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The Game Shambler 12/06/07(Thu)10:27 No. 3381 ID: f295cc

File 13390576773.png - (3.23MB , 1200x3300 , New_Zom_Game_2.png )

It's pretty self explanatory if you take the time to read it. Pick your two favorite weapons from this list of adapted icons. These choices may later be supplemented with more gear, but who knows....

Pick 2 weapons, tell why.

19 posts omitted. Last 50 shown.
Shambler 12/07/20(Fri)17:29 No. 3557 ID: 862319

Me: Plasma Rifle and Bomb Bag
Friend next to me: Mega Buster and Tentacle

Shambler 12/07/21(Sat)05:23 No. 3559 ID: 46ee06

Nobody picks the servebots? Seriously? Find a fortified building overlooking a farm or something and command your servebots to grow you crops and scavenge, then reel anything you need in with your tentacle whip thingy. Just outlast the infection. (Assuming you get there alive I guess)

The Knight Shambler 12/07/21(Sat)09:22 No. 3561 ID: f295cc

Buster Sword + Ultimate Shield

This seems like a natural combination. In melee combat you are a juggernaut, and the reach is impressive. The really handy thing is how portable they both are. The sword can be sheathed in a regular sized scabbard you wear on your waist, and the shield just sort of floats around behind you until you need it. Since there is no rule saying you can't use mundane weapons, you could scavenge up a couple pistols and wear them on shoulder holsters. Also I would paint the shield to look a little more bad ass.

Ninja Shambler 12/07/24(Tue)04:21 No. 3570 ID: f295cc

Web Shooter + Epic Katana

To complete the ensemble you will need to fabricate some dark hooded vestments, preferably with a flexible armor layer over the lower arms and legs. I imagine black gauntlets and gaiters hand tooled from bamboo and leather, but I'm sure a quick raid of the sporting goods store would reward you with something acceptable. While your there grab a mundane bow, quiver, and arrows for stealthy ranged attacks. Adding some shuriken would just be extra badass. With dark clothing for stealth, a nearly silent ranged attack, and light armor for melee combat, you are now equipped to ninja it up.

Using the web you can suspend yourself from almost any surface. Using the Wed and Net properties to coat a surface, you could feasibly traverse walls and even ceilings with relative ease. The Line property can obviously be used to swing about between highpoints, though I would curb my enthusiasm to avoid pretending I'm actually Spider-man. Without genuine superhuman strength and durability, it could be pretty dangerous swinging between skyscrapers more than a hundred feet off the ground. On that note though, the abilities of the sword will make you as adept at using the Line as is humanly possible. Ninjas used grappling hooks and rope all the time. Using the Web shooter should a joyous piece of cake for a real ninja.

I suspect the ninja would put his skills to use manipulating the remnants of society. His talent for survival is remarkable in an apocalyptic world and thus he would be the quickest to become occupied with endeavors beyond pure survival. For instance he could easily raid stores and supply centers for goods, then redistribute them to survivors/refugees as he sees fit. Or horde it all. Once the dust has settled and communities start to spring up in the zombie wasteland, he could begin networking with them for a variety of reasons. He could become a valued assassin/bounty hunter, feared marauder, notorious thief, diplomatic emissary, or perhaps even run his own society.

Props to >>3533

The Captain Shambler 12/07/31(Tue)04:35 No. 3589 ID: f295cc

Servbots + Tentacle

In this approach, battle skills are completely neglected in favor of survival. The user finds or creates a stronghold to occupy, something nearly impenetrable to the average undead. From here you launch your Servbots on raid missions to accumulate resources, establish reconnaissance, and scavenge supplies. Given the limited range of the telepathy, it may be necessary to equip the Servbots with personal radios. Worst case scenario, they go missing for 24 hours and reincarnate back at home base. At night they stand watch over the compound.

Once the Servbots have delivered the supplies and resources, you can simply use the tentacle to reel everything up, bit by bit, into a port hole or loading bay off the ground.

