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Obsession with freedom Anonymous 20/02/09(Sun)14:55 No. 14401 ID: 7d5109 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 15812565153.jpg - (217.13KB , 675x900 , George ''The Freemason'' Washi.jpg )

>George Washington joined the Masonic Lodge in Fredericksburg, Virginia, at the age of twenty in 1752. During the War for Independence, General Washington attended Masonic celebrations and religious observances in several states. He also supported Masonic lodges that formed within army regiments.
>Such was Washington’s character, that from almost the day he took his Masonic obligations until his death, he became the same man in private that he was in public. In Masonic terms, he remained “a just and upright Mason.” Brother Washington was, in Masonic terms, a “living stone” who became the cornerstone of American civilization.

The American Constitution is the founding document that supposedly promotes freedom for individuals regardless of creed or religion but when you look at who wrote this document it becomes fairly obvious that all this is a mere reflection of slave owning anarchists that refused to obey others. It stipulates that people have a right to bare arms and own land but with what justification? The constitutional rights espoused in the U.S.A seem to be nothing more than the extension of self-righteous egotism that in the modern day society results in mass shootings and exploitation of other people. It's not about building a functional society, it's about protecting oneself from everything that goes against your own interests.

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Anonymous 22/09/13(Tue)17:24 No. 15138 ID: 776662

Donald Trump
Sam Hyde

Anonymous 22/09/14(Wed)16:20 No. 15142 ID: 747485

Don’t forget Hasan Piker and Joe Biden.

Anonymous 22/09/15(Thu)16:20 No. 15147 ID: fce29e

Joe Biden was born in a poor blue collar family in the Rust Belt.

But who is Hasan Piker?

Is Hedonism an Asceticism? Anonymous 22/07/22(Fri)06:51 No. 15011 ID: 4177ec [Reply]

File 165846550229.jpg - (141.50KB , 1200x900 , Hikikomori,_Hiasuki,_2004.jpg )

For example — although this thread should not be limited to them — I was thinking about the hikikomori. Don't they resemble monks in their seclusion? Is there something to this? Discuss.

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Anonymous 22/08/27(Sat)09:59 No. 15113 ID: 24e565

Yea, St. Anthony of desert lived his whole life secluded in the desert, fighting hordes of demons.

Anonymous 22/08/30(Tue)20:08 No. 15116 ID: 838b0b

Human beings have not changed in thousands or years and you are like everyone else all over the world in more ways that you would like to think.

Anonymous 22/08/31(Wed)04:32 No. 15117 ID: f5fbc6

I know that. But keep in mind that alot of those historical epics you read are often exaggerated or dross over any flaws. Most of history is just peasants tilling the land in the same spot for their entire lifetimes. All these epic wars were mere blips.
People whom glorify war or radical ideology are often those with no purpose nor contact with daily struggle. Theyre self insulated and have zero empathy.

Germany and Spain, 1920's...2022 Victor Isai Mazariegos, Ph.D, J.D. 22/08/14(Sun)00:48 No. 15094 ID: 32f11d [Reply]

File 166043090665.jpg - (52.58KB , 427x504 , main-qimg-38ef11d37ed25c4dc8688403d948da94-lq.jpg )

How many of you believed the lies and American propaganda about Nazi Germany in the 1930's and how they were at most only a "new" and "work-wear," 'work-wear' as in LITERALLY only "work based." Are you fucking kidding me? The American CIA for years since the 1940's made the Nazi Germany "propaganda" look like Germany was some sort of Christian superpower when it logically, evidentially, and factually was not and still is not. Language-wise they give up easily many of their "responsibility"and "moral freedoms." Then there's the huge irresponsibility of Paul Joseph Goebbels for not just straight up calling the enemies Pharisees and Satanists. Stupid idiot. Tom Hasselhoff sucked Gordon Danning from UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA, USA and so do weird little patzies. Please leave me the fuck alone because you are going to get the dog shit slapped the fuck out of you just like your fathers did.

Victor+Isai+Mazariegos,+Ph.D,+J.D. 22/08/14(Sun)00:51 No. 15095 ID: 32f11d

File 166043106764.jpg - (212.06KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_0193.jpg )

I later killed Tom Hasselhoff at Escuela Politecnica in Sacatepequez, Guatemala, Central America. The stupid motherfucker thought he actually had a chance. LOL "hipsters" are so stupid. I am picrelated. Fuck with me. I am Jorge Ubico.

