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Rules & Requests Closet Homosexual ## Mod ## 11/10/20(Thu)16:18 No. 60866 ID: e04fb8 Stickied

File 131912031544.jpg - (8.19KB , 259x194 , She's actually a guy.jpg )

After a bit of toying with the system, we feel like we've come to a point where everything is where it should be, but just so it's clarified:

1) "Who is this?" "Source" "Moar?" etc.. Go in this thread. Only reply to this thread if you have something to contribute.

2) All new threads require at least three relevant images; anything less will be considered a request and will be subject to deletion and banning. Relevant conversation threads are exempt from this rule.

3) Use the Report button and the Hide Thread feature. No flaming, bitching about board appropriate content, hook-up threads or furry content is allowed. Reverse Traps are allowed.

4) Make sure you're posting on the right board. Cross-dressers go to /cd/, men go to /men/, women go to /s/.

Update: 5) All video download links should be posted in the video links sticky. Having 4 separate threads for downloads is a waste.

Where can i find more?? Closet Homosexual 11/10/21(Fri)20:43 No. 60886 ID: 342092

File 131922259466.jpg - (70.51KB , 465x700 , tumblr_lrkcn2LFLl1qbchkqo1_500.jpg )

Just recently found her her name is Julia Avancini. Please tell me she does hardcore...if so where???

Closet Homosexual 11/10/22(Sat)05:07 No. 60893 ID: 968709

File 131925287422.jpg - (200.02KB , 1280x849 , whoisthis.jpg )

Anyone got a name on this girl?

Closet Homosexual 11/10/22(Sat)20:18 No. 60907 ID: 9c22e1

where is the original post's pic from?

Closet Homosexual 11/10/23(Sun)01:27 No. 60913 ID: f53c04

Any name on this one?


Closet Homosexual 11/10/23(Sun)03:32 No. 60914 ID: 138ea9

Anyone have any info on this cutie?


Closet Homosexual 11/10/23(Sun)05:23 No. 60915 ID: e04fb8

Click the comments section to at least check:
09/28/2011 8:35 pm
SHe's name MOROCHA"

I checked and yes that is her name.

Closet Homosexual 11/10/23(Sun)19:39 No. 60922 ID: 183170

Did you seriously delete the old sauce thread?

I was still making my way through that epic thing.

Closet Homosexual 11/10/24(Mon)08:42 No. 60933 ID: 51ee21

Particularly nice ones here.

Closet Homosexual 11/10/24(Mon)10:32 No. 60934 ID: f6555b

I'm always looking for more Rawr Kun if someone could point me in a direction I'd be thrilled and grateful.

R-kun 11/10/25(Tue)05:16 No. 60957 ID: ead748


I appreciate the interest! I won't be doing any new stuff but the guy who runs this site has an archive of my pics up there. enjoy.

Closet Homosexual 11/10/25(Tue)11:20 No. 60970 ID: 843d3c

File 131953440989.jpg - (162.73KB , 679x1024 , 130773920277.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 11/10/26(Wed)11:09 No. 61005 ID: 61b7df

File 131962018355.jpg - (184.76KB , 1016x2184 , whoisshe.jpg )

Any idea on her?

Closet Homosexual 11/10/26(Wed)11:14 No. 61006 ID: 5633b7

Domino Presley she also went by Jazmin Aviance before she did porn. She has a blog that has a ton of pics of her

Closet Homosexual 11/10/27(Thu)07:33 No. 61052 ID: 22612f

I'd like to request a rar or a dump of hadentrap

Closet Homosexual 11/10/28(Fri)17:56 No. 61089 ID: 5ecf04

File 131981738243.jpg - (38.16KB , 640x480 , 1319756218598.jpg )

im not expecting much but if some one could identify or point me in the direction of moar i would be very grateful

Closet Homosexual 11/10/28(Fri)23:23 No. 61097 ID: 5633b7

File 131983703880.jpg - (210.90KB , 1245x1023 , 131983687132.jpg )

Who is this girl?

anonfan 11/10/29(Sat)00:17 No. 61099 ID: ace11e


Any info on this girl?

Closet Homosexual 11/10/29(Sat)07:21 No. 61114 ID: 7dddea

File 131986571041.jpg - (16.07KB , 240x180 , 419277.jpg )

there was a video on pornerbros with this girl called "Hot shemale has got a big and thick cock for fuck" that has since been deleted. She was one of the most hung individuals I've ever seen. Anyone know who she is? I think she might be an escort since she mentioned something about doing the video for all her fans at the start, but I have no idea.

I posted this request in the old thread but when I jsut came back today to see if there were any responses, well, I found that it was gone.

Closet Homosexual 11/10/29(Sat)10:07 No. 61124 ID: dd6863

lovely complex

Closet Homosexual 11/10/29(Sat)21:15 No. 61135 ID: a5e75f


Dyh Murder

Closet Homosexual 11/10/29(Sat)23:29 No. 61140 ID: f069e1

File 131992374151.jpg - (357.99KB , 2224x1732 , 1311313755271.jpg )

Who dis?

Closet Homosexual 11/10/30(Sun)01:11 No. 61141 ID: 5633b7

Jenna Rawks, also MOAR!

Closet Homosexual 11/10/30(Sun)04:38 No. 61144 ID: e5dd98

File 131994591881.jpg - (136.33KB , 742x1236 , ionpron_amateur_415_avi.jpg )

Need a name, or vids, or something!

Ive seen a couple of Jenna vids but sadly theyre all the same.

Closet Homosexual 11/10/30(Sun)08:21 No. 61145 ID: 98f8e5

Been obsessed with this trap for a while. I need to know who it is! AND MORE PICTURES OF HER.

Sex Bob-omb 11/10/30(Sun)19:32 No. 61153 ID: c4039c

Thats Reo

Closet Homosexual 11/10/30(Sun)21:37 No. 61154 ID: 172932

anyone nows a name

Closet Homosexual 11/10/30(Sun)22:14 No. 61156 ID: e3578d


That's Nicole Charming (according to ashematube.com)



Closet Homosexual 11/10/30(Sun)23:26 No. 61158 ID: e3578d


dem saggy tits

Her name's Andrea and she has 2 extra nipples, do not want.

I always wonder if the extra nipples are affected someways by hormones....

Closet Homosexual 11/10/31(Mon)06:22 No. 61170 ID: ce5e58

File 13200385361.gif - (1.71MB , 266x213 , 1290938749218.gif )

Source on this?

Booster 11/10/31(Mon)07:30 No. 61173 ID: f7d7e5


Here you go Bro, I uploaded my Reo folder. It's got 36 pics in it. Reo said she'll start posting again once she goes back on her hormones again.


Closet Homosexual 11/10/31(Mon)18:24 No. 61179 ID: c464a3



Closet Homosexual 11/10/31(Mon)19:09 No. 61180 ID: 044eab

File 132008459783.jpg - (292.43KB , 500x751 , 0009870765.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 11/11/01(Tue)04:23 No. 61185 ID: 9ff8be


That's grace, an escort from canada. Here have some more

Closet Homosexual 11/11/01(Tue)22:31 No. 61196 ID: 8117c7

File 13201830758.jpg - (61.09KB , 550x720 , jason-chan-illustration-04-550x720.jpg )

anyone got any nice trap drawings (no manga pls)?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/02(Wed)05:02 No. 61204 ID: 6c61fa

she is from chile, i know her and i fucked once, its very very very!!!! hot and sweet
name: lucyla, barbie, barbie fouche.... i got her msn but i can't give to you

Closet Homosexual 11/11/06(Sun)08:10 No. 61292 ID: 0677ef

That would be TS Madison (aka Big Dick Bitch).

Closet Homosexual 11/11/06(Sun)19:51 No. 61299 ID: d16dd5

moar of her please

Closet Homosexual 11/11/06(Sun)21:20 No. 61302 ID: ac5d40

File 132061082942.jpg - (40.47KB , 500x375 , tumblr_lqt3hvwK7P1qjz7blo1_500.jpg )

Anyone have more of her/info please?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/06(Sun)21:57 No. 61303 ID: d3ac04


goes by the name shytrap but idk where sause is

Closet Homosexual 11/11/06(Sun)23:50 No. 61314 ID: e115a0


I didn't find anything with so few informations but it seems that a fat black girl use the same pseudo making it even more worse to find sauce. Maybe she has an account on stickam.com...

God, I could totally kill just to touch her once.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/08(Tue)12:37 No. 61402 ID: 14695c

File 132075224452.jpg - (536.22KB , 677x1024 , 1320744138854.jpg )

Who is this?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/08(Tue)13:07 No. 61403 ID: c39b25

jeesus tuli

Closet Homosexual 11/11/09(Wed)20:46 No. 61452 ID: 7e84cc

File 132086801153.jpg - (30.33KB , 500x375 , ml0x3dgttkoj.jpg )


Mike Bob 11/11/10(Thu)02:19 No. 61464 ID: 3b732d

Mrs. Mike Bob :]]

Flim Flam 11/11/12(Sat)23:05 No. 61546 ID: e52cb3

File 132113549776.gif - (498.33KB , 320x240 , 663643361.gif )

Can I get a source on this one?

Wondering where I can find this? Marley!KX0RKa.cXE 11/11/13(Sun)22:51 No. 61571 ID: 63aab0

File 132122109931.gif - (0.96MB , 288x161 , zzz130203832076 (1).gif )

The girl in this gif is believed to be Mina Yumeno. However I'm trying to find the original video if anyone can help please.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/14(Mon)01:10 No. 61573 ID: c67846


a bunch of videos with her, the one from which your gif is sampled is about 77 minutes in.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/14(Mon)07:49 No. 61577 ID: 5633b7

anyone have more of her? Her name is meliamannequin.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/14(Mon)11:37 No. 61579 ID: 5fc34a

shes on okcupid named 'sammydays' or something like that

Closet Homosexual 11/11/14(Mon)15:03 No. 61580 ID: 6ad937


That would be Maria Pia


Closet Homosexual 11/11/15(Tue)18:58 No. 61645 ID: dad715

File 13213798291.gif - (3.31MB , 275x183 , 1313831234175.gif )

where tis from?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/16(Wed)22:44 No. 61690 ID: 5633b7

File 132147988458.jpg - (241.28KB , 600x800 , 0009589051.jpg )

I saw this on motherless under traps. Is this girl really a trap if so where can i find more?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/17(Thu)04:17 No. 61707 ID: 9a98f0

That is Tess, I think.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/17(Thu)11:10 No. 61727 ID: c79404

File 132152462624.jpg - (14.41KB , 180x135 , 4845345-0.jpg )

Any name or preferably MOAR?


Says her name is Batiana Braxton but I ccant find anything about her

Closet Homosexual 11/11/17(Thu)13:41 No. 61729 ID: 46d356

File 13215337116.png - (639.68KB , 665x499 , Untitled.png )


any sauce on this?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/18(Fri)16:58 No. 61782 ID: 3b4e47

File 132163191731.jpg - (525.90KB , 1080x1200 , 1321624571224.jpg )

supposed trap, can anyone confirm?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/19(Sat)11:31 No. 61852 ID: 9b7488


humm this has been floating around for a while, nobody's ever found anything else, and there's no real proof in the pic, so probably fake, but still nice to pretend.

WHO IS THIS?! Closet Homosexual 11/11/19(Sat)12:24 No. 61854 ID: b597ac


Closet Homosexual 11/11/19(Sat)14:18 No. 61856 ID: 6186f0



Closet Homosexual 11/11/19(Sat)19:28 No. 61868 ID: fe6210

File 132172730910.gif - (3.55MB , 320x230 , 131745347936.gif )

annyone has the vid?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/20(Sun)01:19 No. 61882 ID: 3984f1


Anybody got more of this?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/20(Sun)03:19 No. 61888 ID: dee6d1

File 132175559410.jpg - (131.21KB , 960x1280 , unf.jpg )

Used to have a video of her sucking the same didlo but lost it, anyone got it?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/20(Sun)06:05 No. 61892 ID: 741251

has anyone got moar of her? she used to go by the name of lenalou on cam4 and is currently going by the name of badshemale. only can find two pics (which are on cam4) and one video so far.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/20(Sun)22:14 No. 61908 ID: bbbe03


God please. Will settle for a name if not a video link :D

Closet Homosexual 11/11/20(Sun)22:52 No. 61909 ID: 6186f0

That is Fernanda Barros aka Fernanda Beatriz...

Closet Homosexual 11/11/21(Mon)04:57 No. 61918 ID: 9e340e


requesting info on this sweet blond

Closet Homosexual 11/11/22(Tue)01:26 No. 61947 ID: 494e70

File 132192158190.png - (401.29KB , 672x496 , Screen shot 2011-11-21 at 23_14_02.png )

any body know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/22(Tue)06:51 No. 61955 ID: 9f85b7

File 132194110237.jpg - (100.12KB , 800x593 , 131046138722.jpg )

Anyone know her name? I used to know it, but now it escapes me.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/23(Wed)07:24 No. 61983 ID: 5fafcb

I found the cutest tranny ever, apparently she was on 4cam but I can't find a profile anyway :/


I also have a small 4-5 min video of TsKatieKatt01 She's the second girl in

>>60933 's post. I'l try and upload it soon. It has no sound but I hope it's good for some people :)

Closet Homosexual 11/11/23(Wed)09:59 No. 61988 ID: 6186f0

That is Cinzia.

Photoshop. She even had a fake website with photoshopped pictures iirc... Forgot the name.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/23(Wed)10:50 No. 61989 ID: 6ed8ba

just found this video and must know who this is

Closet Homosexual 11/11/23(Wed)12:40 No. 61993 ID: 6186f0

Nicole Charming (transen Nicole).

Closet Homosexual 11/11/26(Sat)00:14 No. 62081 ID: b5a424

File 132226284356.jpg - (138.97KB , 1024x651 , 1322112811384.jpg )

I think I've found the most adorable shemale ever. Sauce?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/26(Sat)06:01 No. 62100 ID: a72585

It's shopped.

Closet Homosexual 11/11/28(Mon)02:57 No. 62224 ID: edc4fc

File 132244545514.jpg - (161.19KB , 742x1236 , a_56_avi.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 11/11/28(Mon)16:06 No. 62239 ID: f2dd3e

File 132249276666.gif - (1.96MB , 150x189 , now.gif )

name please

Closet Homosexual 11/11/28(Mon)19:39 No. 62247 ID: b597ac

That's Mia Isabella

Closet Homosexual 11/11/30(Wed)06:50 No. 62309 ID: 801ebe

File 132263224763.jpg - (161.16KB , 1200x790 , 10.jpg )


The girl in this video named Sabrina (the one with the glasses), anyone know her full name/where I could get more of her?

Closet Homosexual 11/11/30(Wed)17:41 No. 62326 ID: 8b5e42

i can only offer a description for this but any help is appreciated
it was only a short video and it starts off seemingly with a blonde lady in a bubble bath but after a bit she gets up and it turns out to be a shemale
any help will be awesome

Closet Homosexual 11/11/30(Wed)21:33 No. 62337 ID: 98977a

File 132268523127.jpg - (357.16KB , 681x1024 , 1322680982092.jpg )

Who this?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/01(Thu)23:22 No. 62385 ID: 0be1b5

can someone pls tell me the name of the first one, wanted to know this for a long time

Closet Homosexual 11/12/03(Sat)01:40 No. 62414 ID: d6b172

File 132287280224.jpg - (12.95KB , 320x240 , 09.jpg )


Anyone know her name or the source?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/03(Sat)02:32 No. 62416 ID: 57f111

File 132287592880.jpg - (129.79KB , 683x933 , 57.jpg )

does anyone have a source on the original image?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/04(Sun)10:39 No. 62467 ID: 7ae0c8

File 132299154839.jpg - (1.47MB , 1274x1993 , 1322986930434.jpg )

I have a name, but I have no pictures and can't find any links. Anyone know anything?

Labelled Xue on this chart.

Closet Homosexual 11/12/08(Thu)16:13 No. 62636 ID: 2fd2d8

File 132335717977.gif - (1.87MB , 250x221 , 2zmVz.gif )

i've seen gifs & pictures from this vid too many times already, and yet her name (and the other one in the video) escapes me every time. help please?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/08(Thu)16:14 No. 62637 ID: 018c29

candy dada

anonymous 11/12/09(Fri)05:49 No. 62650 ID: 780663


that is indeed a trap. go to motherless and just type trap in the search bar. you will find alot of her. Real name is Andy LaBarbera. can be found on facebook.


No vids but her name is nicole. she does live shows on cam4 ever so often. full name is Nicole Lynn Miller and can also be found on facebook.

I am the king of sauce.

Closet Homosexual 11/12/09(Fri)23:06 No. 62658 ID: fa9bf2

File 132346840753.jpg - (55.57KB , 450x678 , tscn.jpg )

These are the only 2 links/pics I've been able to find on this escort, does anyone else have any more information on her?



Closet Homosexual 11/12/10(Sat)03:23 No. 62661 ID: f3a765

File 132348379691.jpg - (234.42KB , 531x708 , 1323475071964.jpg )

Suspected transsexual.

Closet Homosexual 11/12/10(Sat)08:30 No. 62673 ID: 9f7037



Closet Homosexual 11/12/10(Sat)15:52 No. 62685 ID: bf5320

File 132352875917.jpg - (41.80KB , 450x356 , 1323475537001.jpg )

Who is this? Source? Moar?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/12(Mon)09:29 No. 62725 ID: 8aedfe

Алиса (Alice)

Closet Homosexual 11/12/13(Tue)03:02 No. 62746 ID: 2f659c

any more of this beauty?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/14(Wed)11:20 No. 62814 ID: a5e471

Video was posted a few weeks ago with a girl getting nailed on a couch doggy style. When she shifted her position her dick started oozing precum. No idea who she was or where the video was at. Any help?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/14(Wed)21:55 No. 62828 ID: 77850e

who are those young ladies?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/14(Wed)22:47 No. 62829 ID: ba5f84

Anyone know this video? These two trannies are fucking, and at the end, one of them cums INSIDE the other's mouth. Like, with her cock inside her mouth. It was the hottest shemale video I'd ever seen and if anyone knows which one it is/who they are, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Closet Homosexual 11/12/15(Thu)07:25 No. 62849 ID: 80f023

i have a request for any video where a hot trap/shemale/tranny fucks a guy in the ass and cums on his ass or gives him a creampie

the opposite - a guy cumming in the tranny's ass is common - but i've never seen it the other way around

anyone got any links?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/15(Thu)07:43 No. 62851 ID: 80f023

>>62849 here
that is the only one i've ever found

Closet Homosexual 11/12/17(Sat)10:34 No. 62910 ID: 24029e

File 132411445047.jpg - (222.46KB , 1224x1632 , 1911089904.jpg )

Found her in a trap album on imagefap. Name and/or more pics would be appreciated.

Closet Homosexual 11/12/17(Sat)18:25 No. 62921 ID: 52d53f

File 132414266717.gif - (3.79MB , 200x250 , 1324124929523.gif )

source anyone?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/17(Sat)18:53 No. 62922 ID: e972fc

File 132414439157.jpg - (179.35KB , 960x1280 , tumblr_lvox5gEOte1qasich.jpg )

Name or source or more please?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/17(Sat)18:53 No. 62923 ID: 335795

If im not mistaken,thats one of Mariana Cordobas videos.
I know there was one on ashemaletube.com, but i could not find it. The TS actress was Holly Sweet.

Closet Homosexual 11/12/18(Sun)12:21 No. 62954 ID: 055c9d

Can anyone id the girl at 7.55?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/23(Fri)23:05 No. 63114 ID: fa9bf2

bailey jay

Closet Homosexual 11/12/27(Tue)22:10 No. 63278 ID: c5b885

File 13250202468.jpg - (61.77KB , 559x900 , 07.jpg )

anymore of her?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/28(Wed)16:59 No. 63310 ID: c5ba0b

File 132508797149.jpg - (168.51KB , 742x1236 , ionpron_amateur_797_avi.jpg )

Searching this video

Closet Homosexual 11/12/28(Wed)18:27 No. 63313 ID: ffe809


ID please anonfan 11/12/29(Thu)02:16 No. 63338 ID: ace11e


Anyone know the girls at 1:10 and 7:08? would be greatly appreciated

Any idea ... Pete 11/12/29(Thu)04:13 No. 63343 ID: 51348a

File 132512839380.jpg - (0.97MB , 1440x900 , 128930766620.jpg )

... who is this beauty? Thanks!

Closet Homosexual 11/12/30(Fri)06:53 No. 63373 ID: af624f

That would be Dakota Moss

Closet Homosexual 11/12/30(Fri)11:39 No. 63383 ID: f0c062

File 132524156090.gif - (1.98MB , 320x236 , 132514506385.gif )

Sauce, please.

