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valentino 15/03/11(Wed)10:14 No. 100192 ID: e1d7b0

File 14260652549.jpg - (79.81KB , 661x800 , Kalindra Chan.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/03/13(Fri)17:12 No. 100218 ID: 797174

Kalindra Chan

Closet Homosexual 15/03/18(Wed)23:41 No. 100343 ID: feaf8a

he is a cross-dresser how could he de-transition?

Closet Homosexual 15/05/04(Mon)07:40 No. 100835 ID: 6b6890

File 143071801948.jpg - (248.82KB , 457x800 , 1429073960352.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/05/04(Mon)08:10 No. 100836 ID: 09413c

File 143071980450.jpg - (764.90KB , 981x1080 , 1430704861610.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/05/06(Wed)21:19 No. 100848 ID: 3094d8

I don't get the point of this thread.

The post was deleted, mind telling me what the anon said?

Closet Homosexual 15/05/11(Mon)16:37 No. 100903 ID: d869f5

File 143135505371.webm - (2.04MB , 674x1200 , 14226836756.webm )

The point is Kalindra appreciation, I guess.

Posting webm from last thread.

Closet Homosexual 15/05/12(Tue)16:41 No. 100917 ID: 09413c

Closet Homosexual 15/05/12(Tue)16:43 No. 100918 ID: 09413c

Closet Homosexual 15/05/12(Tue)16:45 No. 100919 ID: 09413c

File 14314419494.webm - (913.70KB , 700x900 , Kalindra6.webm )

I think that's all the webms, if anyone doesn't already have them.

Closet Homosexual 15/05/12(Tue)19:51 No. 100921 ID: 3c501d

Will never forget the day I came home and saw the cum webm for the first time, I couldn't believe my eyes. Still cum like crazy to that vid.

I would easily pay $500 for a HD cumshot video with sound, easily.

Closet Homosexual 15/05/13(Wed)07:31 No. 100928 ID: 1511a4

You are so beautiful, like an angel. Im in love with you

Closet Homosexual 15/05/13(Wed)07:32 No. 100929 ID: 1511a4

You are so beautiful, like an angel. Im in love with you

Closet Homosexual 15/05/15(Fri)00:41 No. 100936 ID: 6b6890

File 143164331555.jpg - (302.18KB , 832x918 , 1424400701842.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/05/15(Fri)03:43 No. 100940 ID: 018ab3

What happened to the old Kalindra thread?

Closet Homosexual 15/05/15(Fri)15:27 No. 100942 ID: 72247a


Closet Homosexual 15/05/15(Fri)18:33 No. 100946 ID: 3c501d

And the fact that there is nothing more to be said because everything is just a repost at this point.

Closet Homosexual 15/05/15(Fri)23:09 No. 100947 ID: 07b7af

Where did this one come from? Holy shit.

Closet Homosexual 15/05/16(Sat)00:18 No. 100948 ID: 07b7af

So I can no longer look at any of those pics?

Closet Homosexual 15/05/16(Sat)00:20 No. 100949 ID: b6390d

It's shopped. Welcome to the club.

Closet Homosexual 15/05/17(Sun)06:51 No. 100965 ID: 6b6890

File 143183830357.gif - (1.78MB , 349x600 , tumblr_nivlwa89Kb1u9wwn5o9_400.gif )

Closet Homosexual 15/05/20(Wed)23:16 No. 101004 ID: 6b6890

Closet Homosexual 15/05/25(Mon)02:32 No. 101038 ID: 09413c

File 14325139446.jpg - (244.58KB , 600x720 , 1432504185892.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/05/25(Mon)09:37 No. 101042 ID: 6b6890

File 143253947287.jpg - (507.32KB , 960x1280 , 1432354036106.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/05/25(Mon)12:33 No. 101043 ID: 4f1f6b

Ho Lee Fuk. Amazing, where did you find it?

Thanks for posting.

