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Request Sticky 2.0 Anonymous ## Mod ## 22/06/14(Tue)18:37 No. 39419 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 16552246716.jpg - (148.15KB , 1920x1080 , 1654274127111.jpg )

The last sticky had gotten so incredibly bloated moderating it was literally becoming a fire hazard. So, I have taken it upon myself to create a new sticky.
You retards never seem to get the hint but requests are specifically designed for this specific thread and no where else on the board. This is done to prevent shitting up the board and other discussion with millions of requests.

Please follow this rule or risk a possible ban.

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Anonymous 23/06/07(Wed)14:05 No. 40256

Find them on ebay and Amazon however they are not cheap books

FAQ Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)19:28 No. 2038 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 12501845171.jpg - (38.01KB , 566x848 , fit.jpg )

This is the /fit/ FAQ. You should read it.

It contains a fuckton of incredibly useful information for anyone seeking to improve their physical fitness.

If you post a question which has already been answered in this FAQ, don't be surprised if you find your post mocked, saged, or missing.

It's here for a reason.

Credit belongs to ZigCat for the original FAQ, with small amendments by /fit/ as a whole. RIP ZC.

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Anonymous ## Mod ## 09/08/13(Thu)20:39 No. 2062

For general and fitness-related chat. No being retarded, it's not /b/.

Server: irc.7chan.org port: 6667
/join #/fit/

hoooot hooot ffuckkk 23/06/07(Wed)21:12 No. 40257 [Reply]

File 168616515668.jpg - (543.99KB , 770x1026 , galina052.jpg )

(Forum (L*(O*(l*i - (J*.a.l..i.b.a.i*t) +
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/03/31(Sat)20:38 No. 20692 [Reply]

File 15225215212.png - (58.91KB , 288x226 , thenx.png )

No homo but this guy has pretty fucking nice body

also thread about thenx what do you think about him and calesthenics

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Anonymous 22/09/06(Tue)16:56 No. 39652

If you want to be slimmer, then I just recommend you to follow a diet, sports are not easy for everyone. My doctor forbade me to play sports because of my sore knees. But I'm on the site now https://www.dimers.com/bet-hub/nba/schedule I follow various news and schedules and usually place bets. By the way, you can choose a bookmaker on the same site.

Anonymous 23/05/15(Mon)12:49 No. 40211

File 168414778616.jpg - (71.91KB , 1600x780 , asample-1e44e99f1e2ad57f247cce97da3a62c4.jpg )

Double Trouble

Anonymous 23/06/05(Mon)12:16 No. 40250

File 168596016220.jpg - (32.19KB , 640x640 , 20230607.jpg )

Chiseled torso

weight loss Anonymous 20/02/24(Mon)11:47 No. 33692 [Reply]

File 15825412324.jpg - (12.87KB , 450x300 , fit1.jpg )

What is the most effective ways for weight loss??

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Anonymous 21/09/12(Sun)21:10 No. 38442

>Rubbing alcohol or perfumes then hydrating cream
Dumb fuck, rubbing alcohol works by dehydrating the skin. It's a local effect that lasts a couple of hours (one photo shoot) at most. It also fucks up your natural skin barrier which is why you need to use a moisturiser afterwards.

Anonymous 23/04/29(Sat)11:37 No. 40188

No carbs; chicken salad only

Anonymous 23/06/05(Mon)12:08 No. 40249

File 168595972538.jpg - (65.09KB , 706x763 , 20230605.jpg )

Eat less while eexercising more

Underweight Anonymous 18/11/27(Tue)08:26 No. 24566 [Reply]

File 154330357229.jpg - (90.00KB , 625x994 , literallyme.jpg )

Ive been skinny all my life, 5'11, 120 pounds, what do I do /fit/?