Closet Homosexual 11/12/30(Fri)12:49 No. 63384 ID: e972fc

File 132524579475.jpg - (39.33KB , 500x375 , tumblr_ls1ue0WiNn1r1dy86o1_500.jpg )

Sauce please?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/31(Sat)00:53 No. 63433 ID: 29b476

File 132528923666.jpg - (55.72KB , 684x912 , ABEBE7E.jpg )

Name/Source ?

Closet Homosexual 11/12/31(Sat)07:11 No. 63452 ID: 3e1136



Closet Homosexual 11/12/31(Sat)21:21 No. 63472 ID: 7844d1

File 132536289291.jpg - (41.27KB , 639x477 , 1325357133707.jpg )

can anyone provide name?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/01(Sun)12:01 No. 63488 ID: 1b952d


Closet Homosexual 12/01/01(Sun)23:53 No. 63522 ID: 578e67

File 132545838649.png - (643.28KB , 670x490 , 132544020583.png )


What's her name?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/02(Mon)09:41 No. 63544 ID: 8fc0e7

File 132549368453.jpg - (318.87KB , 1800x1350 , 1325487057331.jpg )

see this often...anyone know anything about this?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/02(Mon)22:50 No. 63564 ID: 2803e4

Closet Homosexual 12/01/03(Tue)01:15 No. 63567 ID: e74a7f

http://www.seo-anuncios.com/suzanny-petrovyck/ Any recent porn of her?

please ID anonfan 12/01/04(Wed)05:18 No. 63605 ID: ace11e

File 132565070458.jpg - (46.59KB , 450x573 , yyt.jpg )

Not to complain, but I am 0 for 3 on these requests, hoping someone can help out with this one

Closet Homosexual 12/01/04(Wed)07:22 No. 63610 ID: 9b0b72


>... who is this beauty? Thanks!

bedpet on Flickr

Closet Homosexual 12/01/05(Thu)07:51 No. 63663 ID: 1e47f1

sauce on girl in video
also more videos plz

Closet Homosexual 12/01/05(Thu)08:54 No. 63664 ID: b13d26

"Kidsune" allegedly, probably either a pun or mistranscription of "kitsune". Good luck finding that, it's moonspeak for fox or something.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/05(Thu)12:56 No. 63670 ID: e972fc

I believe this is what you're after fellow anon: http://videos.toypics.net/view/561/hd-showing-off-new-socks/

Closet Homosexual 12/01/06(Fri)17:11 No. 63725 ID: 478812

File 13258662781.jpg - (8.57KB , 320x240 , thumb_small.jpg )

who is this?

pic related

Closet Homosexual 12/01/06(Fri)21:41 No. 63732 ID: 8095d1

File 132588247550.gif - (497.23KB , 392x307 , tumblr_lelcaijF6f1qdbu0ro1_r2_400.gif )

Who is this girl? Need to know!!!

Closet Homosexual 12/01/07(Sat)21:22 No. 63777 ID: c69905

File 132596773050.gif - (3.41MB , 320x242 , 1325217624064.gif )

a name or sourcevid ?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/08(Sun)10:55 No. 63806 ID: 486d20

File 132601655466.jpg - (14.80KB , 224x362 , 1212167622847.jpg )

Has an account on Toypics.
Anyone know this?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/09(Mon)00:19 No. 63838 ID: 949009

Kamila Smith. She's done a ton of videos, so I dont know which one this clip is from, but I'm pretty sure its her

Where can i find this vid? Closet Homosexual 12/01/09(Mon)03:19 No. 63844 ID: c4c2e7

File 132607556834.jpg - (15.97KB , 320x240 , cris_lautaro4.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 12/01/09(Mon)08:09 No. 63850 ID: f54ff3

File 132609294426.jpg - (103.65KB , 375x500 , 1287003234791.jpg )

Anyone know who this is, by chance....?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/09(Mon)08:19 No. 63851 ID: 102b22


Closet Homosexual 12/01/10(Tue)19:41 No. 63917 ID: e2eb16

File 132622086252.jpg - (154.20KB , 640x480 , 1326216559882.jpg )

Any info on this beauty???

Closet Homosexual 12/01/11(Wed)03:25 No. 63923 ID: 5cd61b

File 13262487273.png - (409.97KB , 612x505 , Screen shot 2012-01-10 at 8_22_44 PM.png )

I know her name is Cherry and I know of two of her videos. One is of her sucking some dude off and another is of her teasing in front of her cam. Is there any more videos besides these?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/11(Wed)06:48 No. 63928 ID: 5ee5e9

any help?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/11(Wed)11:00 No. 63934 ID: 9106aa

File 132627603939.jpg - (95.90KB , 463x700 , 1542663975.jpg )

please tell me this is real and then source please

Closet Homosexual 12/01/11(Wed)11:18 No. 63935 ID: b73751


The one on the top is Mandy Mitchell, it's definitely real but I don't have the video or more pics. I wish I did, if anyone has em please post them.

Blackjack 12/01/11(Wed)14:12 No. 63940 ID: 20c1ce

Paris Perelli


Closet Homosexual 12/01/12(Thu)11:32 No. 63966 ID: b73751

File 132636433293.jpg - (324.45KB , 960x1280 , tumblr_lg31ikxm4m1qfzzg4.jpg )

I wish to have sauce on the woman of my dreams.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/12(Thu)19:52 No. 63977 ID: 2ea669


>Is there any more videos besides these?

Yeah theres 4 of them. But sadly they all suck, low framerate AND the guys cant maintain an erection for shit. I dont have the source anymore, but I'll try to find it, maybe theres new videos? Who knows.

NAME PLEASE Lucky 12/01/13(Fri)02:23 No. 63989 ID: fbf826

Anyone have any info on this cutie

Closet Homosexual 12/01/13(Fri)02:31 No. 63990 ID: 0c4981

Sauce on this http://7chan.org/gif/res/11247.html#11330 ????

Closet Homosexual 12/01/13(Fri)06:51 No. 63995 ID: 502489


Her name is Stefanie, great part of her videos was deleted

Name Videos? Closet Homosexual 12/01/13(Fri)07:53 No. 63998 ID: 5018fe

File 132643759435.gif - (491.59KB , 420x334 , tumblr_lxii0oQ0Cw1qdbu0ro1_500.gif )

Can any one give me this girl name or a link to her videos. She had bunch at one point.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/16(Mon)19:06 No. 64179 ID: 6c9356

any moar of her? (chloe)

Closet Homosexual 12/01/17(Tue)02:49 No. 64202 ID: 2ea5cc

File 132676498769.jpg - (57.10KB , 480x640 , Alexiss.jpg )

Hello guys. I know this is Alexis/Sarina V. What I'm requesting, is early stuff of hers (Alexis era). What do I mean:
I already have a set that's floating around on the net, called "Alexis sage shemale 187 pics incl full set", BUT they are all pictures from photoshoots (apart from only about 30).
I would like more like THOSE 30, that AREN'T from photoshoots. AND MORE MAINLY: I once had seen a video of hers (can't remember where),blowing a guy in a car. That may be about 3 years ago. Sooo..
1) I want THAT video.
2) More videos like that (I know they're out there).
3) More amateur EARLY Alexis pictures.
Does anyone have anything like that, or can point to a direction?
I also saw her ED article (http://encyclopediadramatica.ch/Alexis) and there are links to videos that are down. Does anyone have them, or are they elsewhere?
4) And finally, I would like to know:
How old is she?
Where is she from?
Has she worked as an escort?
Is she known to frequent any image boards, such as 7chan or 4chan?
That's it! Any help would be much appreciated!

Closet Homosexual 12/01/20(Fri)09:05 No. 64321 ID: 949009

4) And finally, I would like to know:
How old is she?
Where is she from?
Has she worked as an escort?
Is she known to frequent any image boards, such as 7chan or 4chan?
1. Don't know the exact age, but early to mid 20's her eros ad claims 21, but shes been doing porn for more than 3 years, so I think shes a bit older than that.
2. Philly, but I think shes in Vegas these days.
3. Yes, and she still does, but is crazy expensive, $1200 per hour last I saw
4. I believe she used to but not anymore afaik

Closet Homosexual 12/01/21(Sat)03:34 No. 64351 ID: afe634

May be a little late to answer this, but anyway. This >>61918 is Nicole Chaming. She's the same, as the 1st pic of this post >>60933 (has been answered). Also this >>61989 is her too (this is answered too).
Here she is:
The video you're linked, is part of a longer video. You'll find it in her videos, in the above link. It's called "TS Nicole Cums and Eats Cum".
Now guys: I want sauce for these bad babys please.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/21(Sat)18:05 No. 64376 ID: 86e379

File 132716551411.jpg - (47.54KB , 620x477 , she waves.jpg )


Andro, but slightly curvy (dem hips, dat ass!!!).


Closet Homosexual 12/01/22(Sun)05:29 No. 64391 ID: 3d7d4b

File 132720656610.jpg - (22.43KB , 400x300 , movie1.jpg )

any ideas?

Booster 12/01/22(Sun)07:12 No. 64392 ID: 4f780b


Jenna Rachaels

Closet Homosexual 12/01/23(Mon)00:27 No. 64406 ID: 80c68e

File 132727483173.jpg - (111.44KB , 827x552 , hghghgh.jpg )

I'm looking for a captioned picture of a blonde trap wearing a really short red dress, in a bedroom standing against a dresser. The caption was about wearing his sister's clothes to fuck her boyfriend.

Pic related, the trap looks A LOT like this girl right down to the hair and the short red dress. Thanks!

Closet Homosexual 12/01/23(Mon)18:44 No. 64442 ID: 8088de



Closet Homosexual 12/01/23(Mon)20:23 No. 64445 ID: f09fbe

File 132734660529.jpg - (148.82KB , 900x598 , tumblr_l95kr1N1ie1qzwzjto1_1280.jpg )

name? found on:

ryohei 12/01/23(Mon)20:50 No. 64446 ID: a05a45

The last girl is at tranchan under crossdressers

Does anyone have any ryoko asuka all the links i find are dead

ryohei 12/01/23(Mon)20:52 No. 64447 ID: a05a45

and 2 more

Closet Homosexual 12/01/24(Tue)06:47 No. 64460 ID: afe634

File 132738404469.jpg - (15.12KB , 640x480 , mDGm8.jpg )

- I can't provide you with a name, but I found this in a collection and it has to be the same girl. Sooo, one more pic. I'm searching for moar of her too.
- Also guys, this "girl" >>63384 is too hot, to not have MOAR! I support the notion of expanding our collection of that hottie too.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/24(Tue)18:53 No. 64474 ID: b3c4d3

File 132742762092.jpg - (181.08KB , 742x1236 , ionpron_amateur_849_avi (1).jpg )

sauce pls!

Closet Homosexual 12/01/25(Wed)01:51 No. 64487 ID: e111ba

can anyone confirm this cuties trap status? and moar?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/25(Wed)10:41 No. 64489 ID: 16f5fd

pls guys help me find a name or something need it very bad..

Closet Homosexual 12/01/25(Wed)22:02 No. 64498 ID: 58c987


Closet Homosexual 12/01/26(Thu)03:28 No. 64506 ID: 838ab2

File 132754492455.jpg - (43.69KB , 390x550 , R0906_3_img4_0609.jpg )

Four, Iya, Oye Red, Aoi or Pimchanok Hongsopa (Oil) พิมพ์ ชนก หง ษ์ โสภา (อ อย).


Closet Homosexual 12/01/26(Thu)08:15 No. 64517 ID: 6ffb85

File 132756214464.jpg - (79.40KB , 500x665 , 1327550667368.jpg )

I'm in love... Name? Source? link? anything?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/27(Fri)09:57 No. 64555 ID: e9eee1

File 132765462853.jpg - (173.43KB , 854x1280 , ladyboyladyboy-1.jpg )

Hey does any one know who this ladyboy is?

I'm pretty sure there are a few different sets as well.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/27(Fri)18:17 No. 64562 ID: 90da07


Lioo or Liou.

Sets for ladyboyladyboy, video(s?) for ladyboy69

Closet Homosexual 12/01/27(Fri)21:30 No. 64568 ID: 87188b


Found this on motherless (obviously). Anyone know who either of them are?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/28(Sat)01:04 No. 64575 ID: 8d40dc

One on the right is monstertrap.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/29(Sun)02:38 No. 64603 ID: b1ab77

holy shit found it on accident when looking for porn today


Closet Homosexual 12/01/29(Sun)03:32 No. 64606 ID: 13bd9d

Does anyone know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/01/29(Sun)10:03 No. 64613 ID: a85545



Long rumoured to be an underage girl using something for a fake bulge. There are no pics which are conclusive either way.

Talise Closet Homosexual 12/01/29(Sun)19:40 No. 64626 ID: b597ac

File 132786240545.jpg - (60.28KB , 384x574 , talise2102.jpg )

Does anyone have the full video for Talise? Like, is there one where she walks around, gets interviewed, finishes spanking, etc?


Closet Homosexual 12/01/29(Sun)20:30 No. 64628 ID: 0effb8

File 132786543380.jpg - (88.75KB , 452x603 , 1283472240271.jpg )

does anyone know who this is? Is there any more?

Glasgow+Smile 12/01/30(Mon)07:59 No. 64643 ID: 56f9da

What? Yes there are, at least two. Not hard to find, she even confirmed it.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/30(Mon)09:39 No. 64645 ID: 3c6084

Please post then sir, I was pretty sure above anons story was true

Closet Homosexual 12/01/30(Mon)14:22 No. 64658 ID: 97ce10

File 132792972732.jpg - (254.44KB , 960x1280 , 156050321.jpg )

somebody must know who this is? she was a shemaleyum model in 2008! any help would be great thanks!

Closet Homosexual 12/01/30(Mon)17:01 No. 64666 ID: d3d21d


Closet Homosexual 12/01/30(Mon)21:41 No. 64710 ID: b2dfbe

File 132795610510.jpg - (130.19KB , 768x1024 , IMG_0418.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)01:43 No. 64741 ID: 93a44c

It was an underage girl using a fake bulge. There's not really any confirmation on that except for her word, but I was there when she posted those pictures on chansluts back in the day. I can't remember what it was that she put in there to make the bulge, but she posted a picture of it on its own.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)10:09 No. 64773 ID: 40a4eb

File 13280009784.jpg - (67.75KB , 642x482 , 110.jpg )

This isn't quite CD, trap, nor welcome on the vanilla straight or male boards. So, I think I'm going to drop it here...

Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)10:17 No. 64774 ID: 40a4eb

Here's the ~250 picture nofauxxx set.


Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)10:24 No. 64775 ID: 40a4eb

"Billy," also from Nofauxxx.


Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)10:32 No. 64777 ID: 40a4eb

Fag Newton, again from Nofauxxx.


Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)10:39 No. 64779 ID: 40a4eb

In broadest trans = trap form, here's some more! Liam, also from Nofauxxx.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)10:43 No. 64781 ID: 40a4eb

Augh! Well, here's the accompanying DDL link:


Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)10:49 No. 64782 ID: 40a4eb

Well, I seem to have lost this set, sadly.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)10:56 No. 64784 ID: 40a4eb

Next one is Tom and Huck. Last I've got from the site.

Closet Homosexual 12/01/31(Tue)11:01 No. 64785 ID: 40a4eb

File 132800409569.jpg - (86.30KB , 640x480 , 120902_6162.jpg )

Forgot my link again. Probably should be sleeping.


Closet Homosexual 12/02/01(Wed)15:40 No. 64862 ID: e972fc

Just found this - anyone got more of her? She's amazing!

Closet Homosexual 12/02/01(Wed)16:46 No. 64863 ID: e72c5e

File 132811112589.gif - (3.07MB , 300x220 , 1326690457138.gif )

source please!

Closet Homosexual 12/02/01(Wed)16:49 No. 64864 ID: e72c5e

File 132811127793.gif - (3.77MB , 223x165 , 1326736520684.gif )


Closet Homosexual 12/02/02(Thu)22:12 No. 64949 ID: 6b4a2f

Dear /di/

I'm looking for a sexy asian trap that is either on xhamster or xtube (i forget) she has over 40 videos and twice I've seen her stuff been placed on here. She cums without touching herself, has cosplayed and used swimsuits and often uses toys.

Can anyone help me out? I miss her so.

Jess Vid xWhiteRiderx 12/02/03(Fri)12:39 No. 64977 ID: 21ed07

File 132826915057.jpg - (108.32KB , 1021x731 , Jpmtz.jpg )

Hey /di/
I was wondering if anyone had the vid of Jess when she was in boymode blowing some guy. I've heard people talk about it quite a bit recently, and thought you peeps might know something.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/03(Fri)17:25 No. 64979 ID: 9d1711

File 132828630748.jpg - (136.53KB , 768x1024 , 1316432454234s.jpg )


this jess?

Closet Homosexual 12/02/04(Sat)08:11 No. 65004 ID: 6ffb85

/r/ing really intimate videos - kissing, cuddling, general closeness etc.
Anyone have anything like that

Closet Homosexual 12/02/04(Sat)14:19 No. 65017 ID: e08ea2

its a real girl

Closet Homosexual 12/02/05(Sun)00:32 No. 65028 ID: 144811

File 132839832021.jpg - (193.22KB , 765x1280 , 1324360214786.jpg )

your proof sir?

Closet Homosexual 12/02/05(Sun)04:22 No. 65032 ID: 8a382b

This is a real girl her name is Grace. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000107741146 thats her facebook. Sorry guy.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/05(Sun)04:58 No. 65034 ID: 9cf9b4

anybody knows who this it? Posted on /b a few days ago.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/06(Mon)17:35 No. 65076 ID: 2dd7db

boss eyed

Closet Homosexual 12/02/06(Mon)17:40 No. 65078 ID: 2dd7db



Closet Homosexual 12/02/06(Mon)22:10 No. 65088 ID: aad7fd

File 132856261074.jpg - (91.55KB , 639x479 , 1328549292001.jpg )

Requesting more of her. A google image search takes me back to this place, but the thread was apparently deleted.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/07(Tue)11:44 No. 65145 ID: 2b0eb8


Closet Homosexual 12/02/07(Tue)11:56 No. 65146 ID: 2b0eb8

sauce - shemale yum
name kelly

link to video http://tranny-warez.com/wp/2011/502/shemale-yum-kelly

Closet Homosexual 12/02/09(Thu)05:56 No. 65191 ID: f53232

any info on those two would be appreciated, thx

Closet Homosexual 12/02/09(Thu)07:08 No. 65193 ID: b53605

File 132876773029.jpg - (28.07KB , 640x480 , gingerbush69.jpg )

The one on the left can be found here:

@cam4: http://www.cam4.com/gingerbush69
@camfuze: http://www.camfuze.com/alizered

Haven't seen her on CamFuze for some time. But she is on Cam4 on a regular basis. She lives in Boston.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/09(Thu)12:35 No. 65199 ID: 3b6b6f

File 132878728311.gif - (1.11MB , 200x151 , shemale sucking.gif )

name please

Closet Homosexual 12/02/10(Fri)09:13 No. 65256 ID: bbbe03

File 13288616023.jpg - (79.97KB , 440x1624 , Camshow_001.jpg )

Was on 4gifs a day or two ago, but with no sauce. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SAUCE (please >.<)

Closet Homosexual 12/02/10(Fri)11:50 No. 65259 ID: 25480a

File 132887100329.jpg - (150.93KB , 600x450 , 1310835632317.jpg )


Cloe Lawlor

Closet Homosexual 12/02/10(Fri)21:03 No. 65265 ID: d1bea8


Jennifer/Chloe Lawlor/Elle Simons. She has a (rather shoddy) website now.


Closet Homosexual 12/02/11(Sat)00:02 No. 65270 ID: b53605

She used to have an account at XTube under the name summerseve.
But she cancelled it and got rid of her blog as well recently.
She has also been known as:
Barb E. Dahl (BarbEDahl)

Here is a vid of her at xHamster:

Closet Homosexual 12/02/11(Sat)19:20 No. 65289 ID: 49e565

File 132898441784.jpg - (791.55KB , 2048x1536 , 1327167483657.jpg )

any one know who this is?

Need name of chick and tracklist! Closet Homosexual 12/02/12(Sun)11:09 No. 65314 ID: 8d18c4

sigh wtb name to http://www.rawtube.com/videos/ts-debra-solo-6420.html also tracklist :D

search on ts debra yielded no results so I'm suspecting it's mislabeled.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/14(Tue)21:39 No. 65392 ID: dad615

anyone know who this is?