Closet Homosexual 15/05/28(Thu)11:49 No. 101063 ID: 6b6890

File 14328065747.jpg - (87.58KB , 822x656 , 1432356800321.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/05/28(Thu)13:27 No. 101065 ID: 3c501d

File 14328124781.jpg - (100.56KB , 800x720 , 138699150314.jpg )

Oh come on, please tell us where you get these :)

Closet Homosexual 15/06/01(Mon)04:38 No. 101122 ID: 6b6890

File 143312631593.jpg - (474.39KB , 1068x1181 , 1433118959432.jpg )

These don't look like breast forms anymore.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/01(Mon)04:56 No. 101123 ID: feaf8a

its called photoshop

Closet Homosexual 15/06/01(Mon)05:00 No. 101124 ID: 6b6890

File 143312763322.jpg - (130.81KB , 460x800 , 1422765452469.jpg )

Probably right.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/02(Tue)11:17 No. 101138 ID: 8a0d47

The anon is right, just tell us where you find this. Why wouldn't you??

Closet Homosexual 15/06/02(Tue)11:38 No. 101139 ID: 56263c

yeah man, stop being a dick. it's Kalindra for fucks sake, this is important.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/04(Thu)06:30 No. 101158 ID: 6b6890

File 143339222299.jpg - (443.60KB , 900x1200 , 1433122469727.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/06/04(Thu)13:37 No. 101162 ID: 56263c

Learn to troll first.

That pic ain't shopped, easy to see it's her body. Clothes and all.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/05(Fri)09:23 No. 101166 ID: bf041e

>That pic ain't shopped

Is too.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/05(Fri)09:34 No. 101167 ID: 182a78

File 143348969376.jpg - (180.97KB , 820x1400 , wklDOwz.jpg )

It isn't. Stupid trolls.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/05(Fri)12:29 No. 101168 ID: 7530b1

Actually, they are shopped...
They're either stick on fake breasts or just stuffed in bras and then (obviously) shopped.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/05(Fri)13:50 No. 101170 ID: 6b6890

File 14335050353.jpg - (1.17MB , 2222x884 , 1433489965861.jpg )

She said few months back on /b/ she had started taking HRT. She also has custom-fitted breast forms made to wear. Sure, some photos are shopped, but not all of them are.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/05(Fri)18:29 No. 101173 ID: 3c501d

I didn't believe it until I saw these pics now. Damn it, that sucks! Kalindra's biggest plus is her naturality. Or, was, I guess :/

Closet Homosexual 15/06/06(Sat)01:19 No. 101175 ID: feaf8a

oh man look at all of those pixels

Closet Homosexual 15/06/06(Sat)09:25 No. 101178 ID: ec1aa1

I'm sincerely and 100% convinced that Kalindra will always be incredible no matter what she does.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/07(Sun)23:56 No. 101190 ID: b5f56a

Where does she post things?

Closet Homosexual 15/06/08(Mon)03:45 No. 101193 ID: 182a78

File 143372793871.jpg - (184.90KB , 504x580 , 323.jpg )

Implying she posts things.
Implying that every picture of her wasn't stolen off of a hard drive when the computer was at geek squad for repairs.


Closet Homosexual 15/06/08(Mon)07:07 No. 101196 ID: 6b6890

File 143374002631.webm - (183.49KB , 900x900 , 1423036106035.webm )

She lingers around /b/ still. Just difficult to sift through all the image spam popping up lately.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/08(Mon)09:16 No. 101197 ID: 55db7f

File 143374779171.png - (688.18KB , 990x628 , Screen-shot-2011-06-12-at-3_05_11-AM.png )

/b/. Why did it have to be /b/.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/08(Mon)09:31 No. 101198 ID: 6b6890

File 14337486909.jpg - (36.66KB , 1093x933 , 1433739647445.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/06/08(Mon)11:05 No. 101199 ID: 6c936a

Damn it I give up. If she only posts on /b/ and only posts shit then there is no hope. Kalindra may be the best but this is a waste of time now..

