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/w/ - Weapons
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Alternative weaponry? Sarah Palin 14/07/23(Wed)08:29 No. 14988 [Reply]

File 140609698656.jpg - (97.79KB , 500x500 , Needle Gun.jpg )

I suddenly had the urge to think about alternative /w/eaponry.

Thinks like the tool on the left can be adapted into weapons. So, this thread will be all about the use of everyday items as weapons (I feel like an advertisement for some reason).

So, lets start taking about /w/eapons. In what ways could we adapt things like this needle scaler, or, say, a light bulb, into effective weapons?

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ErikoB 19/07/18(Thu)00:26 No. 15486

>hear bang in the night
>go down to investigate
>its a 2.3 meter tall negro man staring you down like a deer in headlight
>you pull back the plunger, your hands shaking with fright, and release it
>bamboo scewer bounces off his face harmlessly
Now what?

Sarah Palin 19/08/10(Sat)03:17 No. 15492

>>15486 you pull your back-up crossbow and finish the job

Sarah Palin 20/05/08(Fri)22:16 No. 15530

File 158896896933.jpg - (25.95KB , 982x600 , homemade-weapons-from-ukraine-3.jpg )

Look up the improvised weapons of the Ukrainian revolution. Surprisingly effective and brutal with a flair of DIY.

join KC now Bernd 19/09/07(Sat)20:16 No. 15501 [Reply]

File 156788020690.jpg - (119.26KB , 670x750 , sei_dabei.jpg )


Sarah Palin 19/10/11(Fri)00:18 No. 15509

File 157074588943.gif - (1.13MB , 500x375 , 1570621522101.gif )

For /w/!

The gun ban WILL happen, I guarantee you Sarah Palin 19/10/01(Tue)22:36 No. 15508 [Reply]

File 156996218888.jpg - (446.38KB , 1200x973 , A14D686E-53AB-4FB7-8733-CF8F958F762F.jpg )

With Brendan O’Rourke running in 2020, we’re starting to hear a lot more about gun control. Just for a little backstory, my great grandfather was actually a farmer, and I remember him talking to me about the days when you could walk into a hardware store and buy dynamite. Nowadays that’s unheard of. If you think the same won’t be done to guns, then you’re deluding yourselves.

Just listen to Harold Covington’s podcast he made shortly after Sandy Hook. He knew exactly what was going on and I highly recommend you listen to it.


Just for a little spoiler of what Covington was saying: the government has already confiscated guns before in California during the Clinton administration. The amount of times people actually resisted against big brother is so few you could count them all on one hand. The only use would be dying by being burned alive in your home. Look at Australia, Great Britain and now New Zealand.

Name roll thread F0am3r 18/11/08(Thu)15:32 No. 15442 [Reply]

File 154168752328.jpg - (49.12KB , 640x360 , 3504126_02_desert_eagle_mark_xix_50_ae_po_640.jpg )

What's up /w/?
Got me a chrome deagle coming this Thanksgiving. Dubs(or trips) names my Jew cannon!

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ErikoB 19/07/18(Thu)00:29 No. 15487

Write Ebba Åkerlund on it

Sarah Palin 19/09/04(Wed)05:35 No. 15499

Bean Blaster

Sarah Palin 19/09/06(Fri)22:22 No. 15500

Yid Yeeter

Innawoods thread Sarah Palin 17/04/14(Fri)14:24 No. 15371 [Reply]

File 149217269553.png - (877.51KB , 680x650 , IMG_5650.png )

Innawoods thread? Innawoods thread.

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paranomalous 17/06/16(Fri)13:08 No. 15380

File 149761132952.jpg - (164.79KB , 680x650 , wanderer.jpg )

paranomalous 17/06/16(Fri)13:09 No. 15381

File 149761134253.jpg - (166.77KB , 680x650 , thecourier.jpg )

Sarah Palin 19/09/01(Sun)20:15 No. 15498

File 156736171316.jpg - (168.34KB , 680x650 , result.jpg )

First time doing this. Am I good?