Closet Homosexual 12/02/16(Thu)02:05 No. 65454 ID: 3b4e47

File 132935433075.jpg - (56.54KB , 672x540 , picture.jpg )

Can anyone name the amazing blonde model in this video?


chrisowens90 12/02/16(Thu)20:51 No. 65473 ID: 3e9e2d

File 132942187719.gif - (3.97MB , 418x557 , 130859289513.gif )

Please please please tell me who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/02/16(Thu)21:22 No. 65476 ID: b73751


I hate this guy but he's my fucking rolemodel and I wish everyday that I had his life. Her name is Mercedes/Candy although her name is often referred to as Candy Dada due to a video she did with a really ugly ladyboy named Dada that no one gives a fuck about. The video in question is from Extreme Ladyboys. Back in the days of Puretna and Empornium I used to have all the site rips, I don't anymore though. Sad day indeed. She's my all time favorite ladyboy.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/17(Fri)03:17 No. 65485 ID: 63b037


Empornium is back and the TS section is getting filled out really nicely.


Closet Homosexual 12/02/17(Fri)06:46 No. 65488 ID: eb2822

File 132945760597.jpg - (80.48KB , 732x548 , sis.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/02/19(Sun)02:23 No. 65597 ID: 3a0bff

File 132961460174.jpg - (110.62KB , 800x600 , 1692753088.jpg )

Anyone know who this is? I think she used to post here, but I forgot the name.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/19(Sun)20:26 No. 65667 ID: a5ca66

maybe pocahontas or something? dunno

Closet Homosexual 12/02/21(Tue)16:23 No. 65805 ID: cbfdab

Sauce on these 3 would make my year.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/21(Tue)16:42 No. 65806 ID: c073d8

fairly certain the first ones a photoshop, second one might be as well and the third is apparently on shemale yum(or at least thats what i'm inferring from the watermark being their)

Closet Homosexual 12/02/21(Tue)17:01 No. 65807 ID: 34330a


this is relevant to my interest. Is there moar or sauce?


first one is not a shoop although it looks like one. It's a brazilian shemale but I can't remember her name.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/21(Tue)19:53 No. 65828 ID: 574b66

File 132985043785.jpg - (46.88KB , 500x752 , camilla rodriguez.jpg )

1st one might be Camilla Rodriguez (see pic)
2nd one I am pretty sure is a photoshopped picture of Lexi Belle

Closet Homosexual 12/02/21(Tue)22:58 No. 65833 ID: 0c8ea9


Pretty sure the third picture is Jizelle Moore

Closet Homosexual 12/02/21(Tue)23:52 No. 65837 ID: 1f9f31



Closet Homosexual 12/02/22(Wed)04:53 No. 65863 ID: 367105

File 132988278359.jpg - (1.45MB , 1274x1993 , 1321691487584.jpg )

The first one is 100% Camilla Rodriguez, if you search a little, you will find the whole set quite easily.
"fairly certain the first ones a photoshop"
It really get's on my nerves! People! This is a request thread. Here come people who are desperate, because they searched everywhere but found nothing. You have to help them. If you mislead them even more instead, then that's VERY bad. If you're not 100% sure, then don't say something, or say that "I'm not sure".
Also EVERYONE have this pic.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/23(Thu)03:36 No. 65919 ID: 90ef8c


Who is this? Is there more? She and the video are extremely hot.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/23(Thu)22:36 No. 65942 ID: b597ac

Who is this girl, she is SO CUTE!
What's her name? Is there a full video?
Are there other videos?


Closet Homosexual 12/02/24(Fri)03:57 No. 65963 ID: 80f26c

anybody know this hot trap?

Closet Homosexual 12/02/24(Fri)05:52 No. 65973 ID: bb6682


Closet Homosexual 12/02/24(Fri)09:22 No. 65976 ID: bbbe03

File 133007172528.gif - (2.00MB , 268x248 , She-shaved-it-smooth.gif )

Even better, why don't I upload the animiated version rather than a damn thumbnail...

Closet Homosexual 12/02/24(Fri)16:58 No. 65982 ID: bf3b90


any idea this cutie's name?

Closet Homosexual 12/02/25(Sat)00:57 No. 66008 ID: 29c3b3

File 133012784674.jpg - (67.05KB , 375x500 , 1330113468811.jpg )

Omg guys look what I found. But I don't know if it's a trap or a girl. I assume it may be a trap because in her fotolog, it says "male". Is there any spanish speaking person around, or anyone else who may know her, to confirm trapness please? When this is answered, I'll delete it.
Here's the fotolog:

Homoslide ## Mod ## 12/02/25(Sat)02:24 No. 66012 ID: e9d3b3

File 133013305976.gif - (495.53KB , 500x302 , Screen Punch.gif )

I love you.

Guys I'm going to have to request that:
You don't ask for source if you're not sure the person is a trap.
You don't have conversation in this thread that helps nobody.
You don't make a request before having at least tried to look yourself.
& Finally don't make incredibly vague requests like "Blonde chick with hands on her hips", these are almost impossible to fill and they'll just be deleted.

Closet Homosexual 12/02/25(Sat)02:32 No. 66014 ID: 90ef8c

that is most likely mariana cordoba

Matt Rager 12/02/25(Sat)06:08 No. 66018 ID: 296d7d

Here's what I have of Xue.

Now, I must know who the girl in my forth pic is!!!

Closet Homosexual 12/02/25(Sat)07:08 No. 66023 ID: 3a0bff

Not a trap. Her name is Florsita Provenzano. The account isn't hers, it's just a bunch of photos taken off of facebook

Closet Homosexual 12/02/25(Sat)17:08 No. 66030 ID: d9fe62

File 133018612361.jpg - (4.73KB , 200x150 , 2429011.jpg )

Anyone got any more on her? pics, vids, anything? She goes by Kimberly18 on Cam4

Closet Homosexual 12/02/26(Sun)02:18 No. 66056 ID: 785973

File 133021911827.png - (481.25KB , 648x442 , unknownbeauty.png )


Hey if anyone knows the girl in this vid I'd be greatful

Closet Homosexual 12/02/26(Sun)03:10 No. 66060 ID: 2803e4

File 133022220680.jpg - (259.03KB , 600x480 , tumblrtrap.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 12/02/27(Mon)00:10 No. 66084 ID: b4e5c5

File 133029781791.gif - (3.97MB , 385x281 , 1329948856634.gif )

Anyone have sauce on this?

Closet Homosexual 12/02/27(Mon)08:20 No. 66090 ID: 619af0

Perfect Ladyboy - Bee


Anonymous 12/02/27(Mon)22:37 No. 66097 ID: 176915

File 133037862450.jpg - (1.42MB , 2592x1944 , 131000478776.jpg )

is this the same person? anyone know where i can find more of her?

Closet Homosexual 12/02/28(Tue)00:50 No. 66099 ID: f9f389

Hey guys great thread I'm wondering if you can help me out. Been looking for more of this girl, I'm told it's Vaniity from early days. I have a couple of pics of her (Vaniity) that might be early shots but not certain. I would love to see more of the first girl whomever she is. TIA this site rocks

Closet Homosexual 12/02/28(Tue)01:37 No. 66102 ID: df66c0

Might anyone know the name of this dame?

Closet Homosexual 12/02/28(Tue)01:52 No. 66103 ID: df66c0


More pics...

Anonymous 12/02/28(Tue)03:33 No. 66105 ID: 176915

i'd say it's certainly vanity

Closet Homosexual 12/03/01(Thu)01:09 No. 66185 ID: f7648d

File 133056054240.jpg - (612.20KB , 1500x2000 , 046-un-0456.jpg )

anyone knows her name?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/03(Sat)13:20 No. 68814 ID: 5c8740

File 133077724619.jpg - (43.87KB , 200x450 , side-bar.jpg )

Name, please!

Closet Homosexual 12/03/03(Sat)23:13 No. 70161 ID: a3291e


Anybody know who this trap is?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/04(Sun)17:32 No. 70208 ID: 43cdac

LadyboyNatacha on imlive

Closet Homosexual 12/03/05(Mon)00:43 No. 70223 ID: 295fb8

File 133090461534.jpg - (13.38KB , 253x254 , ak.jpg )

i came across this video, once i clicked on it it said it was already deleted, is there a way to find it?

Any idea? anonfan 12/03/05(Mon)05:13 No. 70240 ID: ace11e


Closet Homosexual 12/03/05(Mon)09:57 No. 70251 ID: 243069

File 133093784543.jpg - (109.24KB , 1000x700 , omg.jpg )

can someone pleasseee tell me who this iss or where i can find a video?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/05(Mon)11:22 No. 70253 ID: 7803b5

Zara or Zarakane. I think I had seen a thread of hers on tranchan.

Closet Homosexual 12/03/06(Tue)10:30 No. 70309 ID: 06c347


Jesse starr! He's a little cock whore! He seems to have disappeared from the porn scene however!

Closet Homosexual 12/03/06(Tue)10:32 No. 70310 ID: 06c347


whoops! don't know who 2 is, 3 is Jesse Starr tho! Sorry my bad!

Closet Homosexual 12/03/06(Tue)21:11 No. 70344 ID: 9efd72

File 133106471753.jpg - (244.74KB , 800x728 , 1330808027130.jpg )

who is this?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/06(Tue)21:17 No. 70348 ID: 13232c

File 133106502380.jpg - (73.67KB , 640x480 , 865026602.jpg )

I need all of her!

Closet Homosexual 12/03/07(Wed)02:01 No. 70361 ID: f24a3d

Whos this? I think she is just so cute! name or more info or pics prease? does she have a site or youtube or something?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/07(Wed)02:26 No. 70363 ID: 2bcd92

File 133108358319.gif - (1.91MB , 200x150 , 1330556699059.gif )



Closet Homosexual 12/03/07(Wed)17:02 No. 70396 ID: a9f53f

File 133113616326.png - (451.64KB , 627x466 , untitled.png )

I...I think i'm in love, /di/.

who is this gorgeous creature?

Anon 12/03/07(Wed)17:29 No. 70397 ID: c6042f

Why thats the Goddess that is Nicole Charming from Germany. She has around 10-15 videos online, worth a look and a toss.

Closet Homosexual 12/03/09(Fri)13:55 No. 70492 ID: 489555


I must know who this is.

Anon 12/03/09(Fri)18:40 No. 70504 ID: c6042f

prOn star Domino Pressley

Closet Homosexual 12/03/10(Sat)01:55 No. 70519 ID: b08ec1

Looking for a video I saw posted on here. Had a petite trap riding all over this guy's dick. The title was something like pleasing 'hubby'. I definitely think hubby was in the title. The trap was blonde and you didn't really see her face that much.

Closet Homosexual 12/03/10(Sat)21:15 No. 70539 ID: cb5035

anyone know either of these two?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/10(Sat)23:01 No. 70545 ID: 6183d9

Anyone have any info (or more videos) of this hotness?


Closet Homosexual 12/03/13(Tue)06:20 No. 70672 ID: 5d2c85

File 133161603881.jpg - (232.47KB , 854x1280 , chloe1098.jpg )

I know this is Chloe, and I know she was on Shemaleyum, what I don't know is where can I find more?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/13(Tue)15:09 No. 70687 ID: fe7586

hazel tucker

Closet Homosexual 12/03/14(Wed)00:48 No. 70709 ID: 0a4b42


Ok the girl in this vid has what look like D cups, and they look incredibly real. My brain is having a hard time wrapping itself around how this is possible... is this girl a hermaphrodite, not a tranny?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/14(Wed)14:50 No. 70730 ID: f2da9e

Name? Moar? Sauce?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/14(Wed)16:23 No. 70740 ID: 21bac4



you're welcome

Closet Homosexual 12/03/14(Wed)17:24 No. 70744 ID: 495020

looking for a vid,
Sissy bent over a couch, as soon as the big black guy penetrates, she drips pre-cum, dark lighting, may be on a blogspot page.

its a shot in the dark, but whatever.

Closet Homosexual 12/03/15(Thu)04:01 No. 70775 ID: 0e6ac9

File 133178047169.png - (0.99MB , 500x707 , tumblr_m0unpsQyel1r5tjogo1_500[1].png )

Anybody sauce on this one?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/15(Thu)22:06 No. 70814 ID: fa7bee

File 133184554288.gif - (3.48MB , 400x308 , Paulacali19.gif )

anymore of this its name is Paulacali19

Paulacali Closet Homosexual 12/03/15(Thu)22:21 No. 70817 ID: 7f34f3

>>70814 Paula Cali from Colombia.


Closet Homosexual 12/03/15(Thu)22:28 No. 70818 ID: 17f7fa

I've seen these two before, anybody know names?

Nathalie Closet Homosexual 12/03/15(Thu)22:51 No. 70820 ID: 7f34f3

See http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=yIYhx-C546-

Closet Homosexual 12/03/16(Fri)19:48 No. 70853 ID: dd09e2

oh my glob, who is this?


Closet Homosexual 12/03/17(Sat)17:43 No. 71219 ID: a5112e

File 133200258224.jpg - (227.83KB , 1024x682 , 1572611301.jpg )

seen her around, name/sauce/anything?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/17(Sat)19:26 No. 71223 ID: 50c81a

First one is Jess

kittyKaiti!1KqpcVdXUo 12/03/18(Sun)00:52 No. 71238 ID: cc9105

It's fucking Domino Presley.


Herp derp 12/03/19(Mon)13:31 No. 71298 ID: a5e7bc

File 133216031978.jpg - (44.65KB , 401x299 , violet.jpg )

I have almost been crazy for a couple of months, and the reason is that I cannot find out who the gal in the pic is!

Goddess Violet sucking

Goddess Violet playing around

Goddess Violet sucking and fucking

Also, do anyone happen to know who this is?
Cuttie show tits and ass

And lastly, a clip posted a few days ago, would be awesome if there was more :D

Closet Homosexual 12/03/20(Tue)09:54 No. 71367 ID: 54b3d5

File 133223365551.jpg - (28.48KB , 240x180 , amatuer fuck in gym.jpg )

i knoow this is a longshot but does anyone know where this screencap is from? it was on ashemale tube a wile ago under the name amatuer fuck in gym
it was a almost passible girl with boobs, getting fucked on a exercise bike. thanks

Closet Homosexual 12/03/20(Tue)16:24 No. 71382 ID: 21bac4


If you never take longshots, you will never score a ten pointer


Closet Homosexual 12/03/20(Tue)23:20 No. 71392 ID: df352b

Anyone knows how she is?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/21(Wed)02:36 No. 71398 ID: 2b94a6

File 133229378376.jpg - (33.47KB , 640x429 , 279001022.jpg )

anybody know anything about her? all I know is that at one point she went by Kylie, and I think she started crossdressing for a photography class or something. She used to have a flickr but it's deleted now ):

Closet Homosexual 12/03/21(Wed)05:55 No. 71403 ID: 99f5ea

Elhektra. Camgirl.

Anon 12/03/21(Wed)20:58 No. 71429 ID: 0eb7f8

Isnt she called JooLs on streamate?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/24(Sat)02:15 No. 71501 ID: ceb49a




Closet Homosexual 12/03/24(Sat)14:27 No. 71518 ID: e111ba

whos this? more?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/25(Sun)09:17 No. 71534 ID: a65450

File 133265987475.jpg - (99.10KB , 1024x682 , pics07.jpg )

who dis? :)

Closet Homosexual 12/03/25(Sun)18:45 No. 71552 ID: 5dedda

Anyone know who the 2 girls in this vid are?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/26(Mon)04:02 No. 71572 ID: 12c835


I know it's Bikinikiller but I honestly can't find anything on her.

Closet Homosexual 12/03/26(Mon)22:01 No. 71608 ID: 33a6c4

Sauce on this one please!!!!


Closet Homosexual 12/03/27(Tue)00:28 No. 71611 ID: 67d4fc

File 133280092081.jpg - (130.70KB , 1750x700 , 1332618295298.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/03/27(Tue)22:22 No. 71656 ID: d98440

Sauce please? http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/52795/tattooed-hunk-bonks-a-cute-shemale.html

Closet Homosexual 12/03/27(Tue)22:38 No. 71658 ID: fa7bee


source on this one

Closet Homosexual 12/03/28(Wed)02:00 No. 71665 ID: 2eb94f

Can someone help me here?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/28(Wed)17:07 No. 71698 ID: 33a6c4

More videos like this one please!!!

it doesn't have to be a compilation, just more shemale cumming on the camera!

Closet Homosexual 12/03/30(Fri)22:38 No. 71867 ID: fa7bee

File 133313993448.jpg - (49.13KB , 480x640 , 130427516342.jpg )

name pease

Closet Homosexual 12/03/31(Sat)09:34 No. 71892 ID: 6b523a

File 133317929026.jpg - (64.87KB , 464x618 , 1115676654[1].jpg )

Name? Sause? Moar?

Closet Homosexual 12/03/31(Sat)10:32 No. 71894 ID: 4a0f7a

that's Arisa Asahi

Closet Homosexual 12/04/01(Sun)01:04 No. 71926 ID: a0b23e

File 133323509074.png - (109.49KB , 200x300 , 564646634.png )


Good lord, Domino Presley is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! Anybody got a torrent of her from The Next She-male Idol Scene #2 (it's scene 4 she's in)??

Closet Homosexual 12/04/01(Sun)11:06 No. 71960 ID: 2725da

File 133327119344.jpg - (192.59KB , 1280x960 , 1333265435709[1].jpg )

Sauce, plz,

Closet Homosexual 12/04/01(Sun)20:23 No. 71990 ID: 805526

Right one is Susan Coffey, not a trap as far as I know.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/02(Mon)18:14 No. 72032 ID: a0b23e

Looking for some IDs on these immaculate traps (nice tits, nice bodies, nice cocks, nice faces!)

1st girl: http://www.shemale-list.com/tube/video/1044/hung-blonde-shemale-shows-off-her-impressive

2nd girl: http://www.shemale-list.com/tube/video/201/queer-white-boy-fucks-tranny

3rd girl: http://www.shemale-list.com/tube/video/492/well-hung-busty-tranny-fucks-stud-in-his

Many thanks :)

Closet Homosexual 12/04/03(Tue)04:48 No. 72081 ID: ad436d

1) Dany de Castro (she has implants now)
2) Kananda Hickman
3) Walkiria Drumond (she is blond with longer hair now)

Closet Homosexual 12/04/03(Tue)12:20 No. 72098 ID: e1d3d5

File 13334484181.jpg - (473.03KB , 1141x1024 , 1333443967233.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/04/03(Tue)20:43 No. 72109 ID: 6da818

ellery sweet

Closet Homosexual 12/04/03(Tue)21:40 No. 72110 ID: d22596

File 133348203098.jpg - (201.37KB , 1024x1862 , 46431_FrenchSheMaleOrgy_123_68lo.jpg )

Has Devon Delirium done any hardcore videos yet?

I'm also looking for this video. I saw it on fetishbb.org but the link was dead when I found it.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/03(Tue)23:01 No. 72114 ID: f00a2c

This is wrong >>72109. She looks like ellery sweet, but she's not. She's Alicia (Алиса), or Alicianseana, russian. Ellery is scottish.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/03(Tue)23:16 No. 72116 ID: f00a2c

ashemaletube has some information below each video, like
Models: Stefanie
It's good to check it out from times to times. They also have profiles for models. With more of their videos. Just click on the name.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/04(Wed)00:14 No. 72121 ID: b1b161

File 133349125997.jpg - (38.55KB , 666x497 , Untitled.jpg )


Video: http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/58059/webcam-shemale-cuties-show.html

Closet Homosexual 12/04/04(Wed)20:03 No. 72197 ID: 56625b

found sauce myself: http://www.webcam.com/cam/SexReallyTS

Closet Homosexual 12/04/05(Thu)22:16 No. 72324 ID: e1d3d5

File 133365701783.jpg - (106.55KB , 1200x1600 , 6.jpg )

who's this? i've seen her picture on crossdresser/trap galleries before

Closet Homosexual 12/04/05(Thu)23:17 No. 72328 ID: 076049

who is this?


Closet Homosexual 12/04/06(Fri)22:16 No. 72370 ID: 7f87e2

who is this? sauce % moaar!!
thank you in advance!

Closet Homosexual 12/04/07(Sat)04:23 No. 72377 ID: 693f47

File 133376541550.jpg - (61.22KB , 399x600 , tumblr_lga5hrpLUE1qbg01lo1_400.jpg )

who is this goddess

sorry i clicked submit before added it.

found it on this tumblr.


