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Teenage Girl 22/06/30(Thu)08:35 No. 24882 ID: 7543b7 [Reply]

File 165657090363.png - (203.50KB , 512x361 , rawtime.png )

Raw Time was a popular nineties public access show in Austin, Texas aimed at a Gen-X audience. Many people still circulate footage, and reminisce about how cool it was. But what will millennials be able to look back on? Will millennials have anything worth preserving and circulating?

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Teenage Girl 22/07/08(Fri)00:46 No. 24968 ID: 9fe805


He was born in '73. That means he's Gen-X (1965 – 1980).

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)06:27 No. 25009 ID: 521c39

Imagine being the generation that gave us Brokencyde, Blood on the Dance Floor, and the like and thinking you have ANY leverage over Gen Z, boomers, whoever. Oh, and don't forget shit like post-grunge and nu-metal. But mumble rap, that's the problem. Not the millennialoid endorsed gentrification of hip hop, no, no. See what I mean? Millennials have nothing of their own. I see tons of Gen-X folks who still watch shows like Daria, My So Called Life, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead, Trailer Park Boys, Married with Children, Dinosaurs....what are millennials putting out there that'll be as memorable? Jack. Shit. I'm still waiting for at least one person to tell me even so much as five millennial contributions to society, culturally, that will stand the test of time.

Teenage Girl 22/07/10(Sun)14:47 No. 25011 ID: c4fa9e

File 165745725877.jpg - (29.52KB , 600x397 , lighthouse.jpg )

>millennial contributions to society, culturally, that will stand the test of time.

The films of Robert Eggers. The Witch, The Lighthouse and The Northman are all great works of art. As well are the films of the two Safdie brothers, who made Good Time and Uncut Gems. These three men were born in the early 80s, which makes them millennials, however important that is.

Teenage Girl 22/07/04(Mon)14:19 No. 24915 ID: 5fa583 [Reply]

File 165693716754.png - (28.92KB , 501x527 , ash.png )

these "We Will Adopt Your Babies" are stupid. If they ever add homosexuals, you know how it's gonna go.

Teenage Girl 22/07/09(Sat)12:03 No. 24988 ID: f04b56

The vast majority of pro-life folks have no real desire to adopt. It's virtue signalling at its finest. But of course, rightoids will ignore their own hypocrisy. Anything to avoid growing up and having an actual personality beyond annoying random people 'cause Mommy/Daddy forgot you exist.

Teenage Girl 22/07/09(Sat)14:05 No. 24991 ID: 220f76

> these "We Will Adopt Your Babies" are stupid. If they ever add homosexuals, you know how it's gonna go.
Nice suggestion. Or not. I think that triggering may be counter-productive.

But how about this: Two jewish conservative Disneyland dads. They can hardly turn down them! XD

Teenage Girl 22/07/07(Thu)01:02 No. 24955 ID: 9e84aa [Reply]

File 165714853046.jpg - (30.53KB , 512x512 , 355u6bvm4sk51.jpg )

I've come to accept that the reason our country is bad and will only get worse is because the people themselves have no interest in making things better. How can one accomplish great things when most of the population is riddled with envy towards anyone slightly better than them? The smart and competent are hated because the only ego-acceptable narrative is that they're better through some sort of privilege. Even on the right you see this same type of narcissism but over things like height and breeding. How can you make great things when your country is filled with people who burn down cathedrals because they're larger and better looking than a poor man's house, and people who cripple athletes and mutilate the beautiful because they make the weak and ugly feel bad? We don't even have advanced classes in schools because they're seen as discriminatory against the less bright children: better to deny people opportunity than to hurt the feelings of others.

We deserve our fate.

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Teenage Girl 22/07/07(Thu)07:02 No. 24959 ID: 0e8c7c

Motivationalism is

Teenage Girl 22/07/07(Thu)10:54 No. 24963 ID: 4cef8d


I just can't wait for Gen Z to come along and succeed despite the corona-recession and Milennials transfer wholesale all their emotional baggage to teenagers 1-2 decades younger than they are.

Teenage Girl 23/03/07(Tue)12:52 No. 25575 ID: 600af9


Teenage Girl 22/06/29(Wed)04:02 No. 24864 ID: 41efed [Reply]

File 165646815883.png - (409.89KB , 717x717 , 874.png )

Which is worse? A Trumptard who missed the point of Warhammer or Warhammer fans who think they're above other fandoms?

