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zeneslev 22/11/12(Sat)15:26 No. 814480 Board: /b/ [Reply]

File 166826317832.jpg - (437.84KB , 2430x1420 , nworder.jpg )

herp 22/11/12(Sat)17:09 No. 814482




Anonymous 19/11/07(Thu)10:39 No. 131705 Board: /tg/ [Reply]

File 157311955321.jpg - (283.89KB , 1000x433 , Secrets of Blackmoor_webtitle2_orig.jpg )

Sup /tg/ don't mean to bother yall, but I want to see if any one could direct me to the location of the secrets of blackmoor doc that I can watch for free. I would pay, but I've been broke for a while. Thanks in advance regardless of outcome.

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Anonymous 19/11/07(Thu)12:59 No. 131707

Thanks, but I'm only getting error messages for those links.

Anonymous 19/11/09(Sat)05:32 No. 131708

Is there any where else?

Anonymous 19/11/26(Tue)21:11 No. 131731

Links are dead

Scottish Researchers Develop ‘Laser-Eyes’ Sophie+Wilson 18/05/17(Thu)13:26 No. 16654 Board: /sci/ ID: 8e5456 [Reply]

File 152655636832.jpg - (19.12KB , 1170x660 , Laser-Eyes.jpg )

A team of Scottish scientists has developed a type of laser that is thin enough to be integrated into contact lenses.

+------+ 21/12/03(Fri)07:45 No. 5520 Board: /pr/ [Reply]

File 163851394196.png - (75.84KB , 274x181 , QuickScreencapture_20211202-224345.png )

Anonymous 22/04/29(Fri)20:41 No. 286 Board: /vip6/ [Reply]

File 165125770570.jpg - (42.21KB , 418x320 , i (1).jpg )


Sailor Scouts Anonymous 09/08/18(Tue)04:32 No. 2892 Board: /unf/ ID: 1b3d77 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 125056276074.jpg - (55.82KB , 338x450 , 1155671737084.jpg )

I know this should technically fit under cosplay, but I think it needs a category of its own.

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Anonymous 19/03/31(Sun)16:08 No. 25135 ID: 9f83c8

Francesca Dani was so abead of her time. Wish she’d kept up her transition to modelling, she was beginning to show more before she dropped out of cosplay and became a tog. Wish she hadn’t taken all her old shoots down and removed them from sale, i would have been all over that shit. She was leading the charge for attarctive girls in cosplay and was leaning toward the ero-cosplay before the Nigri’s and Moonfox’s stepped up.

Sailor mars Markantony 19/07/26(Fri)03:31 No. 25163 ID: e666f0

Pussyfoot cherry cosplayer

Monkey 20/07/17(Fri)16:22 No. 25235 ID: 5d6ca6


Anyone know of a good Wizards Tower map? Mysterious Leon 17/04/19(Wed)08:57 No. 121040 Board: /tg/ [Reply]

File 149258504572.jpg - (242.30KB , 650x650 , nofatchx.jpg )

so I playing a fifth ed dnd game and my DM is using the "you've all been sucked into a mmo trope" So I gave him a bottle of 10 year old scotch to justify a cash shop purchase of a Bitchen wizards tower. I quit drinking don't judge, it was just taking up space. Anyhow anyone know of any good floor plans for a wizards tower?

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Scathach!EgoMUSS73k 17/04/20(Thu)12:11 No. 121083

Google, or design your own. The 3.0ed book "Stronghold Builders Handbook" may give you some ideas.
Also, your OP did not even resemble anything coherent, and your second one wasn't much better. Carry on.

Anonymous 17/04/20(Thu)19:33 No. 121095

Tower of the Stargazer (v2)

Not traditional.... but.... LordPaul 17/04/24(Mon)06:14 No. 121249

Not your traditional wizard tower, but I have used this one and I love the layout of it....


Vulpes Inculta 21/02/17(Wed)21:42 No. 28402 Board: /fur/ ID: caa77b [Reply]

File 16135945567.jpg - (67.14KB , 640x786 , cDD60Ru8ttbnxrDBULx4KzPA5gOg562Ew8G2eidRdpU.jpg )

Anyone want some drive links? I've got gay, cub, straight, and even videos. I'll take special requests as well.

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Vulpes Inculta 21/04/02(Fri)02:12 No. 28436 ID: e7acf6

Barely relevant but I saw the judy handcuff image on the drive and all I could think about was how I put my arms over my head and in front of me with a pair of toy handcuffs painlessly at the age of 7. Probably could do it again, but the last time that I did it hurt for about 5 seconds.

Your Drives. Average Porn Enjoyer 21/04/20(Tue)02:53 No. 28464 ID: 34f58d

I would like all kinds of your drives. The cubs, the Gays, the Straights, and yes even the videos. I know I'm to crazy

Vulpes Inculta 21/06/21(Mon)13:06 No. 28516 ID: bda637

Hehe <3

Electron microscopic images of the new coronavirus SARS CoV-2 particles is nameisnoting 22/10/05(Wed)03:11 No. 3843 Board: /class/ [Reply]

File 166493229317.jpg - (965.74KB , 2048x2048 , 4.jpg )

A large amount of evidence continues to confirm that the new coronavirus almost certainly infects humans through animal origin - just like many known deadly viruses.
But from the beginning of the epidemic, experts had to fight against rumors. They say the new coronavirus came from a laboratory and was part of an evil scientific project.

Sophisticated Gentleman 22/10/05(Wed)04:42 No. 3844

You use you don't have that backwards?

quequotion 18/04/17(Tue)20:32 No. 2537 Board: /irc/ [Reply]

Is irc.7chan.org's SSL certificate valid?

Looking to debug this: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/polari/issues/57

Poe 18/04/30(Mon)20:23 No. 2539

File 152511259140.png - (87.65KB , 528x988 , Screenshot from 2018-05-01 03-32-25.png )

Apparently not; this certificate is both expired and registered to another domain name.

Poe 18/07/24(Tue)18:23 No. 2542

Today, for the first time I got Polari (GTK 3, telepathy client) to connect to 7chan.

It only seems to like to connect to port 6697, and only if SSL is not explicitly enabled.

agree with the privious answer angine 19/04/01(Mon)13:40 No. 2573

It seems not valid!

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