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Filesharing Thread Anonymous 14/02/13(Thu)00:48 No. 22514 ID: c49e6f [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 139224890099.jpg - (67.62KB , 647x906 , f2be9cc25683767be778b269910abe6c.jpg )

Post all filesharing links in here.
Any posts in languages that are not English or Japanese will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

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What up 6262 24/05/18(Sat)06:11 No. 37389 ID: 05e368


Rules and Regulations Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/04/16(Sat)12:03 No. 10522 ID: 3e3c00 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 130294821639.jpg - (134.29KB , 792x1120 , 8a3bbe8e2f5ac7050e2fb550d49f1aea.jpg )

Welcome to /ss/, 7chan's board for drawn straight shotacon material.

  • The definition of "drawn" is obvious. Drawn does not mean 3D "art", and posting such material will result in deletion and/or a temporary ban. In addition, toons and photorealistic pics will be deleted on sight.
  • Drama is not welcome or tolerated here under any circumstances. Repeated trollposts, sagefaggotry and anti-shota rants all qualify as drama.
  • This board is for porn, not for in-depth discussion of the subject matter of said porn. Repeat offenders will be banned and their threads deleted.
  • Posting a request thread without at least three related pictures is a bannable offense.
  • Remember that the global rules and FAQ still apply here, just like on every 7chan board.

Amateur Artists Anonymous ## Mod ## 13/02/07(Thu)19:42 No. 19089 ID: d2d72b

7chan is NOT DeviantArt. Do not post your shitty doodles here, under any circumstances. If you're good enough to warrant posting, someone else will post your crappy scribblings.


Straight shota doujun, women with realistic proprortions Anonymous 24/04/16(Tue)09:36 No. 37345 ID: d72966 [Reply]

File 171325299379.jpg - (248.11KB , 1280x1829 , 13.jpg )

Any doujins that features straight shotacon WITHOUT huge, flabby, unrealistic titties?

An example is Anti-aging mama by Fukudahda.

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Anonymous 24/04/18(Thu)12:32 No. 37352 ID: 70cc21

The real problem is finding a realistic woman and a shota that doesn't have a horsecock in the same doujin. There are a few artists that do more realistically proportioned characters.
Nora Higuma is good:
First one is from "Yuusha to Kenja to Tokidoki Senshi"
Second is from "Okaa-san de Seitsuu Shichatta Ryouta-kun | Ryouta-kun Ejaculated for the First Time using His Stepmom"

Ponpharse is pretty good too. Third image is from "Ponpharse Vol. 3 - Toshiue no Onee-san Hen (Zenpen) | Ponfaz Vol. 3 – Onee-chan"

Anonymous 24/05/07(Tue)08:41 No. 37381 ID: 60145c

File 171506409361.jpg - (181.62KB , 999x1412 , Lust_Gekkan_shouta_00.jpg )

Yoshiura Kazuya, Ponkotsu Damashii, Yukyu Ponzu and [pixiv] bh2

Anonymous 24/05/07(Tue)12:59 No. 37382 ID: be52c6

File 171507955576.jpg - (169.02KB , 693x1024 , 49_1_693x1024.jpg )

Oh yes, my favorite, elegant and delicate

Looking for this. Anonymous 19/10/10(Thu)09:04 No. 33355 ID: 84292f [Reply]

File 157069105172.gif - (4.51MB , 320x180 , SourcePlease0.gif )

Anyone ever saw this wonderful lady?
Been searching for a while but without any luck.

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Anonymous 22/07/15(Fri)04:27 No. 36949 ID: 0799c1

Well, with the way society is hyper-critical of youth sexuality, society is actively trying to extend statutory rape to girls in their twenties.
It doesn't help that most young women want to be babied.

Daddy 23/03/04(Sat)15:55 No. 37062 ID: fc0aa8


What is the Name of this Video/???

Anonymous+ 23/12/07(Thu)00:26 No. 37249 ID: 4de9c1

I so wish this was my wife while I'm at work

Malena in india Ramesh Haldar 22/11/20(Sun)08:41 No. 37017 ID: 764ef2 [Reply]

File 166893008025.png - (4.95MB , 2160x2700 , B0266AE8-2A10-4921-BD32-9F208EAF3AB2.png )

SsC 22/11/28(Mon)00:53 No. 37024 ID: d5a8be

Oh wow that's nice!! It's been a long time since I have seen a good desi artwork like that. Keep up the good work 👍👍. you could start a thread on 8muses forum.

Anonymous 23/04/10(Mon)11:33 No. 37097 ID: 86ae20

File 168111921986.png - (1.37MB , 1300x1560 , IMG_5626.png )

Anonimo 24/04/17(Wed)09:38 No. 37348 ID: 490510 [Reply]

File 171333950178.gif - (1.57MB , 400x300 , 1505143524610.gif )

Alguien sabe donde esta el resto de esta animacion, no la encuentro en ningun lado

Anonymous 23/04/20(Thu)20:36 No. 37099 ID: 507140 [Reply]

File 168201580435.jpg - (79.95KB , 1024x1024 , 32wrr.jpg )

I wanted to share this art with all of you. I understand that this forum is mostly dedicated to posting porn pictures, and that this artwork is not really explicit in nature. But this pairing is already so niche and I believe that this pairing deserves to be represented beyond just a sexual context.

