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Anonymous 16/11/10(Thu)02:35 No. 1 ID: 132ea3 [Reply] Stickied

File 14787417401.jpg - (69.55KB , 600x791 , hopeless.jpg )

this is a bad idea

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Anonymous 22/04/16(Sat)00:48 No. 2193 ID: 6f8a99

moar leik worth disgusing amirite xD

Anonymous 22/05/15(Sun)02:45 No. 2197 ID: c53ccd [Reply]

File 165257552251.jpg - (60.71KB , 640x833 , soautocracymuchcommunism.jpg )

I have that hat.

The+Red+Barron 22/05/16(Mon)08:08 No. 2199 ID: 7cb4c3

China is cool but communism is pretty cringe IMO

Anonymous 22/05/21(Sat)05:22 No. 2203 ID: 189249

File 165310334940.jpg - (25.92KB , 306x419 , Gao Yuan, PLA music conductor.jpg )

The one thing the fascists got right was their fashion.

What we've been told to call the "communist" world is corrupt and backward, no dispute there.

That is not to make light of China's successes, there being many of them, since Nixon opened relations with the United States.

China was always "at war" with everyone else. They never got over that "unequal treaties" period. They were bullied by European colonists and the Japanese Empire that took after them and they will have their revenge.

They've been smart about it. We looked down on their country for its emissions standards while we offloaded every kind of manufacturing we couldn't stand the stink of on them. They were happy to take on our dirty work: it built their economy, their infrastructure, and our dependence on them for critical goods with unsavory manufacturing processes.

They've raised now three generations of basically two things: propaganda and math. They're into FX, they're into crypto (but mostly to kill it?), they're manipulating the global financial market through the Ukraine conflict, they buy out whole economies with their Belt and Road predatory-loan and infrastructure development initiative.

Dems and Reps are cucks Anonymous 20/09/13(Sun)23:15 No. 1924 ID: cf97d8 [Reply]

File 160003173270.jpg - (211.14KB , 800x450 , cover1.jpg )

What's the point? The dnc and rnc are corporate shills that care about their reputations and money more than the people?

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Anonymous 22/01/19(Wed)08:05 No. 2183 ID: 7cb4c3

File 164257593143.png - (132.42KB , 274x301 , sfbb.png )

Anonymous 22/02/15(Tue)11:39 No. 2184 ID: cf35b0

I'd ask you to put your argument into words, but you're either an illiterate manchild or an automated postbot.

The nonvoting count was still around 80 million in 2020. Eighty million people who think their vote doesn't matter. If those people wanted to get anything done, they could get it done while every partisan voter cried about it.

Votes matter, instead of letting other people choose your life for you, vote third-party--at fucking random if you have to, but get registered and fucking vote.

The+Red+Barron 22/05/16(Mon)08:17 No. 2201 ID: 7cb4c3

Honestly the government is rigged, but I still vote just in case I'm being schizo about it and it matters ever

Anonymous 21/05/18(Tue)05:21 No. 2015 ID: 5c3e29 [Reply]

File 162130807237.gif - (969.19KB , 680x382 , woof.gif )

If the US instituted heavy import tariffs based on the source country's equivalent environmental codes and practices... Maybe pride could save the world.

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Anonymous 22/03/23(Wed)02:32 No. 2191 ID: 0dbae0

Wow, could you be any more stupid? Bye Done and all his other demo-commie cronies are doing just that and gas just shot up to over 5.50 a gallon in less than two months. Welcome to the world of not being able to afford to eat, faggot!

Anonymous 22/04/16(Sat)13:35 No. 2194 ID: 6f8a99

Quite the opposite. He immediately shut down domestic production, just as promised on the campaign trail.

The+Red+Barron 22/05/16(Mon)08:11 No. 2200 ID: 7cb4c3

When this thread started, gas was 3$ a gallon

Feel old yet?

No thread? The Red Barron 22/05/16(Mon)08:02 No. 2198 ID: 7cb4c3 [Reply]

File 165268096533.png - (136.23KB , 390x306 , oops.png )

Pick your poison

Climate change Anonymous 21/10/22(Fri)22:11 No. 2115 ID: fae231 [Reply]

File 163493348056.png - (311.11KB , 751x717 , 1634445934112.png )

Is bad, mmkay?

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Anonymous 22/02/24(Thu)23:00 No. 2185 ID: 8bcc12

Not that Anon, but then why are they trying to re-cycle communism with thirdie romanticism for the n:th time? :-/


Anonymous 22/03/16(Wed)12:16 No. 2186 ID: 94380b


What it feels like in that picture.

