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Request Sticky 2.0 Anonymous ## Mod ## 22/06/14(Tue)18:37 No. 39419 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 16552246716.jpg - (148.15KB , 1920x1080 , 1654274127111.jpg )

The last sticky had gotten so incredibly bloated moderating it was literally becoming a fire hazard. So, I have taken it upon myself to create a new sticky.
You retards never seem to get the hint but requests are specifically designed for this specific thread and no where else on the board. This is done to prevent shitting up the board and other discussion with millions of requests.

Please follow this rule or risk a possible ban.

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Anonymous 22/08/17(Wed)21:34 No. 39588


FAQ Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)19:28 No. 2038 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12501845171.jpg - (38.01KB , 566x848 , fit.jpg )

This is the /fit/ FAQ. You should read it.

It contains a fuckton of incredibly useful information for anyone seeking to improve their physical fitness.

If you post a question which has already been answered in this FAQ, don't be surprised if you find your post mocked, saged, or missing.

It's here for a reason.

Credit belongs to ZigCat for the original FAQ, with small amendments by /fit/ as a whole. RIP ZC.

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Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)20:39 No. 2062

For general and fitness-related chat. No being retarded, it's not /b/.

Server: irc.7chan.org port: 6667
/join #/fit/

39583 Al2312 22/08/15(Mon)10:41 No. 39583 [Reply]

File 166055290539.jpg - (37.96KB , 680x750 , 680x750_01-1.jpg )

Someone please share - THIBARMY BIG GUNZ BRO PROGRAM

I want to die Anonymous 22/07/19(Tue)17:00 No. 39527 [Reply]

File 165824281818.jpg - (102.12KB , 1280x936 , 784m8l95.jpg )

Anyone wake up extremely wiped and all your extremities hurt? I'm so tired but dreads sleeping because it's insanely painful. Then I wake up and run in to things and trip for hours upon hours. I've been going to the doctors for 20 years and they only give me anti-depressants.

I don't take them, and give up, don't go to them for another 2 or 3 years and they BELIEVE this the anti-depressants are helping because I took them and didn't come back. No, I hate doctors, they are so expensive and are worthless.

Anonymous 22/08/13(Sat)16:48 No. 39575

Well they certainly know how to do their job, the majority of people believe in and buy drugs so I don't see the issue! They're beneficial to the society, do pharma goyim!!!

Anonymous 22/08/13(Sat)16:48 No. 39576

Well they certainly know how to do their job, the majority of people believe in and buy drugs so I don't see the issue! They're beneficial to the society, do pharma goyim!!!

Anonymous 22/08/13(Sat)16:48 No. 39577

Well they certainly know how to do their job, the majority of people believe in and buy drugs so I don't see the issue! They're beneficial to the society, do pharma goyim!!!

Anonymous 18/11/26(Mon)19:03 No. 24547 [Reply]

File 15432554332.png - (1.17MB , 654x732 , latest.png )

Hey, everyone! As requested by my psychologist, I'll start going to a gym in order to gain some muscle and distract myself a bit from computers (and hopefully cure my depression).

If the prices are worth it, I'm signing up on a gym near my house. I've been told that I'll first make a test so that I can get accompanied by a trainer so they can "see my current capacities". I was wondering, how can I start? Should I start by lifting up some weights? Should I run a bit on a treadmill?

Thank you.

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Reference Bear!!EuBGtkZmtk 19/01/05(Sat)04:19 No. 25316

What does your diet look like?

Anonymous 22/06/30(Thu)14:51 No. 39471

If you dont wanna worry about the price why dont you start calisthenics , if you live near a park with pullup bars and dip bars you should be fine you will build a great physique https://www.gymnastique-centre.fr/

Anonymous 22/07/20(Wed)12:36 No. 39528

When I realized that I was beginning to have a strong apathy from office work and the fact that I didn't enjoy my profession, I decided to start my own business and chose what I was most interested in. I found White Label CBD Products at https://yourcbdwhitelabel.eu/ so now I have my own brand of cbd nutritional supplements. It relieved me of apathetic and depressive thoughts.

No Equipment Exercise Programs Pacer 18/03/04(Sun)10:56 No. 20516 [Reply]

File 152015739978.jpg - (65.99KB , 736x491 , calisthenics-benefits-6.jpg )

I'm being moved by my work for six months to an area that has no gym or exercise equipment. My luggage is limited, but I have a bar thing that I can hook into a doorframe for pull/chin ups that I'm taking with.