Teenage Girl 22/06/30(Thu)19:51 No. 24885 ID: be9b39

>having a fandom at all
Second one, easy.

Teenage Girl 22/07/06(Wed)21:07 No. 24954 ID: 2541ef

That was created to ridicule Trump. His supporters understood this, but didn't care, replying with 'this, but unironically'

Teenage Girl 22/06/23(Thu)11:15 No. 24730 ID: 934aab [Reply]

File 165597573561.png - (316.34KB , 750x665 , ClipboardImage (5).png )

Adults be like: Kids these days are so sensitive

Kids: (make dark edgy jokes)

Adults: (Has heart attack)

This isn't limited to the postmodern era.
But what I do notice is that adults are absolutely incredibly DUMB when it comes to children.

Most adults think that proper childrearing means blocking off kids from the real world for twenty years. Then, when the kids are of age, they are to be thrown out into the real world without any prep.

Is it any wonder why so many adults have fucked up their lives do to poor decisions?

Yet, parents try to justify this with:
"Let kids be kids. Innocence is short and you never get it back. You have all the time in the world to be an adult yet you only have a short time to be a kid."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)09:43 No. 24815 ID: 213cee

Have you ever considered writing a book? Because you're sitting on a goldmine here. We need more voices like yours.

Teenage Girl 22/07/02(Sat)02:03 No. 24903 ID: 259b29

Read and listen to John Taylor Gatto.

Teenage Girl 22/06/28(Tue)22:21 No. 24863 ID: 25cd70 [Reply]

File 165644771122.jpg - (160.76KB , 480x537 , 1591323763285.jpg )

Does artificial intelligence scare you? Where do you see this world going and why aren't there any mainstream news sources covering it?

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Teenage Girl 22/06/29(Wed)19:36 No. 24877 ID: df626d


Doesn't mean it's gonna happen in our lifetime. We can barely keep things going enough as it is. I can see it all collapsing long before anything happens with AI.

Teenage Girl 22/06/29(Wed)23:49 No. 24879 ID: 7d197c

I'm afraid eventually it'll come to that. You are correct, the AI itself isn't exactly dangerous but rather how we use it. >>24877 puts forth a good point as well.

Teenage Girl 22/06/30(Thu)05:43 No. 24881 ID: 7543b7

File 165656062263.jpg - (32.43KB , 512x512 , t0q6nbnnsda41.jpg )


All it takes is even so much as a single bump and the whole rotten structure comes crashing down. We've been coasting on the fumes since '45. Soon enough, those fumes will finally dissipate.

Teenage Girl 22/04/18(Mon)18:34 No. 24535 ID: 34ca75 [Reply]

File 165029967611.jpg - (6.39KB , 192x192 , 105507.jpg )

Every time millennials bitch about TikTok, I just remind them that their generation created Tumblr AND 4chan, and thus, their opinions on social media are immediately invalidated. It's funny how millennials like to scapegoat boomers for their self-imposed problems like how they can't find a job or get laid, and yet every time they talk about zoomers, they suspiciously sound like boomers. You're not fooling anyone, faggots. The boomer wealth ain't gonna finally start trickling down 'cause you ape their sociopathy. And you know all those lead jokes you make about them? The gens of the future will make the same about all the plastics you let them slip into our bodies because you were too busy sperging out about the most irrelevant shit like kids' toys called video games. Also, remember how boomers protested at Kent State, and throughout May 1968? What were millennials doing? Enlisting in droves to fight in bullshit wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, then whining about how it was the government's fault that they were left fucked up by the experience.

So, wait a second:

>You CHOSE to enlist in the military when there was NO draft.
>You CHOSE to support fighting in a clearly bullshit war literally EVERYONE knew was bullshit.
>You CHOSE to shame people who called it/you out for it.

And now it's SOMEONE ELSE's fault that you're a PTSD, limbless mess?

Typical millennials. Always blaming somebody else. No wonder y'all are performatively hostile to Greta, David Hogg, etc - they're doing what you never had the balls to, 'cause you were too busy taking credit for the 90s, y'know, the decade Gen-X made legendary?