Anonymous 22/08/14(Sun)05:10 No. 15096 ID: 408152

See a psychiatrist bro

Heroic Doooze Anonymous 22/03/11(Fri)19:07 No. 14912 ID: 3b8fbf [Reply]

File 164702204548.jpg - (149.48KB , 595x827 , 2C782549-B29D-41E9-8A38-96E4577EE200.jpg )

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Anonymous 22/07/04(Mon)20:55 No. 14982 ID: f711a9

The Christian conservative ones are the worst

Anonymous 22/07/06(Wed)08:50 No. 14986 ID: 0f2aa5

McKenna tries too hard to come up with a valid argument as to why humans have self-awareness that he gets lost in his own mental masturbation.

Anonymous 22/08/11(Thu)12:00 No. 15093 ID: e3da1b

According to McKenna hallucinogenic mushrooms come from outer space. Alien fungi, so to speak.

2+2 bruhsjxx 22/08/03(Wed)18:53 No. 15049 ID: 6e9154 [Reply]


Anonymous 22/08/07(Sun)20:01 No. 15084 ID: dc1af3

Square root of 16

Anonymous 22/08/04(Thu)20:40 No. 15074 ID: 86af2e [Reply]

File 165963840065.jpg - (36.33KB , 506x431 , 1.jpg )

Blerd seems to be made for black people who feel unconfortable is the vastly white environment of nerd culture, so apparently they moved away and made their own thingy
What sense does it make to create diffrent spaces for diffrent ethnicies? Isnt that the opposite of fighting for tolerance? I think the dream is to have people of all ethnicies feel confortable in any space and with each other, to make every space a safe space in regard to your skin color, not to move away so whites can be with whites and blacks with blacks.
I understand that back people felt ostracised in the convensional nerd spaces, but it seems that now white people are also being ostracised when they enter the blerd zone. How tf is this helping anyone achieving an inclusive society? Are we really going to beat racism by promoting ethnic/cultural segragation? Can't we all learn to include whites and blacks in the nerd scene whithout creating ethnic safe spaces that will inevitably lead us to enjoy the things we like only with people of the same skin color as us?
We invented nerd, why can't we reshape it into somehing more inclusive that better reflects our (more modern) views of the world?
If a black person feels unconfortable in a mostly white work environment, i belive it would make a lot more sense to re-educate said work environment, not only for said white people to be more inclusive of their black co-worker, but also to promote more black people hirings in the future. In this sense, blerd is the equivalent of creating a separate office or busines for blacks only, is that really the smartest move towards defeating racism?
I know preaching tolerance, changing the world one mind at a time, and fighting our way towards a racism free world is a lot of hard work, and segragation is a lot easier if all we want is to have a safe space not be judged by others. But the easiest way is not always the best, reshaping nerd culture into an inclusive one may be hard work, but i think its definitely better (on the long run at least) than to sub divide it based on skin color and make it so that nerd white people dont have to deal with nerd black people and vice versa.Lets not give in to racism and create diffrent spaces for people with diffrent skin colors to live without having to deal with cultural diversification. Lets instead fight racism and make nerd culture a multicolored one.
I want to know what is the general perception of people on this stuff, is blerd perfectly fine to you as black people "moving on" from white people nerd spaces, what are your thoughts on it?

Anonymous 22/08/05(Fri)17:16 No. 15077 ID: 838b0b

File 165971260482.jpg - (125.55KB , 446x571 , i68k478.jpg )

Too much text
I did not read

Anonymous 22/08/07(Sun)20:00 No. 15083 ID: dc1af3

What you say is valid but as we all know, things like these are complicated. Humans are far too attached to castes.

This is why I say individuality is relative.

humanity anonimus 17/07/02(Sun)21:41 No. 12988 ID: 486e31 [Reply]

File 149902448359.jpg - (534.70KB , 1440x1440 , 2016-05-25 03-22-26~2~2.jpg )

Why we are not united? , it s stupid to fight each other , is not better to spent our energy for grow up together?
All the Nations want to have the primacy of something that cause most of the problem on the Earth like the war , economy and political crisis, the hungry , ...
We are Human , we not need a bigger television or beautiful dress , we need to understand to stay togheder

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Anonymous 20/05/20(Wed)10:21 No. 14509 ID: 7cb4c3

Population control may actually be a solution

Go to /pol/ Anonymous 22/01/16(Sun)23:58 No. 14886 ID: 182caf

and ask them to redpill you about "Zion`s elders protocols"

You may start to see a bit

Anonymous 22/07/30(Sat)07:40 No. 15027 ID: da3c72

Exactly. Idk why people think it's evil. At least more evil than other NWO methods.