Closet Homosexual 12/04/07(Sat)06:22 No. 72381 ID: 52fe1b

File 133377255592.jpg - (185.13KB , 1600x1200 , SDC18227[1].jpg )



Giselly Soares.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/08(Sun)00:21 No. 72410 ID: 0badba

Any idea of a name?

The web link gives nothing

Closet Homosexual 12/04/08(Sun)00:53 No. 72411 ID: 55bac3

Raskia Lorenz


She escorts in Manchester I think. Or London.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/08(Sun)16:29 No. 72433 ID: ec237f

File 133389537611.jpg - (12.83KB , 480x320 , 152359_509.jpg )

Any ideas who this is?


Closet Homosexual 12/04/08(Sun)19:41 No. 72437 ID: 33a6c4


that's swimsuits, her thread is on CD.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/09(Mon)04:34 No. 72471 ID: e1d3d5

File 133393886052.jpg - (35.87KB , 376x500 , 1800506006.jpg )

any idea who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/09(Mon)05:18 No. 72474 ID: e7dc39

File 133394144039.gif - (2.16MB , 243x182 , 1329143848803.gif )

Source for this would be greatly appreciated.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/10(Tue)00:03 No. 72506 ID: 2eb94f

Can anyone help me find solo videos from Dita/Angel Eyes/Goth Angel/Precious? I used to have a couple of her vids on my old pc and now I can't find her anywhere.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/10(Tue)06:06 No. 72525 ID: e1d3d5

File 133403078938.jpg - (36.84KB , 288x432 , 1464568334.jpg )

who is this?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/11(Wed)14:25 No. 72573 ID: ec237f

Can't remember the name. Did a set or two for Shemaleyum or something similar last year.
I checked www.shemalemodelindex.com but couldn't find her. Maybe ask on hungangels.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/11(Wed)14:27 No. 72574 ID: ec237f

Any ID's?

Anonymous 12/04/11(Wed)22:40 No. 72585 ID: 5ed6cb

Andy Nguyen

whos this iloveblondes 12/04/13(Fri)22:29 No. 72673 ID: ef1438

File 133434898550.png - (560.55KB , 646x509 , HotBlonde.png )


pic related
Who's this?

joephant 12/04/14(Sat)07:25 No. 72687 ID: ace11e

Don't know, I asked about her a while ago and no joy, but here's another.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/14(Sat)07:31 No. 72688 ID: 021537

File 133438143251.gif - (3.16MB , 320x240 , 1333602281268.gif )

where is this from?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/14(Sat)21:50 No. 72732 ID: b81ec3

Is there any more of her?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/14(Sat)22:19 No. 72733 ID: b042c2

File 133443478322.jpg - (127.03KB , 500x652 , OkBIG.jpg )

Anyone know her name and have a full set?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/15(Sun)13:57 No. 72775 ID: cbfdab

Will suck dick for name (or for free).

Potentially not actually traps, but it was hinted they were.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/16(Mon)03:50 No. 72796 ID: e1455b

Does anyone know any MtF x FtM porn? I saw a video once on xTube but that's all I can find.

an 12/04/16(Mon)04:34 No. 72797 ID: 2a9a27


the only one I've ever seen. sarina valentina when she was alexis saige.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/16(Mon)13:54 No. 72805 ID: 5a4f78


Buck Angel (FtM) prolly has done some scenes like that.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/17(Tue)02:20 No. 72834 ID: c2cd93

A few sites list her as kylie, easily found by googling "Kylie ts cam"

Closet Homosexual 12/04/17(Tue)03:28 No. 72840 ID: 4468b1

File 133462608565.jpg - (177.82KB , 640x480 , 1328318794737.jpg )

Anyone got info on this one?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/18(Wed)17:37 No. 72900 ID: 89e290

File 133476342357.jpg - (26.17KB , 635x454 , untitled.jpg )

Who is this? Does she have a webpage or more videos? Where can i download this video?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/18(Wed)20:06 No. 72903 ID: d7d267

Someone must know who this is, have been searching for ages

Closet Homosexual 12/04/19(Thu)00:13 No. 72905 ID: d5faae


This is the video it is ladyboy Tee Tee. I haven't personally downloaded this file however so I cannot vouch for it's content.


Anonymous 12/04/19(Thu)12:35 No. 72926 ID: 2b5049

File 133483175438.jpg - (129.96KB , 682x1024 , tumblr_ly61rdYxOQ1r1fc64o1_1280.jpg )

Someone must know who this is??

Closet Homosexual 12/04/19(Thu)15:42 No. 72939 ID: b16be9

File 133484293497.jpg - (29.17KB , 500x667 , tumblr_lduu622dKi1qegl87o1_500.jpg )

anynone knows the name or have moar?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/19(Thu)22:46 No. 72954 ID: a55510

Goes by Mugen1up on xtube

Halp? Closet Homosexual 12/04/22(Sun)05:21 No. 73010 ID: c06a9c

I'm looking for a trap/CD from a year or two ago, he used to cam on Cam4 under the name NotTrollin, I first saw him on /b/

Unfortunately I have no pictures of him but I think he wore a knit hat and had wavy boyish hair.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/22(Sun)09:08 No. 73017 ID: aea0c9

File 133507850818.jpg - (49.97KB , 568x426 , 91ibyf.jpg )

anyone know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/22(Sun)20:55 No. 73025 ID: e1d3d5

I think she's changed her name, but she used to be called The Ashley Martin on flickr

Closet Homosexual 12/04/22(Sun)22:11 No. 73034 ID: e1d3d5

File 13351254883.jpg - (46.24KB , 640x479 , tumblr_losrreL8xY1qbchkqo1_1280.jpg )

anyone know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/23(Mon)17:03 No. 73057 ID: 2f9e3d

File 133519343389.png - (745.51KB , 960x540 , Untitled.png )

I have been wondering about this for ages myself, any info here would be greatly appreciated!

Who's she? Closet Homosexual 12/04/24(Tue)17:25 No. 73092 ID: ff439f


What's her name? She's gorgeous!

Anony 12/04/24(Tue)20:19 No. 73099 ID: 0eb7f8

C'mon dude, this question is asked nearly every day on this thread. Its Nicole Charming from Germany. Pretty much the hottest trap of them all, she has about 30 videos all over the net.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/24(Tue)20:21 No. 73100 ID: 197067


who is this Jack 12/04/25(Wed)12:04 No. 73120 ID: af0aea

File 133534827733.jpg - (196.32KB , 1148x1920 , df.jpg )

can u plz tell me her name or source for this image

Closet Homosexual 12/04/25(Wed)15:06 No. 73128 ID: 6a9cb2


That's Haruhism505. There's more here: http://www.imagefap.com/pictures/2934164/Haruhism505-New-Pictures

Closet Homosexual 12/04/25(Wed)20:16 No. 73135 ID: 1645f3

What's the name of the last girl in this vid? http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/61064/fucking-teen-sluts.html

anon 12/04/26(Thu)03:55 No. 73146 ID: e823a4



Closet Homosexual 12/04/27(Fri)07:40 No. 73203 ID: 5a070c

File 133550520566.jpg - (21.64KB , 320x480 , unknowntgirl4-320x480[1].jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/04/27(Fri)07:58 No. 73204 ID: 287110


Closet Homosexual 12/04/27(Fri)09:15 No. 73206 ID: 0106a4

all from http://leakshow.tumblr.com

saaauce? more vids?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/27(Fri)19:44 No. 73215 ID: d748a8

Name please


Closet Homosexual 12/04/28(Sat)15:59 No. 73238 ID: ff439f


"Nicole Charming" was posted on 7 March, and before that on November. Not exactly nearly very day. But anyway, thanks.

Closet Homosexual 12/04/29(Sun)02:06 No. 73254 ID: e1d3d5

does anyone know a name or have sauce?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/30(Mon)02:08 No. 73279 ID: 8db961

what the hell? my request is fucking gone?

ok let me start over. about a year ago there was a trap that posted here and on 420chan.. i think. but i cant remember her name, it was uigal or uaigle something like that. she had messy brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, small boobs and a really messy room. but yeah any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks for reading

Closet Homosexual 12/04/30(Mon)02:51 No. 73282 ID: 8db961


ok with help from /b/ i managed to track down the name and a few pictures, my question now is does she post anywhere anymore? the name is Uhglie by the way

Closet Homosexual 12/04/30(Mon)06:02 No. 73285 ID: f902c9

Username seems to be Cute_Shannon on reddit

Closet Homosexual 12/04/30(Mon)06:04 No. 73286 ID: f902c9

File 133575866671.jpg - (81.24KB , 600x776 , 836800273.jpg )

Anybody know where I can find more?

Closet Homosexual 12/04/30(Mon)10:13 No. 73294 ID: 15da06

Patricia Araujo

Closet Homosexual 12/05/01(Tue)03:18 No. 73315 ID: b50485


anyone know who the one in the first half is?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/01(Tue)09:16 No. 73322 ID: babe20

File 133585656093.png - (820.82KB , 1169x662 , 1335849928479.png )


Closet Homosexual 12/05/01(Tue)16:18 No. 73333 ID: ff439f

Ryder Monroe, I think.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/01(Tue)19:38 No. 73343 ID: 7b839a


Any clue as to who he is? I managed to find a single picture of him from the neck down, but it gave me a 404 error.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/02(Wed)09:27 No. 73378 ID: 2035be

i did a search on the filename and found this:

seems to be what you're looking for

Closet Homosexual 12/05/02(Wed)11:43 No. 73380 ID: 741251

anyone got a name for this little cutie?


Closet Homosexual 12/05/02(Wed)13:34 No. 73381 ID: 2035be

File 133595843951.jpg - (144.47KB , 742x966 , cris_lautaro_by_ion_avi.jpg )

>>73378 here

DON'T DOWNLOAD FROM THAT LINK, it's in 4 parts and the upload site makes you wait hours after downloading something (sorry mods, didn't notice till i tried to download it myself later on)

i found the whole video but it was on the same trash site so i uploaded it to rapidshare:


it's foreign (argentina?), good sex scenes imo, worth a fap

Trans from usa yodawg 12/05/02(Wed)23:01 No. 73391 ID: d0014c

who is this

Closet Homosexual 12/05/02(Wed)23:13 No. 73392 ID: fe3062

Does anyone have this video? It used to be on Oron as "TattooTG" about six months ago, but the link is dead.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/03(Thu)19:52 No. 73415 ID: e5d14a

Who is the long-haired one? Do they have any more videos?


Closet Homosexual 12/05/04(Fri)00:34 No. 73428 ID: 4b04a5

File 133608447639.jpg - (310.68KB , 1056x1408 , 634613311.jpg )


You're welcome.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/05(Sat)06:31 No. 73469 ID: 686e79

File 133619228295.jpg - (28.11KB , 560x358 , 1336180453066.jpg )

I heard there was a whole set. Anyone have a name?

AE 12/05/05(Sat)08:33 No. 73470 ID: fb81f3


Atomic_Punch on xtube, some of my absolute favorite videos.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/05(Sat)23:49 No. 73501 ID: d3d78a


her name is Chelsea Marie, but i don't have the video

Closet Homosexual 12/05/06(Sun)00:13 No. 73502 ID: d3d78a


Bianca Freire, google it

Closet Homosexual 12/05/06(Sun)10:27 No. 73534 ID: 2035be


anyone know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/06(Sun)18:22 No. 73546 ID: 9a40e3


Sadie Hawkins

Closet Homosexual 12/05/06(Sun)20:16 No. 73551 ID: a5ca66

devilotmarkky on xtube

Closet Homosexual 12/05/07(Mon)07:30 No. 73572 ID: e61df7

File 13363686261.gif - (1.82MB , 250x188 , 1336344913228.gif )

sauce! 1,000,000 internets to anyone with the answer

Closet Homosexual 12/05/08(Tue)12:10 No. 73620 ID: b2a672

File 13364717749.gif - (1.66MB , 270x204 , 1336462966878.gif )

Does anyone know the source to this?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/08(Tue)19:49 No. 73632 ID: dc1b60

File 133649935268.jpg - (71.04KB , 762x712 , 1336388188586[1].jpg )

Name? Sauce?

joephant 12/05/09(Wed)00:44 No. 73635 ID: ace11e

Used to go by Jennifer Zyback, used to party in NYC. But I haven't seen her in a long time...

MOAR 80B 12/05/09(Wed)06:51 No. 73643 ID: 2ac7bd

Who is this sexy little thing? Begging for moar.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/09(Wed)10:13 No. 73647 ID: 97ca62



Closet Homosexual 12/05/09(Wed)21:04 No. 73680 ID: 6d4ece

File 133659026259.jpg - (185.62KB , 853x1280 , sascha1002.jpg )

anyone have some of her sets?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/10(Thu)11:54 No. 73724 ID: d519b9

Three fron ashemaletube, i'm fall in love for the girl at number one, and i want any informations, or pics, or videos about her.
I beleave 3 and 3 are the same trap, was posted before here whithout any news, and you could find her! Yes, you can!

1 - http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/51909/webcam-teen-tranny-solo.html
2 - http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/59897/hot-emo-ts-on-cam.html
3 - http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/60183/hot-emo-tgirl-solo.html

danni 12/05/10(Thu)21:32 No. 73742 ID: 380a18

File 13366783212.jpg - (238.38KB , 765x1024 , 108441653.jpg )

any idea who this is?

WHO IS SHE? Closet Homosexual 12/05/11(Fri)04:27 No. 73757 ID: 398e1e

File 133670324223.jpg - (323.17KB , 800x600 , Trap who is she.jpg )

Does anyone have more of her?
I had a few pictures of her but i lost it

Closet Homosexual 12/05/11(Fri)09:28 No. 73761 ID: 380a18

any ID on these gorgeous specimens?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/11(Fri)14:43 No. 73779 ID: d4492f

File 133674022591.png - (203.65KB , 616x470 , Tarps.png )

suspected trap anyone got sauce of this set?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/11(Fri)17:15 No. 73784 ID: 97ca62

Name? Sauce?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/12(Sat)06:40 No. 73810 ID: 7512cd


Hailey, used to go by 'Hailey_Tgirl' on xtube, 'Hailey_gurl' on xhamster (idk if that will help you find the 2 videos she had - the accounts are closed)

http://haileygurl.tumblr.com has most her pics, but she removed a chunk when she had a tantrum

she currently uses http://kiwikitten.tumblr.com but it's 95% cat pictures cause she's a fucking aspie.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/12(Sat)06:43 No. 73811 ID: 7512cd


On the haileygurl tumblr, use http://haileygurl.tumblr.com/tagged/hailey so you don't have to wade through the shit.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/12(Sat)08:21 No. 73814 ID: 7512cd

#1 http://themonsterinsideyourheart.tumblr.com/tagged/me
#2 http://www.imagefap.com/profile/Emma%20Slut
#3 No clue, sorry.
#4 -

Closet Homosexual 12/05/12(Sat)10:55 No. 73824 ID: 97ca62

File 133681294976.jpg - (32.22KB , 502x378 , 1.jpg )

http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/69480/big-dildo-in-ass-compilation.html - the fourth minute. Who is it?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/12(Sat)13:42 No. 73830 ID: 00ee92

File 133682294612.jpg - (159.11KB , 1000x718 , 0508874305.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/05/12(Sat)22:06 No. 73855 ID: f7d786

That's Jizelle Moore, she's done like 10 shoots for shemaleyum and various other places

Searching for this JGpe 12/05/13(Sun)01:54 No. 73864 ID: ee7246

File 133686689477.jpg - (119.67KB , 640x480 , trap 1234769438176 (2).jpg )

Any more pics of this?

The video maybe?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/13(Sun)02:36 No. 73865 ID: f5a1e5

File 133686936729.jpg - (1.83MB , 1916x1436 , 1327409472481.jpg )

Here's what I have. If there's a video I'd be interested as well.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/13(Sun)05:44 No. 73869 ID: f5a1e5

File 133688065687.jpg - (122.98KB , 729x1235 , 242_1000.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/05/13(Sun)07:50 No. 73874 ID: 5b2acb

http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/36501/big-cummer.html any other video of her

Closet Homosexual 12/05/13(Sun)08:10 No. 73875 ID: 1f9cca



A bunch.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/13(Sun)08:27 No. 73876 ID: dd09e2

who be dis?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/13(Sun)17:36 No. 73886 ID: 964a00

Videos 2 and 3 are of
Not her real bio. She took over the account from another girl.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/14(Mon)03:14 No. 73900 ID: 964a00


Closet Homosexual 12/05/14(Mon)13:27 No. 73906 ID: 132bb2

Pretty sure that is Darktrap.
I think she goes by Katie Ayanami?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/15(Tue)10:18 No. 73948 ID: 622634

Anymore of this?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/15(Tue)15:26 No. 73952 ID: 0d81fa

File 133708837426.jpg - (69.41KB , 903x600 , 1657071075.jpg )

any info?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/16(Wed)01:00 No. 73973 ID: 80e42e

chick in pink with the gaping asshole is shantal or chantal..thats all i know

Closet Homosexual 12/05/16(Wed)07:18 No. 73987 ID: 380a18

File 13371455203.jpg - (71.36KB , 557x949 , tumblr_lybt2x5qCc1qexjmyo1_1280.jpg )

who's this?

Mila Kunis lookalike Closet Homosexual 12/05/16(Wed)20:33 No. 74012 ID: 7b839a

Anyone have a clue as to who this is?
(Wouldn't let me upload the picture)

Closet Homosexual 12/05/17(Thu)07:21 No. 74039 ID: 9dac35

File 133723206419.jpg - (58.57KB , 500x735 , tumblr_m3dfae1VJi1r9s3ato1_500.jpg )

I know I've seen her before. What is her name?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/17(Thu)08:54 No. 74042 ID: 1f9cca



Maiden Heaven, enjoy your masturbatory session.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/18(Fri)03:28 No. 74079 ID: 39d2d1

File 133730453638.jpg - (30.87KB , 300x300 , blondwig.jpg )

looking for a j pop / k pop star s/he wore this wig on jmelo, sorry thats all i got :(

Closet Homosexual 12/05/18(Fri)05:51 No. 74087 ID: 9d8cba


Closet Homosexual 12/05/18(Fri)05:58 No. 74090 ID: 936b0f


Closet Homosexual 12/05/19(Sat)02:16 No. 74141 ID: b13e89

File 13373865863.jpg - (54.54KB , 778x584 , 1189029875.jpg )

Who is she?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/19(Sat)04:10 No. 74143 ID: 29ba3c

Who is she?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/19(Sat)06:59 No. 74153 ID: 1f9cca


May Pattaya/Mercedes/Candy Dada

Closet Homosexual 12/05/19(Sat)07:22 No. 74163 ID: 15aad8

File 133740496437.jpg - (80.74KB , 370x278 , 84_wmv_snapshot_00_16_[2011_06_05_23_35_05].jpg )

Anybody know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/20(Sun)05:48 No. 74207 ID: a087a8


Who is the second to last girl?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/21(Mon)19:31 No. 74259 ID: b65451

Name please

Closet Homosexual 12/05/22(Tue)00:43 No. 74273 ID: 960828

File 133764021024.jpg - (87.52KB , 486x728 , tumblr_m46jocXNVH1rtz49xo1_500.jpg )

Who is any of these?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/22(Tue)04:44 No. 74289 ID: b27d18

File 133765469451.png - (261.30KB , 629x447 , Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 02_41_31.png )


who is dis?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/22(Tue)07:14 No. 74297 ID: b13ce8

File 133766366324.jpg - (66.27KB , 400x600 , 13177983877[1].jpg )

ID for this one please

Closet Homosexual 12/05/22(Tue)10:19 No. 74300 ID: 59769b

File 133767477857.jpg - (110.18KB , 747x1024 , 321.jpg )

Who is that?
(Is it fake? Even if it is I still would like to know)

Closet Homosexual 12/05/22(Tue)19:54 No. 74317 ID: 9f41fd


Tori Lux is the girl. Danni Danniels and Mandy Mitchell are the traps

Closet Homosexual 12/05/23(Wed)09:37 No. 74334 ID: c8bc78

This is a bit of a shot in the dark, but does anyone know the name of the trap that has the pentagram and inverted crucifixes tattooed on her chest? I was wanting to fap to her and realized i no longer have any of her photos or videos, and I completely forgot her name.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/23(Wed)09:48 No. 74335 ID: 5e2bc5

File 133775929378.png - (754.41KB , 650x826 , Goth-chan[1].png )


Russian crossdresser from http://2ch.so/fg/

Closet Homosexual 12/05/23(Wed)18:13 No. 74354 ID: ab9cf8

File 133778962652.jpg - (267.61KB , 1000x750 , tumblr_m3ey26dFZn1rpw0ato1_1280.jpg )

who is this babe?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/24(Thu)18:40 No. 74410 ID: 13d099

anyone know who this is? I know there were a bunch of videos on motherless of her.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/26(Sat)12:42 No. 74470 ID: b9a48e

Raissa Barbie

Closet Homosexual 12/05/26(Sat)12:44 No. 74471 ID: 6d2019

any idea who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/29(Tue)19:35 No. 74609 ID: 9d1099

File 13383129199.jpg - (13.67KB , 227x339 , 1.jpg )

Who is this?