Props to >>3559

Jones !RJsmLF5OJA 12/08/01(Wed)00:05 No. 3595 ID: e54efa

File 134377232175.jpg - (103.56KB , 800x686 , 1264183887642.jpg )

Tentacle and Servbots.

3 capable, intelligent, and unquestionably loyal minions that will do ANYTHING I say without sleep, food, reason, or a morale boost? SHIT I COULD RULE THE WORLD WITH THAT.

But in this imagined zombie world I would use them for building, guards, scouting, etc. Three men building 24 hours a day without fatigue would be able to put an incredible base up in a day or two.

Hell I could be like "yo serv bots, take/make some guns" now I have 3 tiny warriors with robot accuracy.

The tentacle choice is due to the large number of possibilities and ability to use it creatively.

Also think about being able to pitch those servbots around like pikmen.

Shambler 12/08/05(Sun)02:14 No. 3611 ID: ca12bb

gravity gun and servobots

I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how helpless you all are

also, I will punt them around for recon

Shambler 12/08/15(Wed)05:41 No. 3646 ID: e1297c

Servbots and more Servbots... SIX unquestioningly loyal minions to make me fortifications, weapons(unneeded),armor(needed) and MORE SERVBOTS

Return of megarockman Shambler 12/08/25(Sat)01:48 No. 3670 ID: 5a13a5

Mega Buster + Hanzo steel

I'm sorry, did you think other survivors would be your friends?

not to mention this compensates for Megaman's only known weakness, someone getting in close

Shambler 12/08/31(Fri)03:30 No. 3703 ID: 7c9fdc

Lightsaber + Ultimate Shield. Keeps your back protected and when your lightsaber is on cooldown, your shield protects your front.

Shambler 12/10/15(Mon)22:20 No. 3834 ID: 0dc459

File 135033245037.jpg - (67.44KB , 569x299 , Dead-Space-2-Plasma-Cutter-Unlock.jpg )

>>Plasma Cutter
Cuts in perfect straight 1 foot lines, has great range, and can be fired continously for 45 seconds unlike the lightsaber. Which can only be used for 30 seconds before needing to recharge, comes with flashlight and will cut through pretty much anything seeing as they're used to chop apart astroids in dead space canon so zed/monster/human/demon flesh will be torn in two like nothing
>>Gravity Gun
Too awesome to pass up, essentially anything becomes a weapon. Hell i can even just punt zeds away, blow doors off hinges. Toss cars with a few punts. As well as use it in conjunction with the plasma cutter to build/destroy as i please.

Shambler 12/10/24(Wed)06:46 No. 3887 ID: eb6fd9

servbots definitely, for the utility. i mean, relentless allies who are immune to infection and can telepathically scout/draw zombies away from me? how could i pass that up?

hattori hanzo, for defense against other players and agility boosts.

Shambler 12/10/24(Wed)17:21 No. 3894 ID: 961605

Assault rifle and Hanzo sword.

Shambler 12/10/27(Sat)18:15 No. 3911 ID: bec81d

Hanzo sword + Buster sword could make an interesting combination.

Using the prowess that the Hanzo sword gives you with the reach and weigh(for you it's weighless) of the buster sword? You'd be quite the foe to reckon with.

Shambler 12/10/31(Wed)03:51 No. 3932 ID: 9cc748

Servbots, so that you actually have guards while you are sleeping or doing something that requires focus. However, they have limited killing power and you might have to leave them behind.
Since the goal is survival, not being a killing machine, focus on defense. A lot of the melee weapons are pointless, since you can just attach a bayonet to a gun. But the problem with guns is that 8 seconds of cool down in critical times can really kill you. Light sabre is the worst weapon, since you're not out to kill an elephant, you just want to defend yourself for an extended amount of time.
Bomb bag is very good, since you can use it secure yourself as you sleep.
Monkey staff is the ultimate weapon, Extend it fast enough, and you can use it as a gun with infinite range, ammo, and power. And when extended, you can spin in a circle for huge AOE damage. It can also be used as a ladder.
Gravity gun is great strategically and for setting up blockades, but useless under pressure in an emergency.