Anonymous 22/03/23(Wed)02:30 No. 2190 ID: 0dbae0


Shame on you posting music only nigger faggot losers like.

Anonymous 20/07/21(Tue)18:28 No. 1900 ID: c15524 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 159534890484.png - (124.46KB , 750x500 , U_S-Parties.png )

Should the United States ban all political parties?

And I do mean all of them.

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Anonymous 22/01/11(Tue)00:57 No. 2179 ID: da1b31

File 164185901668.gif - (933.76KB , 500x373 , Pretty Children.gif )

>fixation on communism

Anonymous 22/03/22(Tue)19:22 No. 2189 ID: 41b04f

File 164797333081.gif - (73.03KB , 220x164 , He'sRightYouKnow.gif )


Anonymous 22/04/27(Wed)05:16 No. 2195 ID: c6090e

File 16510293793.gif - (461.34KB , 240x174 , I Don't Know You.gif )

So the guy... who claims everything is communism... doesn't have a fixation on communism... but all the people he claims are communist... do. That's what you're going with?

Anonymous 20/12/11(Fri)05:58 No. 1954 ID: ac6ebd [Reply]

File 160766273176.jpg - (106.88KB , 680x386 , wpoo.jpg )

JUST REMEMBER, anyone who doesn't want to go to war is GAY!

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Anonymous 21/12/04(Sat)02:23 No. 2162 ID: 6f8a99

In all of my posts and none of yours, duh. Otherwise you'd be agreeing with me rather than spouting all that nonsense in desperation to defend the evil satanic talmudic jews.

Anonymous 21/12/09(Thu)06:22 No. 2168 ID: 7cb4c3

>can't even reel in Taiwan
>had 50 years after the civil war to finish them off

Do they even care anymore

Anonymous 21/12/18(Sat)04:36 No. 2172 ID: e2abc3

File 163979860881.jpg - (42.63KB , 920x692 , Pooh Xi.jpg )

China cares, they just knew it'd lead to WW3 so they've held off.

However Xi has a very, very, very small penis and everyone in Taiwan having larger penises (even their women, Xi's is just that small) will eventually become too much for his fragile ego to bear.

Anonymous 19/08/25(Sun)11:19 No. 1658 ID: 91069d [Reply]

File 156672479350.jpg - (43.24KB , 595x335 , 8channers-crossing-the-interwebs.jpg )

You know what's hilarious? All these alt-right, build-the-wall, lock-her-up, god-emperor-drumpf faggots who immediately turn into ignorant, worthless refugees that refuse to assimilate to other cultures the moment they lose their home.

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Anonymous 21/05/19(Wed)16:02 No. 2017 ID: 166371

It's one thing to be a retard, but do you have to be so smug about it?

Anonymous 21/06/01(Tue)02:18 No. 2022 ID: 9a73cc

File 162250671172.gif - (163.19KB , 614x768 , Wear A Mask To Protect Others.gif )

It's one thing for your parents to be brother and sister, but do you have to flaunt it?

Anonymous 21/11/02(Tue)07:25 No. 2123 ID: 6f8a99

Oh, I didn't realize you had TDS. I'm sorry for your loss.

Anonymous 16/12/31(Sat)21:24 No. 133 ID: 23da8e [Reply]

File 148321588587.jpg - (22.72KB , 460x286 , images (2).jpg )

Given that I, as probably a few 7chan denizens, know a little bit about how cyber attacks work, when I see the Obama administriation expel 35 russian diplomatic staff and sanction a couple of private individuals and organizations, it spells out something very clearly: they have no fucking idea who is responsble.

They made no economic or digital attempts to prevent further incursions--by anyone's perspective the higher priority.

The sad thing is, I actually believe Russia did attempt to intervene on Trump's behalf--but the Obama administration is too incompetent to figure out how or who actually did what and has chosen the most useless of all possible options: expel all the suspicious Ruskys.

pic unrelated: ISIS's Jihadi Boy Scouts--The Lions of Allah (can't wait for these kids to grow up).

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Anonymous 21/10/23(Sat)04:20 No. 2116 ID: 15c902

File 163495563823.jpg - (65.31KB , 1476x891 , Trump Lost LOL.jpg )

But, on the other hand, you're an idiot

Anonymous 21/10/26(Tue)04:53 No. 2118 ID: 3ffccd

Ugh. The 60's were a mistake.

Anonymous 21/10/30(Sat)03:30 No. 2119 ID: def6ba


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