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Sazpaimon ## Admin ## 11/03/29(Tue)06:31 No. 10538 ID: 7abf39 [Reply] Stickied

File Buttercup.swf - (864.12KB )

Hey guys, guess what?!

I made it so SWF files will now have thumbnails! Never again will you be fooled by lolicatgirls.swf like the fool you are.

Of course, not all SWF files are made the same, so there will obviously be some buggy or nonexistant screenshots. Unfortunately I can't fix them due to the way I created the screenshot maker. So while loops or videos will play fine, many games will come up a little weird. Deal with it.

I also just kinda slapped the Kusaba part of this together pretty haphazardly because I spent so much time getting the actionscript right. I'll fix any bugs if they arrise.

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Anonymous 14/12/10(Wed)19:56 No. 16247 ID: 86bbff


Homicide ## Mod ## 10/10/18(Mon)18:44 No. 9003 ID: 8decbc [Reply] Locked Stickied

File z0r-de_1710.swf - (524.28KB )

Furry flash is still b& from /fl/.

/fur/ accepts .swf uploads.

Anonymous ## Admin ## 11/03/27(Sun)19:06 No. 10523 ID: 421856

This now includes the furry text adventures shit.

draw together Anonymous 16/07/30(Sat)18:19 No. 19931 ID: 1d4a5f [Reply]

File whiteboard.swf - (346.21KB )

draw :D

Anonymous 15/01/12(Mon)20:09 No. 16313 ID: 053b53 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File Mario_&_peach.swf - (1.44MB , Mario & peach.swf )

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Anonymous 16/07/30(Sat)06:26 No. 19928 ID: d97cac

Upload it to http://1339.cf/

Anonymous 16/07/30(Sat)06:26 No. 19929 ID: a25f42

His new tumblr username is nega8tive.

Anonymous 16/07/30(Sat)13:37 No. 19930 ID: 191296


There you go buddy. Hopefully we get this going so we don't lose his stuff again.

Bubblegum taste Semen Anonymous 15/06/28(Sun)04:19 No. 16892 ID: 3ef453 [Reply]

File Bubblegum_taste_Semen.swf - (400.73KB , Bubblegum taste Semen.swf )

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Anonymous 16/05/08(Sun)03:36 No. 19391 ID: 2bd7b6

Seriously, I resized the video and all that shit, there aint no snail.

Anonymous 16/05/08(Sun)03:40 No. 19392 ID: 2bd7b6

Oh nevermind, you literally have to resize your browser.

Anonymous 16/07/29(Fri)08:55 No. 19909 ID: 9a59db

new product

Anonymous 14/11/25(Tue)18:08 No. 16233 ID: fcbc99 [Reply]

File Untitled.swf - (2.42MB )

So I found out last night that Seth Macfarlane has created official Family Guy and American Dad nudity.

I'm not ashamed to admit I fapped to this, I cut out the parts of Peter Griffin but It looks like I missed a frame.

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Anonymous 16/07/27(Wed)11:22 No. 19894 ID: 9c41c0

the amount of dedication to troll is too much.

inb4 lurkmore

Anonymous 16/07/28(Thu)17:32 No. 19903 ID: e80676

I am not trolling! I only want to finally have a high quality version of that clip to fap to, that's all!

Anonymous 16/07/29(Fri)00:28 No. 19908 ID: ad9aaf

I've got a high quality version right here in my pants. All you gotta do is fish it out. ;)

1337.swf Anonymous 11/11/04(Fri)19:34 No. 12443 ID: 18f8f9 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File dagobah_Flying_Dog.swf - (207.04KB )


About a year or two ago, there was a huge & epic >200 post flash loop thread.

In it, was an epic flash. It has meant an immense amount to me, and I have recently been longing to watch it for a few hours again. If one of you good brothers in this /fl/aternity could assist me in reuniting with my beloved flash, I would be quite grateful. I have no tits, nothing glorious to offer, just a mere *gulp* request.

It was entitled 1337.swf

It was an animation of these people dancing- two boys and two girls. I believe they were playing some sort of jump-rope like game but instead with cardboard tubes on their phalli being swung back and forth in a horizontal fashion. The floor was lit up with what I recall to be orange and pink tiles. One of the girls had large breasts, the other flat breasts. The music was addictive, silly, and upbeat; sheer glory.

I believe the flash was mentioned here: http://7chan.org/fl/res/8455.html#9047 , but the original content has 404'd.

I thank you in advance for all your efforts.

Since I didn't have anything substantial or relevant to post, here is that famous .gif of the dog leaping out the car window and tumbling into another dog running alongside the vehicle, coupled with R. Kelly's famous "I Believe I Can Fly" in a pretty neat little .swf file. I was going to post Action Turnip, but I got a dupes error.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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11536 potato!DdLC5CN5Ho 16/01/15(Fri)01:47 No. 18487 ID: ab34ea

animo sauce?

Anonymous 16/03/05(Sat)22:38 No. 18905 ID: 84e8c7

File Anon9000.swf - (392.41KB )

I've finally found the Anon version of this!

Anonymous 16/07/24(Sun)07:34 No. 19875 ID: c193fc

anyone remember the name of a flash that has some guy playing then fondling a chick, then he lifts her shirt and her chest is lemon man.

it has Moondog - Lament 1, 'Bird's Lament' playing in the background
i can't remember the name for the life of me.

DOWNLOAD PLS Anonymous 16/07/23(Sat)10:02 No. 19863 ID: 43115b [Reply]

File FK_LOOP.swf - (1.99MB , FK LOOP.swf )

does anyone have the f*keeper swf download? (swf unrelated also no mine)

Anonymous 16/07/23(Sat)10:03 No. 19864 ID: 43115b

https://www.patreon.com/smolevn this guy

Anonymous 12/10/27(Sat)01:33 No. 14501 ID: 9d5a9b [Reply]

File Deal_with_it.swf - (7.53MB , Deal with it.swf )

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Anonymous 14/09/03(Wed)08:37 No. 15873 ID: 1165d0


I keep returning to this year after year.

Anonymous 15/12/07(Mon)07:38 No. 18120 ID: 0d1eaf

'Nother Year, mo' deal with it

Anonymous 16/07/18(Mon)09:50 No. 19834 ID: cc8491

Someone wants to watch RMMMMMMMM
Deal with it sucka

Fun flash games to waste time with. Anonymous 15/08/06(Thu)16:28 No. 17027 ID: eb9bec [Reply]

File Age_of_War.swf - (3.46MB , Age of War.swf )

These are kinda old.

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Anonymous 15/08/06(Thu)16:53 No. 17031 ID: eb9bec

File greatwar.swf - (2.52MB )

How to win: spam knights until you can make samurai, then spam samurai.

Anonymous 16/05/10(Tue)09:49 No. 19400 ID: a4d099


Anonymous 16/07/16(Sat)19:35 No. 19829 ID: 2162ac


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