If I'm completely alone, I'd go with the servbots, so that I wouldn't become insane due to loneliness and use the Monkey staff as an all purpose tool.
If I go on solo scout/scavenge missions, but have a base to return to, I'd go with the monkey staff and Thor hammer or any of the guns with silencer and bayonet.
If I have a base that I govern and protect, I'd take the gravity gun and web shooter to strategically keep it secure.
If I have a base and I'm sent to destroy a zombie herd, I'd take the Capt America shield Thor hammer or plasma cutter for fast killing and good self defense.

Shambler 12/11/01(Thu)05:52 No. 3940 ID: c1bebf

>but useless under pressure in an emergency

On its own, maybe, but combine it with a good sharp machete and you basically have a ranged bladed melee weapon.

Really, if you think the gravity gun would ever be useless in a decayed urban setting with puntable objects everywhere, you aren't creative enough and are probably zed food no matter what weapons you've got.

Shambler 12/11/02(Fri)01:19 No. 3943 ID: 2862d8


I now have Batman-like skills with a gun that doesn't need reloads. and because ubber skills I headshot pure energy every time.
adamantium blade also mean i cut everything like butter. so even if swarmed it pretty easy to get out.

Fucking Dante Future+Mom 12/11/05(Mon)04:59 No. 3972 ID: 3516c0

I would have to choose the Dual Pistols and the Epic Ninja Samurai Sword Thing

Reason: Fucking Dante wouldn't have a problem with zombies.

Also, with the silencer and other add-ons for the pistols, combined with the fact that you're a fucking ninja would render you completely invisible to anyone, alive or un-alive. AND the pistols have seperate individual cool-downs, which means you can sparingly use one, then sparingly use the other. Or spam the shit out of them like a DMC jackass and suck a dick in style.

Martin Grim 12/12/07(Fri)11:02 No. 4091 ID: 435599

I'd go with the builder combo Gravity Gun and Plasma Cutter. I think they could be dual wielded since the description of the gravity gun says its light and since no particular form is specified for the portable module it transforms into I would have it turn into a sort of bracelet cuff. Id shoot the plasma cutter with my primary hand and put the cuff on my offhand to whip out the gravity gun if I need to move a barrier or punt something large to take out a large group.

Shambler 12/12/09(Sun)00:46 No. 4096 ID: 066761

buster sword and web shooter for ninja spiderman

Shambler 13/02/02(Sat)23:52 No. 4246 ID: 1b52cd

File 135984553621.png - (252.85KB , 346x360 , alooa 2013.png )

If you cut up some zombies with the claws, then retract the claws with zombie blood all over it would you turn into a zombie?

Shambler 13/02/04(Mon)07:33 No. 4268 ID: 435599

File 135995962519.png - (119.47KB , 392x480 , Wolverine.png )

No. The gloves clean the blades as they retract.

Shambler 13/02/05(Tue)14:16 No. 4281 ID: f30856

Tentacle and webshooter.

Because if it's the end of the world and zombies are about, I'm going to live out my fantasies of being a tentacle monster with the female survivors. Maybe female zombies too, if they're intact enough.

Shambler 13/02/07(Thu)08:40 No. 4289 ID: 6ba70d

light saber would be the best weapon by far .No ammo, instantly cuts thru almost everything and dosent make a mess like a katana will

Shambler 13/02/07(Thu)16:21 No. 4290 ID: 435599

Its an experimental version, so the battery life on it sucks. I suppose this is meant to balance it out with the other weapons. Its still pretty awesome...the battery charge could dissipate after only 10 seconds and it would still be an awesome pick.

Shambler 13/02/07(Thu)16:23 No. 4291 ID: 435599

File 136025058184.jpg - (28.30KB , 420x580 , 1490199-lightsaber_wolverine_by_barondando_super.jpg )

This could possibly be better...can we combine the weapons at the time we choose them???

