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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 22/05/23(Mon)20:12 No. 24587 ID: 8397b8

Actually the boomers started the trend of holding onto childhood things and turning them into vicarious philosophy.
Also, there's nothing wrong with enjoying your childhood hobbies in adulthood. Just don't take it so seriously.
(Maturity is 4/5 aesthetics)

But I think millennial nostalgia is fuelled more by lack of life lived than any real experiences they wanna recreate.

Y'know what I don't like? Teenage Girl 21/04/27(Tue)03:05 No. 23718 ID: 08e6c5 [Reply]

File 161948552963.jpg - (44.27KB , 474x606 , f69e4702a19c4ac72ad7531a39025703--portrait-art-por.jpg )

Shitheads throwing around the words "consoom" and "consoomer" to describe people doing any activity that costs money.

>Excited to see a new movie? Consoomer.
>Wanna try out this new product? Consoomer.
>Liking some product that they don't? Consoomer.
>Doing all of the above? You're just a faggot who loves to consoom.
>You're buying groceries? CONSOOMER!

Shit like this is why I don't take culture warriors seriously. Getting pissed at people because they don't share your hatred of Kathleen Kennedy or Brie Larson and just want to enjoy a popcorn flick is retarded, as much so as people from the left and people from the right thinking that nazis/fascists/communists = people they don't like.

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Teenage Girl 22/05/17(Tue)19:39 No. 24582 ID: ebc5bc

File 16528091991.jpg - (13.96KB , 225x225 , 2Q.jpg )


Pic related was right: this generation really is pathetic.

Teenage Girl 22/05/23(Mon)20:16 No. 24588 ID: 8397b8

It wasn't the participation trophy. No kid has been influenced by participation trophies. That's just reactive copium.
The real problem with millennials is theyre desperation to "change the world". They wanna leave any scrapping of relevance. So they use their "first generation to grow up with the Internet."
NVM the fact that Gen X computer tinkerers were actually the first generation of youth to be online.

Teenage Girl 22/05/23(Mon)23:00 No. 24589 ID: 59085e

Your entire projection can be summed up in two sentences.
>Millenials can't take responsibility for their actions. It's their parents fault.
If you can't see the irony you need to step back and be more objective.

Ghost of George Westinghouse Captain Sinbad 22/05/23(Mon)05:35 No. 24586 ID: 73308e [Reply]

File 165327694067.png - (99.59KB , 1860x1172 , $kyRevindoMVendivicicousPetalz.png )

Tesla damns Brian Fenske & Braison Chance Cyrus

Iter9efk aw3r0kjsdaf Teenage Girl 22/05/19(Thu)07:09 No. 24584 ID: 7c0879 [Reply]

File 165293695543.png - (133.25KB , 1860x1172 , I349ijLLC.png )

Traun Bla

Teenage Girl 21/05/17(Mon)19:07 No. 23801 ID: 077f3c [Reply]

File 162127126282.png - (659.07KB , 526x582 , 1621257341020.png )

Where will you be when shit like pic related leads to the adulting generation becoming the suicide generation? I have a feeling 30 years from now the millennial generation is going to be renamed the suicide generation. The degenerate decisions they’re making now are going bite them very hard in the ass. They’re going to be lonely, sitting in a nursing home with no family and completely broke because they have no children to support them. They ran away so much from their parents, they became them on crack, and now they're gonna become their grandparents too.

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Teenage Girl 22/04/23(Sat)07:23 No. 24544 ID: 34ca75


Shit was fucked long before the Greatest Generation, if you wanna get technical about it, but anons aren't ready for that redpill.

Teenage Girl 22/04/26(Tue)04:19 No. 24547 ID: dc1be2

I blame colonialism. When the Europeans set out to conquer new lands, they ushered in an a new world order.

Teenage Girl 22/05/17(Tue)19:48 No. 24583 ID: ebc5bc


>When the Europeans set out to conquer new lands, they ushered in an a new world order.

They also inspired waves of faggots thinking they could hang with them rather than being put to the sword. Rightoid faggots idolizing Cortes, Pizzaro, etc are their version of tankies idolizing Stalin and Mao.