Closet Homosexual 15/06/08(Mon)15:21 No. 101201 ID: 09413c

Good thing we have brave anons like >>101196 to sift through all that shit for us.

Closet Homosexual 15/06/13(Sat)12:01 No. 101243 ID: 6b6890

File 143418967188.jpg - (339.13KB , 808x1077 , 1434181160464.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/06/20(Sat)09:29 No. 101283 ID: 7e7592

File 143478537436.jpg - (633.71KB , 820x1497 , 1434762367928.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/06/23(Tue)09:22 No. 101302 ID: 6b6890

Closet Homosexual 15/06/26(Fri)01:20 No. 101331 ID: 182a78

File 143527440120.webm - (715.55KB , 514x1070 , 1434920705010.webm )

have patience young padawans

Closet Homosexual 15/06/26(Fri)09:47 No. 101344 ID: 182a78

webm is new

Closet Homosexual 15/06/27(Sat)01:58 No. 101358 ID: 9b5884

Those breasts have to be real...

Closet Homosexual 15/07/09(Thu)10:12 No. 101461 ID: 6b6890

File 143642955962.jpg - (216.85KB , 814x1400 , 1436416871823.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/07/09(Thu)13:32 No. 101462 ID: 56263c

Not sure if her..

Closet Homosexual 15/07/09(Thu)13:45 No. 101464 ID: 6b6890

File 143644234358.jpg - (83.82KB , 487x1200 , 1400800550857.jpg )

Thought it is?

Closet Homosexual 15/07/09(Thu)16:53 No. 101466 ID: 56263c

I considered it as well, but that one is 3 years old(and the bra isn't the same just so it's said).

Closet Homosexual 15/07/10(Fri)02:39 No. 101471 ID: 6b6890

Yeah, 3 years ago vs. this one posted yesterday. She also has this habit of blurring out the sides (poorly). I still think it's her though.

Closet Homosexual 15/07/10(Fri)05:25 No. 101472 ID: bd7917

ive just cum twice to her. and i want to suck her dick. im gay for you

KC Closet Homosexual 15/07/18(Sat)23:00 No. 101521 ID: b97b7f

File 143725322373.jpg - (20.90KB , 600x600 , CJ0DOdEWUAE_vBK.jpg )


Closet Homosexual 15/07/25(Sat)04:09 No. 101571 ID: 09413c

I saw a new webm at the other place, but it 404'd

does anyone have it? thanks

Closet Homosexual 15/07/25(Sat)12:01 No. 101577 ID: 97716d

What did you see?? I mean what happened in it?

Closet Homosexual 15/07/25(Sat)16:31 No. 101581 ID: 09413c

had I managed to see it I would've saved it. as is, I only saw the thumbnail and before I could grab it, 404. so now I wait, hopefully it'll be posted here in time.

Closet Homosexual 15/07/29(Wed)09:03 No. 101621 ID: 6b6890

File 143815342263.jpg - (317.47KB , 764x1200 , 1438145091980.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/07/29(Wed)18:09 No. 101624 ID: 039cf1

still as gorgeous as ever

Closet Homosexual 15/07/30(Thu)01:00 No. 101625 ID: b4ef99

99% sure it's just an old one you hadn't seen so you thought it was new.

Closet Homosexual 15/07/30(Thu)02:18 No. 101626 ID: 6b6890

Yep, an older one that came back into circulation.

Closet Homosexual 15/08/27(Thu)06:28 No. 101842 ID: a6ba12

anything new popped up?

Closet Homosexual 15/09/18(Fri)10:19 No. 102072 ID: 6b6890

File 144256434745.jpg - (258.45KB , 1600x1200 , 1442556413884.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/11/03(Tue)01:24 No. 102541 ID: e080b9


i really enjoy this gay stuff, how you call it?

Closet Homosexual 15/11/06(Fri)02:33 No. 102575 ID: 9f6d3f


This appears to be legit folks. Wonder how long she has been on HRT?

