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darkness nigga Teenage Girl 22/12/11(Sun)21:44 No. 25421 ID: 843685 [Reply]

File 167079145013.jpg - (75.68KB , 388x388 , suicide.jpg )

>be sad cunt
>get drunk off popov because neet loser faggot
>being drunk makes the pain of existence bearable but still friendless loser who only has a handful of my mother's fax machine acquaintances as contact with outside world
>even these people are talking to me/online less and less

worst part

>live in houston texas

You know those 19th century russian authors who wrote about how bleak life was in the motherland? I'm thinking of doing that but for being a failson from houston

Teenage Girl 22/12/12(Mon)01:32 No. 25422 ID: caff66

/rnb/ content.

Teenage Girl 22/12/19(Mon)14:52 No. 25431 ID: 31beea

Just quit drinking

Seriously it will help, I felt loads better

Teenage Girl 22/12/19(Mon)11:15 No. 25429 ID: acd485 [Reply]

File 167144495479.png - (20.77KB , 932x503 , 1667115383745943.png )

Ai art is cool, but it can't draw POSTAL Dude nor Calypso from Twisted Metal.
Plus, sites dedicated to ai art might datamine your ass.
The funniest thing is that AI art is not allowed to draw a flesh

Teenage Girl 22/10/28(Fri)17:19 No. 25357 ID: 77b709 [Reply]

File 166697034077.png - (330.40KB , 453x504 , p2ded2.png )

I don't think Elon Musk allowing "muh free speech" will allow more free speech in that bird site. You can tell it by his collaborations with China. Someone told me they decided to write something like : "Even people who complain about n***rs can have more n***rish behavior." because some guy wrote that n-word for him wouldn't be a slur because you have blacks who hate niggers aka barbarians and the guy who responded to that probably took it out of context and wrote something like "since you have an idea that word could be used not as a slur, but as an another word for barbarians and uncontrolable punk cunts, that's how i referred that word as.
also, i got remembered of how bubs use softer version as an alternative for word homie."
Well, that someone should have known better.

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Teenage Girl 22/12/08(Thu)15:57 No. 25419 ID: 049bc8

Some people would tell me this is all a character act (the character being 'depressed loser who desperately clings to empty memes and political notions to somehow feel superior to others') but I doubt that, there just isn't much of an audience here. If you wanted to do that, you would do it somewhere else. This is more or less sincere.

Teenage Girl 22/12/09(Fri)00:58 No. 25420 ID: e6b557

File 167054391076.jpg - (581.76KB , 1608x1041 , for >>25414.jpg )


Teenage Girl 22/12/14(Wed)03:41 No. 25424 ID: 946ae6

What makes you think I care about the imaginary people in your head?

Teenage Girl 22/12/04(Sun)12:36 No. 25408 ID: e98e60 [Reply]

File 167015380348.png - (88.47KB , 633x758 , 1669569645870633.png )

Those Wojak videos are boring. They feel like they are trying to be like Bojack Horseman but with whitepill and Hollywood psyops.
I liked those boomer vs zoomer videos because they had a Tiny bit of fun.

i can BAWWW here??? for free? no conditionnnn?!?!? Teenage Girl 22/02/21(Mon)03:32 No. 24450 ID: ee25db [Reply]

File 16454107309.jpg - (761.51KB , 3106x4096 , IMG_20220221_092510.jpg )

im trying to be concept artist, animators, 3d artist... whats good practice? theyre all entertainment/art shamalamadingdong,. so i assume some still lifes? trying to put on a big gallery of portofolios like the pros? hubdreds of pages i guess...? what should i fill it with?

Teenage Girl 22/02/21(Mon)06:00 No. 24451 ID: ee25db

>>24450 ah this thred is now slow...

Teenage Girl 22/11/29(Tue)11:41 No. 25403 ID: 77b709


Teenage Girl 22/12/01(Thu)09:19 No. 25407 ID: 23ce09


Teenage Girl 22/09/25(Sun)18:14 No. 25285 ID: 96ad1d [Reply]

File 16641224639.jpg - (418.26KB , 1280x720 , 197777jpg.jpg )

Fuck Brit Fags
And Fuck /b/
As they seem to be one and the same

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Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)09:30 No. 25379 ID: 3880d9

File 166815541850.jpg - (157.64KB , 2276x524 , Carrot$ salery Exspoed .jpg )



Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)12:35 No. 25380 ID: 52cec3

>The new york jets


Teenage Girl 22/11/11(Fri)20:05 No. 25387 ID: e8ac68


Well yeah Jets vs Giants
So I changed their names and pics
That not what the problem is
Some, I'm guessing ttrrooolll posing as a trans-whatever. Trying to include Carrot$ in their alpabet soup.
They aren't even a Carrot$.
These gosh darn Marxist are so fascist now.
If wasn't for the coloured hair, I doubt I could tell them apart.

