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Anonymous 17/03/10(Fri)01:45 No. 22452 ID: 239da7 [Reply]

File 148910673387.png - (56.43KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot (77).png )

Should malwarebytes be taking this long to do a full rootkit scan? My pictures folder itself has over 3000 or so files with 207 folders and i have 803 gbs of space left from 930.

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Anonymous 17/05/26(Fri)10:57 No. 22471 ID: 0b50ee

Wait a minute, malwarebytes isn't a virus?

Anonymous 17/05/27(Sat)02:28 No. 22473 ID: a870df

If you believe Russians who write malware it's a virus.

You'd have to be a fool to do so though.

Anonymous 17/10/14(Sat)04:05 No. 22499 ID: 18caf2

spybot s&d is the only option.
why do people play with inferior software?

Anonymous 17/05/12(Fri)20:20 No. 22469 ID: e4210a [Reply]

File 14946132374.png - (76.22KB , 762x539 , screenshot-excel-large1.png )

Does anyone please know how to change the look of Office 2016 to something that is "Windows 7"? (It's really ironic, because at my work, I've got Windows 10 and Office looks 7. At home, I've got 7 and Office looks 10.)

Anonymous 17/05/26(Fri)19:01 No. 22472 ID: d2a66c

That's Office 2010 in the picture, that's why it looks like windows 7, if you install it on Windows 10 it looks like that too, but i don't know of any office 2010 themes for office 2016

Anonymous 16/01/03(Sun)06:30 No. 22005 ID: df2f3e [Reply]

File 145179902666.jpg - (31.77KB , 300x300 , unnamed.jpg )

I really want to download those paid apps but because they're unpopular, there's no apk online or on Blackmart. Does anyone know how can I download those?


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Anonymous 17/04/09(Sun)09:02 No. 22467 ID: b5bc80

1. buy them 2. call for a refund 3. ???? 4. profit

Anonymous 17/04/13(Thu)01:53 No. 22468 ID: a870df

1. wait 1.5 years
2. reply
3. ???
4. profit

Anonymous 17/07/01(Sat)00:42 No. 22482 ID: ca7e87

Maybe he has a slow connection.

Anonymous 17/03/21(Tue)06:59 No. 22455 ID: 239da7 [Reply]

File 149007598876.jpg - (44.87KB , 480x360 , tree-chan a cute!.jpg )

This is gonna be hard to explain, but i'll do the best I can. Basically, I have a desktop computer, but it doesn't have a wifi card. Because of this, I use an ethernet chord and connect the desktop to a laptop. This laptop has a wifi card, which is connected to a router wirelessly. There are certain restrictions with my place of living which restrict me from connecting the computer straight to the router. Is there some sort of way i could use a vpn on my desktop to mask my ip? I know I could run a vpn on the laptop and it would work, but the laptop is really damn slow and i don't want to go through the trouble of installing the vpn on it. It's fedora 23 btw, and my desktop is windows 10.

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Anonymous 17/03/22(Wed)01:53 No. 22461 ID: 239da7

Also, I could try to get rid of the graphics card completely and just use my motherboard so i could install the adapter(i wouldn't really want to considering it would probably hurt the cpu to process that much), but every time i've tried that the monitor just goes black and I can't get it to work.

Anonymous 17/03/24(Fri)02:33 No. 22462 ID: 5a53ee

Personally I don't trust free VPN services - it costs money to run a VPN server and provide bandwidth and they've got to pay for it. The obvious way to do it is to monetize your traffic. So I don't know if there is a free VPN service that supports double or triple NAT without any router changes - my gut says no, simply based on the way VPN is supposed to work, but I simply haven't looked. There may be a free VPN service that spies on your data that cuts the necessary corners so that you wouldn't have to make any router changes. Since you seem adverse to making changes on your laptop creating the necessary fixup rules are probably out.

Your ideal solution would be to have the desktop directly on the network. Assuming you have a USB 3.0 port I really don't see the harm in getting a USB adapter, it should be reasonably fast and work about as well as an internal NIC.

I don't know why your motherboard video doesn't work, perhaps you disabled motherboard video in the BIOS/UEFI. On my ASUS board I have the option to disable it, enable it, and enable it when a video card is present. At work on my prebuilt I have no options - it's enabled when a video card isn't present and disabled when one is present. i7 4790K vs i7 4770, both include a GPU, but the options in BIOS/UEFI are a bigger difference... OEMs never expose as many.

