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Shaman 22/08/22(Mon)03:47 No. 25208 ID: 7eed0e [Reply]

File 166113282337.jpg - (10.75KB , 201x273 , download (1).jpg )


Teenage Girl 22/08/22(Mon)07:00 No. 25209 ID: 9f5317

Her response to Roe v Wade was worrying

Teenage Girl 22/08/22(Mon)17:53 No. 25210 ID: 838b0b

File 166118363351.jpg - (110.74KB , 893x568 , 243`12.jpg )

I watch these two cats.
Much funnier than whoever the fuck you you faggots watch.

Women Teenage Girl 22/07/30(Sat)23:16 No. 25175 ID: 838b0b [Reply]

File 165921578892.png - (380.71KB , 588x441 , r6ued6.png )

*proceeds to walk like a 3 year old through their whole life*
>Acts like a complete cunt
"No, anon I was just SAYING ________"

Yeah right, I don't need you.

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Teenage Girl 22/08/07(Sun)03:08 No. 25189 ID: dc1af3

It especially describes those male hierarchy enthusiasts.

>Sigma males never do X

>If you do this, you're a beta

Teenage Girl 22/08/09(Tue)00:02 No. 25190 ID: a54ab0

File 165999614449.png - (255.52KB , 1200x1080 , khyfduydfkug.png )

That's correct.

Teenage Girl 22/08/10(Wed)00:20 No. 25191 ID: f42032

Everyone's fucked up in one way or another.

Teenage Girl 22/07/12(Tue)09:05 No. 25061 ID: 35f301 [Reply]

File 165760952563.jpg - (149.92KB , 828x801 , 291067318_597210078585513_38727005303574127_n.jpg )

In the 80s, the Christian "moral majority" dominated the culture and we had "Satanic Panic." What did the malcontents and disaffected white boys of that era do? Fake Satanism. Heavy metal, dude. Ozzy Osborne to Marilyn Manson.

And then we hit the tipping point somewhere around 2000, with 9/11 sort of eclipising everything so we didn't really notice the death of the moral majority and rise of the SJWs to assume the mantle of mavens of social order.

Now what do the malcontents do? Pretend to be Nazis. Find whoever is in charge, find who is being self-righteous and hypocritical from a position of cultural authority, then look to the disaffected and you'll find a bunch of jackasses cosplaying as whatever boogeyman frightens the first group the most.

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Teenage Girl 22/07/26(Tue)08:16 No. 25159 ID: bac607

trips of truth.
also, ancient greeks and romes were kinda gay.

Teenage Girl 22/07/29(Fri)00:52 No. 25168 ID: 3642e2

Friendly reminder that the Romans washed their clothes with piss.

Teenage Girl 22/07/29(Fri)19:21 No. 25173 ID: 838b0b

Romans were weirder than Greeks

Teenage Girl 22/07/28(Thu)08:53 No. 25161 ID: f6f66f [Reply]

File 165899121333.png - (975.52KB , 1280x720 , myanus1000254.png )

First, some idiots say Hong Kong protests are CIA cooked.
Second, some idiots say Pinochet was a CIA nigger.
What's next? Fighting communism is CIA nigger garbage?

Teenage Girl 22/07/28(Thu)12:54 No. 25162 ID: 6f996c

It's not a secret that historically the CIA has had a hand in nearly every single coup and over throw of every communist leadersship that has ever existed. This is not secret and actually well documented historically.

Contras in Nicaragua, The US smuggling cocaine into Columbia in order to pay for top secret operations in the US, They tried to kill fidel castro like 200 times. It's well documented fact and not really up for debate.

Teenage Girl 22/07/28(Thu)17:16 No. 25163 ID: be9b39

This, and OP is a faggot.

Teenage Girl 22/07/24(Sun)22:08 No. 25144 ID: 1a13b9 [Reply]

File 165869331830.gif - (884.15KB , 360x240 , im_shocked.gif )

I just got out of a seven day ban on FB for posting a song off of the Pixies Surfer Rosa to receive a thirty day ban for saying I would drown someone for a chance to swim today. Ten years ago, someone told me to kill myself on FB and didn't even get their comment deleted. The internet is fucking PUSSY now.

Teenage Girl 22/07/25(Mon)01:43 No. 25147 ID: 838b0b

Because of the vetting that goes on their prior to the Trump elections they are implementing (((right think))) there. Don't go there anymore.

Plate lookup? ShellKing 22/07/17(Sun)04:12 No. 25103 ID: 4bb795 [Reply]

File 165802397379.jpg - (69.54KB , 683x1024 , 17D5284F-D455-4D1C-A528-BFEF54AA0FF7.jpg )

Quick question:
What is discoverable for a partial license plate WA BXX… ? White newer Honda Civic.
Thank you.

Teenage Girl 22/07/17(Sun)14:46 No. 25106 ID: 618fac

OP, you sly dog, what'd you do?

The+Red+Barron 22/07/20(Wed)09:00 No. 25139 ID: 7cb4c3

Format would reveal state most likely

Type of car would be looked for more than the plate for whatever in that area

Teenage Girl 22/07/15(Fri)19:39 No. 25070 ID: 399e46 [Reply]

File 165790675428.jpg - (36.39KB , 480x360 , EY14hTcXsAAOCI7.jpg )

Millennials are now finally understanding what it was like for their parents to see humor they don't understand or find funny infect all their favorite mediums. Kids these days, they don't know humor like me!


