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Online dating henrymiller 19/04/01(Mon)11:36 No. 2567

File 155411135818.gif - (45.14KB , 100x125 , 120635.gif )

I'm 25 years old, and have had trouble finding a GF in person, so I've decided to try the online route. Should I try online dating? What was yuor experience?

It works manti 19/04/01(Mon)11:39 No. 2568

File 155411155869.jpg - (71.30KB , 1200x630 , dims.jpg )

I met by girlfriend on Tinder

Poe 19/04/01(Mon)15:21 No. 2574

File 155412489224.jpg - (97.17KB , 720x1280 , 36243.jpg )

Just go on irc. it's where all the cool girls hang out.


quisty and fs

Poe 19/04/01(Mon)15:22 No. 2575

File 15541249796.jpg - (40.89KB , 473x251 , U8EEvRG.jpg )

sorry thats quisty.

THIS is fs.

Poe 19/06/04(Tue)18:04 No. 2582

well, but what kind of girls can you find at tinder?

Poe 19/08/28(Wed)14:23 No. 2589

I want to die

codec 19/10/29(Tue)16:33 No. 2596

i can get u a GF

James+Franko 21/03/01(Mon)12:13 No. 2632

There are a lot of dating sites in Australia and it seems to me that soon there will be too many in order to choose one worthy one. It's very easy to get confused. And to prevent this from happening to you, I advise you to watch the review https://www.datingreviews.com.au/south-australia-dating-sites/ , you will love this site!

Poe 22/01/16(Sun)23:24 No. 2646

File 16423718762.jpg - (354.02KB , 1659x1016 , V meter.jpg )

Remember the virgin scalar meme. According to it your chances are already over.

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