Shambler 13/02/07(Thu)16:25 No. 4292 ID: 435599

File 13602507352.png - (32.25KB , 297x350 , gravity gun POV.png )

This bad bitch would be a delight to have. And it shifts into a portable model? Fuck fea.

Shambler 13/02/07(Thu)16:28 No. 4293 ID: 435599

File 136025088554.png - (23.95KB , 600x399 , Dead Space Plasma-Cutter.png )

Shambler 13/02/07(Thu)16:29 No. 4294 ID: 435599

This version of the Dead Space Plasma Cutter...seems kinda small. But I suppose thats good. More portable.

Shambler 13/02/07(Thu)17:37 No. 4296 ID: 435599

File 136025504555.png - (141.98KB , 900x720 , medieval mega man buster.png )


maninahat 13/02/08(Fri)05:44 No. 4300 ID: 2d4129

The shield and the webshooter.

The shield, because the best weapon in the world won't stop a bandit from sniping you. At least with a super shield, you've got some protection. The webshooter because it is a silent, low powered, long ranged, and non-lethal weapon that can easily be used for a variety of tasks.

Shambler 13/02/08(Fri)07:03 No. 4305 ID: 435599

Very interesting picks. I admire your creativity and foresight about defense. I imagine you would be a low key kinda guy if this sorta shit went down.

Shambler 13/02/11(Mon)10:06 No. 4322 ID: fd8e66

Servbots and Twin Pistols.

Two bots get a pistol, the third gives me a piggyback ride.

Shambler 13/02/11(Mon)10:08 No. 4323 ID: fd8e66


Well, I guess i'd need to make him some stilts or something first.

Shambler 13/02/11(Mon)16:47 No. 4324 ID: 435599

File 136059765864.png - (461.79KB , 829x964 , ezio_sackboy_Assassin's Creed_costume.png )

I've been thinking about something like this. Anyone ever play LBP2? Ive found myself lately pondering which of the power ups from that game I would want in a zombie apocalypse; the grabinator, grappling hook, or brain crane.

Shambler 13/02/11(Mon)16:52 No. 4325 ID: 435599

File 136059796021.png - (466.67KB , 740x800 , Sackboy_grabinators.png )

Grabinators would allow you to pick up large heavy objects and throw them with high force. Common urban ammunition would include cars, desks, dumpsters, and people. They don't allow you to punch, just negate the gravity of held objects.

Shambler 13/02/11(Mon)17:06 No. 4326 ID: 435599

File 136059878073.png - (24.02KB , 500x375 , sackboy_1.png )

The grappling hook has something like a 10 meter range that it can reach. It's used in the game to grab distant surfaces and pull the user closer, thereby allowing you to hang and swing midair. It's a handy tool for mobility, barring the RL concern of breaking your ankle or smashing into a brick wall. To make its adaption fair for humans in the zompocalypse, we can assume it also allows the user to pull lighter objects (like a TV, tire, bar stool, etc.) towards him/her and even sling them around. It should also be able to shift to expose the users hand so they can manipulate things as necessary.

Shambler 13/02/11(Mon)17:14 No. 4327 ID: 435599

File 13605992787.png - (384.64KB , 494x639 , Sackboy_Brain_Crane.png )

The brain crane basically gives you telekinesis out to roughly 10 meters. It is an extremely potent tool that allows you to lift heavy objects (small cars, dumpsters, desks, people) from a distance and move them around. Objects released midair maintain their momentum as they begin to fall. Since you want all of your options to be equally appealing on different levels, this one should maybe be nerfed a little to balance it with the previous mentioned items (grabinators and grappling hook). To make it fair, we can assume that the brain crane can only move objects slowly. Say 5 feet per second. This would allow you to make an effective battering ram out of heavy objects, or use them to squish zombies.

