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Hacking marshmello 19/12/03(Tue)14:25 No. 22725 ID: 756810 [Reply]

i wanna learn hacking like gmail hacking. is there anyone who can teach me if ho could do this without any price. i am from pakistan.

Anonymous 20/01/13(Mon)00:39 No. 22734 ID: c9342c

Lurk moar faggor

Anonymous 20/01/13(Mon)16:47 No. 22735 ID: 4c3626

Google is your friend.

Anonymous 20/07/08(Wed)08:26 No. 22784 ID: f9fc3b

i know you're probably dead by now but look up hacker highschool and read automate the boring stuff with python.

/Op Chanology/ Rando 16/12/22(Thu)00:43 No. 22421 ID: 923028 [Reply]

So this whole Leah Remini thingy is all over the place and Anons are kinda quiet... im mildly disappointed. perhaps their lvl is no longer 9000

Anonymous 16/12/22(Thu)01:16 No. 22422 ID: 5a53ee

/b/ is over there.

Unless you need /halp/ with Leah Remini?

Anonymous 20/05/28(Thu)08:27 No. 22783 ID: 7cb4c3

She's doing a better job than the assholes on the internet

sm wrc 20/05/13(Wed)01:20 No. 22775 ID: 65419c [Reply]

Hello: I know this has been asked hundreds of times already but has your shota page been banned?

Anonymous 20/05/13(Wed)01:58 No. 22776 ID: 11d816

Officially, yes.

Unofficially, there's a stickied thread in /VIP/

Anonymous 20/05/23(Sat)03:20 No. 22782 ID: a115ac


problems updating chrome portable. Anonymous 20/04/30(Thu)00:41 No. 22773 ID: 73e3a3 [Reply]

File 15882000913.png - (136.20KB , 760x380 , rAzTo.png )

SO I currently am running chrome portable Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) and I wanted to upgrade...
But have run into a problem. The installer seems to have ignored where I directed it to install and it's put in a second copy.
so now I have a copy here
"F:\Program Files\GoogleChromePortable\GoogleChromePortable.exe
and here
which has a 81.0.4044.129 folder.

Can I just delete the stuff in the c: drive Chrome folder (as it doesn't appear to have any of the tabs/ bookmarks) ?
I have tried to get the installer to use the F: drive but the version # hasn't changed.

Anonymous 20/05/19(Tue)09:03 No. 22778 ID: 7cb4c3

Couldn't you set the new version of chrome to be the default browser? Try opening it in the new file location

Anonymous 20/05/23(Sat)03:15 No. 22780 ID: a115ac

Couldn't you just, I dunno, copy the files from directory A to directory B after backing up directory B somewhere else just in case it all goes horribly wrong?

The only time Chrome installs under AppData is when you run the installer w/o administrative privileges, so that might be part of your problem.

Twitter Hack Anonymous 20/03/18(Wed)20:52 No. 22758 ID: 490ebc [Reply]

File 158456115198.jpg - (34.85KB , 1200x1200 , twitter-logo-1200x1200.jpg )

Is there any way to send a DM to a twitter user that doesnt follow you. Because the new system makes it mandatory on both side to be following each other to be able to send DMs.

Is there a way to counter this? Hack around it?

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/03/18(Wed)23:27 No. 22762 ID: 490ebc


Sorry dear sir, for the misspell. Now i need a solution

Anonymous 20/03/18(Wed)23:44 No. 22763 ID: 8e94dc

You put the pee pee in the poo poo

Anonymous 20/03/26(Thu)14:46 No. 22764 ID: 8f537d

>Im sure there a way.
Sure there is
>Threatening message hurled through window written on a brick
There you have it.

NON-SYSTEMD Anonymous 20/02/05(Wed)23:16 No. 22739 ID: 9f02ee [Reply]

File 158094101867.jpg - (121.64KB , 337x448 , does my.jpg )

I am looking for an operating system that meets the following criteria
I have looked on Distrowatch and done loads of searches.
I have tried many distributions of Linux and the BSD variants. I have tried openindiana, I just cannot find one that works for me
The best I have tried so far is AntiX linux but I dont trust the devs, To be perfectly honest. When I mentioned that I had installed xfce4 and tint2 and was using xfce like openbox, I got the impression they were almost religious about the fact that I should be using ICEWM and the devs just seem a bit bizarre at Antix
Here's what I thought of the ones I've tried so far

openindiana. Unix, based on illumos. Great Unix distro really great, except I couldnt get it to work with my keyboard, a Roccat Suora. Would use it if I could just get my keyboard to work with it

MX linux, ridiculously bloated
Devuan, Overly complex installation procedure, gave up
NetBSD, great distro, too slow as a desktop OS
Refracta,too complex to setup
Dont like any other BSD due to the taste of tranny CoC
Void Linux hahahahahahah what a joke.
Obarun, too complex to set up
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 20/02/14(Fri)20:57 No. 22746 ID: 6cd6b2

File 158171026036.jpg - (21.19KB , 504x576 , OSs.jpg )

Anonymous 20/02/17(Mon)01:11 No. 22747 ID: d1e1c7

I'm using one right now based on Debian. Keep looking, it's there.

Anonymous 20/03/02(Mon)19:42 No. 22751 ID: a08ea2

Just follow a Devuan install guide on Youtube, enable same password for root and your user and learn how to partition on MBR/GPT drives. Try Anti-X or PCLinuxOS, the latter looked pretty bloated but it's worth a try.