Teenage Girl 22/05/15(Sun)06:03 No. 24572 ID: 1937e1 [Reply]

File 165258739386.jpg - (5.58KB , 122x160 , 1OcSITyt.jpg )

Another mass shooting in Buffalo today.

>le zoom zoom bad!

Yeah, and who was giving the little fucker the shit that motivated him to kill people? Millennials. Shot the rando white girl full on in the face though. First person to be shot in fact. Truly out to save the white race this one.

This is the millennial legacy. Inspiring future faggots to do faggot shit.

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Teenage Girl 22/05/15(Sun)10:45 No. 24576 ID: 0f9b4d

>patrol officers were able to talk him into dropping his gun after he put it to his neck
Fucking pussy.

Apparently the shooter detailed his plan on my mother's fax machine in the months leading up to the shooting. I don't know if that's true but it seems likely. It's also no secret that 4chan is full of feds. With all the surveillance today wouldn't this guy have been caught? There's a lot of hate in the world today and I think certain entities actively fuel that hate.

Anyway, the retard streamed the attack but he was cut off soon after he started. Here's the vid.

The+Red+Barron 22/05/16(Mon)09:15 No. 24577 ID: 7cb4c3

No surprise to see the benefactors short on praise;

For in evil they dance and blinded Sun's rays

Teenage Girl 22/05/17(Tue)19:07 No. 24580 ID: ebc5bc

And before someone says the Buffalo shooter was a dumb retarded zoomer, remind them that Adam Lanza was a millennial: April 22, 1992 makes him a millennial. The Colorado theatre shooter? December 13, 1987. Millennial. Elliot Rodger? July 24, 1991. Millennial. Seung-Hui Cho? January 18, 1984. Millennial. It's also funny how so many rightoids online on sites like Kiwi Farms and 4chan will make post after post about their black derangement syndrome and yet clutch pearls over this shit.

>Niggers are an existential threat to the West!
>Someone decides to shoot up a bunch of them.

Whatever millennials can say about zoomer shooters is instantly negated when you remind them one of their own shot up toddlers at Sandy Hook. It's like how you can remind an anti-American limey or frog about Sykes-Picot.

Youth ≠ Innocence/Idealism Teenage Girl 21/10/21(Thu)04:47 No. 24159 ID: 05bf3b [Reply]

File 163478443756.jpg - (93.29KB , 1080x1183 , IMG-20210915-WA0057.jpg )

I know people will disagree with me, but I'm tired of society treating under-25 as helpless puppies that shouldn't be allowed ANY form of independence.

I hate how whenever a young person makes a mistake or has a flaw, they attribute to youth, yet older people can be flawed and accident-prone and still have their personhood respected.

I especially hate how when it comes to young criminals, they assume that because they're young that they were "indoctrinated/misguided". No they're not. They knew what they were doing.
Especially when it comes to statutory rape. Alot of cases of man-on-girl "rape" are initiated by the minor. These young girls are worldly-ambitious and will do anything to have a taste of riches and adoration. It's only when the money and gifts stop coming that they yell "RAPE!"

Our society punishes young people whom show worldly-awareness and cynicism. Children are being forced into positivity. Any child who likes dark/edgy humor or isn't into the whole happy-go-lucky overtness that children are assumed to have are seen as defective.

God forbid kids should like horror, cuss words, porn, or different ethnicities. God forbid kids should point out the absurdities of the adult world.

This idea of youth as innocence/idealism is moral passive-agression from adults.
It's why adolescence was invented, why helicopter parenting and zero-tolerance rules are allowed to smother kids to death.

Then adults have the nerve to wonder why the newer generations are supposedly "declining"?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 22/05/08(Sun)16:25 No. 24565 ID: 34c2ab

>Whenever people talk about moral decay, they always blame the youth. Despite the fact that adults have been creating and indulging vices for years, painting the world in their own flavors of degeneracy
It's definately a two way street, and ultimately the miral decay of the youth falls under the prior generations responsibilities as they were the ones responsible for raising them.

