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Upstairs Neighbors Teenage Girl 24/01/25(Thu)19:40 No. 25844 ID: 09016e

File 170620804623.png - (424.54KB , 904x588 , obvious.png )

Fuck the stupid shits who live above me. I hate them so much. Playing at being the nuclear milktoast american WASP family but they don't even have the funds to live in a proper house. Instead they have to keep living crammed up in my fucking apartment building with their scum baby "Emerson." Who the fuck names their kid Emerson? I hope he grows up and sucks cocks, because they seem like the kinds of people who would be really uncomfortable with that and it'd be funny.

Every single day they let that stupid little shit run wind sprints back and forth across the entire length of the apartment. Hardwood floors, they don't even have a carpet down. Every single day he screams and stomps around and runs into walls and drops shit. In the early morning, and late into the night, he cries like a fucking bitch for 10-30 minutes straight. Wasn't this a torture tactic that the CIA came up with, just playing screaming baby sounds at their torture victims?

Thankfully I have a fucking job and hobbies that require me leaving my house. I can escape this bullshit for a window of time most days. But on weekdays off or weekends my hatred boils over into something incredible. I've come to realize that the fuckers never leave their house. They don't fucking DO anything except stomp around and occasionally be a nuisance in the parking lot. They don't go anywhere for more than a few hours at a time, not counting large holidays like christmas. They fucking disgust me.

Fuck the weird fucking stay at home dad who looks like a caricature of everything """soy""" that faggots on the internet complain about. Fuck the insipid, offensively inoffensive mother with her nondescript, boring office job. Fuck their inability to park their stupid family-sized SUV at a comfortable distance in between the other cars in the lot, their obsessive compulsion toward wedging my car in between theirs and the trash cans. Fuck every second of their bland, lifeless existence that I have to take in through muffled conversations and phone calls at random hours of the day and night. If I went postal and murdered all three of them I wouldn't just be doing the rest of the world a favor--maybe on some level even they would thank me for getting rid of themselves. (in minecraft.)

Another side note about their faggot child. That stupid fuck was a newborn when I moved in here about 2 years ago. These stupid fucks lived through the past two decades, lived through 2016 and 2020, looked at everything happening in the US and internationally, and THEN thought to themselves, "you know, I think now is the perfect time to bring a life into this world..... and I think I'll name it EMERSON."

I'd say I want their house to burn down, but that'd be my house too.

Teenage Girl 24/01/25(Thu)22:40 No. 25845 ID: a06da5

Welcome to British life

Teenage Girl 24/03/25(Mon)08:56 No. 25871 ID: a49b76

Whats so bad about the name "Emerson"?

Other than that, this is why kids shpuld be allowed free range play outside. Either that or people shouldnt have kids.

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