Closet Homosexual 15/11/06(Fri)12:46 No. 102586 ID: c94633

>Wonder how long she has been on HRT?
There's no knowing she actually is.
>i really enjoy this gay stuff, how you call it?
Get back in your cage.

Closet Homosexual 15/11/06(Fri)14:13 No. 102587 ID: 6c2ae8


WTF are this kind of threads? /di/?

Some dudes with long hair and make up and even silicons? Yuck!!! :(((((

Closet Homosexual 15/11/06(Fri)14:15 No. 102588 ID: be6003


Hehe your right, i dont get the trap part too.
But actually we are gay, because we like the cocks.
If they don't have, we dont even look at them :)

Closet Homosexual 15/11/06(Fri)14:41 No. 102589 ID: 9167d7

I can't decide if you are the biggest retard on this board or just trolling. Either way you should get out.

Closet Homosexual 15/11/07(Sat)22:34 No. 102603 ID: 0b7b05

File 144693206845.jpg - (35.97KB , 800x437 , Kalindra Chan detail selfie.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/11/16(Mon)01:34 No. 102721 ID: 182a78

File 144763406666.jpg - (392.12KB , 960x720 , halloween.jpg )

Anyone got more of her "costume"?

Closet Homosexual 15/11/27(Fri)11:10 No. 102791 ID: 29cf9b

File 144861905137.jpg - (229.91KB , 496x612 , 1448611380343.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/11/27(Fri)11:19 No. 102792 ID: 29cf9b

File 144861954078.jpg - (414.81KB , 521x1200 , 1448612239038.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/11/27(Fri)12:49 No. 102799 ID: e6e59d


Great body, do she also work on a site?

Closet Homosexual 15/11/27(Fri)13:33 No. 102804 ID: 85e599

My God..

Never seen that one and it's not on her Tumblr, did you find it on /b/ or something?

Closet Homosexual 15/11/27(Fri)21:18 No. 102816 ID: db4b7c


I like to see some vid of her, who have one?

Closet Homosexual 15/11/28(Sat)08:10 No. 102827 ID: 29cf9b


She should post more often

Closet Homosexual 15/12/08(Tue)14:51 No. 103062 ID: 4479d1

File 144958266326.jpg - (112.09KB , 480x640 , 694_1000.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 15/12/24(Thu)08:21 No. 103215 ID: 611799

Anymore gifs or webms?

Closet Homosexual 15/12/28(Mon)15:26 No. 103240 ID: ac11df

Beautiful. That makes me so hard.

Closet Homosexual 15/12/29(Tue)18:15 No. 103256 ID: 7463cb

>Anymore gifs or webms?
You wish.

We all wish.

Closet Homosexual 16/01/06(Wed)04:53 No. 103310 ID: 182a78

File 145205240989.jpg - (1.62MB , 1277x1920 , tumblr_o0aqg8c57E1u6saroo2_r1_1280.jpg )

High Res from her tumblr. Enjoy.

Closet Homosexual 16/01/06(Wed)07:40 No. 103312 ID: f8deb1

i'm straight up dead

Closet Homosexual 16/01/06(Wed)14:43 No. 103315 ID: 1cdb96

Why even care anymore, it's obvious she was done a long time ago..

Closet Homosexual 16/02/17(Wed)12:36 No. 103583 ID: b37bba

Agreed, >>101196 is the best.

Closet Homosexual 16/03/03(Thu)07:09 No. 103716 ID: 4479d1

File 145698538995.jpg - (472.00KB , 664x1069 , 1456975325729.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 16/03/22(Tue)15:17 No. 103841 ID: 7dcf5b

I think she's vaguely active these days... I believe this to be the only authentic posting location now:

Closet Homosexual 16/03/22(Tue)23:52 No. 103842 ID: a8cfdf

Yeah but as you can see she only posts "lightweight" stuff that is pretty much SFW, and given how rarely does even that I think it's fair to say she has effectively quit.. since like almost a year ago.