When the current generation grows up and has to live with the new youth I'm sure they will blame the kids of "today" rather than accepting responsibility for their part. Moral decay is the result of not accepting responsibility for ones own actions. And unfortunately it is the youth who must act to reverse.

Teenage Girl 22/05/08(Sun)17:52 No. 24566 ID: a7afa9

File 165202513113.jpg - (80.92KB , 599x514 , 5tvxs3bgyzm71.jpg )


>When the current generation grows up and has to live with the new youth I'm sure they will blame the kids of "today" rather than accepting responsibility for their part. Moral decay is the result of not accepting responsibility for ones own actions. And unfortunately it is the youth who must act to reverse.

And that's my point, right there. People seem to sweep under the rug that Millennials were the ones who were caught into bullshit like reality TV, mirroring degenerate personified minstrel act rappers/popstars, hyperconsumerism, hedonism and shit that (seemed) more callous and indulgent than what I've witnessed from the Boomers and Zoomers that I've personally known. It was millennials that pioneered the woke shit, it's always a millennial who goes around shooting up schools and yoga studios, it's always a millennial who comes up with the try-est of tryhard hot takes about (insert group here) to justify doing nothing with their lives. It's also the millennials who killed pop culture and the internet, turning everything into a milquetoast at best retread or reboot and turning the internet into an insane asylum where, unless you want sports highlights, there's literally nothing to do anymore unless you prefer the company of batshit insane retards sperging out over the stupidest shit imaginable. And it's funny that millennials insist they never had it good; motherfucker, you at least grew up when the going was even somewhat good (the nineties that you'd later take credit for from Gen X/boomers who created everything you loved about it - seriously, what have millennials created?); what does Gen Z get? Hunter Thompson said it best in pic related:

>Generation Z are doomed to be the first generation of Americans who will grow up with a lower standard of living than their parents enjoyed.

And yet millennials be like: dude, why are zoomers so silly lol. It wasn't until the rise of the woke when most of these same kids began to veil their dramatic Cluster B tendencies under the guise of "hahaha yeah we are the most empathetic generation evaarrrrr!!1111" and bullshit faux-virtue signaling. Same bullshit, under a different skin/pretense. I mean, come the fuck on, look at the people who come up with the hot takes I mention, about saving the white race or dismantling the patriarchy or whatever. Take a good, hard look at them. Do you honestly believe any of them give a fuck about those things? Do you honestly think that? These people are going to end up suicide statistics one day and it's a serious problem when they're being held up as surrogate parent figures. Its also why they lash out and call you a lib/chud/etc when you strip away the ideological melodrama and call them w Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 22/05/11(Wed)05:22 No. 24571 ID: 2ce797

>When the current generation grows up and has to live with the new youth I'm sure they will blame the kids of "today" rather than accepting responsibility for their part. Moral decay is the result of not accepting responsibility for ones own actions. And unfortunately it is the youth who must act to reverse.

That's why I think innocence is a terrible metric pushed onto the young.
My moral take is this: if kids want to smoke and fuck, let them.
Any consequences is on them.
Instead of trying to scare children away from worldly vices, train them to enjoy said vices properly.
Childhood is very short. Adulthood is eternal. It makes no sense trying to euphemise the world to children when they will grow up to indulge in vices.
But what's even worse is that society tries to discourage cynicism and stoicism in youth.
Hell nah!
If a boy wants to write dark somber poetry in his daily journal, let him.
If a girl prefers fashion over silly tea parties, let her.
Children desire the adult life. After all, childhood is short.
This modern philosophy of childhood as Eden had made the west contemptuous and frightened of adulthood.
People treat growing up as a punishment rather than opportunity.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Are Rightoids Autistic? Teenage Girl 22/05/09(Mon)18:26 No. 24570 ID: 29defc [Reply]

File 165211358429.jpg - (53.53KB , 1080x1128 , 160547443116.jpg )

> Lack of "theory of mind": thinking all of a "community" are alike, and that "collective punishment" mentality - BS like "female privilege".

> Trouble telling fiction from IRL: BS like "the villain is a white male, which means the author hates white people"

> Rigidly categorizing subjects, like the thinking that leads to BS like the "oppression olympics" or "AWALT".