Anonymous 17/04/04(Tue)22:27 No. 22465 ID: 1d7577

Am I missing something, can't you just connect your PC to your laptop via ether and share your wireless connection with it?

The router shouldn't be able to see the PC as the only directly connected device is the laptop so unless they're sifting and snooping through your traffic you'll be fine.

Alternitve to Down Them all Anonymous 17/03/27(Mon)00:07 No. 22463 ID: 35b735 [Reply]

File 14905660242.jpg - (58.04KB , 696x535 , DownThemAll-696x535.jpg )

This highly useful addition to both Firefox and Pale moon has stopped working.
I am running firefox 43.0.1 and Palemoon 27.2.0 and have tried both 2.0.19 and with shit results.
Is there anything that will allow me to download images / pdf's etc as easily?

Anonymous 17/03/27(Mon)09:15 No. 22464 ID: e7035a

Have you considered running an ESR release of Firefox and a current version of DownThemAll?

Why are you interested in ensuring your system gets infected?

water cooling Anonymous 17/01/28(Sat)17:18 No. 22441 ID: 41b627 [Reply]

File 148562029091.jpg - (1.41MB , 1920x1440 , b92wJH8.jpg )

First timer building a water cooled rigid tubing rig here. Doing CPU/GPU.

I'm stuck on the plumbing of the rig, and planning exactly what I need to order:

>How do I plan a loop out properly?

>How do I know exactly what fittings to order?

>What is the best tubing ID/OD size?

>How will I know exactly how many fittings to order?

>How do I get light blue or purple fluid?

>Is UV fluid worth the hassle? Can I get it in light blue or purple?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Skunch 17/02/08(Wed)21:22 No. 22442 ID: e7967a

Read the instructions and you'll be fine.

Anonymous 17/02/26(Sun)08:56 No. 22445 ID: e030ca

Basically this.

If you don't know what you're doing, buy liquid cooling kits that include all the necessary parts of the appropriate sizes to secure the system in place.

Once you get comfortable seeing how it all works and fits together then you can move onto advanced topics like one large radiator with tubing looped between all the parts in the system.

Anonymous 17/03/19(Sun)00:47 No. 22454 ID: 814dec

You can use EKWB loop planner tool, it will tell you exact amount of fittings you need, and all other parts. Very simple yet effective tool for first timers to help avoid missing parts.


new laptop shepard+dog 17/03/03(Fri)05:24 No. 22448 ID: 344038 [Reply]

File 148851506647.png - (149.26KB , 1024x600 , Screenshot_2017-03-02-19-29-18.png )

im looking to get a new lap top in like a week and a half from now, nothing crazy just tf2 and robo craft but anyone at work i ask for imput is constently trying to get me to by some like 500 alien ware right after i clearly say im on a 300 budget would you guys recomend?

im hoping to stay under $300 and get at least enough power to run tf2 and some other simple low power multiplayer games

Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)13:12 No. 22449 ID: d7b757


I'd pick something with a core CPU rather than a celeron or pentium, if you're going with intel. AMD's APUs are also worth a look as they used to have good graphics performance (I haven't checked in a while)

(acer isn't exactly a great brand I'd recommend, but I'm just giving an example)
then you check the graphics are intel hd graphics 520 and google for tf2 performance
or check on youtube

you may have to shop around and look at features. (do you need touch? screen size etc)

Anonymous 17/03/03(Fri)22:05 No. 22450 ID: 1d7577

If you're looking for a basic laptop for work and general usage get an Intel CPU.
If you're looking for a basic "gaming" laptop get an AMD-APU.

AMD's APUs are great if you're on a budget, I built my current desktop using A10-7700k and it's run everything I've thrown at it (in 720p with mid-high settings). If you're building a desktop with one it'll be more expensive if you shell out for a discreet graphics card in the future but at least you can game while you saving for one; personally, I spotted an R7-250 for $30 and cross-fired it with my APU for a noticeable improvement over the APU alone. The big thing to note with APUs is RAM speed is crucial, the difference between 1600 and 2133 is a good 15-20fps.

Anonymous 17/03/04(Sat)06:50 No. 22451 ID: 448961

Intel laptops will generally have better CPUs and weaker GPUs than AMD laptops.

However most tasks are being offloaded to GPU now and CPUs reached the "fast enough" stage around the time of Core2. As a result unless you're doing something really CPU intensive like compressing video you're unlikely to notice the weaker CPU, while you will notice the GPU being slower in just about everything else. Even Windows/Linux offloads functions to the GPU.

