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Teenage Girl 24/02/02(Fri)07:29 No. 25855 ID: 052c88

File 170685538890.jpg - (142.95KB , 1200x735 , 1000002473.jpg )

>Justin Mohn, 32, was taken into custody on 30 January after allegedly beheading his 68-year-old father Michael Mohn at their home in Middletown Township.

Yet ANOTHER batshit insane millennialoid acting up again.

>But muh TikTokz!

Millennials stay losing and #GodLaughs.

Teenage Girl 24/02/16(Fri)05:52 No. 25856 ID: e4f57a


Yet another millennial decides to shoot up innocent people. Millennials gonna millennial.

Teenage Girl 24/02/23(Fri)23:12 No. 25863 ID: 2edd3c

File 170872635879.jpg - (61.59KB , 666x290 , Screenshot_20231211_123422_DuckDuckGo.jpg )

case in point

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