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Germany and Spain, 1920's...2022 Victor Isai Mazariegos, Ph.D, J.D. 22/08/14(Sun)00:48 No. 15094 ID: 32f11d

File 166043090665.jpg - (52.58KB , 427x504 , main-qimg-38ef11d37ed25c4dc8688403d948da94-lq.jpg )

How many of you believed the lies and American propaganda about Nazi Germany in the 1930's and how they were at most only a "new" and "work-wear," 'work-wear' as in LITERALLY only "work based." Are you fucking kidding me? The American CIA for years since the 1940's made the Nazi Germany "propaganda" look like Germany was some sort of Christian superpower when it logically, evidentially, and factually was not and still is not. Language-wise they give up easily many of their "responsibility"and "moral freedoms." Then there's the huge irresponsibility of Paul Joseph Goebbels for not just straight up calling the enemies Pharisees and Satanists. Stupid idiot. Tom Hasselhoff sucked Gordon Danning from UC Berkeley in Berkeley, CA, USA and so do weird little patzies. Please leave me the fuck alone because you are going to get the dog shit slapped the fuck out of you just like your fathers did.

Victor+Isai+Mazariegos,+Ph.D,+J.D. 22/08/14(Sun)00:51 No. 15095 ID: 32f11d

File 166043106764.jpg - (212.06KB , 1200x1600 , IMG_0193.jpg )

I later killed Tom Hasselhoff at Escuela Politecnica in Sacatepequez, Guatemala, Central America. The stupid motherfucker thought he actually had a chance. LOL "hipsters" are so stupid. I am picrelated. Fuck with me. I am Jorge Ubico.

Anonymous 22/08/14(Sun)05:10 No. 15096 ID: 408152

See a psychiatrist bro

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