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Anonymous 23/05/29(Mon)14:27 No. 40233

File 168536326158.jpg - (110.38KB , 837x350 , at.jpg )

Let's lift like men

Anonymous 23/05/30(Tue)03:21 No. 40234

File 168540971438.jpg - (733.84KB , 768x768 , th.jpg )

Anonymous 23/05/30(Tue)09:02 No. 40235

Same bro, I'm a skellybro rn, went to the gym for the first time ever yesterday and ate a shit ton. Woke up today sore but I'm pumped to go back tomorrow

Anonymous 18/09/30(Sun)13:07 No. 23501 [Reply]

File 153830562999.png - (156.58KB , 680x680 , 1537590036522.png )

can some one redpill me on protein powders ?
i'm 230 and 5.9 i've been going to the gym for like 4 months now , i've noticed the noob gains and now i can't wait to grow more , my diet was godlike i spent most of my money on good food but in the next couple of months i'm going to have to scale it down a bit now should i get a protein powder ? and if so what kind should i buy ?

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Anonymous 18/10/19(Fri)19:14 No. 23866

It's just a convenient method to get more protein in your diet. I'd be careful when buying protein powders however, some brands are known to have heavy metals such as Muscle Milk, while others are known to contain filler such as Musclepharm. It's generally recommended to buy safe brands such as MyProtein and Optimum Nutrition.

Anonymous 23/01/13(Fri)17:37 No. 39931

No need to redpill. Eat quality foods. You'll save money and get more satiety.

Quick and easy; chicken, ground beef. Eat it after your training. You'll get the same benefits and it's less processed as the shitty protein powders.

If you do go down the protein powder path and it makes you gassy/bloated in any way, stop because you're affecting your gut in a negative way

Anonymous 23/05/29(Mon)11:58 No. 40232

File 168535433625.jpg - (11.03KB , 295x296 , th.jpg )

dat dere celltech

greg doucette collection fixitit 23/04/15(Sat)13:19 No. 40170 [Reply]

File 168155759966.png - (588.39KB , 1024x1024 , iPad-meatless_1024x1024.png )

POWER 13 cookbook :
the circle diet :
the ultimate anabolic cookbook 2.0:
The Ultimate Meatless Anabolic Cookbook
Harder Than Last Time The Complete Muscle Strength Training Manual :

Anonymous 23/05/29(Mon)11:48 No. 40231

>greg doucette

Meatless Monday 2022 Anonymous 22/08/29(Mon)12:53 No. 39615 [Reply]

File 166177043156.jpg - (73.57KB , 736x549 , asseo (6).jpg )


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Anonymous 23/05/05(Fri)11:29 No. 40198

File 16832789598.jpg - (659.85KB , 3024x3526 , AI.jpg )

let me have a coffee over that thoughtful question

Anonymous 23/05/08(Mon)11:17 No. 40204

File 168353743822.jpg - (401.24KB , 2572x2787 , AI.jpg )


Anonymous 23/05/29(Mon)11:42 No. 40230

File 168535335060.jpg - (52.35KB , 474x474 , index.jpg )

I approve of this.

Live Journal Post-alike Anonymous 19/09/18(Wed)22:21 No. 31032 [Reply]

File 15688380657.png - (19.40KB , 243x171 , Livejournal-logo.png )

Day 1:
Eating only salad and doing Calisthenics at 7:00p.m
First of all i need to get to an acceptable bodyweight to hit the gym.

Also: Post your journal here!

Also also: I'll update at day 10 and if my post is still here i'll post here.

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Anonymous 19/09/19(Thu)17:24 No. 31043

I was saying in case it gets deleted.

Anonymous 19/09/29(Sun)21:15 No. 31130

Day 11. I forgot.

I couldn't eat only salad as i supossed but i stopped eating like a beast.

Also since the dog occupied the space i was doing calisthenics with i started no fap instead. I'm going to keep track of my weigth whenever i can.

Anonymous 23/05/15(Mon)12:47 No. 40210

Day 111
Monday comes around again. Reps of running and lifting to cut a slim figure

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