No, millennial: YOUR legacy is the lame shit of the post-9/11 age. Scene trash like Brokencyde, My Immortal, TUMBLR AND 4CHAN, Rowling and Sebold being the most overrated authors of the century, and so on.

Millennials have no culture. They have no great novels, no great movies, no great music. They don't even have great memes. They will simply own nothing, BE nothing, and will never be happy, as they'll start scapegoating zoomers for why they're 50+ and STILL can't do X or Y.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:51 No. 24859 ID: be9b39

I think it comes down to a misunderstanding of what "the present" is. People forget that at every moment in history, it was the present. In ancient Egypt they didn't know they had X many thousands of years left of sitting around under the Pharaoh harvesting grain until the Romans took over, they would have had the same reaction as us to any new bullshit and assume it's just "the new order" taking over. We're always the tip of the spear of time, we're always inclined to see ourselves as 'the exception' to the tradition of history. Every fucking week you hear about some 'new paradigm' of technology, politics, etc. that's going to "fundamentally change everything" and sometimes it does amount to something (which usually finds a way to balance itself out, by the way) but we forget how many times we said that and nothing happened at all. It's just so easy to think of today as unique, as "the first day of the rest of the universe".

Now, that's not to say everything is always monotonous and that no change ever makes a difference that lasts, that has happened many times. The right view is somewhere in the messy middle ground between "this is really it, bro!" and "nothing ever happens"

Teenage Girl 22/06/29(Wed)19:29 No. 24875 ID: 685988

People have short-term cultural memory.
That's why they always be like:
>X predicted Y
>X was before it's time
When it comes to culture, there's no such thing as "before it's time".
Alot of art has multiple points of origin.

It's never who BUILT IT FIRST, but rather WHOM POPULARIZED IT.

Michael Jackson didn't invent the moonwalk
Snoop Dogg didn't invent the "izzle".

Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 22/06/29(Wed)19:35 No. 24876 ID: df626d


>Thomas Edison didn't invent the light bulb.

I agree with your post, but sound recording would've been a better example to use, considering Leon Scott de Martinville's phonautograph. Remember that 'creepy' recording of Au Clair?

Thanks to pro-life bullshit I can't stomach the right wing anymore Teenage Girl 22/06/25(Sat)19:17 No. 24761 ID: be9b39 [Reply]

File 165617743426.jpg - (295.65KB , 1920x1089 , rust cohle true detective.jpg )

I used to be pretty much a full alt-righty but I'm realizing now that I got conned. I thought it really was about pushing against left wing extremism (trannies, female supremacy, accepting crime from minorities, censoring disagreement with obvious bullshit, etc.) and that the reactionary approach was just defensive, but I see now that most of them legitimately are pointlessly cruel and selfish people who just want to hurt the other tribe. This abortion debate really did it for me, it's clear as day that these incel kiddies don't actually care about fetuses, they're just mad that they can't have sex and want to punish the women who they see as having denied them it. They'll practically come out and say it with their "if you don't want to have a kid, don't have sex!" bullshit, admitting that they actually anti-sex and don't think there's any way they could find themselves in this situation. They see people who have sex as totally removed from themselves, and they want to make them suffer.

The claim that this is misogyny is not an exaggeration, they honestly fucking hate women and just want to see them cry to get a sick laugh. I haven't even checked but I can guarantee that's what /pol/ is doing right now, posting compilations of women breaking down over this. They just think it's so cute that these women will now be under threat of violence from the state if they make the decisions they want to about sex and pregnancy. I can't fathom actually liking that image (rather than seeing it as a necessary evil). If you've ever seen someone 'broken' due to physical injury, fear, trauma, or extreme emotional torment (or if you've been there yourself) you should know it's dehumanizing and shouldn't sit right with anyone. That's why even condemned prisoners are allowed as much dignity as possible through their execution, anyone with a shred of empathy understands that pointless pain, fear, and humiliation is wrong. Yet these pieces of shit want millions of women and liberals to experience it due to a difference in lifestyle.

Now I'm not one of these people who thinks women are all magical (I've been hurt by them many times in many different scenarios), but this kind of venom towards them turns my stomach. It's not a "redpill" about some of the ways women are full of shit, it's actual hatred. This is the sort of mindset that creates literal domestic abusers and rapists, it's not fucking right.

