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USM Anonymous 24/01/25(Thu)15:56 No. 26714

File 170619456367.png - (1.78MB , 722x1122 , Usm .png )

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the new Ultimate Spider-Man issue?

Anonymous 24/01/25(Thu)20:01 No. 26715

File 170620928531.jpg - (592.06KB , 1066x1600 , 2024 Marvel Super Heroes & Villains At War.jpg )

In 2024 it is the start of an all new Marvel Universe with the designation 6160.

2024 is also the 85th anniversary of the company Marvel Comics which has published the tales of the super heroes and super villains in the Marvel Universe with the designation 616.

As of 2004, the 'people' at Marvel Comics have been RAPING the 616 Universe. It is irreversible!

2024 is PERFECT to establish the 6160 Universe as the MAINSTREAM Marvel Universe.
After 85 years, LET the 616 Universe Rest In Peace!
END the RAPING (started in 2004) of said universe after 20 years!

In 2024 (in the 616 Universe) have ALL the heroes and villains go out in a blaze of glory!

The 616 Universe is dead! LONG LIVE the all new 6160 Universe!

Anonymous 24/02/22(Thu)03:04 No. 26753

New issue was bretty gud

Anonymous 24/02/24(Sat)15:28 No. 26756

How long till they fuck it up?

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