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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 22/06/25(Sat)20:45 No. 24774 ID: be9b39

File 165618270645.png - (54.75KB , 1860x217 , james joyce brap.png )

It's obviously a very subjective thing, but I'm not alone in thinking that Vonnegut has an extremely reddit tone (by modern standards). I'm not really talking about the actual content and message of the books, just how it 'sounds'.

I have not read those others but what I know about James Joyce totally corroborates what you're saying.

I fucking goddamn hate Indians 🇮🇳 Teenage Girl 24/06/24(Mon)03:12 No. 25913 ID: fc3d18 [Reply]

File 171919156169.png - (464.61KB , 720x584 , chrome_screenshot_23 Jun 2024 18_09_29 GMT-07_00.png )

India is a disgusting abomination of a country, populated by low-IQ retarded slave race savages, caked in steaming hot shit everywhere you go, a backwards caste system culture where even the people at the hierarchal top are unbearable, smelly shitskins. There is absolutely fucking nothing redeeming about this country, not their language, not their food, not their landscape, nothing.

I'm a Female BLM Activist, AMA!! Teenage Girl 24/06/22(Sat)19:58 No. 25908 ID: fc3d18 [Reply]

File 171907910836.png - (350.70KB , 720x645 , chrome_screenshot_22 Jun 2024 10_57_32 GMT-07_00.png )

I'm a Female BLM Activist,
Ask me any question

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Teenage Girl 24/06/23(Sun)17:58 No. 25910 ID: c338fc

What is your opinion on the people who seem to not actually care about your cause that have decided to co-opt the movement?

Teenage Girl 24/06/23(Sun)22:31 No. 25911 ID: fc3d18

Us Blacks have been oppressed for 200 years, Trump has destroyed my community & Economy, Biden Is gonna lead us to a Better Country, You White People who are Republicans have always been behind every social issue, I'll PRAY FOR YOU, BUT JESUS LOVES YOU, GOD BLESS BIDEN

Teenage Girl 24/06/24(Mon)00:17 No. 25912 ID: a2b08c

File 171918105431.jpg - (149.40KB , 1185x670 , 10-490-4594.jpg )


You and I both know what this troll looks like

Tall and not pretty = menial work Teenage Girl 22/07/06(Wed)03:04 No. 24945 ID: 838b0b [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 165706949669.jpg - (35.36KB , 602x334 , 124312.jpg )

I just found out way too late in my life if you are or big like Hogan you are a threat to coworkers just by you existing. There are tiny women there and they date tall men because of their threatening presence, but do not ever EVER want a threatening maniac in their work place.

If you're not really really gorgeous, have all your hair, yet are tall? Don't even try to get a job that pays well. They only want pretty people. Learn a trade, not even a jeweler, you will never ever be permitted to be around people.

THIS is the level the world has gone to anymore.

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Teenage Girl 24/04/23(Tue)03:37 No. 25897 ID: 029880

File 17138362328.png - (303.11KB , 512x384 , 522.png )

>You keep telling yourself that imageboards are still the in thing
Lmao when the hell did I ever say that? I simply made a claim that young people still browse image boards, never said image boards were an "in" thing, once again, you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.
>Let me guess, people got mad at you when you started dropping the hard R? Maybe even tried to talk about the guys with those little hats?
Haven't dropped the hard R vocally since I was in high school and even then there were no consequences since I don't live in whatever liberal shit hole you reside in, and if you still don't believe in the jewish conspiracy then you're already too far gone, most people within my generation and the one before it don't support neither zionist jews, nor israel, all that pro-israel crap is going to die along with you boomer fucks.
>In fact, I have found quite a lot of folks who agree with me.
changing IPs will do that
schizo moment
>I'd buy them a beer
soy statement, also, all those posts were clearly made by you using a different IP, nice try though.
>have a laugh on a day off from my CAREER
delivering pizzas isn't a career
>Y'know, the thing you millennials pretend you're too good for with your "take the NEETpill d00d" bullshit, like the Gen X influencers who cope with being too poor to even rent with van life vlogs.
Gen Z actually, most millenials are closer to your age grandpa, and I never took the neetpill, went to work immediately after high school, not that it even matters considering how fucked the economy is right now. And even then I'm not even sure why you're mentioning this, are you having another senior moment where you rant about inane bullshit nobody mentioned?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 24/05/12(Sun)04:49 No. 25901 ID: 3f9e01


>generalizing seems to be a great pass time for boomers these days.