Closet Homosexual 16/03/25(Fri)10:57 No. 103854 ID: 29cf9b

File 145889987022.jpg - (803.44KB , 1279x1062 , 1458878649399.jpg )

Closet Homosexual 16/03/25(Fri)11:35 No. 103856 ID: 29cf9b

File 145890213965.webm - (2.65MB , 366x544 , 1458892885437.webm )

I see Mark Gruwell 16/05/05(Thu)14:27 No. 104274 ID: 399b6c

I thank your beautiful..I seen your Face book and tried to and you and I've been waiting ever since for you to add me because I think you are one of the prettiest women out there transgenders and I think that you are super sexy shemale already and I'm 100 behind you

Closet Homosexual 16/05/05(Thu)16:08 No. 104276 ID: 050041

This is probably a troll, but for the sake of order:

Every Kalindra profile on Facebook, Twitter, Insta or Tumblr or anywhere - EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM - is a fake. That's what happens when they get popular, fake profiles start showing up absolutely everywhere. The only one that MIGHT be for real is this one; http://kalindrablows.tumblr.com/ but even that is doubtful considering the suspicious lack of timestamp on the alleged "verify" clip(which I think is the same one from her old Tumblr way back when) and reposting mostly old stuff.

How you allowed yourself to think that FB profile is legit is beyond me, but hopefully you have a tad more insight now.

Closet Homosexual 16/07/11(Mon)13:52 No. 104645 ID: 3d9474


Neil 16/07/18(Mon)03:50 No. 104687 ID: 2e5027


Closet Homosexual 16/12/05(Mon)01:35 No. 105546 ID: 791c06

darker hair suits her better tbh

Closet Homosexual 16/12/05(Mon)15:38 No. 105549 ID: 22ba51


Closet Homosexual 17/05/03(Wed)16:20 No. 106115 ID: 6fb182

Bump for new K-chan set:


Closet Homosexual 17/05/06(Sat)14:42 No. 106119 ID: 6989ff

That "new" set is just a repost, those pics are like 4 years old.

Closet Homosexual 17/07/09(Sun)10:10 No. 106259 ID: ceb54e

File removed.jpg - (143.46KB , 800x640 , 8-Collages traps beauty 1 - definitiva 2017.jpg )

Traps cock, Kalindra Chan and Bianca merizio

Closet Homosexual 17/08/24(Thu)22:51 No. 106367 ID: cb412e

Caught her posting this on /b/

Closet Homosexual 17/08/25(Fri)10:24 No. 106369 ID: 6989ff

Nah, just reposts from someone pretending to be her.

aa 18/01/21(Sun)20:43 No. 106766 ID: 290a5c


Closet Homosexual 18/03/01(Thu)07:40 No. 106853 ID: a6755a

so hot

reply Mario 18/04/24(Tue)16:34 No. 106951 ID: cae318


Closet Homosexual 18/05/03(Thu)20:05 No. 106976 ID: ebf62a

The tumblr is gone as of today, what the fuck

Closet Homosexual 18/05/05(Sat)09:32 No. 106979 ID: 2bb5d9

>The tumblr is gone as of today, what the fuck
Yeah looks like it, that's kinda surprising as she was very clear that it was the only place she'd be posting, and the only place that was actually her.

But hey, she stopped posting anything of interest several years ago. Just sfw and boring shit now, do we honestly need that? She may be the GOAT but if she's only gonna post selfies I'd rather just forget about her forever.

FALKEN KaZaMa_JiZ 18/08/10(Fri)22:53 No. 107214 ID: 80ae15


Closet Homosexual 18/08/15(Wed)00:35 No. 107219 ID: 29c6d1

Is there ever going to be new Kalindra Chan pics? We never got to see her take a dick.

Closet Homosexual 18/08/20(Mon)00:48 No. 107225 ID: 5f4e86

more hints

Closet Homosexual 18/09/12(Wed)23:50 No. 107257 ID: 8ae7d0

So I've heard Kalindra is a hooker in Tampa or Atlanta now. If shes fucking people for cash I want to see pictures of it.

