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??? Poe 21/09/04(Sat)01:26 No. 2641 [Reply]

File 163071158727.jpg - (110.22KB , 728x883 , gfngfd.jpg )

???irc still alive???

Poe 21/12/26(Sun)10:53 No. 2645


I lurk on the irc Poe 21/09/27(Mon)01:54 No. 2642 [Reply]

File 163270045463.jpg - (123.06KB , 852x1024 , 1624925945086.jpg )

Who am I?

equity is a lie anon 21/05/11(Tue)01:14 No. 2634 [Reply]

File 162068848949.jpg - (679.39KB , 1604x2199 , 78004.jpg )

My thought is the equity idea proposed by Kamala Harris will not work very well in business. I think equity can work in our educational systems, but it will not work very well for corporations. The main reason is a pay for performance culture is the best way to get results we need to improve our world. Please read this entire post.
I do think something needs to change as women often get paid less for identical work, and this is not fair. The system is unfair, but this is often due to billionaires, not the middle class. It was billionaires who took government handouts and gave themselves bonuses and gave loans to senators.
We are all crew members on planet earth, and we do need a fairer system, but I think equity will be used to target the middle class and the poor, so they get paid less overall as a group.

It is crucial to understand business is about execution and getting results.
Consider this case where 2 women have the same job.
Woman A: Works insanely hard (18 hour days) makes great sacrifices, and brings in 2 million dollars of profit for her company ACME by a massive yearlong effort building widgets. She eats lunch at her desk each day, drinks red bull, and is 100% committed to work. She gives up her free time so that she can do more work. She will always return work phone calls and work e-mail after 5 pm. She works late every night and every weekend. Next year she plans to bring 4 million for her company.
Woman B: Does not do much work. Brings in only 10,000 dollars in profit building widgets for the same year period for her company ACME. She works only 6 hours a day and enjoys 2-hour lunches with a glass of wine. She refuses to return work phone calls and work e-mail after 3 pm. She never works weekends. Next year she plans to bring in only $8,000.

Should Woman B and Woman A make the same salary even though they both have the same job category? I would argue that Woman A should be paid more based on her sacrifices and performance.

I worked two jobs in college (-40 hours, mostly graveyard shifts), and often, at the end of the month I was out of money and had to live on rice and soy sauce for over 2 weeks. I did not complain once because a lot of the world lives this way all the time, and I at least had a roof over my head.
Today I use my college knowledge to save lives as a docer, why should my incentives to work hard be reduced? If I did not go to college I will not be able to save lives like I do now.
The equity cartoons are cool and have some use in the education system but has anybody really thought this through on what it means for our GDP if we lose the pay for performance system and stop rewarding actual work output? Where is the written system that spells out how this idea is going Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Poe 21/06/10(Thu)04:36 No. 2638

Productivity>>>blind equality

Hic Ali 21/06/06(Sun)16:04 No. 2637 [Reply]


Poe 12/06/08(Fri)07:57 No. 1972 [Reply]

File 133913507286.gif - (3.16KB , 131x145 , homestuck.gif )

irc op cor confirmed for abusing his power

just check out his logs, he zlines people for kickbanning him from channels he's not welcome in and for other nonsensical things.

also he signed up on a dating website, pretended to be a person that a user was interested in, got nudes from said person, and preceded to brag about it. also lots of other illegal things.

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[hmcd]✡✈▋▋!TJ6ZJp8Bvk 13/01/14(Mon)23:14 No. 2186

srsly this

Poe 13/01/19(Sat)02:27 No. 2191


>implying we respect eachother.


Grig+Woods 21/05/13(Thu)13:33 No. 2635

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Poe 20/03/03(Tue)14:59 No. 2606 [Reply]

File 158324394124.jpg - (9.05KB , 225x225 , kpopohface.jpg )

My client is telling me 7chan requires a password??

Resanssss 21/01/27(Wed)21:51 No. 2629

such a sexy girl

TehOrange!lhw2ejR0Q6 15/09/09(Wed)08:01 No. 2464 [Reply]

File 14417785063.jpg - (29.15KB , 500x363 , 14141414141.jpg )

Im back after like, 2-3 years.

How have you guys been?

9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
HAPPY 9/11 Damien✡✈▋▋ 19/09/11(Wed)19:46 No. 2591

oh man for an entire year I thought this video was lost forever. guess it's appropriate for me to find it again on this day in particular.


Poe 19/09/23(Mon)13:03 No. 2592


Damien ✈▋ ▋ 🎉 20/09/11(Fri)13:46 No. 2624


Hahaha Anon 20/03/19(Thu)06:55 No. 2607 [Reply]

File 158459732176.jpg - (134.13KB , 410x333 , Jonathan-James.jpg )


Poe 20/06/17(Wed)08:03 No. 2617 [Reply]

File 159237381522.png - (53.55KB , 1709x808 , Untitled.png )



Wanna Kill Myself drunkfromcoffee 20/01/24(Fri)07:52 No. 2602 [Reply]

Wanna Kill myself, but sadly, I live on the 6th floor, and my building has only 7,so I'm not sure I wanna risk being paralysed. Any other tips guys? I don't know what to do

Poe 20/04/21(Tue)14:22 No. 2610

Hang yourself. Get a decent towing strap, fix one end to something secure inside the building, one end around your neck, and jump. You'll need a drop of about 7 feet to be sure of breaking your neck. Footbridges are good too - fasten strap to the railings.

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