Picrel once again proves its timelessness.

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Teenage Girl 22/07/16(Sat)20:59 No. 25098 ID: 6a62c4


>I remember back in 2006-2014 when alot of discussion was about millennials being snowflakes. How easily we forget.

Yeah, but those same millennials will tell you oh, they weren't THIS bad! Heh, the more things change, the more they stay the same. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of this rightoid/edgelord shit was just them internalizing that discussion too much for their own good.

Teenage Girl 22/07/16(Sat)23:36 No. 25099 ID: 614a7a

Here's my post:https://kiwifarms.net/threads/millennials-are-projecting-their-fragility-onto-zoomers.124646/#post-12453510

And as usual, their denialism is as predictable as sunrise.

Teenage Girl 22/07/17(Sun)01:29 No. 25100 ID: 21fae8


You have to remember the vast majority of Kiwi Farmers simp for Joshua Connor Moon, who fled from a tranny at his mother's house to his mother's bathroom. Their judgment on anything tends to be suspect, accordingly. Imagine simping for a "man" jealous of Ethan Ralph and other slobs.

Teenage Girl 22/07/04(Mon)18:52 No. 24916 ID: be9b39 [Reply]

File 165695354445.jpg - (105.16KB , 641x355 , frog.jpg )

I genuinely think bots are taking over the internet, we just keep seeing random phrases stuck together in what used to be places of actual discourse. It sucks the life out of the whole thing and models NPC-tier communication to the few remaining humans.

I predict that within five years, the internet will no longer be considered a place to hear opinions. People will lose the small amount of trust they have that any opinion they see expressed might be genuine, and just get depressed and leave. It will just be used for basic functions that don't involve interacting with strangers (streaming movies, paying for things, reading digital versions of already trusted sources, talking to people you actually know, etc.) This might be a welcome change but it certainly will be a messy transition.

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Teenage Girl 22/07/14(Thu)16:52 No. 25069 ID: 42b678

Post boomer conservatives are abysmal.
Even boomer conservatives are smarter.

Teenage Girl 22/07/15(Fri)19:42 No. 25071 ID: 399e46


>Post boomer conservatives are abysmal. Even boomer conservatives are smarter.

Post-boomer cons are usually grifters who are just in it for power, clout, the attention they never got from their parents. Why do you think Lauren Southern recently made that big expose video? Boomer cons? They're smarter than posties, but overall talk like fags and their shit's all retarded. But I would take the latter over boomer/post-boomer libs, as those guys are masters of bullshitting. A liberal is just a conservative who smiles more.

Teenage Girl 22/07/16(Sat)09:44 No. 25085 ID: 614a7a

Wanna know dirty secret?
Conservatives don't exist.
There's only liberals.
You're either a lib left or lib right.
Anglo conservatism is based supposedly on classic liberalism.
The only difference between Democrats and Republicans is illegal immigration and trans education.
And even that's debatable.

Teenage Girl 22/06/30(Thu)20:20 No. 24886 ID: f013d8 [Reply]

File 165661321524.jpg - (84.18KB , 780x439 , alta-vista-anoka-grasmere-ottawa-police-siu.jpg )

Yet another incel attack in Canada, this time in Ottawa. Deadbeat parents coddled the little bastard and are trying to hide behind the usual excuses while a man has to fly into town to see two out of three of his family dead. Millennials have blood on their hands for propagating the ideology that motivated this loser.

33 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 22/07/11(Mon)03:26 No. 25033 ID: 3ff6ae

File 165750279021.jpg - (7.92KB , 259x194 , download.jpg )


It's that you're all coping and seething that you're pretty much like picrel, and are literally scared of other people for no real reason beyond your own elitist, solipsistic fantasies.

Teenage Girl 22/07/11(Mon)14:47 No. 25037 ID: 9aec66

What are you like?

Teenage Girl 22/07/11(Mon)19:30 No. 25050 ID: 5285b6

File 165756064483.jpg - (124.97KB , 768x918 , 1657183706138.jpg )


As you can see, I am pretty based and bloompilled.

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)07:32 No. 25010 ID: 521c39 [Reply]

File 165743113874.jpg - (66.34KB , 828x1064 , ji2n49v8d1891.jpg )

Hey, rightoids! Saying "gamer words" all the time for the hell of it makes you just like this. Figure it out.

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)21:05 No. 25016 ID: 1029ae


No one is mad. Why would anyone be mad? I will never meet you. I don't waste time worrying about what other people do with their lives like you lot do, whining about how Gen Z is an existential threat to the West or some shit. If anything, I'm glad. I'm glad I have a great teaching tool for the nieces and nephews in my life: kids, don't end up like these faggots. Now go on and tell me I will never be a woman, since you have tranny derangement syndrome. What is your fascination with a glorified fad that represents less than 000.1% of the population?

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)21:23 No. 25019 ID: be9b39

Seek professional help.

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)23:46 No. 25022 ID: 1029ae


Typical projection, as always. I'm not the one freaking out over trannies like you lot do. All imageboard goofs are the same, and don't you forget it.

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