommend Echoes of the Multiverse, the Gaming Area there is pretty active.

Anonymous 23/06/28(Wed)07:17 No. 132279

what was the point of posting this?

GURPS Martial Arts - Technical Grappling - Sexual Assault Anonymous 16/09/16(Fri)12:24 No. 109910 [Reply]

File 147402149423.jpg - (168.14KB , 966x805 , Light.jpg )

Going to throw a "NSFW" tag here, trigger warnings ahead, as the last 2 words of the title should have suggested.

Searching around and reading January (https://warosu.org/tg/thread/29588672) and March (https://yuki.la/tg/46164372) threads from this year has got me thinking about how to do this. I'm wondering if anyone would be up for a little brainstorming without getting on an SJW high-horse about how twisted it is to explore this.

We clearly need to expand on what skills to use for various types of rape and what penalties apply depending on your or your opponent's posture.

I would suggest we approach these things separately.

For example biting can be done with DX or Brawling (Martial Arts page 115) so hitting any target with the penis is probably harder than this. I'd saw it could not default to brawling, and since hitting a target with your penis is probably harder than kicking, it should be lower than DX-2.

Page 47 of GURPS Martial Arts has rules for designing body parts which are not limbs as a Striker (Basic Set page 88) and even gives the example of "Iron Buttocks". In this case I would keep 'must be crushing' and 'can't be long' unless you're some kind of womb-stabbing tentacle monster. Cannot Parry / Limited Arc / Clumsy would normally apply too.

The main problem is this inflicts more damage than punches and kicks, which isn't realistic for a penis. Even totally rigid you're usually not going to hurt anything with it. The reason that vaginas can take damage during penis-combat is due to their vulnerability not any especial damaging aspect of the tool. Any tool of sufficient diameter or length could do equal or more likely worse.

Here's how I would go about statting this...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

12 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 23/06/01(Thu)14:36 No. 132266

File 168562298861.jpg - (710.25KB , 2670x1682 , 778.jpg )

Learn to punch hard

Anonymous 23/06/14(Wed)13:34 No. 132270

File 168674249073.jpg - (132.31KB , 850x820 , 20230617.jpg )

Punch, kick and throw should feel different.

Anonymous 23/06/28(Wed)07:12 No. 132277

Who is going to play this with you?

Anti Paladin party problems LakeSide 20/01/13(Mon)08:23 No. 131762 [Reply]

File 157890023847.jpg - (126.00KB , 900x1273 , asmo pally.jpg )


First time posting on this site ever and Id like some serious advice for the game Im a player in.

My character is a Dragonborn Paladin under the Oath of the Reaper (https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Oath_of_the_Reaper_(5e_Subclass)) whos god is Asmodeus.

Balasar has saved the party several several times, literally sprinting into a runic circle with banshees surrounding a dying player, represented them in a trial for a murder they did not commit upon the archmage, sold his fucking soul to resurrect the rogue while fighting hags.

Each time saved the game. The other players do not give him credit for the sacrifices he has made. Also no one does the damage I do.

The deal with Asmodeus was that if he wanted someone to die, they must die. It doesnt have to be by my hand though. When I sold my soul to resurrect the rogue everyone was in shock and for the entire week they didnt know what that was all about. They do not know who my god is.

So i thought that I could make the rogue assist me in these kills I must obtain. I told him if certain people didnt die then his head would resume being crushed from the fight with the hags. He was absolutely down and was excited as heck.

We go to a mine we need to clear out and there were some trolls guarding the path. We eventually start to fight them and our retarded wizard wants to cast firebolt 5 feet away from a troll, I approach and cast some defense on him. The original plan was to lure them to the middle and cut the bridge. A flail that I picked up had cursed me and while on the bridge it possessed me and made me go attack the monk, I walked up and in two swings did 78 damage, dm still wanted death saving throws. Our fighter charged at me and tried to push me off the cliff, i get a crit on the strength check and fucking launch him over the edge instead. A troll gets behind me and clocks my head provoking a wisdom save. I pass and get out of the possession. Asmodeus wanted me to kill the monk and had placed the flail for me to lose control.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 23/02/05(Sun)23:39 No. 132231

OP ya post boils down to you being a dick. this isnt your party being anti-paladin, it's you using 'for deity-sama' as an excuse to be a teamkilling cunt.

im with the other guy saying that yeah the party really should have been giving you more of a nth degree grilling over the whole soul exchange. as of the whiny 'imma cast wish so i can make sure pc DIES' bull just re=enforces that your just a dick and the DM allowing this to happen is just as horrible.

Anonymous 23/06/22(Thu)12:59 No. 132274

File 168743156888.jpg - (96.22KB , 640x800 , 20230624.jpg )

Chill with some green tea, dude.

RPG system Anonymous 17/02/16(Thu)14:39 No. 117888 [Reply]

File 148725239039.jpg - (93.66KB , 625x250 , Mordheim-FEATURED1.jpg )

I'm searching for fitting rpg system with given requirements:

- no theater, entirely strategic decisions
- no hex/square grid
- using miniatures/tokens and measuring distance
- preferably with complex terrains like elevation, bushes, mud, water etc
- no religion/politics/fate/customs etc topics that you have to know to play the game
- no mordheim becouse simplistic and weird magic system

Any help anons?

6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 22/09/09(Fri)12:43 No. 132166


Those are the two most lowest hanging fruit. Dig a little deeper on this. I second frostgrave, rangers of shadow deep etc. You can find tons of stuff free too.

Anonymous 23/05/17(Wed)12:38 No. 132262

File 16843199394.jpg - (126.57KB , 658x900 , 20230521.jpg )

I <3 free stuff

Anonymous 23/06/18(Sun)15:27 No. 132272

File 168709485135.jpg - (48.16KB , 507x765 , 20230618.jpg )

you wanna free-form rpg?

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