Closet Homosexual 12/05/30(Wed)10:02 No. 74633 ID: c8bc78

does anyone know who this is at all?


Closet Homosexual 12/05/31(Thu)01:02 No. 74647 ID: 06bec2

File 133841893722.gif - (1.83MB , 320x240 , lotiontrap3.gif )

full vid?

60866 Doc 12/05/31(Thu)01:40 No. 74649 ID: f657b9


Closet Homosexual 12/05/31(Thu)18:42 No. 74674 ID: 347161

Hey I'm trying to find like any picture of this trap named noise, noize, or something like that. Any picture works, I'm just trying to use it to show someone who I'm talking about.

Closet Homosexual 12/05/31(Thu)23:51 No. 74682 ID: 1690a8

File 133850108056.jpg - (157.90KB , 600x800 , 1265119319633 (2).jpg )

here is noise

Closet Homosexual 12/06/01(Fri)21:36 No. 74695 ID: d783f8

File 133857937392.jpg - (79.99KB , 1024x768 , 1338567348265.jpg )

who is this goddess

Closet Homosexual 12/06/02(Sat)05:51 No. 74706 ID: 964a00

it's bjlips89 on Cam4

Closet Homosexual 12/06/02(Sat)13:36 No. 74722 ID: b516bd

anyone know where to find this video? http://galleries.adult-empire.com/7599/306747/5548/index.php

Closet Homosexual 12/06/02(Sat)20:03 No. 74735 ID: 2035be


who is she? starts at 2:20

Closet Homosexual 12/06/02(Sat)21:09 No. 74736 ID: 953193

File 133866417517.jpg - (1.14MB , 3275x2456 , DSCF0024.jpg )

does anyone know who this chick is?

Monsoon Dennis 12/06/03(Sun)02:37 No. 74746 ID: 56f9da

She goes by Cindy and Sindy, and I am having a difficult time locating downloads of her videos or photosets. Does anyone have more or can find some/all?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/03(Sun)08:17 No. 74758 ID: 3c6084

Source of the vid would be nice but mostly after the name of this one.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/04(Mon)00:00 No. 74809 ID: e056e2

Anyone know who's the trap at 12:09?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/04(Mon)00:04 No. 74810 ID: 98c5d7

File 133876108490.jpg - (94.75KB , 666x999 , pic.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/06/04(Mon)04:50 No. 74815 ID: 8a46b1

File 133877821353.jpg - (44.73KB , 590x793 , 932157076.jpg )

Anyone know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/04(Mon)08:53 No. 74820 ID: b4a168

File 133879281424.jpg - (111.32KB , 318x458 , 1338784534145.jpg )

I need to see more of whoever this is

Mandy Mitchell and Proxy Paige Closet Homosexual 12/06/04(Mon)10:17 No. 74822 ID: 9dac35

File 133879783626.jpg - (75.76KB , 1024x576 , 11-01.jpg )

Does ANYONE have this? I've been searching hard for this one.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/04(Mon)21:50 No. 74840 ID: e056e2

Found her:

Closet Homosexual 12/06/05(Tue)05:14 No. 74847 ID: 7512cd


doesn't really count as a 'trap' by my standards, but eh.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/05(Tue)15:13 No. 74865 ID: 2035be

File 133890202539.jpg - (178.86KB , 1024x678 , 1329770062912.jpg )

who's dis?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/05(Tue)18:04 No. 74879 ID: 7512cd

How do you mean? The pictures and videos are of the person in the picture you requested, i don't know if the account is run by them, though, if thats what you meant. Some of the videos are of their boyfriend, aswell.

Sabrina Kamoei

who's this? Closet Homosexual 12/06/05(Tue)21:03 No. 74893 ID: ff0548


Who's this??

Closet Homosexual 12/06/07(Thu)23:42 No. 74963 ID: 29ad42



Closet Homosexual 12/06/10(Sun)12:08 No. 75056 ID: 255625

>>74968If anyone is interested

Who is this (and where)? ggold 12/06/10(Sun)16:52 No. 75062 ID: f87e9f

File 13393399571.jpg - (52.42KB , 378x725 , 130231837827.jpg )

Anonymous 12/06/11(Mon)19:52 No. 75154 ID: 7b839a

Anyone have source on this one?
There's only two vids on ashemaletube, but the other video literally has no name so it's difficult to find.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/11(Mon)23:26 No. 75168 ID: df7d42

Who is this?


Closet Homosexual 12/06/11(Mon)23:41 No. 75170 ID: 0e7c36

File 133945091562.jpg - (97.01KB , 653x490 , 13319298259609.jpg )


Forgot pic.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/12(Tue)02:51 No. 75178 ID: 8ad138

>no audio
That is most certainly not my fetish. Also if you happen upon the other video please post it here, I know I will.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/12(Tue)06:50 No. 75191 ID: e18764

name nao!!


Closet Homosexual 12/06/12(Tue)22:00 No. 75218 ID: 35479e

File 133953123266.jpg - (110.15KB , 450x675 , o7ytjsrd.jpg )

looking for name of this one.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/13(Wed)00:42 No. 75229 ID: f0f889

Any ID on these?

Free source plz joephant 12/06/13(Wed)00:47 No. 75230 ID: ace11e

I know she's from imlive name, prncessdelight, and these pics are too small, but I guarantee you it is worth your search and if someone could find the videos, I would be eternally grateful. Also, she has a short preview video you can watch, but you can't view it from her profile page and its way too short.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/13(Wed)01:00 No. 75233 ID: 8ad138

Looks like Ashley George, kind of hard to tell with all that makeup on.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/14(Thu)12:15 No. 75330 ID: 338587

is this real?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/14(Thu)19:43 No. 75345 ID: 316446

File 133969580113.jpg - (10.27KB , 240x180 , 2727.jpg )

Not sure if this really counts as a request, but I thought I'd post it in this thread to be safe:

I really like scenes with shemales getting blowjobs, but they tend to just be the preamble before fucking, and they usually tend to end with the shemale jerking off on the guy's chest instead of giving a good old fashioned open mouth cumshot.

What I'm looking for is a site that produces mainly videos of shemales getting blown to completion, preferably with good cumshots. Does anyone know of a site/movie series producing such content?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/14(Thu)20:20 No. 75347 ID: 15aad8


Closet Homosexual 12/06/14(Thu)22:06 No. 75349 ID: 316446

File 133970441299.jpg - (119.00KB , 1280x720 , default.jpg )

Wait, does this site just offer the suck my tranny cock dvd series as downloads, or are they producing new content? Either way, ~30 USD is pretty well worth DRM-free SMTC 1-8. Looks like you get access to shemale strokers, too. Any opinion of this site? I don't think I've seen much content from them.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/14(Thu)23:39 No. 75352 ID: d3a47b

File 133970996953.jpg - (80.22KB , 816x576 , 1336757355400.jpg )

< sauce?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/16(Sat)05:39 No. 75418 ID: 380a18

i've seen these two in different places, names?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/16(Sat)20:30 No. 75442 ID: 00bd2c

File 133987145085.jpg - (61.79KB , 500x667 , tumblr_lujx2n8ToZ1ql1cmio1_500.jpg )

Name or more of her?

75406 Closet Homosexual 12/06/16(Sat)21:57 No. 75449 ID: 6c0bab

Sabrina De Castro

Who is she?! Mr Patience 12/06/16(Sat)23:51 No. 75456 ID: 5b6e2d

Any ideas on who this beauty is?


reply to 75456 Closet Homosexual 12/06/17(Sun)04:10 No. 75464 ID: d03d7a

Sabrinita Rosario

Closet Homosexual 12/06/17(Sun)07:33 No. 75473 ID: 08111e

maybe this is against the spirit of this, but the commenters claim the woman in this vid is a tranny or post-op. either way, i want sauce.


Closet Homosexual 12/06/19(Tue)01:21 No. 75568 ID: 185030

Anyone have a link to Besuni's xvideo (maybe xtube) account?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/19(Tue)03:26 No. 75570 ID: 144811

Here's her boyfriends account.
Got 2 videos of them

Closet Homosexual 12/06/19(Tue)06:28 No. 75583 ID: 36dc47

on right: Stella from www.dosug.cz

Closet Homosexual 12/06/22(Fri)01:56 No. 75722 ID: d77220

File 134032295725.gif - (3.90MB , 320x240 , 0517540599.gif )

Can someone PLEASE tell me who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/22(Fri)02:57 No. 75724 ID: b3dc8a


Kiara Felicitas

happy fapping

Closet Homosexual 12/06/23(Sat)01:50 No. 75766 ID: e08fed

File 134040902083.jpg - (495.52KB , 1280x960 , 1340404198082[1].jpg )

Who is this beautiful creature?

Hot red head Closet Homosexual 12/06/24(Sun)04:17 No. 75825 ID: c78d02

File 134050426417.jpg - (848.50KB , 2452x3084 , 163539139.jpg )

Who is this beauty?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/24(Sun)05:39 No. 75829 ID: 8da52a

Jenni Lee is a girl pornstar with a vagina.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/24(Sun)06:07 No. 75830 ID: c78d02

>> 75829
she still hot though

trap? Closet Homosexual 12/06/24(Sun)06:24 No. 75832 ID: c78d02

who is this and is she a trap?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/24(Sun)09:52 No. 75835 ID: 3eb411

File 134052435468.jpg - (167.00KB , 1280x1024 , 1324453215.jpg )

anyone got an id on this girl

Closet Homosexual 12/06/24(Sun)12:30 No. 75844 ID: a4a2a7

Guys I have been coming AT LEAST twice a week since January for this.
I want to ask you again. Does anyone have what I'm asking?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/25(Mon)20:01 No. 75929 ID: 8ad138

Anyone know this?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/26(Tue)06:55 No. 75956 ID: cbfdab

File 134068654025.png - (143.52KB , 441x352 , 1274425102509.png )

Hey guys. I'm looking for a video I saw awhile ago that I really want to see again.

I think it was on ashemaletube. Basically, it is a short video of a trap getting fucked over some exercise equipment by a huge muscley man. Then the trap is taken aside in front of a mirror and sucks his cock like a champ, before pulling away and opening her mouth wide while he finishes himself off.

Any help finding this would be greatly appreciated. Pic obviously unrelated.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/26(Tue)20:14 No. 75975 ID: 4b04a5

File 134073449571.jpg - (69.44KB , 716x535 , 62217819.jpg )


Not sure if trap, but cute nonetheless.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/26(Tue)21:47 No. 75983 ID: 3a0bff


Anyone know her? Looks like it's from a cam site of somesort.

. Random 12/06/26(Tue)21:54 No. 75985 ID: 7d4f68

Think i've seen it. I once made a request of her but now i can't find it.

The request was made after i saw a video where she was fucked from behind against a wall in a bathroom wearing a short black dress and high heels.

And yes, she's somewhere on ashemaletube.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/27(Wed)18:15 No. 76012 ID: 97ef19

BBTrannies - Foxxy Bareback Threesome

Anybody have a full video download link? I love Foxxy, and this is one of the only two bareback videos she's done (that I know of). If I had the chance to do her I wouldn't just go bareback, I'd swallow her cum.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/28(Thu)04:35 No. 76035 ID: cbfdab

File 134085090599.jpg - (115.99KB , 838x559 , 1337152746882.jpg )

Thanks. I'll let you know if I come across it.

I think there are also videos of the same girl getting fucked on a kitchen bench and in the back of a van. I'm trying tonnes of search queries on AST but getting nothing.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/28(Thu)08:00 No. 76040 ID: 9ff8be


You're thinking of Stefani. Her videos are notorious for going down almost every week.

Closet Homosexual 12/06/29(Fri)07:11 No. 76070 ID: c8bc78

Does anyone know where I can find the pics of the transsexual that did a cosplay shoot where she dressed as Mileena from Mortal Kombat?

Closet Homosexual 12/06/29(Fri)14:12 No. 76079 ID: da2221

there was a gif floating around with a white, dark haired TS, with purple highlights and a guy who was bent over, and she ran her cock across his back. Looking for the source and vid, i thought someone said dannika dreamz but haven't found it yet and doesn't look like her

Closet Homosexual 12/07/01(Sun)06:29 No. 76156 ID: 75edb6

File 13411169295.gif - (2.16MB , 280x210 , 123550101.gif )

Can anyone ID this one. Dont mind the troll cat part.
Looks like might
be from one of those cam sites like livejasmine.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/03(Tue)02:13 No. 76211 ID: a60b14


Genuinely hottest shemale I've seen in months. Ideas?

Anyone got more of her Closet Homosexual 12/07/03(Tue)17:55 No. 76252 ID: 311b63

her name is TS Jane Marie, @tsjanemarie... she is hot, trying to find videos but can't find a decent xxx torrent site

Closet Homosexual 12/07/03(Tue)20:43 No. 76258 ID: 274069



Closet Homosexual 12/07/04(Wed)05:54 No. 76264 ID: 64e9cb



Closet Homosexual 12/07/05(Thu)09:33 No. 76366 ID: cbfdab

Supposedly a trap. I'm going to need a name.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/05(Thu)09:36 No. 76367 ID: cbfdab

fucking thanks!

Closet Homosexual 12/07/05(Thu)09:37 No. 76368 ID: cbfdab

PS. I'll post the exact video in question once I've had some privacy to find it.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/05(Thu)17:36 No. 76448 ID: 63f45f

I've posted 3 vids of her in the video thread. You won't find these on torrent sites.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/05(Thu)21:08 No. 76460 ID: cb5035

File 13415153159.jpg - (8.42KB , 180x284 , 368909_1454780950_82258578_n.jpg )

Was informed she was a transsexual, any confirmation of this? And if so anyone have anymore info/pics of her. Actually even if she isn't she's hot as hell so any pics would be nice.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/06(Fri)09:26 No. 76468 ID: 7f5d98

File 134155956279.jpg - (151.62KB , 1200x1600 , 1341321093671[1].jpg )

Name? Sauce?

Help with ID? joephant 12/07/08(Sun)23:32 No. 76584 ID: ace11e

lil help iding

Aussie 12/07/10(Tue)10:35 No. 76631 ID: 941e82


Who is this stunner??

Closet Homosexual 12/07/10(Tue)14:55 No. 76637 ID: 243fa0

Priscilla Dandara

Anybody knows her name? The Don 12/07/11(Wed)12:34 No. 76666 ID: 7a3bd7


Closet Homosexual 12/07/12(Thu)00:30 No. 76679 ID: 63e038



clearly you must be new to the internet...follow the watermark!

The+Don 12/07/12(Thu)11:46 No. 76716 ID: 7a3bd7


Thanks mate, but i tried to get her full name.
but as she is a prostitute, i don't think there is more of her? anybody knows videos of her?

Closet Homosexual 12/07/12(Thu)21:56 No. 76741 ID: 583a58

File 134212296241.jpg - (36.64KB , 480x640 , tumblr_m6ybsl5y0n1qajca4o1_500.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 12/07/12(Thu)22:30 No. 76742 ID: 158ddb

File 134212501336.jpg - (101.16KB , 496x750 , 1342117461652.jpg )


(reply to 76742) Anonymous 12/07/13(Fri)20:31 No. 76754 ID: 5b3624


That is littlemisschastity on tumblr.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/14(Sat)11:15 No. 76772 ID: cbfdab

File 134225731647.png - (522.97KB , 627x442 , Untitled.png )

Name, source, anything on the picture. I know the video in question, but it's just a slideshow of pictures.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/15(Sun)13:19 No. 76803 ID: fa7bee

File 13423511811.jpg - (85.83KB , 1023x1364 , 133817374864.jpg )

name please

help Closet Homosexual 12/07/15(Sun)14:57 No. 76807 ID: a9e590

File 134235705488.jpg - (3.76KB , 200x150 , 5798961.jpg )

name / moar pretty plz?
thanks in advance

Closet Homosexual 12/07/15(Sun)18:34 No. 76811 ID: 4e3597


Who is this?

Closet Homosexual 12/07/15(Sun)20:43 No. 76813 ID: 57de6f

Anyone have the full version of this Kanato video?


Closet Homosexual 12/07/17(Tue)12:33 No. 76853 ID: fa7bee


name please

Closet Homosexual 12/07/17(Tue)18:45 No. 76856 ID: 8bea26

File 134254351274.jpg - (197.09KB , 1023x756 , 789108498.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 12/07/18(Wed)14:56 No. 76880 ID: 15ec4e

i am looking for a video of a latino looking girl with thick lips, big butt and white knee high boots getting fucked from behind. it used to be on myfreepaysite.com aggges ago and i did manage to find it once on my own. its not much to go by but if anyone knows of it could be my new best friend

Closet Homosexual 12/07/20(Fri)03:33 No. 76922 ID: 14b47e

File 134274800064.jpg - (73.46KB , 427x640 , Maiden Heaven, Beautiful Canadian TGirl! 16th Marc.jpg )

does anyone have videos of Maiden Heaven? would be grateful

Closet Homosexual 12/07/21(Sat)04:17 No. 76939 ID: 927bf4

Barb E Dahl


She cams once in a while on Cam4.com

Closet Homosexual 12/07/23(Mon)05:59 No. 77006 ID: ef01ca

Are there any download links available for Stefanie (from germany)?

I've got a fair selection; kitchen, back of van, bed, couch etc.

There doesn't happen to be a comprehensive collection does there?

Closet Homosexual 12/07/23(Mon)14:19 No. 77029 ID: ba15ca

File 134304599456.jpg - (290.32KB , 1080x1626 , 4f4552f2b487b-full-4[1].jpg )



Closet Homosexual 12/07/23(Mon)17:14 No. 77057 ID: ba15ca

File 134305649927.jpg - (40.69KB , 534x500 , 1343036796592[1].jpg )

Sauce/name, please.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/23(Mon)21:11 No. 77073 ID: fa7bee

File 134307066660.jpg - (5.45KB , 200x150 , am.jpg )

more of this one

Closet Homosexual 12/07/23(Mon)21:54 No. 77074 ID: ccda10



Closet Homosexual 12/07/23(Mon)23:43 No. 77075 ID: 54a236

Who is this?

Closet Homosexual 12/07/24(Tue)10:48 No. 77091 ID: 21f80a

File 13431196878.jpg - (623.30KB , 1024x768 , 1343119186642.jpg )

Any more pics like this? I find it really hot.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/25(Wed)07:17 No. 77115 ID: cd0ae1


Who is she?

Closet Homosexual 12/07/25(Wed)15:39 No. 77122 ID: daa4a4

File 134322359489.jpg - (410.90KB , 800x600 , 1242496703857.jpg )

Anybody have any info/news about this one? I think she went by the name "Chloe" ... thanks in advance!

Closet Homosexual 12/07/27(Fri)01:57 No. 77146 ID: 46b7df

File 134334703285.jpg - (19.35KB , 410x328 , bwpic_php.jpg )

1) "Who is this?" "Source" "Moar?" etc.. Go in this thread. Only reply to this thread if you have something to contribute.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/28(Sat)20:10 No. 77209 ID: 7672f0


Been over a month so you might have stopped checking, but that is Umichan, or maybe just Umi

She was on 4chan a while ago and joined a video chat so she is still active. I know she cams somewhere and posts her contact info still, but I wasn't able to find anything.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/28(Sat)20:34 No. 77211 ID: 7672f0

Who is this? I have 9 pictures but I hope there is more.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/28(Sat)22:07 No. 77213 ID: b4c1fa

goes by name beanie

Closet Homosexual 12/07/29(Sun)00:14 No. 77215 ID: a892e6



Bunch of good pics here.