Closet Homosexual 18/09/13(Thu)09:21 No. 107258 ID: 0af37a

You've heard wrong.

Kalindra Phred 18/09/16(Sun)08:12 No. 107259 ID: cb3cdd


Closet Homosexual 18/09/17(Mon)00:42 No. 107260 ID: 5f4e86

no way thats actually real. shes using super old pictures that are terrible

Kalindra Phred 18/09/18(Tue)05:19 No. 107261 ID: c6d8e7

Yeah, you are probably right. This site is pretty legit, but I have to say it seems unlikely.

Closet Homosexual 18/09/26(Wed)07:36 No. 107267 ID: c2bbec

File 153794016928.jpg - (80.67KB , 640x649 , 62BCF120-EC74-40E2-97AB-9DE277C2C02A.jpg )

This is brand new.

Closet Homosexual 18/09/26(Wed)09:03 No. 107268 ID: d2446c

I'm pretty sure that's fake too, she had a Tumblr by that same name back in the day and this one is probably just using those gifs and pics.

Closet Homosexual 18/09/26(Wed)09:07 No. 107269 ID: 3ac81c

Wrong. The old one was kalindrablows.tumblr.com

Closet Homosexual 18/09/28(Fri)01:01 No. 107271 ID: d2446c

>Wrong. The old one was kalindrablows.tumblr.com
That was the last one, yes. She's had several.

Closet Homosexual 18/10/11(Thu)07:39 No. 107292 ID: 59e02f

Dude.. she posted that very gif back when SHE had the Tumblr with that exact name, this fake is just reposting stuff from back then. Stop being so gullible. She quit and is probably never coming back.

Closet Homosexual 18/10/20(Sat)21:19 No. 107298 ID: 4f8b94

I am sorry but you're wrong.

Closet Homosexual 18/10/21(Sun)20:35 No. 107302 ID: 2dc42d

no, you are

Closet Homosexual 19/03/17(Sun)03:47 No. 107681 ID: cff2f8

Never saw these before, thought I'd share.

Closet Homosexual 19/03/18(Mon)19:09 No. 107682 ID: 171513

Thanks for sharing. Always makes my day to see more Kalindra. Still my favorite after all these years.

Closet Homosexual 19/03/19(Tue)02:22 No. 107684 ID: a4d3fa

Fooking beautiful.

Closet Homosexual 19/04/24(Wed)22:05 No. 107742 ID: d11654


Closet Homosexual 19/05/08(Wed)05:28 No. 107752 ID: 171513

Holy shit. This just made my year. I can't believe she's still active. If she had a nickel for every time I busted a nut to her, she'd be a billionaire by now.

Closet Homosexual 19/05/08(Wed)07:01 No. 107753 ID: 89fe39

Guys, it's fake. And so obviously. Not only is there only pre-existing material on there, but the impostor has some pics on there that aren't even of Kalindra.

Closet Homosexual 20/11/09(Mon)02:45 No. 108497 ID: 9cf709

So much cum has been nutted to this sexy whore

Closet Homosexual 21/11/06(Sat)16:43 No. 108852 ID: d23e77

File 163621339346.jpg - (825.44KB , 810x1440 , ZMF3Zpw.jpg )


888 Management Florida Escort 22/08/25(Thu)14:18 No. 109168 ID: b4939d

Miami Escort, Miami Escort Agency, Miami Escort Service, Miami Escort Girls, Miami High End Escort

888 Management provides Miami, Florida high end escorts, companions and promotional talent. All staff has been properly vetted, verified and reviewed, working with 888 you are assured of punctual, reliable, enjoyable and satisfaction guaranteed outcomes in Miami, Florida.


Closet Homosexual 23/08/07(Mon)20:49 No. 109554 ID: 4f02f6

I miss her so much bros

Closet Homosexual 23/08/09(Wed)10:12 No. 109555 ID: e6b082


She posts on twitter though? Not regularly, but @virtualkalinda


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