Free hosting remedy? Anonymous 20/01/17(Fri)00:18 No. 22736 ID: 85f60f [Reply]

File 157921672523.png - (24.11KB , 112x120 , 112px-Lolhwat.png )

I registered a domain for my e-mail hosting a few years ago, and when I did register I had the option of hosting a one-page html page for free (basically a custom landing page). I went looking for this option last thursday and apparently it's been discontinued (mfw).

What can do?

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Spaceballs+the+Signpost!ikwaNLFmBo 20/02/09(Sun)07:32 No. 22743 ID: 880fd4

File 158122994967.png - (684.52KB , 1280x960 , 1567169043865.png )

Are you completely unable to distinguish a profile report from a person brother?>>357057
Cat got your tongue or just switching nicotine patches while suppressing a scream for help agent vermin?

Get a CAT Scan, skimp the radioactive metals.

Anonymous 20/02/09(Sun)09:18 No. 22744 ID: e63e17

404: Brain Not Found

Anonymous 20/02/20(Thu)15:12 No. 22748 ID: 3bd082

Nah, he's just paid to post links. Notice the completely out of place youtube video.

The rest of the post is just randomly copy & pasting things that makes sense to him because he's a filthy paki with a faint grasp of the English language.

Help. I am new to this website... Anonymous 19/09/10(Tue)14:19 No. 22702 ID: 00eb5f [Reply]

File 156811795529.jpg - (269.85KB , 1200x1600 , CPIE6785.jpg )

I've been using 4ch*n for the last 4 years or so and I've always used it in catalog mode... My question is, How do I turn on the damn catalog mode here?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/09/10(Tue)16:26 No. 22704 ID: c5f7da

File 156812558795.png - (119.65KB , 1451x680 , Screenshot from 2019-09-10 14:27:41.png )

Also: use 7chan.org/frames.php for a taste of the premium experience.

Anonymous 19/09/12(Thu)21:11 No. 22705 ID: ab7a2c

Too bad, there is no catalog.

Anonymous 19/12/05(Thu)09:33 No. 22727 ID: 643a0e

just do what anon said in >>22704
or add /catalog.html at the end of the URL

Been hacked need help Amonas 19/03/11(Mon)08:29 No. 22651 ID: 34a006 [Reply]

File 155228937758.jpg - (1.57MB , 3724x2096 , 622A720B-1E90-4456-81CD-B9E741AFADE1.jpg )

Hi all my iPhone has been hacked for more then year and I don’t know what the want from me and the don’t give up I need some help to find them let me know if anyone can help me

Anonymous 19/03/11(Mon)23:19 No. 22652 ID: a870df

More than likely they've hacked your Apple ID. Change your Apple ID password. If you can't login to change your password, guess what, you found their "hack." Call Apple and go through their verification & reset procedure. Once you get back in change your security questions since they probably guessed them - I recommend changing them with incorrect information, that way they can't use Experian or similar data breaches to gain access to the information they need to get past them. Who knew your mother's maiden name was Billy Jo Bob? Not the overconfident hackers, that's who. Even if you can get into your Apple ID, change the password & security details anyway, since that's the most likely avenue they'll use.

Once you get your Apple ID back under your control, perform a DFU reset of your phone and - using a computer with iTunes installed - set it up from scratch. The steps for getting into DFU vary depending on your exact model but they're documented on a lot of sites, like here:

Note that after you do a DFU reset it will likely ask you for your Apple ID password as part of initial setup, which is why you must regain control of your Apple ID first.

Contact Royalblade Instamadman 19/06/14(Fri)15:24 No. 22670 ID: a4db08

Contact Data scientist and Hacker called Royalblade. He’s the ducking best ( mind the typo) @Royalblade on telegram.

Anonymous 19/12/05(Thu)09:43 No. 22730 ID: 643a0e

dont mind the bot :)

Destruction of old harddrives Anonymous 19/08/20(Tue)22:32 No. 22687 ID: a625df [Reply]

File 156633314380.jpg - (148.63KB , 500x332 , hdd.jpg )

How would I go about making everything on my old hard drive (western digital 1tb) completely gone and irreversible? I've heard using something like the program dban then completely disassembling the drive

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 19/08/21(Wed)21:10 No. 22693 ID: a625df

Thanks for the help guys. Appreciate it :)

Anonymous 19/08/22(Thu)03:58 No. 22695 ID: a115ac

I usually just disassemble drives down to their component bits then toss individual platters into different dumpsters I stop at on my way to or from work. However I don't have anything worth recovering on the drives.

With multiplatter drives once you snap the spindle loose recovery is very difficult, typically it requires tools that were only available in the factory at the time that particular model was in production to put the platters back into alignment.

If its a single platter drive you could always drill a bunch of holes into the platter. Can't recover data from dust.

A zero wipe of the entire drive is generally sufficient from everyone outside of TLAs. TLAs are going to try and reconstruct your anime collection by reading from the periphery of the tracks where the write head doesn't normally reach. It tends to result in a very fragmented incomplete recovery. Perpendicular recording has made a lot of the older methods obsolete, like electron microscopy.

Combine zero wipe and drilling and disassembly and sprinkling parts across a city's dumpsters and you've made some TLA drones very sad and grumpy.

Anonymous 19/12/05(Thu)09:37 No. 22729 ID: 643a0e

dband and drill
and burn it if possible

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