Closet Homosexual 12/07/30(Mon)16:38 No. 77272 ID: 5cfdcc

same girl

Anyone know who she is or have more?
set here http://www.imagefap.com/photo/661048602/1338916575551.png#0

Closet Homosexual 12/07/31(Tue)03:59 No. 77279 ID: 0ea872

File 134369994558.png - (403.29KB , 1221x447 , 1334917751139.png )


Closet Homosexual 12/08/01(Wed)04:53 No. 77324 ID: 1306f8


Closet Homosexual 12/08/01(Wed)10:24 No. 77330 ID: b74fb3

File 134380948363.jpg - (56.05KB , 628x469 , 123456789.jpg )

Skip to 1:30

looking for more clips of him

A real long time ago someone posted a link to a forum with tons of mediafire links. There were quite a few videos of him. Would like to see if anyone knows about them.

pic related

Closet Homosexual 12/08/01(Wed)19:18 No. 77336 ID: c22db7

tranny name plz

Closet Homosexual 12/08/01(Wed)22:38 No. 77337 ID: 65bea5

File 134385350447.png - (170.38KB , 519x462 , 844109748.png )

Got a name or more maybe?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/02(Thu)01:05 No. 77338 ID: ebe54d


That's shemale stefanie. Super passsable, super hot.

There's a pretty wide selection of videos of her, though not too easy to hunt down

Closet Homosexual 12/08/02(Thu)02:44 No. 77346 ID: e66ad7

File 134386828277.jpg - (65.36KB , 668x497 , mysterytrap.jpg )

Anyone know the name of this girl, or have other vids/pics? She's the cutest trans I've seen so far.


Closet Homosexual 12/08/02(Thu)09:28 No. 77353 ID: 76f8f9

File 134389251662.jpg - (63.57KB , 541x720 , 1343889226451.jpg )

name please? thanks!

Closet Homosexual 12/08/02(Thu)22:09 No. 77366 ID: 5cd314


something like juicyjaz or jazyjaz


not a trap

Closet Homosexual 12/08/05(Sun)18:55 No. 77446 ID: 447ee5

File 134418574870.jpg - (54.30KB , 675x900 , 4332479vKHl[1].jpg )

Name? Sauce?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/06(Mon)22:04 No. 77485 ID: 2ced65

File 134428348888.jpg - (340.27KB , 768x1024 , tumblr_m7gwndIPr61royhc0o1_1280.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/08/07(Tue)04:54 No. 77492 ID: 47ab6c

File 134430806879.jpg - (50.25KB , 500x375 , ag5gmszluj4tc77bni0d.jpg )

Anyone have any videos or anything on her? she goes by _Amber on cam4!

Need to Know Closet Homosexual 12/08/07(Tue)05:40 No. 77494 ID: 5d0a1b

Saw this on a board a couple of days ago and can't find a name... anyone know?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/07(Tue)18:22 No. 77506 ID: 97dd6e

I think she is ashley garnier, she had a website a while ago

Closet Homosexual 12/08/08(Wed)02:34 No. 77511 ID: 49db73

Would like the sauce on Madison Montag, I suddenly find her faptastic. want vids besides xhams pls

Closet Homosexual 12/08/08(Wed)07:13 No. 77517 ID: 8843e6

looking for moar/name/source. thanks!

Closet Homosexual 12/08/08(Wed)13:01 No. 77523 ID: 7c04ba

That's swimsuits/Hipstertrap, from the cd section.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/08(Wed)15:12 No. 77524 ID: 5d0a1b


K Wow, Thanks, I was able to find her twitter which then linked me to her facebook.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/09(Thu)02:12 No. 77528 ID: 4652df

You know where I can find more pictures/videos?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/09(Thu)20:15 No. 77537 ID: 45013b

Anyone know of jerk off instructions from a shemale?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/12(Sun)09:19 No. 77593 ID: 5eb4e0

File 134475594894.png - (596.28KB , 819x566 , 16253727.png )


Closet Homosexual 12/08/12(Sun)14:19 No. 77598 ID: 7f87e2

File 134477395730.jpg - (57.35KB , 600x450 , Cute_ - Imgur.jpg )

So i found this girl on reddit, uploaded by iamnotaclown...
does any one know her, or know of her?
i have fallen in love!
so i would like to know more! thanks.

Who is this? Lupe+Williams 12/08/12(Sun)16:31 No. 77599 ID: 8bfaa3

File 134478186496.jpg - (6.33KB , 200x150 , ade764b4e6b404afdc0342fa5193f98f6_avi-200x150-3.jpg )

Who is this?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/12(Sun)17:08 No. 77601 ID: f0f889

Looks like Dyh Murder...

6984 12/08/14(Tue)02:47 No. 77636 ID: ab696a

name or where I can find more please/thanks

6984 12/08/14(Tue)03:08 No. 77637 ID: ab696a

these are ones I've seen on tumblr etc that I've only seen once so...
1 are they traps??
2 if so any names/galleries
thanks so much

6984 12/08/14(Tue)03:13 No. 77638 ID: ab696a

some mo

6984 12/08/14(Tue)03:15 No. 77639 ID: ab696a

sorry I got a bunch I just can't find info on anywhere else :(

6984 12/08/14(Tue)03:20 No. 77640 ID: ab696a

seriously if people wouldn't post so many non verified traps online I wouldn't have to ask

6984 12/08/14(Tue)03:27 No. 77642 ID: ab696a

last two.. thanks for any help this place has really helped organize and expand my trap folder thanks for any who have responded to anyone here!

duke 12/08/14(Tue)17:33 No. 77675 ID: 97dd6e

1 -> Alice amuze
2 -> Domino Presley
3 -> ID
4 = 2

duke 12/08/14(Tue)17:36 No. 77676 ID: 97dd6e

4 -> i think Goes by amber ambar or something like that, God i love her too bad i've never had sauce or full name

Closet Homosexual 12/08/16(Thu)08:44 No. 77789 ID: 19323f

I think she used to go by ClaireBear

No. 77640 James 12/08/16(Thu)23:52 No. 77819 ID: a0dd17

number 4 is Jo Frost used to go by Aubrey but changed to Jo after deciding to go full time

Closet Homosexual 12/08/17(Fri)00:27 No. 77823 ID: 97dd6e

Are you for real? i got a "super nanny" thing when i look for that name

duke 12/08/17(Fri)01:20 No. 77824 ID: 97dd6e

Name or sauce please


6984 12/08/17(Fri)01:25 No. 77825 ID: ab696a

I found some of them

found her under the name Emily Elsner @EmilyTranny not a lot of pics out there

Aubrey Lynn Frost

3 is miaku godfrey (not as trappy in other pics :/)

2 JennaRawks
3 Chloe Cosola

1 Tyujia

4 Jasmin
cityvibe & adultsearch too

6984 12/08/17(Fri)01:38 No. 77826 ID: ab696a



6984 12/08/17(Fri)01:47 No. 77827 ID: ab696a

Sasha aka Aleksandra Wild

Closet Homosexual 12/08/17(Fri)10:38 No. 77848 ID: daa4a4


6984 12/08/18(Sat)06:22 No. 77879 ID: ab696a



all the videos I've ever seen (so far) are on that guys xhamster profile oh and this one


Closet Homosexual 12/08/19(Sun)00:37 No. 77911 ID: 8cbe84

File 134532946015.jpg - (622.39KB , 1500x672 , Trap on bed.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/08/19(Sun)20:50 No. 77957 ID: 178c1c


the name of the cute black haried girl

Closet Homosexual 12/08/19(Sun)21:56 No. 77958 ID: a08917

watch the intro...

Closet Homosexual 12/08/19(Sun)22:13 No. 77959 ID: d6c330

File 134540717315.gif - (614.44KB , 239x199 , 4005340+_31b2c89fbcf5266fc414c516507eb123.gif )

Source, or similar?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/19(Sun)22:28 No. 77960 ID: 4d29d5


anymore of her? Closet Homosexual 12/08/20(Mon)22:04 No. 78009 ID: ffe87c

I believe shes called "Sonia Makela" or something. Looking for more of her does anyone have? These are the only free ones i could find.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/20(Mon)22:39 No. 78010 ID: 300aa6

Found it! After all this time, too.

6984 12/08/21(Tue)00:09 No. 78014 ID: ab696a

been looking for that one forever myself
Marcia Kelly

Closet Homosexual 12/08/21(Tue)02:59 No. 78023 ID: 2d90cb

Yep, that's it. They both have audio by the way. The person just makes close to zero noise and when he does, it's very quiet.
Now all we need it a source or name.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/21(Tue)07:04 No. 78030 ID: 0170bd

The cat like trap reminds me of Aimee (Flickr)

Closet Homosexual 12/08/21(Tue)07:05 No. 78031 ID: 0170bd

She should be on everyone's radar. Wow

Closet Homosexual 12/08/21(Tue)07:12 No. 78032 ID: 899474

Anyone know the name of the tranny at 00:46? http://motherless.com/ABB0C5E

6984 12/08/21(Tue)08:39 No. 78035 ID: ab696a

I agree! I found her facebook and asked if that was her we'll see I guess, no better way to verify!

Closet Homosexual 12/08/21(Tue)12:00 No. 78049 ID: 899474


Thanks, Anon

Closet Homosexual 12/08/21(Tue)13:31 No. 78051 ID: f45704

File 134554870573.gif - (909.46KB , 400x227 , unknown23.gif )

Anyone know source video or name of this girl?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/21(Tue)21:59 No. 78054 ID: 43bc13

Jessica Versace

Closet Homosexual 12/08/22(Wed)14:18 No. 78075 ID: 2f9e3d

File 134563789197.jpg - (181.23KB , 1174x900 , thsffjsxtyjsr.jpg )

Remember this one? Well I still haven't found her name, but she made a new video: http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=GEJPt-G468-

Actually, I don't know if it's new or not either. There is not much action, but given her ridiculous hotness, just the sight of that sublime cock is enough to do it for me.

Now, nobody STILL has the name of this incredible beauty?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/22(Wed)23:51 No. 78091 ID: 2f9e3d

File 13456722608.jpg - (825.68KB , 3888x2592 , grateful.jpg )

I'm at loss for words and.. I.. I don't know how to thank you.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/23(Thu)02:12 No. 78095 ID: cbfdab

Two on far right... need to know. omg.

6984 12/08/24(Fri)01:54 No. 78144 ID: ab696a

no problem.. I love this thread/board whatever you call it
everyone says its just her pants bunched together, I can't find any sauce or more so I'm starting to agree

duke 12/08/25(Sat)00:45 No. 78181 ID: 97dd6e

Name or sauce please?

hello TrannyMistress 12/08/25(Sat)04:29 No. 78192 ID: 3b863c

Closet Homosexual 12/03/15(Thu)22:28 No. 70818 ID: 17f7fa

First one is sexy Jess the second just ring bell

They are both on tranchan thou

Closet Homosexual 12/08/25(Sat)10:49 No. 78200 ID: e2f0bf

Requesting moar.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/25(Sat)17:42 No. 78205 ID: 973ab1

Anyone know of the video where a trap is fucking a red dildo that creampies them?

Please help Closet Homosexual 12/08/26(Sun)00:59 No. 78213 ID: e51992

File 134593554557.jpg - (11.82KB , 320x240 , catherine.jpg )

Really REALLY want more of her. Any clues?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/26(Sun)04:39 No. 78214 ID: 769336

File 134594876636.jpg - (38.25KB , 500x375 , tumblr_m8zj75ScjA1r9s3ato1_500.jpg )

anyone know if theres more of her?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/26(Sun)14:02 No. 78221 ID: 907e0a

File 134598252414.jpg - (219.41KB , 1280x720 , 1344778203745.jpg )


That's Clover.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/26(Sun)17:40 No. 78225 ID: 17fa2a





Closet Homosexual 12/08/29(Wed)09:24 No. 78273 ID: f75900

Who are they?!
Are there more??
(especially want more of that blue haired beauty)

Are any of them shooped? (doesn't look like it imo.)

Closet Homosexual 12/08/29(Wed)09:39 No. 78274 ID: 1bfe55

Second one is a very VERY VEEEEERRRRYYY obvious shop.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/29(Wed)21:56 No. 78283 ID: 21df9f

First two are photos of russian Cake trap.

Closet Homosexual 12/08/29(Wed)22:00 No. 78284 ID: 21df9f

First two photos are russian Cake trap.
One of hers threads:

qqq Closet Homosexual 12/08/29(Wed)22:00 No. 78285 ID: 21df9f

First two photos are russian Cake trap.
One of hers threads:

Closet Homosexual 12/08/31(Fri)00:06 No. 78312 ID: fa7bee

i want these

Closet Homosexual 12/08/31(Fri)08:28 No. 78316 ID: 37f510

luckyshare net/8291482541/IONPRON_1814.avi

how badly?

Closet Homosexual 12/08/31(Fri)13:20 No. 78321 ID: 92d096


Danika Dreamz, she is indeed amazing.

6984 12/08/31(Fri)20:08 No. 78329 ID: ab696a

1st. think she's russian, names Angelika

2nd. discordia suicide (not trap sorry)


Name or sauce please GenDem 12/09/03(Mon)11:59 No. 78365 ID: c5cff6

Anyone know her name?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/03(Mon)18:20 No. 78379 ID: 907e0a


That's Mollytrap.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/04(Tue)20:43 No. 78406 ID: 7381f2

File 134678420013.png - (313.69KB , 629x467 , Captureddd.png )


Closet Homosexual 12/09/05(Wed)01:42 No. 78415 ID: b8b016

Sorry I don't have an image, but a long time ago I saw this bee armitage .gif where a guy goes up to her and strokes her dick for a bit and it gets erect. I was wondering if anyone had the full video. Thanks.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/05(Wed)13:54 No. 78422 ID: cbfdab

File 13468460677.png - (653.36KB , 480x660 , 808019530.png )

Anyone have the video?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/05(Wed)16:36 No. 78424 ID: 300aa6


Closet Homosexual 12/09/05(Wed)23:00 No. 78428 ID: 0eca3f

File 134687879948.jpg - (169.78KB , 513x684 , 1346878912198.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/09/05(Wed)23:16 No. 78429 ID: ce0fc4


Does she have any more videos?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/07(Fri)13:09 No. 78464 ID: 6a792d

with cheggit now following puretna and empornium, what's everyones new favorite (sheemale) porn tracker?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/07(Fri)19:51 No. 78476 ID: 4f70f5

That picture is not in the video, althought it's both same people. The wardrobe and the hair color are different.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/07(Fri)21:56 No. 78480 ID: b54bd9

This may be a long shot, recently I was in a Tinychat room and there was an Asian trap in there. She was pale with glasses and long dark hair. Also, she said she was from Ontario. Any idea who it could be?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/07(Fri)22:22 No. 78481 ID: bfc7e3

File 134704934997.jpg - (43.60KB , 460x900 , 134687021890.jpg )

Does anyone know who is this? I got this link showing one image in my search: http://pattybeltrav.blogspot.com.br/2012_04_01_archive.html?zx=2c1b8b838fc78dea
She was originally posted on br.chan's /int/

Anonymous 12/09/08(Sat)04:23 No. 78487 ID: d7c1aa

Source and Moar?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/08(Sat)20:12 No. 78502 ID: b54bd9

File 134712796717.jpg - (76.89KB , 1024x768 , 1340574732741.jpg )

Who's this? And more.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/08(Sat)21:06 No. 78503 ID: a4cc08

oh god... she's amazing

Closet Homosexual 12/09/09(Sun)14:30 No. 78521 ID: 96313c


want to know sauce too

Closet Homosexual 12/09/11(Tue)18:56 No. 78578 ID: 907e0a


That's Niko from 99chan.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/11(Tue)22:38 No. 78580 ID: 0bfc52


Who is she or what movie is it from?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/12(Wed)05:12 No. 78588 ID: 465229

File 134741952437.gif - (1.27MB , 450x337 , 149070.gif )

Dude ¿this is a trap?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/12(Wed)09:53 No. 78592 ID: 3c6084

sadly just a cute tumblr girl, there are some gifs of her without the wig with her long natty hair.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/12(Wed)16:46 No. 78595 ID: f31ff1

File 134746118593.png - (380.31KB , 340x521 , 134743178754.png )

78428 78487 Closet Homosexual 12/09/12(Wed)22:10 No. 78599 ID: 488326


Closet Homosexual 12/09/12(Wed)22:13 No. 78600 ID: 488326


it's all that I've found of her (need moar), but her name is still missing...

Closet Homosexual 12/09/13(Thu)00:26 No. 78602 ID: 182a78

First pic in this post ins't the same person. Been in these threads when they were posted.

Yes. Closet Homosexual 12/09/13(Thu)01:20 No. 78603 ID: a629f3


Closet Homosexual 12/09/13(Thu)01:21 No. 78604 ID: a629f3

Does anyone know who this cutie is??

Closet Homosexual 12/09/13(Thu)01:51 No. 78609 ID: 6fbb89

you don't have more?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/14(Fri)16:32 No. 78625 ID: 6439e6


gisell ruivinha
giselly soares

Closet Homosexual 12/09/14(Fri)20:39 No. 78638 ID: d1df0d

File 134764796586.jpg - (54.61KB , 489x800 , 1347641040662.jpg )


I think this is her too. I read somwhere that she used to post in /soc. We need to find her guys!

Closet Homosexual 12/09/15(Sat)04:15 No. 78654 ID: 475118

File 134767530893.jpg - (153.05KB , 513x684 , 1347099390689.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 12/09/15(Sat)09:43 No. 78659 ID: cbfdab

File 134769502783.gif - (1.19MB , 360x240 , 1347695128717.gif )

Closet Homosexual 12/09/16(Sun)19:11 No. 78708 ID: 7381f2

bumping for answer

Rigger 12/09/18(Tue)17:05 No. 78777 ID: 8c6462


The second one is Lexi Belle with a dick shopped on her.

Rigger 12/09/18(Tue)17:09 No. 78779 ID: 8c6462


Kaiti. You can find her on Tia Tizziani's transformation site.

Rigger 12/09/18(Tue)17:18 No. 78780 ID: 8c6462

File 134798150434.jpg - (128.06KB , 768x1024 , tumblr_m6pwumMWnz1royhc0o1_1280.jpg )

Ok, so I checked the entire thread to make sure I wasn't duplicating.

Who is this? Is she a trap?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/19(Wed)06:12 No. 78806 ID: cbfdab

Sauce on the blonde (4th pic) in this post:

Closet Homosexual 12/09/19(Wed)10:37 No. 78809 ID: 19323f

File 134804384864.gif - (1.73MB , 450x337 , 1347777531890.gif )

Is this the same person?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/19(Wed)17:36 No. 78814 ID: e60c24

File 134806899433.jpg - (95.01KB , 500x375 , QYwvJBVM.jpg )



Lupe+Williams 12/09/20(Thu)19:12 No. 78840 ID: 4b3fe4


who is this???

Closet Homosexual 12/09/22(Sat)19:20 No. 78892 ID: 6efcc9

Who is this?


AfuckingA 12/09/23(Sun)05:41 No. 78900 ID: 35db05


I don't know, does it look like the same person to you? It just might be! The world may never know!

Closet Homosexual 12/09/23(Sun)08:49 No. 78909 ID: 40476f

File 134838295243.gif - (1.39MB , 640x480 , movie.gif )


You guys are getting warmer. Although, you wont get sauce unless I upload it. Here's one I've uploaded a lot in the past so it should be here.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/23(Sun)09:25 No. 78910 ID: 3c6084

How's the bike riding going?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/24(Mon)04:58 No. 78940 ID: 97dd6e

So, why don't you upload it?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/24(Mon)07:02 No. 78944 ID: 4eed03

File 134846296434.gif - (913.76KB , 250x188 , 20827_o.gif )

That looks like it might be weeg, but I could easily be wrong.

What's the source of this gif?

potowotominimac 12/09/24(Mon)21:06 No. 78953 ID: 7c04ba

Nah doesn't look a thing like weeg.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/24(Mon)23:58 No. 78954 ID: 300aa6

She has a thread up on tranchan, don't remember which board though, there's like a dozen.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/25(Tue)00:08 No. 78955 ID: 734c6b

File 13485245073.jpg - (325.43KB , 1200x900 , 1297483347936.jpg )

Does anybody have first 5 photos from this thread?
It's confirmed trap. In return photos that i have.

duke 12/09/25(Tue)03:03 No. 78957 ID: 97dd6e

Sauce or name please? Thanks in advance

Closet Homosexual 12/09/25(Tue)03:26 No. 78958 ID: bc7d0d

omg mor preez?

78909 Anonymous 12/09/25(Tue)19:19 No. 78967 ID: aa6baa

File 134859359989.jpg - (66.31KB , 600x800 , tumblr_madcs7ZB3C1r9s3ato1_1280.jpg )

Still Want Sauce, Name and Just Moar!!