The problem is $300 is just too low for anything except an Intel Atom or Celeron, with a bottom of the barrel barely functional crippled GPU. There's a lot of Chromebooks down that low, but you probably won't want to live with ChromeOS on hardware that's basically the same (Atom or Celeron).

If you're willing to go refurbished there are some better options, although some of them are rather long in the tooth...

If you need a better understanding of any laptop with minimal information like that one, just punch its model number into Google, someone will list better information on it.

thats gay a 17/02/21(Tue)16:27 No. 22443 ID: 68b0f2 [Reply]

7chan is cancer xdd, hopefully it dies like 4chan.

Anonymous 17/02/24(Fri)11:25 No. 22444 ID: e030ca

You know what's really cancer?

Wandering into a board for the first time and shitting it up with offtopic pointless fucking bullshit.

Not every board is /b/ newfag.

Homebrew (MYM) Anonymous 17/01/11(Wed)19:19 No. 22429 ID: 4318e8 [Reply]

File 148415879290.jpg - (39.46KB , 700x386 , blog_wiihomebrew012.jpg )

This is some OLD shit so most of you probably wont be able to help. I have recently modded my Nintendo Wii with Homebrew, and noticed some people have custom Wii Menus. I looked up some tutorials, and got the .csm file and the channel installed on homebrew. I did everything right, at least I think I did, but when I load MyMenu it gives me a blank screen. Wii mote freezes, so you have to power off the console via unplugging. I have re-done this 3 times, blank screen every time. I have the 4.3u menu version. Please help, my wii menu looks plain and naked compared to others.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)02:05 No. 22435 ID: 6548f7

I don't know anyone that would have this fil.

Anonymous 17/01/15(Sun)02:05 No. 22436 ID: 6548f7


Anonymous 17/01/18(Wed)00:26 No. 22437 ID: a870df

I'm not sure how active they still are, but GBATemp.net used to have a ton of information on Wii softmodding, including pretty much anything and everything you'd want to do with Homebrew. I'm showing a lot of posts in the past week, maybe search through their forums for a file someone else has posted or, if that turns up empty, ask a question. They know a hell of a lot more about what you want to do than I do. I just wanted my Wii to load games off USB...

Win2K on a LAN Anonymous 17/01/13(Fri)19:02 No. 22430 ID: 1ddc06 [Reply]

File 148433057018.jpg - (150.33KB , 1280x960 , sample05.jpg )

I have to retype this because of an error :(

I have made a Win2K virtual machine to run as a retro PC game host on a LAN... because it's half the size of XP, that's why!

Okay, I created a shared folder called "test share", but when I try to access it from other machines (XP and 7) the folder is visible but I get the "x is not accessible, you might not have permissions etc" error. I have enabled the Guest account in Advanced User Management, and there are no firewalls involved, but I can't seem to recall what else involved here because it's been so fucking long since I last did this! And this is the point where I need /halp/.

Anonymous 17/01/14(Sat)00:26 No. 22431 ID: 1ddc06

Op here... nvm, I found it.

Turns out that I had to add Guest to the permissions list directly, even after enabling it. I seem to recall that it was supposed to do that automatically (which may or may not be a wise idea), but doing this one folder at a time could easily become an annoyance, albeit an annoyance that I'm willing to handle.

Anonymous 17/01/14(Sat)01:03 No. 22432 ID: a870df

Turn off simple file sharing, which makes you use usernames & passwords to connect to shares. So long as the account you login with on each system uses the same name & password you won't have to bother with typing anything. Otherwise you type the name & password and you're in.

7 also needs to be switched back to 40/56-bit encryption vs. 128-bit. You'll also want to disable homegroup but since you have XP hopefully you've already done that.

Also XP and 7 need to be at least Pro, the Home versions can only network with other home versions. 2000 and earlier only had "pro" networking, Home was an abortion created for XP.

Anonymous 17/01/14(Sat)01:07 No. 22433 ID: a870df

There's two sets of permissions, the share permissions, which control who can access the share, and the file permissions, which control who can access the files. If you had added guest to the share permissions you would need to still add guest to the file permissions, otherwise it would be able to connect but not actually read any files.

As far as file permissions go you can enable inheritable permissions on child objects, which means you set the permissions on test share, then set all the items in test share to inheritable, and they all use the same permissions set in one spot (test share).

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