Anonymous 22/07/06(Wed)02:31 No. 14983 ID: 838b0b [Reply]

File 165706747299.jpg - (196.17KB , 640x360 , 24t234.jpg )

Do you agree with Scruton? Are intellectuals mostly leftist because it's a self-congratulating way to answer society's ills, but not always what's right(no-pun)? Here is a link:

Anonymous 22/07/06(Wed)04:14 No. 14984 ID: e60093

Why do people always think leftism is mostly elitism and antisociality?
Don't right-wing Ivory Tower folks exist?

The+Red+Barron 22/07/20(Wed)08:52 No. 15010 ID: 7cb4c3

Leftists thrive on lies. I'll pay your healthcare right after I finish raising taxes and castrating farmers, brb

So in a way, yes, because they are all just using lip service

Anonymous 22/07/22(Fri)19:24 No. 15017 ID: c4d93f

Aren't you confusing leftism for neoliberalism?

Anonymous 22/06/25(Sat)04:41 No. 14962 ID: 25cd70 [Reply]

File 165612488795.jpg - (63.32KB , 764x496 , 160561829483.jpg )

rarely come here but I thought I would post a thought that has been on my mind for awhile and see what you think. I encourage the rashest thoughts and critiques on it as possible. In fact, disproving it would make me happy.

The following is metaphoric for pretty much any dualistic pair. Black and white, good and bad, left-brained (rational) and right-brained (artistic and creative), etc.

The series goes as follows:
1) Without angels, devils have no motivation.
2) Without devils, angels have no motivation.
3) Motivation is the driving force for change and for life.
4) Given time, a thing will change.
5) There will never exist only angels.
6) There will never exist only devils.

So in other words, according to the idea, the extremities of dualism aren't possible. Also, we all have a little good and bad in all of us, and not everyone can be left-brained (fully rational). It's just a matter of to what degree you are of both respectively. Thats why photons are ejected from black holes (not fully black).

If this sounds like mental illness, just say so. The more honesty I get on this, the more it would potentially help me combat my own mental illness.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
The+Red+Barron 22/06/26(Sun)11:33 No. 14970 ID: 7cb4c3

God says in the Bible that at some point all knees will bow, I'm paraphrasing here but he says that everyone will be good basically, eventually. Revelations implies that evil things will be destroyed entirely for a new planet and sky--universe, basically

I do think eventually everything will be good, at least temporarily. He set this dichotomy up between evil and good for His own entertainment, it stands that He may do so again

Anonymous 22/06/26(Sun)17:31 No. 14974 ID: 25cd70

Why does God want to be worshipped?
What if I don't want to live forever?
Am I doomed for hell for saying God will never understand us (the dualistic right-brained free-thinking, the opposite of the rational being God is for creating the universe) and that everyone's individual life is an experiment?

The+Red+Barron 22/07/20(Wed)08:47 No. 15009 ID: 7cb4c3

He never really says He does, Biblically. It's actually something people do to try and get his attention basically. At one point when He was destroying Israel in the Old Testament He even said "I tire of burnt offerings," burnt offerings were something He ordained to honor Him properly. I imagine the rules for worship were more to remove sin from it, not because He even truly cares for it. I do believe He rewards it, who wouldn't?

>don't want to live
Your own insanity doesn't really matter, life is something everyone wants. You have your reasons for hating your current situation; not life, that's delusion

Several key prophets have pointed out the need for theoretical study, and Jesus says all things spoken other than blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will be forgiven

Anonymous 22/07/09(Sat)21:29 No. 15001 ID: 626210 [Reply]

File 165739499344.jpg - (61.03KB , 558x376 , kant.jpg )

What's some good secondary literature on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason?

Anonymous 22/07/10(Sun)03:32 No. 15002 ID: 838b0b

File 165741674818.jpg - (48.26KB , 435x571 , 4ac0a1c0.jpg )

We are in the age of magic now. Aquarius and the age of, of course, love.

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