Shambler 13/02/16(Sat)02:13 No. 4337 ID: 435599

File 136097722434.png - (23.74KB , 467x467 , sackbot.png )

Or perhaps you would prefer a loyal minion? The sackbot is roughly the same size and has the same physical abilities as an average male. It does not tire, need provisions, or maintenance. He follows your orders perfectly, or as best he can within his limits. Commands can be issued mentally across any distance, though you cannot perceive what the sackbot does. It speaks your primary language, as well as a computer language of beeps and whistles that only you seem to be able to understand.

Shambler 13/02/17(Sun)05:37 No. 4339 ID: 704a7d

Its gotta be the MegaBuster (although tempted by the assault rifle) and the Servbots.

Servbots as they can scavenge for food/supplies for me.

MegaBuster due to ease of usage and having a robotic hand will help in those picky situations.

Shambler 14/11/02(Sun)22:19 No. 5274 ID: 3db1db

Monkey Staff + ServBots

I only really need the staff for this plan to work.

"This 3 foot metal staff can extend and retract itself to any length in either direction."

Ok... so I'll extend the staff into a 100m wide 10m high cylinder, get my ServBots to build me a base on top of it and happily live there. Hordes of zombies? Raise the height so they can't climb on top of it. Need to explore? Increase the diameter, ServBots can help patrol the circumference. Got pesky raiders who really won't leave you alone? Rapidly expand and contract the circumference and bludgeon them to death with a solid wall of steal. Don't like ServBots? Pick a ranged weapon and simply sit on top of your tower of doom raining down death with your ranged weapon of choice on any nearby targets.

Brandy Downer 14/11/22(Sat)00:30 No. 5281 ID: c02cda

Personally I can't see any of these being strictly practical against Undead Hordes, and could in fact even harm the user in the wrong circumstances.

I would most likely go with The Tentacle for reusable, reliable range damage and environmental manipulation, and the Hatorri Hanzo Katana, if only as a performance buff.

But hey, that's just me.

Shambler 15/01/15(Thu)15:48 No. 5336 ID: ac5245

Depending on whether I'm in a position to settle somwhere or if I need to keep moving (I live in NJ dso my mind leads me to the latter), I'd either go with the monkey staff and the Servbots or the claws and staff. For bunkering, I could use the bots as loyal servants/foragers/fighters and that would be invaluable, and the monkey staff works for a good backup weapon if found as well as extreme mobility in escape.

As a nomad, I could use the staff as my zombie-proof airborne transportation as well as a long-range bolt-gun weapon, with claws as a close-range, silent and dead reliable weapon that can't get knocked out of my hand. Plus hunting could involve a stun with the staff and then the throat slitting with claws, followed by the cleaning of the meat etc. etc.

Shambler 17/07/05(Wed)08:46 No. 5560 ID: 86f262

File 149923717161.png - (93.66KB , 228x304 , solution.png )


Shambler 19/04/11(Thu)11:12 No. 5642 ID: d44336

I'm still here

Shambler 19/05/13(Mon)00:54 No. 5647 ID: 95bc0a

File 155770169784.jpg - (49.12KB , 375x500 , proxy_duckduckgo_com.jpg )

Hattori Hanzo and Servbots.... then let yourself get infected.

Remember those servbots have a telepathic link and they know what you want. Not that you need any help, you're a ninja zombie!

Shambler 19/11/02(Sat)16:12 No. 5675 ID: e36107

Buster sword + plasma rifle

The sword is great on melee combat and the rifle is like the plasma cutter but way better.

Is either that or the ultimate shield + the gravity gun

Shambler 22/08/27(Sat)22:39 No. 5890 ID: 18ba9e


Shambler 22/08/31(Wed)22:15 No. 5896 ID: ffbf5f

Infinite ammo means def a short range gun and a long range BR.
Otherwise..... hrm.

Shambler 24/05/02(Thu)22:45 No. 5966 ID: bb586c

ooh, i think the combination that i enjoy the thought of would be shotgun + web shooter.

the long range travelling provided by the shooter added with the short range burst damage that the shotgun gives makes for something gimmicky and fun to think about.


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