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test Anonymous 15/05/21(Thu)01:36 No. 16770 ID: 1b1410

File DD_AA10Df_S.swf - (7.28MB )


Anonymous 15/05/21(Thu)14:50 No. 16774 ID: d6ca62

Is there more?? More flashes or a name? A link, where to download this would also be nice :D

Anonymous 15/05/22(Fri)09:16 No. 16775 ID: cc0387


found a link on swfchan:


Anonymous 15/05/22(Fri)22:10 No. 16780 ID: f8ec2b

File DD_BA1Df.swf - (1.80MB )

Thank you anons, much obliged ;D

Anonymous 15/06/02(Tue)03:25 No. 16798 ID: 46f4c1

Tools, page info, media, save as.

At least in firefox, anyway.

Anonymous 15/06/02(Tue)23:12 No. 16800 ID: 64a4e9

File DD_CA10Df.swf - (1.85MB )

the download itself is one big compilation of swf loops with different costumes and levels of zoom

kinda neat

Anonymous 15/06/22(Mon)07:04 No. 16852 ID: ebfaef

The quality of this 3d porn illustrates an important point about 3d porn:

This porn is hot. The girl is very attractive and her movement is very sexy.

A lot of 3d porn has characters that are distrubingly grotesque in a subtle way. The problem is not an adverse psychological reaction to something that looks too real yet isn't; the problem is that those characters are subtley hideous.

There was a thread abotu that... once... on /b/.

Anonymous 15/06/22(Mon)20:58 No. 16858 ID: dc791d

When fapping gets deep.

Anonymous 17/03/15(Wed)10:30 No. 21036 ID: d641b8

I like this

Anonymous 17/03/17(Fri)05:35 No. 21059 ID: 302b93

The uncanny valley is real. I can get off to less realistic things but shit like this is just offputting

Anonymous 17/03/26(Sun)15:05 No. 21095 ID: 160a76

I'm not saying it isn't, but that most of the time 3d porn is just so grotesque it hasn't reached a level of quality to elicit such a reaction. In order to cause such a response, something would have to look significantly real first. Then again, each individual is unique so there will be some people who react that way to any kind of doll, for example--and others who are too busy fapping to react at all.

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