It's going to be hard for me to find that middle ground, especially since I've gotten so close with poltards and let it become part of my self-image, but I can see that I was fucking blind and I need to make a change.

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Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)15:09 No. 24821 ID: 9ce0a6

Pretty eerie how right he got it.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)17:22 No. 24824 ID: be9b39

>Nowadays, people think history is supposed to be made every decade/generation.
>People fancy themselves as demigods denied of their birthright.
Very wise post. This is what the tradfags miss, being in a balanced civilization is nothing but boring. Before the Age of Exploration you expected to die in the same place and occupation you were born into, and being virtuous meant doing it well and without complaint. The point of life wasn't having new experiences (that's a very modern notion), the point was to sit there, subsist, and procreate if you're lucky. This goes all the way back to the dawn of civilization, we abandoned the free and exciting life of hunting and gathering in order to have a more sustainable existence and pump out short little retard babies (their nutrition was terrible) to do the same monotonous work until the end of time.

The inherent contradiction of it is that they want to have a revolution in the name of a value set that is entirely anti-revolution. Obviously they want this radical change due to sexual frustration that they hope it will cure, but in the "trad" model they would just be stuck with their lack of pussy.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:25 No. 24848 ID: 17ce87


>Why do people think rock n roll is the only "genuine" form of music?

Dude, Cobain loved rap. He was a big mark for Public Enemy. He was into a lot more music than just rock/rap, too. He even helped a Japanese pop rock band get famous in America because he kept talking about their music.


>Pretty eerie how right he got it.

Agreed. Maybe he just saw the writing on the wall and bailed out when he could.


>These guys weren't really predicting the future like they were savants
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Teenage Girl 22/06/24(Fri)11:15 No. 24740 ID: 969b7c [Reply]

File 165606210123.png - (92.66KB , 657x527 , 0b1.png )

Tranny hate threads on 4chan are rather dumb. Everytime they show transgenders taking L, it's Always White transfemales from North America and United Kingdom.

I understand Bunkerchan and my mother's fax machine basically taught them that transgenders shouldn't be trusted all the time, but do they have to only focus on them?

15 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)19:52 No. 24860 ID: be9b39

Where did you even get the idea that I was saying or thinking that?

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)21:35 No. 24861 ID: ac5ba6


Stop playing dumb. It's not cute. It's not funny.

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)21:42 No. 24862 ID: be9b39

No I genuinely don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

Teenage Girl 22/06/11(Sat)20:02 No. 24670 ID: 09704f [Reply]

File 165497053457.jpg - (30.95KB , 384x384 , 118152.jpg )

I like normies.

They don't scream at me about SJW's, boomers, western civilization or any of the other shit the internet thinks should dominate every thought and action. They just go about their day like I try to do and get their work done.

20 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 22/06/25(Sat)18:49 No. 24760 ID: be9b39

I am young so that's what I'm talking about. But I am inclined to think it goes away some with age, as it's happened less as I've entered my 20's.

Teenage Girl 22/06/26(Sun)02:32 No. 24779 ID: 2f7477

It doesn't really.
The reason why people assume teens to be more bigoted is because teens are denied any legal allowance of real world experience.
Adults are obviously more bigoted but they justify it with their worldly experience and massive social/legal power.
The dirty secret of adulthood is that age determines your social might.
At least if you're male.
The older you are, the more society justifies your biases, no matter how silly it is.

The reason why Flat Earth is taken seriously is because it's ADULT MALES promoting it.
We laugh at children for believing in Santa or Tooth Fairy.
( I dunno if it's true that kids really believe in Santa or Tooth Fairy, I think those are parental assumptions made to lord it over kids anyway, seeing how parents freak about about kids making dirty jokes).

Teenage Girl 22/06/27(Mon)09:28 No. 24812 ID: 213cee


>Kids get all sad, upset, frustrated with all the shit in the world? They're called emo dorks who should just brush it off.
>Adults do? Exactly.

Reminds me of Game of Thrones. GRRM writes the lamest, edgiest shit imaginable, everyone calls him a great writer. Some kid does, and he's feared as the next Ted Bundy or the subject of ridicule.

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