> Behavior like "stimming", like the need for having a "safe space" after exposure to the "Prickly-Wicklies" of the "degenerate".

> Difficulty with subtlety: notice how rightoids can be compelled to advertise identity loudly all the time - like with "white pride"?

> Excessive stilted and awkward speech: "chanspeak" like "wojak", "fedora tipping", and "shitposting".

> Overthinking simple concepts, like how X must mean all Y are bad.

> Intense fixation on identity politics like it's an autistic "special interest": "everything is political".
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 22/03/29(Tue)02:16 No. 24482 ID: ff3844 [Reply]

File 164851299912.png - (457.25KB , 551x551 , sofiamariebakk.png )

Elliot Rodger? Millennial.
Seung-Hi Cho? Millennial.
Adam Lanza? Millennial.
SJWs? Millennials.
"Sex work is real work"? Millennials.
Incels? Millennials,
Femcels? Millennials.
Wokeness? Millennials.
Anti-whiteness? Millennials.
Radfems? Millennials.
Most mass shooters? Millennials.
Most ISIS recruits? Millennials.
Refugees welcome? Millennials.
Brandon Tarrant? Millennial.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 22/05/07(Sat)07:12 No. 24557 ID: b4258c

File 165190035497.png - (52.29KB , 350x347 , 159740532718.png )


>Mind you, the trans craze isn't exclusively millennials, although they did push it to he forefront and will deny it.

Millennials are always doing this. Go on any rightoid site (Kiwi Farms, 4chan, etc) and you'll see countless millennials insisting it's all Gen Z who started all this shit, nevermind it was millennials who created Tumblr et al. It's pic related, basically. Millennials are guilty of cultural gentrification 'cause they can't create a goddamn thing that isn't le milquetoast, inoffensive PC for the sake of PC shit or glorified cunny/shitposting that's as long and pretentious as Infinite Jest. Seriously, name five great millennial movies, novels, whatever.

You can't. You just can't.

Teenage Girl 22/05/07(Sat)12:58 No. 24558 ID: 9b2a6e

I think shit's gonna get real grim 10 years from now, when all these "identities" millennials have adopted start to crumble. How long can all these trans-whatever retards keep up the charade before they finally realize it just doesn't work?

Teenage Girl 22/05/07(Sat)19:38 No. 24560 ID: dfea78


>How long can all these trans-whatever retards keep up the charade before they finally realize it just doesn't work?

You could say the exact same thing about you imageboard dorks. How long can you be based and redpilled before you finally realize you wasted your prime years on trying to own random people you'll never meet? It goes both ways, and you're all gonna end up on the same policeman's blotter when you blow your brains out after shitting one too many diapers when you're 50+ and you realize what you've done.

Teenage Girl 22/04/21(Thu)11:15 No. 24539 ID: 34ca75 [Reply]

File 165053254172.png - (127.43KB , 815x691 , Kiwicels.png )

Why are rightoid millennials like this?

>Posting on the edgiest bunch of edgelords who ever edged site.

Can rightoids go a single day without projecting on everyone else?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 22/04/26(Tue)21:00 No. 24548 ID: 31abfb

I find that people whom like pathologise teenagers the most are the biggest manchildren. Im finding that alot of our "teenage cringe" is b coming more prominent and acceptable in adults.
While the poster isn't wrong, they're also hypocritical.

Teenage Girl 22/04/26(Tue)21:02 No. 24549 ID: 31abfb

But also, adults are easily offended by kids having their own subcultures. If you take a look at alot of "sophisticated/high brow" culture, it's all cringey farces disguised with formal prose and elegant materials.

Teenage Girl 22/05/07(Sat)19:36 No. 24559 ID: dfea78


It's just funny that people who post on a gossip rag about irrelevant online nobodies and make the most offensive posts possible just to seem above it all clutch their pearls over "offensive" shit teenagers do. Like, what gives? Sounds to me like they're lowkey ashamed of how they're stuck in their chronic immaturity. Muh niggers! Muh tranny derangement syndrome! But it's teenagers who are the offensive ones.

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