That's rich coming from a millennial. I don't even need to respond to the rest of your retarded spiel and cope, because this says it all right here. Also, Facebook filename? Also rich coming from an imageboardcel faggot. What's the matter? You were too edgy for Retarddit or Twatter, but too retarded for Cuckchan, so you came over here? Sad, many such cases. Just make sure that when you blow your brains out, you don't take anyone else with you, okay? Lanza, Tarrant, Card, etc all being millennials shows there's a track record with your worthless generation.

Teenage Girl 24/06/18(Tue)06:48 No. 25906 ID: fccf38

>That's rich coming from a millennial
Bruh, I already told you I'm gen z, get a load of this decrepit moron. Not even going to read the rest your spiel since you're just a stubborn old mule who refuses to see reason, stay mad on skibidi on sigma on ohio.

It's so fucking over Ricchie 24/06/16(Sun)18:37 No. 25905 ID: 183a34 [Reply]

File 171855587440.jpg - (10.50KB , 320x180 , PatrickBatemanGun.jpg )

>Be me
>Still a virgin and have no girlfriend.
>Always shower and brush my teeth everyday, always use perfume and liquid deoderant whenever I'm going outside, also comb my hair every now and then.
>Always rockin' classic middle class suburban shit like the knit wool sweater and tie combo, or the tropical pattern shirts with long black pants.
>Really didn't mind not having a girlfriend or being a virgin, never thought of it as anything bad or particularly unfair and mainly held it against myself and blamed myself for it because of past mistakes that I'll never live down.
>Have an extremely annoying older cousin that is a retarded sperg that constantly has autistic episodes where he screams and shouts random things and makes grunting noises
>This guy doesn't fucking shower or brush his teeth, doesn't use deoderant or perfume so obviously he really fucking stinks
>He spends most of his time chronically online watching his autistic entertainment and playing Gacha games all the time
>Horrible sense of fashion, never dresses properly to public places
>Motherfucker still somehow gets a girlfriend before I do.
>I kind of feel bad for the girl for being with him but at the same time I want to beat the everliving fuck out of her for being such a dumb bitch.
>Mfw a retarded autistic sperg fucking mogs me
>Mfw nothing will ever make my situation any better.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

? 23/10/16(Mon)11:26 No. 25756 ID: a3fb63 [Reply]

File 169744841495.jpg - (33.21KB , 500x375 , IMG_5420.jpg )

Whats so wrong about being a bad person? not tryna seem edgy, im just curious

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Teenage Girl 23/10/21(Sat)14:47 No. 25763 ID: 490f81

It's in the name.

Teenage Girl 23/10/21(Sat)23:51 No. 25764 ID: 13858f

You know, religion is complete horseshit. But that golden rule thing is good stuff. Do unto others.

Teenage Girl 24/05/21(Tue)15:53 No. 25902 ID: 8038e9

The elites have turned everyone into criminals, liars, hypocrites, and cowards.

The only good thing about living in a police state is that no one can take the moral high ground on anything.

Teenage Girl 22/12/29(Thu)12:24 No. 25457 ID: e35ab8 [Reply]

File 167231305063.png - (186.56KB , 336x278 , hjdisappoint.png )

Remember how trash talking was a norm in COD games? Some guy talked about it and showed some guy's ID after showing him yelling slurs. Either he wanted to dox the guy or ask people to mute him.
Either way, it's not right. Don't like that douchebag yelling slurs? Mute him or call him a gypsy.

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 23/01/01(Sun)16:13 No. 25462 ID: bce5cf

Let's hope they not only mute the cursing chatter, but somehow explode his xbox and force him outside as well. Surely the world will handle him as well as the snitch, crying and pissing themselves

Teenage Girl 24/05/07(Tue)19:51 No. 25899 ID: 527512

Is OP pic a homo love triangle?

Teenage Girl 24/05/11(Sat)12:14 No. 25900 ID: e9939b

File 171542248310.jpg - (471.36KB , 716x926 , 4the love of.jpg )


Thanks for making smirk and laugh this morning, anon


>or call him a gypsy.

please tell me this thread is a troll

See pic : pic related

Teenage Girl 23/10/26(Thu)03:24 No. 25765 ID: fe712b [Reply]

File 169828344769.png - (17.27KB , 640x613 , diary.png )

I have been thinking about killing myself, I will try to be quick with my misfortune. My girlfriend has been cheating on me, she doesn't want to leave me because "she loves me more than anything" (but she's not going to leave her REAL boyfriend either) and I don't want to be alone even though I feel like a complement to what her boyfriend doesn't give her (attention and that shit) . I realized that no one wants to see my work, I make games in RPGmaker and I draw but it's pure edgy shit and all my profiles in media were shadow banned because of it so I won't get anywhere doing what i like. My parents hate me, school is getting hard since I'm not a smart ass anymore. I don't have friends, I don't have anything, just my cats, younger brother, plushies and my laptop, those are the only things that keeps me alive(cuz even if i love "my gf" i can't see her with the same eyes). I don't want advice and shit because at this point I've heard it all and nothing can really help me.