Is there a decent calisthenics program that I can follow that will help me continue building strength/muscle?

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Anonymous 18/04/20(Fri)04:01 No. 20880

One last thing about Convict Conditioning: There are more incremental progressions than anyone actually needs. Start with the hardest one you can do safely and feel free to skip some of the progressions that are just minor variations. Also, the progression standards are way too many reps. 3x8-12 is fine.

Basically, this is all just stuff you already know if you've been lifting. It's just that there are a surprisingly large number of lifters who think that muscles suddenly work differently when they're lifting your own body.

Anonymous 22/06/30(Thu)14:47 No. 39468

You could try whats called greasing the groove with a pullup bar , its not really a program but basically get yourself a good pullup bar like this one https://barretraction.net/products/barre-traction
with multiple grips , basically everytime you walk past the place where you put the pullup bar in , do as many pullups as you can , trust me your back will blowup , you can do this concept with any other exercice , you can also get resistance bands they are very convenient and basically same as weights exept they are cheap and will easily fit in your bag , idk about the pullup bar tho

Anonymous 22/07/03(Sun)21:54 No. 39476

>Is there a decent calisthenics program that I can follow that will help me continue building strength/muscle?
cock push-ups

Anonymous 22/07/04(Mon)22:12 No. 39479 [Reply]

File 165696557685.png - (143.19KB , 623x876 , sketch1646240188078.png )

How much push should I do daily?

Anonymous 22/07/04(Mon)23:40 No. 39480


Anonymous 22/05/03(Tue)10:03 No. 39283 [Reply]

File 165156501363.png - (153.72KB , 457x293 , s.png )

can i just do dips and ohp without having to worry about upper chest development?

Anonymous 22/05/15(Sun)02:11 No. 39307

In my experience this is very specific to your anthropometry. I have a very wide clavicle and wide chest, I literally cannot get any other exercises other than incline work to get my upper chest bigger. However I have a friend with a more narrow shoulder girdle who can do normal dumbbell bench and get a huge upper chest. Basically, YMMV, try doing just OHP and Dips for 2-3 months at most and if you aren't seeing progress in the areas you want then switch up the exercises.

Suicide tonight M-A 22/03/09(Wed)07:21 No. 39075 [Reply]

File 164680691047.gif - (2.00MB , 400x224 , everything-is-fine-itsfine.gif )

I failed at suicide. Tried using a thread, it wasnt strong enough. This time Im using a wire. Im not failing this time. I want the world to know that Jessica Beechin from Chelmsford MA is 10% responsible for my suicide. If 90% of the reason is because of the economy here, then 10% of the reason has to do with the fact that Ive been displaced many times by her friends who have the ability to speak.

Anonymous 22/03/09(Wed)22:04 No. 39077

Women are one of the weakest reasons for suicide.

Anonymous 22/04/02(Sat)09:01 No. 39189

I hope you changed your mind anon!

Anonymous 22/04/06(Wed)12:29 No. 39197

File 164924094816.jpg - (18.08KB , 225x225 , C84C9AD1-8B40-4AFA-8896-E35E1CDFB20D.jpg )

Don’t do it Anon! You live in a world where dogs exist!

My aesthetic are fucked up? Beep 21/03/12(Fri)05:47 No. 37555 [Reply]

File 161552443197.jpg - (2.26MB , 2976x3968 , IMG_20210208_182638.jpg )

My aesthetic are fucked up i mean if im fucked to have a v taper
My statics:
6'3 (190cm)
136lbs (62kg)
High hips (pelvis) circumference :80-85cm
Lower hips circumference :83-86 cm
Waist:64-67 cm

Anonymous 21/03/12(Fri)06:18 No. 37556

v-taper=3 things

start doing rowing-type exercises to get your lats and upper core going, squats and crunches for mid core, leg lifts for lower core. deadlifts are good too.

also you're probably going to have to gain a bit more weight for taper supremacy

Anonymous 21/04/28(Wed)21:02 No. 37794

You need to run a novice linear progression as you are a weakling and your aesthetics will improve.


Anonymous 22/04/11(Mon)10:27 No. 39203

Nigga you are 6'3, you are not fucked

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