Closet Homosexual 12/09/26(Wed)00:21 No. 78972 ID: 68470a


apparently she postet in this thread:


Closet Homosexual 12/09/26(Wed)03:31 No. 78975 ID: 300aa6

File 134862308768.jpg - (375.38KB , 475x1099 , 1348095251352[1].jpg )

Turns out it wasn't tranchan, it was 420chan
This is the thread

Closet Homosexual 12/09/26(Wed)04:04 No. 78976 ID: 182a78


You should get your eyes checked. Not even close to being the same person.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/26(Wed)07:10 No. 78979 ID: bc7d0d

>>78976 not even close.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/26(Wed)07:28 No. 78980 ID: bc7d0d


Closet Homosexual 12/09/26(Wed)14:18 No. 78983 ID: 68470a


for christs sake if that's you get your own thread or show us sauce please god then go on hormones! You need to be a girl and get fucked as a girl!

Closet Homosexual 12/09/26(Wed)19:37 No. 78985 ID: bc7d0d

looks good as is to me... But ya sauce/thread would be nice.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/27(Thu)05:23 No. 78994 ID: 3c6084


Any source to this? Passable hot teen girl. She must have a cam site or something. Anyone?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/27(Thu)15:43 No. 79002 ID: 063208


Please don't post that it's a friend of mine and he no longer cross dresses as far as I know. He was also underage that the time of said photos.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/28(Fri)11:04 No. 79015 ID: 22758d

anybody knows who this is?


potowotominimac 12/09/28(Fri)16:06 No. 79017 ID: 7c04ba

Ah crap


Closet Homosexual 12/09/29(Sat)01:57 No. 79022 ID: 300aa6

File 134887662198.jpg - (952.28KB , 1752x1196 , 134871539227[1].jpg )

Anybody have source or more?

Closet Homosexual 12/09/29(Sat)19:25 No. 79030 ID: 73e28e

She's Bianca Freire. Now she has big fake tits and works as prostitute in Italy.

Closet Homosexual 12/09/29(Sat)23:14 No. 79033 ID: fa7bee

File 134895324344.jpg - (61.42KB , 577x900 , 0533058208.jpg )

anyone has the vid of this
names chloe

Closet Homosexual 12/09/30(Sun)23:26 No. 79045 ID: 59e14b

I'm looking for a video where a cute shemale dressed as cleopatra is masturbating and looking directly at the camera.
I saw it a year or so ago and now can't seem to find it.
I don't have much hopes for this, but if someone has it, that'd be awesome

I have a thing for blondes? Closet Homosexual 12/10/01(Mon)09:01 No. 79059 ID: 4e28f1

Can anyone identify any one of these lovely ladies? and if so, is there moar? it would be much appreciated

Closet Homosexual 12/10/01(Mon)12:29 No. 79069 ID: 65ea8d

lol The last three are from Photoshop, as wielded by a nine-year-old.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/02(Tue)13:30 No. 79101 ID: 821bd6

File 134917741136.jpg - (6.23KB , 240x180 , ava shirmir.jpg )

its a longshot but does anyone have this video? uploaded to xhamster called Sexy Tranny Posing In Lingerie
its of a sexy dark skinned exotic looking tranny posing in front of a webcam

it was once on amatuertgirls.blosgpot redux under something like tropical bikini babe or something, any help is appreciated.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/03(Wed)07:42 No. 79138 ID: 4ad1e3

File 134924294634.jpg - (45.90KB , 1169x662 , Ari.jpg )

Hopefully this is the right board, first off, but I'd like to know if anyone knows who this is.

Anonymous 12/10/03(Wed)10:23 No. 79140 ID: 9cb883

Finally a name Kalindra Chan


Closet Homosexual 12/10/03(Wed)14:26 No. 79145 ID: 28c4f8

Ryder Monroe

Closet Homosexual 12/10/04(Thu)00:27 No. 79163 ID: 35ae80


That's haruhi, she has a thread here >>78435

Closet Homosexual 12/10/04(Thu)22:38 No. 79209 ID: 85fdb4

I have been looking for her name for a while someone please help


Closet Homosexual 12/10/04(Thu)23:43 No. 79212 ID: 0170bd

Would love to have some of that!

Closet Homosexual 12/10/04(Thu)23:45 No. 79213 ID: 0170bd

Can I get an ID on this lady? She's gorgeous

Closet Homosexual 12/10/05(Fri)04:28 No. 79220 ID: 2a3c0f

Hello I was wondering who this person is.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/05(Fri)09:59 No. 79231 ID: 821bd6

i do believe its lisa from shemale japan

Anonymous 12/10/06(Sat)04:21 No. 79247 ID: a1ee0f

Anyone know who this is?


Closet Homosexual 12/10/06(Sat)19:42 No. 79286 ID: 055c9d

Anyone know who owns this ass?
I've never wanted to ick anything more


Closet Homosexual 12/10/07(Sun)00:38 No. 79296 ID: ca08f5

File 134956311684.jpg - (194.73KB , 764x1024 , 1349555869768.jpg )

Who is this, and does 'she' do hardcore?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/07(Sun)01:23 No. 79298 ID: 5775db

File 134956580593.jpg - (47.77KB , 640x426 , 1333966292733.jpg )

anyone know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/07(Sun)05:53 No. 79307 ID: a72c66


Closet Homosexual 12/10/08(Mon)08:03 No. 79335 ID: 3b4cb8

I can;t remember the name of this Italian shemale escort (or Brazilian shemale escort in Italy, can't remember exactly, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Italy) that has her own website and has like short videos and image galleries. I just can't remember the name! She's got short blondish hair and whatever he name is, I remember it was really short.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/08(Mon)08:08 No. 79336 ID: 3b4cb8

To add to this, I'm pretty sure she goes by (the name) Transex.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/08(Mon)20:04 No. 79354 ID: 2f1d74

File 134971946612.png - (343.61KB , 640x480 , vlcsnap-2012-09-23-14h47m39s223.png )

Hi anon, im searching for this trans gal from brasil; she appears in little name studios usually being buttfucked.

thansk in advance

Closet Homosexual 12/10/08(Mon)20:07 No. 79355 ID: 245930

I think Efe Transex is who you're looking for.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/09(Tue)00:02 No. 79361 ID: cbfdab

Sauce on any would be appreciated

Closet Homosexual 12/10/09(Tue)00:03 No. 79362 ID: cbfdab

I know the first is Mariana, I want to know the specific vid. Rest I'm happy with names for.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/09(Tue)00:05 No. 79363 ID: cbfdab


Closet Homosexual 12/10/09(Tue)00:07 No. 79364 ID: cbfdab

Thanks in advance!

Closet Homosexual 12/10/10(Wed)02:34 No. 79429 ID: ecf4a4

File 134982925492.jpg - (74.83KB , 431x750 , tumblr_m6ur4s7uPj1rx5tjeo1_500.jpg )

Hey guys i saw her in a trap heaven post and i realy need to know something about her like name/moarpics/anything plz help

Closet Homosexual 12/10/10(Wed)16:07 No. 79443 ID: 7a9fba

File 13498780697.jpg - (177.42KB , 640x480 , heartbutt.jpg )

Does anyone happen to know a name or course for this adorable trap?
I've been asking everywhere with no luck.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/10(Wed)17:55 No. 79446 ID: d68aee

File 134988454729.jpg - (54.77KB , 640x480 , 1349518616542_jpg_jpeg-622947545.jpg )

anybody have more?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/11(Thu)08:03 No. 79469 ID: 72e008

First is definately Mint.

Kalindra? You here? Closet Homosexual 12/10/12(Fri)04:58 No. 79494 ID: 293c9d

Ok, name's Kalindra chan. I've got the name, but I really want the sauce. I really don't give a fuck about the name, but if you could direct me to the whereabouts of her fresh material I would be eternally grateful to you. She's so intoxicating.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/12(Fri)11:19 No. 79506 ID: daa4a4

File 135003356393.jpg - (8.06KB , 351x390 , whodatgurl.jpg )

Anyone have any more information / source on this cutie, please?


Closet Homosexual 12/10/12(Fri)17:33 No. 79509 ID: 296527

File 135005601776.jpg - (423.14KB , 1265x1280 , 1315245010825.jpg )

Anyone got moar of her?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/14(Sun)05:29 No. 79578 ID: 33ce96


I've asked too, always gets buried! Please, someone has got to know more!

Closet Homosexual 12/10/14(Sun)18:00 No. 79596 ID: 5a7f9b

File 135023045390.jpg - (42.79KB , 864x480 , 4695326157.jpg )

Is anybody have moar? Posted few days ago and didn't appears again :/

Closet Homosexual 12/10/15(Mon)01:15 No. 79606 ID: fbfe4c

File 135025650523.png - (248.07KB , 500x375 , aaa.png )

>>79443 Oh yeah. She is absolutely stunning. I have this pic, and seeking for her too.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/15(Mon)06:08 No. 79625 ID: 8bb5c1

File 135027410099.jpg - (176.27KB , 640x480 , 1346848750781.jpg )

got some more

Closet Homosexual 12/10/15(Mon)06:16 No. 79626 ID: 8bb5c1


Closet Homosexual 12/10/15(Mon)17:23 No. 79650 ID: 6893d2

This video that anon posted has vanished. Does anyone have any info on it, or can anyone with it please share it again?

andi 12/10/16(Tue)00:56 No. 79670 ID: fbfe4c

>>79625 A sex bomb. Want much more of her.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/16(Tue)06:27 No. 79701 ID: 300aa6

That's Adriana Rodrigues.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/18(Thu)02:20 No. 79772 ID: bea92b

File 135051961082.jpg - (61.80KB , 640x423 , edit.jpg )

sauce or name pls

Closet Homosexual 12/10/19(Fri)18:53 No. 79823 ID: 13a8e4

Goes by Robotrap. A rare one, i cant track her down and we even used to chat over Emails :(

Closet Homosexual 12/10/22(Mon)03:06 No. 79872 ID: 31ec59


anyone got more picsÉ

Closet Homosexual 12/10/23(Tue)19:18 No. 79910 ID: 2e7f00

File 135101270753.jpg - (42.44KB , 640x400 , 528209401.jpg )


transalexia Closet Homosexual 12/10/23(Tue)22:43 No. 79917 ID: a1384e

First time I've seen this girl. She might be the hottest trap i've ever seen. Apparently goes by Transalexia on cam4.


Anyone have more?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/24(Wed)08:04 No. 79925 ID: 8cb03a

File 135105869424.png - (216.20KB , 420x365 , TLBGDRILL.png )

Anyone know what vid this might be from?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/30(Tue)06:49 No. 80319 ID: e67ff6



Closet Homosexual 12/10/30(Tue)18:07 No. 80342 ID: 97dd6e

Name or sauce?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/31(Wed)00:05 No. 80364 ID: eff9dd

File 135163829893.gif - (1.80MB , 276x216 , 1351633623536.gif )

who is she?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/31(Wed)00:13 No. 80365 ID: 4f7d22

bailey jay... Where the fuck you been sonny?

Closet Homosexual 12/10/31(Wed)00:13 No. 80366 ID: eff9dd

saw him/her in a thread on 4chan, didn't save because it wasn't that good

Closet Homosexual 12/10/31(Wed)00:15 No. 80367 ID: eff9dd

new to this, normally i don't even like traps. But i just had to find this one

Closet Homosexual 12/10/31(Wed)00:54 No. 80370 ID: a03e17

File 135164126143.jpg - (35.89KB , 640x480 , 134508610136.jpg )

Anyone knows anything about her?


Plus: what's the name of the trap of the picture?

Thanks btw.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/31(Wed)00:55 No. 80371 ID: 300aa6

Trap in the picture is Domino Presley.

Closet Homosexual 12/10/31(Wed)04:03 No. 80375 ID: 6893d2

Many thanks for this!

Who is this trap? Closet Homosexual 12/11/01(Thu)08:25 No. 80428 ID: 5352e8

File 135175473760.png - (461.25KB , 846x691 , whoisthistrap.png )

I found a pair of videos of this trap in motherless, anyone knows her? nickname? channel, etc?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/01(Thu)09:15 No. 80430 ID: bf55a7

She's goes by the name swimsuit, there's a thread for her in /cd/. She hasn't been around lately though I think. :(

Closet Homosexual 12/11/01(Thu)10:40 No. 80434 ID: cbfdab

Does anyone have the exact video this is from?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/01(Thu)21:04 No. 80465 ID: 5352e8

Thanks, I will check it.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/01(Thu)21:10 No. 80466 ID: 5352e8

It seems that the thread is no longer there.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/01(Thu)21:56 No. 80467 ID: bf55a7

Found one of them for you: http://7chan.org/cd/res/12053.html

Closet Homosexual 12/11/02(Fri)00:40 No. 80473 ID: 6ee03c


And so it begins....

Closet Homosexual 12/11/02(Fri)13:27 No. 80487 ID: cbfdab

File 135185924237.gif - (144.86KB , 122x200 , 1351843312624.gif )

For the love of god, sauce!

Closet Homosexual 12/11/02(Fri)13:29 No. 80488 ID: cbfdab


Closet Homosexual 12/11/02(Fri)14:30 No. 80490 ID: 776738

where is the full video of this or more? I think it's roxychan but I'm not sure


Closet Homosexual 12/11/03(Sat)03:12 No. 80503 ID: 5352e8

Thank you very much.

FTGW - Nicole Navarro vids Closet Homosexual 12/11/03(Sat)05:01 No. 80512 ID: 24eb96

Franks T-Girls - Nicole Navarro does anyone have these vids?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/03(Sat)18:40 No. 80524 ID: acd8b1


there more?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/03(Sat)19:18 No. 80525 ID: 248947

File 135196671058.jpg - (200.13KB , 786x524 , 1351958245342.jpg )

any one know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/04(Sun)22:53 No. 80576 ID: f2bb7d

I to would also love to know who this is.

Miaku Godfrey 12/11/04(Sun)23:43 No. 80577 ID: 9cf64d

Im finding Photos of me all over the web that i didn't post my selfe so y not post some of my own :)

Closet Homosexual 12/11/04(Sun)23:46 No. 80578 ID: 2b4031

there is no way you are a trap!

Miaku+Godfrey 12/11/04(Sun)23:48 No. 80579 ID: 9cf64d

Miaku Godfrey

Closet Homosexual 12/11/05(Mon)18:53 No. 80612 ID: 24eb96

could really use some help here

Closet Homosexual 12/11/05(Mon)21:50 No. 80615 ID: af9a5e


anyone has more or a name?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/06(Tue)02:04 No. 80630 ID: 96cfa9

File 135216384839.jpg - (1.06MB , 2592x1456 , 1334085280956.jpg )

Need a name asap

Closet Homosexual 12/11/07(Wed)06:52 No. 80718 ID: b8229f


Closet Homosexual 12/11/07(Wed)13:26 No. 80728 ID: 32a913

File 135229118712.jpg - (54.64KB , 640x960 , image.jpg )

Who is this?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/07(Wed)13:30 No. 80729 ID: 97551e

Danni Daniels, a bit masculine but damn she's a good top.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/07(Wed)16:21 No. 80734 ID: 6f28bb

I found a video on ashemaletube.com a while back with sadie hawkins and another shemale arguing over who's hotel/apartment it was. not the best video ever, but for some reason i want to watch it again. Anyone have the link?

Source? Closet Homosexual 12/11/07(Wed)21:04 No. 80740 ID: 1940a3


Name of girl? Or dvd?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/07(Wed)22:02 No. 80741 ID: 99c32d

Her name is Nicole. She has many videos out there, some as a blonde too.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/07(Wed)22:05 No. 80742 ID: 71ebe1

I've been trying to find a specific artist for a while... They have an anime style of art and usually use really bright colors for the outlines of their art. The drawings feature what I think are males with huge dicks usually fucking things. They look very girly but I don't remember them having vaginas or breasts. I can remember they were usually in some kind of costumes, like a nurse or in a kimono.. The dicks were usually pierced too, multiple times.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/08(Thu)00:25 No. 80750 ID: 32a913

Thanks! I wanted to know because shes my cock twin xD

Closet Homosexual 12/11/09(Fri)03:22 No. 80796 ID: cbfdab

File 135242777767.jpg - (86.37KB , 496x671 , bun.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/11/10(Sat)00:44 No. 80845 ID: e67ff6


ye I'm gonna need some sauce

Closet Homosexual 12/11/11(Sun)20:50 No. 80907 ID: a3131f

Can anyone provide a download link to Alice Amuze socks shecock video?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/12(Mon)13:13 No. 80927 ID: cbfdab

File 135272242987.jpg - (174.13KB , 1024x768 , 132743193898.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/11/13(Tue)21:37 No. 80955 ID: 8e01ec

File 135283903083.png - (1.79MB , 1072x788 , 2nqe446.png )

I've been searching pretty hard for this one, I know she has a youtube, but I can't locate it. Got her surgery paid for as a result of the settlement some kind of auto accident(she said so in a video)

Closet Homosexual 12/11/14(Wed)03:33 No. 80956 ID: 4a1412


Closet Homosexual 12/11/14(Wed)12:06 No. 80966 ID: e7b8df

who are they? http://motherless.com/875C2E7

Closet Homosexual 12/11/14(Wed)21:04 No. 80972 ID: 687968

where from? ;)

Closet Homosexual 12/11/15(Thu)07:48 No. 80980 ID: cbfdab

File 135296212096.gif - (499.69KB , 420x354 , 1351989447446.gif )

Closet Homosexual 12/11/15(Thu)07:52 No. 80981 ID: cbfdab

Anyone ever find sauce to this?

? oneninenineninefiesta 12/11/15(Thu)20:27 No. 80987 ID: c0946c

Have you found anything else about her? Cam site? Facebook?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/16(Fri)00:12 No. 80989 ID: 86b4e7

Does anyone have the full video of this?


Closet Homosexual 12/11/16(Fri)00:31 No. 80991 ID: 8e2bd4


Neeeeeeed more from her.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/16(Fri)19:27 No. 81003 ID: 30cc4f

File 135309046669.jpg - (13.82KB , 480x400 , 1161539775.jpg )

who is this... i'm in love

Closet Homosexual 12/11/16(Fri)20:37 No. 81004 ID: 4b0174

cam4 xemopimpx
shes on right now

Closet Homosexual 12/11/16(Fri)23:10 No. 81007 ID: 30cc4f

are there videos of her anywhere?

Mei Ling Closet Homosexual 12/11/18(Sun)11:54 No. 81041 ID: 70fe1c

File 135323604538.jpg - (43.67KB , 640x480 , tranny_surprise_8.jpg )


Tranny Surprise: Egg Roll
I know her name is mei Ling but I can not fid this anywhere.

traplover 12/11/18(Sun)18:20 No. 81045 ID: 7c7812

need to know who this is


Closet Homosexual 12/11/18(Sun)19:14 No. 81046 ID: 4dc17e

can anyone tell me the name of the first shemale in this video? http://www.ashemaletube.com/videos/29714/black-transsexual-beauty-in-copulation.html

Closet Homosexual 12/11/19(Mon)05:28 No. 81057 ID: 637709

File 135329927440.gif - (3.90MB , 384x232 , 1351694304460.gif )

Sauce? It's like searching for a bitch in a crowd of traps.

khl 12/11/22(Thu)01:46 No. 81115 ID: 135744

name of the video please ?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/22(Thu)05:15 No. 81121 ID: 293c9d

This is what i found of Kalindra.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/22(Thu)05:22 No. 81122 ID: 293c9d

More Kalindra.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/22(Thu)11:07 No. 81127 ID: 93c713


but where does she post that stuff? Her pics are all over tumblr and chans but I can't find sause.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/22(Thu)18:40 No. 81134 ID: 293c9d

I spoke to her. She doesn't have any plans to start up a tumblr or a long term thread on 7chan. She mostly posts to /b/ and when the thread 404's only the ones around the for the new content have it saved. She told me all her photos in circulation are old ones even when they seem new. She's just been slowly releasing them. I'm assuming she's almost out of old OC because she has plans to start taking new pics after Thanksgiving, so give thanks. Your best bet is to just keep your ear to the wind and check the usual hot spots for her new pics because I've already checked Elsweyr. If I get anything new I'll bring it here.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/22(Thu)20:13 No. 81137 ID: 86b4e7

File 135361161963.jpg - (50.66KB , 500x393 , tumblr_mdsug6s0sv1rid9zgo1_500.jpg )

Does anyone know who this is? I must find out.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/22(Thu)22:37 No. 81139 ID: 93c713


thanks for the heads-up and the pics! She once appeared in a thread on 420chan and said she wants to transition. Shit would be sooo cash. Very strange that she won't post her pics elswhere. Lurking on /b 24/7 is a bit much. :/

Closet Homosexual 12/11/23(Fri)06:31 No. 81151 ID: cbfdab

File 135364868437.jpg - (114.38KB , 956x714 , tumblr_m2hjteMG6f1r7zrx4o2_1280.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/11/24(Sat)04:23 No. 81172 ID: 0170bd

Anyone have any sauce on this one? Like a name? Seems this shoot is all she has. Easily one of the best I've seen

Closet Homosexual 12/11/25(Sun)07:34 No. 81220 ID: e33b16

Vivacious V

Closet Homosexual 12/11/25(Sun)17:21 No. 81229 ID: 172388

File 135386050528.jpg - (173.37KB , 540x810 , jessica076_171.jpg )

Something fresh on Izabelly Marquesine pls!

