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Shambler 12/09/22(Sat)01:32 No. 3744 ID: 3d7475

File 134827036052.gif - (1.79MB , 2500x3447 , 7chan zambi version.gif )

i did my best to edit the number requirements to make it work for here. i will give my birthday and a fake birthday to get this going.

my birthday is march 12.
the second number shall be november 16.

please reply results and your month and day for your birthday for the rest to use.

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Shambler 12/12/18(Tue)13:11 No. 4138 ID: 4bbec5

Im going to try I guess.

January 29

Shambler 12/12/21(Fri)03:04 No. 4145 ID: dcdd9a

Should have stopped at katana, but I just had to glance at sex toys and condoms.

Yes, because when the zombie apocalypse happens I'm going to make sure I keep my stash of dildos and rubbers on my person at all times.

Shambler 13/01/14(Mon)03:31 No. 4163 ID: 1721df


Shambler 13/01/19(Sat)16:42 No. 4181 ID: 6f1251

Rolling !

Shambler 13/01/20(Sun)23:50 No. 4183 ID: 80d0c6


Shambler 13/01/30(Wed)01:07 No. 4221 ID: 704a7d

Okay lets do this

Shambler 13/01/30(Wed)01:13 No. 4222 ID: 704a7d

we fucked up here

Shambler 13/02/17(Sun)11:51 No. 4340 ID: e603da

poop roll

Shambler 13/05/07(Tue)22:28 No. 4573 ID: f9c0b5


Shambler 13/05/08(Wed)06:41 No. 4574 ID: eee994


Shambler 13/05/08(Wed)07:53 No. 4575 ID: a96c86


Shambler 13/05/13(Mon)22:47 No. 4580 ID: 96e003


noko Shambler 13/05/15(Wed)08:02 No. 4586 ID: 6c7937


Shambler 13/05/16(Thu)19:42 No. 4588 ID: b57835


Shambler 13/05/22(Wed)21:44 No. 4597 ID: 9035bd


noko 13/05/24(Fri)01:01 No. 4598 ID: 439546


Shambler 13/05/27(Mon)19:40 No. 4602 ID: 9e59d3


Shambler 13/06/07(Fri)03:00 No. 4629 ID: a59c9b


Zombies Teo 13/06/07(Fri)03:03 No. 4630 ID: a59c9b


Shambler 13/06/07(Fri)03:16 No. 4631 ID: f7e948


Shambler 13/06/07(Fri)21:35 No. 4636 ID: 1813cc

rollin roillin

Shambler 13/06/07(Fri)22:40 No. 4639 ID: 2217bf

June 3. So, 06/03

Profession = 6 = Burglar
>Also, you're a nigger
weapon = 3 = flame thrower
Guy above me did not post their birthday, so for specialty I'm going off of their post number.
Specialty = 6 = Fast runner
Again, user above did not post birth date, just rolled like half of the other retards. So...
companion = 3 = a rapist
I'm going to pick my own item since OP and the retarded posters here fucked this up royally. I call number 9, a magic cooler.

Shambler 13/06/07(Fri)22:40 No. 4640 ID: 2217bf

This might have been cool or fun if it made any sense. According to this, I'm a nigger who gets raped in the ass and has a magic cooler? Lame. And people are rolling when there is nothing to roll for. It goes off of birth dates, idiots. Things are also worded stupidly.
>first digit of the person-above-you's birthday day
>second digit of the date of the month from
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
>month of your birthday /second digit of it
How hard is it to explain? Second digit of your birth month. Simple. This is dumb.

Shambler 13/06/24(Mon)01:41 No. 4679 ID: f83e0e


Shambler 13/06/24(Mon)01:42 No. 4680 ID: f83e0e

My arms are made of big booty hos and my ass has the flavor of three hundred nipples. the suspense is killing me. cocks.

Shambler 13/06/26(Wed)21:33 No. 4683 ID: ff7aae

Jan. 28th

Shambler 13/06/30(Sun)09:14 No. 4696 ID: 5dd130

June 27

Shambler 13/08/16(Fri)12:43 No. 4770 ID: 29e96c


Shambler 13/09/15(Sun)10:04 No. 4794 ID: cc725d

November 30th

Shambler 13/09/15(Sun)10:07 No. 4795 ID: cc725d

November 28th

Shambler 13/11/23(Sat)03:38 No. 4904 ID: 522936

July 5th

Shambler 13/11/23(Sat)03:41 No. 4905 ID: e1fcc6

chicken tikki marsala nigger

That+other.guy 13/11/23(Sat)04:36 No. 4906 ID: 97e311

Roll why not

Shambler 13/11/27(Wed)16:12 No. 4912 ID: 5dc167

you had to do this

Shambler 14/03/07(Fri)11:46 No. 5026 ID: 152be4

more rolls.

Shambler 14/03/20(Thu)23:38 No. 5035 ID: 160b5c

rollin rollin rollin

rollin rollin rollin Shambler 14/03/20(Thu)23:40 No. 5036 ID: 160b5c

Though the streams are swollen
Keep them doggies rolling

Shambler 14/03/23(Sun)19:25 No. 5037 ID: ee0a4b

Rain and wind and weather
Hell bent for leather
Wishing my girl was by my side

Shambler 14/06/17(Tue)04:32 No. 5142 ID: 87f108


Shambler 14/06/19(Thu)19:41 No. 5145 ID: 6d2c41


Shambler 14/06/29(Sun)03:54 No. 5151 ID: 1b92b3

fuck it

Shambler 14/07/18(Fri)15:35 No. 5166 ID: 5c073d

le roll

sup!0CTLGCICdI 14/08/05(Tue)05:10 No. 5183 ID: 8638ab

all right, lets see

Shambler 14/09/18(Thu)01:55 No. 5224 ID: 0dd031

Birthday makes literally no sense so ROLL

>only 4 digits of post number but whatever I'll make the last one 0 or something

Shambler 14/09/21(Sun)15:24 No. 5227 ID: 7513d5

First digit, the first digit would be 0.

dataDyne!!IvLwOxMwIy 14/10/12(Sun)19:26 No. 5252 ID: 2205e8


Shambler 14/10/20(Mon)07:48 No. 5257 ID: ee9e09

fat boxer with claymores, companion is a mudkipony and sex toys

I'm going to ride into battle punching things until they blow up and when I'm out of claymores I'll club things to death with the sex toys in bunny costume

Shambler 14/10/21(Tue)13:39 No. 5258 ID: 8a9350

i just want to fuck and shoot shit

Shambler 22/08/27(Sat)22:41 No. 5891 ID: 18ba9e


Shambler 23/06/12(Mon)12:10 No. 5941 ID: 972261



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