I want to respectfully note to the moderators that if you are not okay with this, that I apologize and will not do it again if you tell me so.

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Anonymous 24/03/14(Thu)23:47 No. 37317 ID: c712ba

Could use more straight-up kissing!

Anonymous 24/03/19(Tue)17:30 No. 37322 ID: bab5d2

Anonymous 24/04/10(Wed)20:31 No. 37339 ID: bab5d2

The Bounty of Lilith Anonymous 22/05/20(Fri)13:11 No. 36913 ID: 8b6c3c [Reply]

File 165304508593.png - (200.84KB , 1280x800 , 3744ce9bc20d4e92fad3900bc111625942c65f8e2b76fae295.png )

Anyone remember this old thing? A gigantic series of captions detailing a society of shota-loving women and their religion. From what I can see it seems to have mostly disappeared from the internet, but I still have a lot of them saved to my PC. The problem is that they're all out of order because stupid me 6 years ago decided to put them all in a hydrus database which scrambled their filenames

Anyway, I've slapped them on Mega for you all to enjoy if you don't mind the mess. https://mega.nz/folder/hiwkBRoa#k89DoOS7ycX2l9FHRn3ivQ

And if anyone has the entire set of captions, with page numbers, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share it. I don't want to have to spend hours trying to figure out what order the pages should go in if I can avoid it.

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Anonymous 22/07/06(Wed)03:56 No. 36943 ID: 8dcd76

Read more like an obfuscated instruction manual than it did a work of fiction. At least, that was the impression I had when I read the entire thing years ago.

Anonymous 22/10/16(Sun)07:15 No. 36988 ID: 954a2b

Holy fuck, what the hell? Yes, I remember this. It was big back on 8chan /ss/ in 2016. I had written this off as lost media.

Because that's exactly what it is. The creator said that it began as a religious worldbuilding project on tumblr, but he shut it down because of too many of the fempeds on tumblr taking it too far and acting like it was real, and he didn't want to be responsible for any abuse. He was in the middle of deciding whether or not to write a harm-reduction guide when all of the 8chan political drama began.

Help finding a Doujin Anonymous 24/03/26(Tue)22:02 No. 37329 ID: 5531b6 [Reply]

File 171148693224.jpg - (476.32KB , 1280x1811 , 116911865_p0.jpg )

Been looking for a shota doujin for the longest time and cannot find the damn thing again.

It started with the kid coming home and finding a bunch of older women talking at some kind of get together, and one of them was I think recently divorced so they joke that the kid could marry her instead to 'treat her well'. She got offended at the suggestion while the kid was right there and he got huffy and left angrily.

He later gets talked to by the woman and he states that he WOULD be a good husband etc etc, they fuck and thats most of what I remember. Does anyone know what I am talking about or did I fever dream this one?

Anonymous 24/03/26(Tue)22:27 No. 37330 ID: 5531b6

File 171148842152.jpg - (110.29KB , 614x900 , 103765464_p0.jpg )

Anonymous 24/03/26(Tue)22:29 No. 37331 ID: 5531b6

File 171148857373.jpg - (144.20KB , 1035x1350 , 103087855_p1.jpg )

Anonymous 24/03/29(Fri)09:43 No. 37332 ID: 5531b6

I found it.

Erotica thread Anonymous 22/12/18(Sun)02:43 No. 37038 ID: b5c10c [Reply]

File 167132779753.jpg - (1.38MB , 1600x1200 , IMG_8127.jpg )

I made my own /ss/ erotica. You can post other works here as well.


19 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 23/12/17(Sun)02:57 No. 37260 ID: 7f91e6

1 baby brother with 12 older sisters and no living parents. Parents really wanted a son and kept going till they got one, but then died, every sibling is separated by a little over 9 months.

It's ok though because the 13 year old sister is raising her younger siblings, and the parents left behind a massive inheritance. One big problem here, however.

This takes place in a world where superpowers exist, and while the boy is completely average in every way (penis included), except that he has the power to make all female creatures fall in love with him.

All creatures including humans, and love including all forms of it, such as lust, most importantly lust.

He provokes intense sexual attraction and arousal in anything or anyone that is female with no exceptions being made for his sisters, and though they try to resist his erotic appeal they all end up doing sex acts with him whenever they think they can get away with it.

Anonymous 24/03/26(Tue)03:47 No. 37328 ID: 081f75

shot in the dark, looking for an older story dont know the title but the author was junior splooge or something like that, about a biy that gets drugged by an older neighbor lady with tea or something i cant remember anybody got any idea? or a link cant find it anywhere

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