Teenage Girl 22/07/20(Wed)04:05 No. 25136 ID: 25cd70 [Reply]

File 165828273522.jpg - (264.86KB , 2719x1776 , 1582683258821.jpg )

I was just reading up on "crimes against nature", which by definition is essentially sodomy.

I'm so sorry for being gay. I understand how much of a pain in the ass (no pun intended) we are, and we are in the literal sense crimes against nature. This is not what nature intended and here I am wanting to put my pecker in a place where they shit.

All I ask for is your forgiveness, and hopefully one day we can find out the cause of this disease and eradicate it once and for all.

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Teenage Girl 22/07/26(Tue)04:20 No. 25158 ID: 44e8de

Yes dear. Sorry dear.

Teenage Girl 22/07/26(Tue)17:25 No. 25160 ID: be9b39


Teenage Girl 22/10/28(Fri)02:45 No. 25356 ID: 509d50

File 166691790131.png - (129.60KB , 598x1000 , 1666595267030.png )

Teenage Girl 22/10/24(Mon)10:36 No. 25345 ID: ea982f [Reply]

File 166660060586.png - (453.49KB , 566x536 , tmmwtp.png )

I do not find pornography any amusing, even if the plot is good.
Most of the time, I feel like I want to vomit or I look at horror everytime I see nudes or people fucking each other.
You can make the most man made horror beyond my comprehension type and it still wouldn't change my mind.

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Teenage Girl 22/10/25(Tue)23:39 No. 25350 ID: 32135d

Apparently OP

Teenage Girl 22/10/26(Wed)09:26 No. 25351 ID: 6b90aa

There are because of stuff Like Gachimuchi.

Teenage Girl 22/10/27(Thu)03:31 No. 25352 ID: 0ba01f

Back in the 90s, my friend had a black box. If we got bored, we would put the Spice channel on and laugh at the terrible acting. Even one of our running gags is related to a porno we saw back then.

Teenage Girl 22/06/29(Wed)15:01 No. 24870 ID: 685988 [Reply]

File 165650768949.jpg - (70.45KB , 896x826 , screams internally.jpg )

One of the biggest bourgeois things that has plagued the modern (or rather POST-Modern) world is dog culture.

No other animal on earth gets more blind support for merely existing than dogs.
Cats are beloved too, but they're subject to disdain. In fact, cats are the only beings, after children in which comical abuse towards in fiction is allowed.

Misopedia is a very popular sentiment in the west, especially America and UK.
Yet, dogs are just like children: loud, messy, stinky.

But even worse: they shed, eat garbage and bodily waste, and may chase after anything that moves.

But yet, these antics of the dogs are worshipped as cute by humans.
Yet, if kids acted like that, people would consider that as "lack of discipline".

But that's not all.
While dogs are chaotic , they are the biggest victims of dog culture.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 22/09/29(Thu)13:37 No. 25294 ID: 314c8c

Was he represented by Saul Goodman?

Teenage Girl 22/09/29(Thu)21:43 No. 25295 ID: fc6545

hehe this was before breaking bad. That would be a sketchy thing to go pro se with because of the cost of an appeal. I don't really remember but I know he knows enough people to have gotten either some really good advice or some pro bono work.

Whatever it was he got lucky for sure. They were out to brankrupt him. He's a pretty good thinker, though. Went on to often write the big middle piece for the International Forecaster.

Teenage Girl 22/09/30(Fri)23:15 No. 25298 ID: db7574

Breaking Silver.
The parodic sequel to Breaking Bad

Websites where you can criticize admins Teenage Girl 22/09/30(Fri)03:49 No. 25296 ID: dd09ae [Reply]

File 166450256516.jpg - (32.93KB , 352x279 , 3yqw456.jpg )

There is no fucking downside at all if you're a mod on social media. You can have no transparency, be incredibly bias, control the narrative, and be immune to repercussions. I'm trying to make 1 fucking thread on a site and the mod just deletes it, and if you make a thread about them deleting my thread and they ban me.

You can fucking guess the site but holy fuck are they absolutely horrible.

Teenage Girl 22/09/30(Fri)04:20 No. 25297 ID: fc6545

I don't know about social media, but I have to guess it's probably worse than the IRC or my mother's fax machine circlejerks that most likely dominate chans these days. I'm some nobody on a place that I think was supposed to use telegram behind the scenes, it it's just the biggest shitslide of people who don't even use the main site or spreg to levels most people wouldn't understand without ever having been behind scenes.

I think some of them even use facejew or have werid gaming website accounts. But you know what? I don't care, none of them are mad at me, and I still make fun of them if something slightly clever comes to mind. Drama is for queers, women, faggots, and people who stir shit up out of boredom.

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