Closet Homosexual 12/11/26(Mon)09:10 No. 81258 ID: 116436

whos this?

Milquetoast 12/11/26(Mon)10:09 No. 81261 ID: 488a50

File 135392096065.jpg - (48.63KB , 285x660 , blueroom.jpg )

Anyone know anything about her/where to get more?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/26(Mon)16:17 No. 81266 ID: 0170bd

Thanks! Was hoping someone had more details.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/26(Mon)19:39 No. 81270 ID: cc0c09

File 135395515318.jpg - (87.08KB , 500x666 , tumblr_m4evvbWmRy1rvfynio1_500[1].jpg )

Same trap as >>62661 but the question is where can I find more?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/26(Mon)20:50 No. 81273 ID: ea5750

Kendra something i think

Closet Homosexual 12/11/26(Mon)21:55 No. 81276 ID: 97dd6e

File 135396331339.jpg - (436.04KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_mdgq7zF2FK1r9s3ato1_1280.jpg )

Who dis?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/27(Tue)00:57 No. 81282 ID: d8855f


Never saw too many of her pics...in fact I've only ever seen one

Closet Homosexual 12/11/27(Tue)08:07 No. 81294 ID: cbfdab

Would kill for sauce.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/27(Tue)08:10 No. 81295 ID: cbfdab

File 135400018188.gif - (3.83MB , 269x141 , 1353755639287.gif )


Closet Homosexual 12/11/27(Tue)08:20 No. 81296 ID: cbfdab

File 135400074320.gif - (3.75MB , 192x144 , 1.gif )

Names or videos would be great. 1/5

Closet Homosexual 12/11/27(Tue)15:40 No. 81300 ID: 0170bd

Bianca Freire

Closet Homosexual 12/11/27(Tue)16:03 No. 81301 ID: 0170bd


GL trying to get her to put out

Closet Homosexual 12/11/27(Tue)17:07 No. 81302 ID: cc0c09

Jesus, she posts like 1 picture every 20 pages.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/27(Tue)21:57 No. 81308 ID: ca08f5

File 135404976422.gif - (1.40MB , 200x112 , 1354048242419.gif )


Closet Homosexual 12/11/28(Wed)00:45 No. 81313 ID: e21727

File 135405990679.jpg - (46.64KB , 499x734 , who.jpg )

anyone know this one?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/28(Wed)02:00 No. 81315 ID: 76cb67

File 135406431941.gif - (3.78MB , 279x165 , 1352223965878.gif )


Anyone know who she is and where I can download videos of her?

Closet Homosexual 12/11/28(Wed)09:45 No. 81325 ID: 963a1e

Bee Armitage


Closet Homosexual 12/11/28(Wed)09:48 No. 81326 ID: 963a1e

oops nvm should i look at the link instead of the gif dur.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/28(Wed)13:16 No. 81332 ID: 9bb3ef

File 135410496341.jpg - (151.31KB , 683x1024 , unknown_t4.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 12/11/28(Wed)19:58 No. 81334 ID: b013eb


Closet Homosexual 12/11/28(Wed)23:06 No. 81337 ID: 8b3fc6

lurk on 4chan /b/. she posts a lot these days

Closet Homosexual 12/11/30(Fri)16:18 No. 81366 ID: 50cb85

this is yasmin pires so hot..
i wish she had more videos.

Closet Homosexual 12/11/30(Fri)17:33 No. 81367 ID: 0170bd

She is quite a looker though. She posted some jerry springer clip that she was on. She looks alot more attractive now imo

Closet Homosexual 12/11/30(Fri)23:17 No. 81376 ID: 86b4e7

Who are these two? (Around the 5:00 mark)


Closet Homosexual 12/12/01(Sat)00:01 No. 81380 ID: 86b4e7

File 135431637872.gif - (2.94MB , 200x145 , 476564283.gif )


Closet Homosexual 12/12/01(Sat)00:34 No. 81381 ID: 6584a8


also, i made these gifs


7chan, help me! Closet Homosexual 12/12/01(Sat)06:36 No. 81387 ID: 8d6767

File 135434018295.png - (1.53MB , 1280x1024 , screenshot.png )

I've been searching like crazy for the full video regarding the picture.

All i know so far is that it belongs to a site called "shemalesfuckgirls.com", and that the name of the actresses are "Rafaela" the shemale, and "Nicole" the girl.

And if any of you find anything else with the same girl i'd be very, very happy.

I humbly ask your help 7chan, and i'm counting on you.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/01(Sat)07:14 No. 81389 ID: 162d5c

File 135434246345.jpg - (421.55KB , 1439x899 , d.jpg )

any one know her name? as seen here @ 13:17.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/01(Sat)11:17 No. 81397 ID: bdcd23

That's Jane Marie.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/01(Sat)19:21 No. 81404 ID: 614fb6

File 135438606466.jpg - (268.04KB , 973x1440 , image_94457.jpg )

How about the new Brielle Bop from shemaleyum?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/02(Sun)02:24 No. 81417 ID: 105fc0

File 135441144322.jpg - (13.67KB , 208x208 , how-about-i-slap-your-shit[1].jpg )

How about you post it

Closet Homosexual 12/12/02(Sun)14:29 No. 81424 ID: c29d11

Who's the sissyboy at 0:42 in this video?


Closet Homosexual 12/12/02(Sun)18:54 No. 81427 ID: 59e14b

If anyone has more of her, please post it.
A name would also be nice.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/02(Sun)20:58 No. 81429 ID: 35ae80

File 135447824267.gif - (3.49MB , 277x208 , 1352087903627.gif )

I'm fairly sure this is longmint, but I can't find the video. Can anyone help?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/02(Sun)21:10 No. 81430 ID: 35ae80

File 135447894862.gif - (3.34MB , 320x240 , 1353813628268.gif )

Also looking for source on this one.

rob 12/12/02(Sun)21:33 No. 81432 ID: f45c5f

This is Sabrina Suzuki

Closet Homosexual 12/12/02(Sun)23:11 No. 81434 ID: 86b4e7

Does anyone have a download link or a video link for this video?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/03(Mon)01:35 No. 81437 ID: 8d6767

Tip, search for Sarina Valentina.

soo cute Coolbot777 12/12/03(Mon)04:51 No. 81441 ID: 0256a2

Please, do anybody know who this is or where i can find more pics?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/03(Mon)06:12 No. 81442 ID: 86b4e7

I already know it's her. I've tried searching, but nothing ever turns up.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/03(Mon)06:42 No. 81443 ID: 86b4e7

Does anyone know where I can find and/or download the FULL video of this?


Closet Homosexual 12/12/03(Mon)08:13 No. 81444 ID: d4e9bc


Closet Homosexual 12/12/03(Mon)17:18 No. 81449 ID: 2dd861


Im gonna need some leads.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/04(Tue)15:26 No. 81480 ID: 04ab46

File 135463118136.jpg - (109.96KB , 532x800 , tumblr_megttlQoPG1rhgzyjo2_1280.jpg )

Anyone know who this is?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/04(Tue)15:37 No. 81481 ID: 80b246


Weird that you made those, but there's no source, names, or anything identifying her.

She's a person!!!!

Closet Homosexual 12/12/05(Wed)17:56 No. 81523 ID: 52a4e1


Closet Homosexual 12/12/05(Wed)22:23 No. 81526 ID: 116ce1

File 135474258132.jpg - (46.67KB , 600x401 , 1354737716292.jpg )


where can I DL the full video of this?

bleh 12/12/06(Thu)02:18 No. 81529 ID: b3351a


I've definitely seen this video before but can't find it for the life of me :(

Closet Homosexual 12/12/07(Fri)07:15 No. 81579 ID: 116ce1

please respond

Closet Homosexual 12/12/07(Fri)08:51 No. 81582 ID: 0170bd

Any sauce??

Closet Homosexual 12/12/07(Fri)09:20 No. 81583 ID: adde6c

Does anyone have more revealing pics of this cd? His tumblr is jewbotic.


Closet Homosexual 12/12/07(Fri)09:35 No. 81584 ID: adde6c

Here's another photo.


60866 Anonymous 12/12/08(Sat)00:06 No. 81597 ID: 2904f9

File 135492158658.gif - (627.04KB , 400x250 , tumblr_mcjq4xRJ8P1rowjpmo1_400.gif )


Closet Homosexual 12/12/08(Sat)16:40 No. 81623 ID: a07732



Closet Homosexual 12/12/09(Sun)22:50 No. 81674 ID: e82071

does anybody have these 2 videos and sets of Moxxyk on Shemale Yum?

id help joephant 12/12/10(Mon)02:13 No. 81682 ID: ff3d41


Closet Homosexual 12/12/10(Mon)03:05 No. 81683 ID: c29d11


Closet Homosexual 12/12/10(Mon)03:09 No. 81684 ID: 84f5be

Any videos where she cums in guys mouth?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/10(Mon)04:18 No. 81687 ID: 0170bd

This interests me. Not sure if you're requesting A specific vid though.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/10(Mon)17:02 No. 81707 ID: 0170bd

anyone know who this is? Also, a link to DL?

Anonymous 12/12/11(Tue)00:27 No. 81719 ID: 903880

Anyone have more captioned stuff like this?

Anonymous 12/12/11(Tue)00:33 No. 81720 ID: 903880

Anyone have more captioned stuff like this?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/11(Tue)05:53 No. 81737 ID: 293c9d


Closet Homosexual 12/12/11(Tue)05:55 No. 81738 ID: 84f5be

Nothing specific :)

Closet Homosexual 12/12/11(Tue)06:00 No. 81739 ID: 84f5be

Nothing specific :)

Closet Homosexual 12/12/11(Tue)17:33 No. 81762 ID: 293c9d

File 13552435828.jpg - (37.17KB , 252x600 , 72usidjkisj.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 12/12/11(Tue)19:03 No. 81765 ID: 574e77


she is so beautiful! Why doesn't she have a blog or tumblr? Someone needs to tell her that she has to transition!

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)02:38 No. 81772 ID: cbfdab

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)02:41 No. 81773 ID: cbfdab

File 135527646544.gif - (499.16KB , 420x256 , sarina.gif )


Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)02:44 No. 81774 ID: cbfdab

File 135527663274.gif - (853.40KB , 250x282 , tumblr_ma1gy2DcHl1reotzoo12_r1_250.gif )


Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)02:45 No. 81775 ID: cbfdab

File 135527674641.gif - (939.94KB , 400x230 , 1354994544670.gif )


Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)03:08 No. 81778 ID: cbfdab

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)04:42 No. 81780 ID: d131b1

http://www.ashemaletube dot com/videos/85635/stunning-teen-slut-izabelly.html

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)15:28 No. 81794 ID: bf27a2


Erika Schinaider

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)19:28 No. 81798 ID: 2d888a

Can I get the name of the darker haired girl?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)19:50 No. 81799 ID: 293c9d

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)19:52 No. 81800 ID: 293c9d

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)19:55 No. 81802 ID: 293c9d

Closet Homosexual 12/12/12(Wed)19:58 No. 81803 ID: 293c9d

File 135533873618.jpg - (71.87KB , 329x800 , 9923876267kjd823.jpg )

Last but not least, my personal favorite. You're welcome.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/13(Thu)01:46 No. 81810 ID: 0170bd

Wow! Nice set :D Too bad she's not a regular poster!

Closet Homosexual 12/12/13(Thu)10:48 No. 81821 ID: 21444f


damn she could be the hottest transgirl evar. I hope she knows this!

Closet Homosexual 12/12/13(Thu)21:28 No. 81826 ID: d37c5c

Wow. Gorgeous!

Closet Homosexual 12/12/14(Fri)10:14 No. 81843 ID: 922fe5

who is this young lady?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/14(Fri)15:17 No. 81845 ID: 767195


she got a thread at /cd/

marc 12/12/14(Fri)21:41 No. 81848 ID: e2f676

Closet Homosexual 12/12/15(Sat)05:54 No. 81856 ID: 0e70f9

names on these? links for moar?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/15(Sat)08:20 No. 81863 ID: 4b6ab3


Done. Sauce on any of these?!
They're amazing.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/15(Sat)13:21 No. 81872 ID: da5917

File 135557410319.jpg - (273.07KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_mevkum88kl1royhc0o1_1280[1].jpg )

Name? Sauce?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/15(Sat)14:25 No. 81879 ID: a64ec5

Requesting that as well

Closet Homosexual 12/12/15(Sat)21:59 No. 81886 ID: 4b6ab3

Closet Homosexual 12/12/15(Sat)22:04 No. 81887 ID: 4b6ab3

Closet Homosexual 12/12/15(Sat)22:07 No. 81888 ID: 4b6ab3

Trapmeout (tumblr was deactivated a couple weeks ago T_T)

Is there anymore?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/16(Sun)00:07 No. 81889 ID: 2563b5

looking for this video for a while.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/16(Sun)06:54 No. 81894 ID: 891f8e


anyone have a clue who this girl is??

Closet Homosexual 12/12/16(Sun)21:02 No. 81908 ID: 4b6ab3

I found a video of that gif. It's horrible and what you see in the gif is practically all that happens. The full video is a ghost.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/16(Sun)21:04 No. 81909 ID: 4b6ab3

Any clue as to who this is? And more?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/16(Sun)22:09 No. 81911 ID: a20943


bumping for hope

Closet Homosexual 12/12/17(Mon)02:15 No. 81921 ID: f233ed

From ImageFap, don't have the link handy. ID/sauce/moar?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/17(Mon)11:23 No. 81927 ID: ba1279

The blonde one posted these on 4chan.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/18(Tue)02:34 No. 81954 ID: f233ed

Thanks. I'd love to see her nude. Anyone know a name?

The middle one in 81921 is apparently "Ellie Downing" or "Ellie Dowling", can't find any more pix though.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/18(Tue)03:15 No. 81955 ID: f233ed

I am looking desperately for the video of Vanna Siamese where she shows her penis and plays with it. I have a 30-second snippet from an Amateur Trap & Tranny compilation, but it is clearly from a longer video. The photo on the right is a still from the snippet. (These are not her YouTube videos, which are non-nude.)

Closet Homosexual 12/12/18(Tue)06:18 No. 81957 ID: 293c9d

Got a raging hard on when I first saw this. Kalindra is back and better than ever. I'm requesting this time. Got more?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/18(Tue)09:02 No. 81958 ID: c3f80e

Luciana Bano

Closet Homosexual 12/12/18(Tue)17:08 No. 81971 ID: 18fb47

Hey..... That's Me!

(I have no idea how to post on 7chan)

Closet Homosexual 12/12/18(Tue)22:38 No. 81978 ID: 4b6ab3

This means you'll post more of yourself now, right?
You look amazing.

Posting on here is very easy. Just go back to /di/ and feel free to start your own topic the same way you posted that comment. Obviously, you'll need to upload an image using the browse button.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/18(Tue)23:10 No. 81980 ID: 18fb47

File 135586863569.jpg - (284.57KB , 595x800 , 8265131592_27f1d4705c_c.jpg )

Well I used to post on 420chan but they banned me for no reason a few weeks ago, so I kinda get the interface just wasn't sure it was gonna work when I pressed "reply".

Despite what I look like in my pics I'm really not that much of a camwhore lol, I only posted one or two pics every couple of months on 420chan.

Saying that I've had a flickr account for years now thats got quite a few pictures :P


Pic is mfw they banned me :(

Closet Homosexual 12/12/19(Wed)00:54 No. 81983 ID: fca44e

Erika Schinaider

Closet Homosexual 12/12/19(Wed)03:31 No. 81987 ID: 4b6ab3

How have I never heard of you before? Just...dem hips♥

Closet Homosexual 12/12/19(Wed)13:42 No. 82007 ID: 18fb47

Well I don't really post my pictures on multiple sites.
It also helps that I'm not as attractive as some of the other girls so my pics aren't gonna get passed on and re-posted as much on other sites.
Also my penis isn't out in any of my pics :P

Closet Homosexual 12/12/19(Wed)18:01 No. 82014 ID: be5532

You are amazing, absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love. :D

traplover 12/12/19(Wed)18:26 No. 82015 ID: c8fb84

YEAH!!! what he said please!

Closet Homosexual 12/12/20(Thu)19:15 No. 82053 ID: 5fcbc0

File 135602732652.jpg - (793.34KB , 3000x2250 , 1353965339741.jpg )

i need to know who this is pls

Closet Homosexual 12/12/21(Fri)22:15 No. 82076 ID: 5fcbc0

File 135612451395.jpg - (74.15KB , 500x667 , tumblr_mbmzjkfSj51royhc0o1_500.jpg )

i also have this pic of him if it helps

Closet Homosexual 12/12/21(Fri)23:46 No. 82077 ID: 77cb88

File 135612998094.jpg - (78.79KB , 500x667 , tumblr_ma1v0dwpph1r9s3ato1_500.jpg )


anyone hast sauce or moar?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/22(Sat)12:52 No. 82106 ID: 18fb47

Are you the guy that emailed me a few days ago from Pennsylvania?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/22(Sat)14:19 No. 82110 ID: b58228

I'm also dying to find out/more from that trap. Extremely hot!

Closet Homosexual 12/12/22(Sat)18:00 No. 82114 ID: d739e1


looks hot, but not worth creating a paid account for

Closet Homosexual 12/12/23(Sun)20:13 No. 82135 ID: edc0a2

Requesting this video of a somewhat amateur trap sucking on a black dildo and then fucking herself in the ass with it. It's about 4 minutes long and has no sound other than some music. The trap is white and has black hair. I believe it was on xhamster

marc 12/12/23(Sun)22:57 No. 82139 ID: 7ee40d

82139 marc 12/12/23(Sun)23:00 No. 82140 ID: 7ee40d

Closet Homosexual 12/12/24(Mon)03:19 No. 82147 ID: 6584a8


op on xhamster is sauce. i verify.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/24(Mon)11:45 No. 82159 ID: b25963


Dear Santa...

let Op dump the rest of the vid

Closet Homosexual 12/12/24(Mon)13:55 No. 82161 ID: da5917

File 135635373779.jpg - (668.82KB , 800x844 , tumblr_mfh6jvF3cw1rj29dyo1_1280[1].jpg )

Name? Sauce?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/24(Mon)21:29 No. 82168 ID: da515f

File 135638095121.jpg - (61.02KB , 499x750 , yummy.jpg )

who has the name of this lovely princess?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/25(Tue)02:30 No. 82170 ID: 0e70f9


polish cindy bianco


other stuff elsewhere forget details

coolbot777 12/12/27(Thu)16:47 No. 82238 ID: 0256a2

name? anymore pics?


coolbot777 12/12/27(Thu)16:55 No. 82239 ID: 0256a2

No. 64785

the link is dead, can you repost?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/28(Fri)08:25 No. 82279 ID: 27fa21

That's Miss Bailey Jay

Closet Homosexual 12/12/28(Fri)08:31 No. 82280 ID: 27fa21

This is Halle Rayne and she has her own blog

ID on her? lolgasm 12/12/28(Fri)14:07 No. 82281 ID: be8604


Think I'm in love... seen a few vids but no name! Moar please.

Closet Homosexual 12/12/28(Fri)14:23 No. 82283 ID: 8e204b


Nicole Charming

Fake but who? Closet Homosexual 12/12/29(Sat)01:06 No. 82293 ID: 7bad6d

I know this is a shoop but I want to figure out the original girl anyways. Anyone know??

Closet Homosexual 12/12/29(Sat)04:18 No. 82296 ID: da515f

File 13567511222.jpg - (55.28KB , 499x750 , pretty lady.jpg )

here's another pic

Closet Homosexual 12/12/30(Sun)05:21 No. 82315 ID: e08e12


Izabelly Marquesine

Anime name coolbot777 12/12/30(Sun)10:08 No. 82323 ID: 0256a2

i see it every time i come here, but don't know the name of the anime of hentai show its from

thanks coolbot777 12/12/30(Sun)10:17 No. 82325 ID: 0256a2


Repost dead links? coolbot777 12/12/30(Sun)10:20 No. 82326 ID: 0256a2


the link is dead(removed), can you repost?

Closet Homosexual 12/12/30(Sun)20:48 No. 82330 ID: 8b01cf