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Teenage Girl 24/01/25(Thu)22:42 No. 25846 ID: a06da5

Parasocial world, and cunt sociopath women. Congrats on the world considering you as worthy of not dying, sorry for the heartbreaks.

Teenage Girl 24/01/29(Mon)03:00 No. 25847 ID: a7c6bc

Good luck with your new person bro, forget about your old bitch it's not worth it thinking about whore

Teenage Girl 24/04/22(Mon)11:42 No. 25896 ID: 3dc598

Why don't you leave her then or just stubbornly cut off relations with her? No girlfriend is better than a cheating one.

Youth ≠ Innocence/Idealism Teenage Girl 21/10/21(Thu)04:47 No. 24159 ID: 05bf3b [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 163478443756.jpg - (93.29KB , 1080x1183 , IMG-20210915-WA0057.jpg )

I know people will disagree with me, but I'm tired of society treating under-25 as helpless puppies that shouldn't be allowed ANY form of independence.

I hate how whenever a young person makes a mistake or has a flaw, they attribute to youth, yet older people can be flawed and accident-prone and still have their personhood respected.

I especially hate how when it comes to young criminals, they assume that because they're young that they were "indoctrinated/misguided". No they're not. They knew what they were doing.
Especially when it comes to statutory rape. Alot of cases of man-on-girl "rape" are initiated by the minor. These young girls are worldly-ambitious and will do anything to have a taste of riches and adoration. It's only when the money and gifts stop coming that they yell "RAPE!"

Our society punishes young people whom show worldly-awareness and cynicism. Children are being forced into positivity. Any child who likes dark/edgy humor or isn't into the whole happy-go-lucky overtness that children are assumed to have are seen as defective.

God forbid kids should like horror, cuss words, porn, or different ethnicities. God forbid kids should point out the absurdities of the adult world.

This idea of youth as innocence/idealism is moral passive-agression from adults.
It's why adolescence was invented, why helicopter parenting and zero-tolerance rules are allowed to smother kids to death.

Then adults have the nerve to wonder why the newer generations are supposedly "declining"?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 24/04/20(Sat)03:41 No. 25892 ID: 2388eb

why use 25+ as the minimum age for imageboards?

Also underages sneaking into clubs are a minoroty compared to the latter.

Also chans were originally teens just goofing off without any political implications but those teens grew up.

Also alot of those "teens" on chans are just failed adults.

Teenage Girl 24/04/20(Sat)03:45 No. 25893 ID: 2388eb

we went from Millennials to Gen Z to Gen Alpha.

In five years Gen Beta will be blamed.
In ten, it will be Gen Gamma.

And all the while peoppe will become increasingly self absorbed in their cultural prime.

Generational cohorts are the new racism

Teenage Girl 24/04/21(Sun)09:50 No. 25894 ID: ff6510

File 171368584635.jpg - (288.86KB , 1024x1024 , 1713608833112274.jpg )


>Spot on, it's almost like everyone just grew up and forgot how they were when they were children.

I went onto 4chan's /pw/ board and posted about the match ECW had between Beulah McGillicutty and Bill Alfonzo. I pointed out how it would be seen as woke today because Beulah got the clean pin on Bill. He put her over, big time. And what was the response? A bunch of millennials whining with their usual buzzwords. A few managed to actually contribute to the discussion, but it only proved my point. We have surrendered the asylum to millennial idpol faggots who think everything is problematic/woke. Literally EVERYTHING millennials "love" about the 90s/early 2000s would be rejected by them if they debuted today. Mike Judge and the pair behind South Park would be selling meat out of trucks with Bischoff if they just tried to get their foot in the door today.

Teenage Girl 24/04/17(Wed)08:27 No. 25890 ID: a48a6c [Reply]

File 171333526488.jpg - (120.91KB , 790x480 , 1010101010101.jpg )

Shit Tier Sci-fi

Beacon 23 S02 E02

WTF I supposed to watch 40= mins of a Fing gosub routine
That by it nature makes an epic fail
I guess cancer and aid finally fucked and had baby

Please not the 0's and 1's on the card in the picture, the clues right there.
It's a Fing Maths Equation done a high end calculator

Shit I'm not even going start on the Blue shiiiiiiittttttiiiieeeee

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