3D Printable Weapons Sarah Palin 13/02/22(Fri)05:19 No. 14567 [Reply]

File 136150676699.jpg - (97.96KB , 800x534 , wikiweapons.jpg )

Anyone hear of the wiki weapon project? It's basically a project where people are developing CAD files of gun parts and magazines for 3d printers and plan to distribute them for free online under an open source platform.


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Sarah Palin 16/10/24(Mon)19:08 No. 15350


Sarah Palin 18/10/07(Sun)18:27 No. 15438

There was some supreme court hearing about this. They're protected by free speech, so other people will be able to upload more now

Sarah Palin 19/08/24(Sat)08:55 No. 15493

r/gunnitrust and u/ivanthetroll 3dprinted glock mags. Nuff said

Can a tank have wheels? Sarah Palin 17/02/09(Thu)07:44 No. 15363 [Reply]

File 148662265848.jpg - (89.63KB , 800x570 , wheeled tank.jpg )

I'm arguing with my friend whether a tank can have wheels or not and what makes a tank a tank.

He's saying in order for a tank to be a tank it has to have a tracked chassis as the main determining factor.

I say it just determines on what its role is. As in a bulky armored vehicle.

I suppose this also goes into the argument of what differentiates a tank from an APC.

Also if a tank is simply determined by treads what about future prototype tanks that only have legs?

Tanks clearly can have more than just treads in my opinion but I suppose i'll let you guys argue about it.

http://www.strawpoll.me/12300143/ (embed)

Here's the strawpoll.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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You are (probably) wrong Guy that knows stuff 19/02/26(Tue)01:06 No. 15474

File 155113956975.jpg - (9.28KB , 259x194 , Armored Car.jpg )

Tanks were made with tracks and the first armored vehicles that were called "tanks" were tracked.A "tank" with WHEELS would be called an armored car or SPG,And if the gun is big enough a Tank Destroyer,but certainly not a tank.

Sarah Palin 19/07/30(Tue)20:35 No. 15490

Both Merriam Webster and Cambridge define a tank as requiring treads. You have to be careful with Cambridge's definition, since the wording is a little wonky.

Sarah Palin 19/08/05(Mon)14:16 No. 15491

No, the tank is defined by the tracks, armor and cannon. The word for a vehicle with tracks but less armor and no cannon of a tank, is "armored fighting vehicle".

Sarah Palin 16/10/07(Fri)13:29 No. 15338 [Reply]

File 147583975927.jpg - (26.38KB , 800x339 , broken gun.jpg )

Hello, /k/.

I'm in the process of building myself a cabin innawoods, and setting up a reasonably sustainable living space for myself. Right now, I still have a regular apartment and job, but I intend to eventually go full hermit in my cabin and avoid heading into town if at all possible.

What I need are incredibly durable and easy to strip/troubleshoot firearms. I don't care how pretty they are, and I'm willing to trade 'comfort' for 'indestructible'.

Effectively, I want some guns that I can bring with me in the woods and that will easily last 10-15 years if need be without me heading into town (obviously with proper maintenance).

I'm not really interested in bringing more than 3 or 4 guns with me either, ideally

- a pistol/revolver
- a shotgun
- a hunting rifle
- a semi-auto rifle

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Sarah Palin 17/02/15(Wed)06:50 No. 15364

.357 magnum would be a good idea for a lever action henry and a wheel gun. can take durr, and useful for self defense against small to mid size predators (cougars, wolves, coyotes, panthers, maybe small black bears.)

do not, I repeat do not even consider this as a viable self defense calibe against brown bears/grizzlies.
"b, b, but, shot placement."
yeah, you go with that. there's a good damn reason people in alsaka carry big bore hand cannons for anti-bear defense. grizzlies are fucking tanks.

1632 Brotherhood Of The Tentacle 19/07/06(Sat)06:16 No. 15484

Read the book 1632 from Eric Flint from beginning to end. If you're thinking about going down time then you should learn how to make and Smith your own black powder flintlocks. Seriously, If you're all hermit then having these down time firearms won't be attracting any attention to you. Beside, If the SHTF hits the fan and we lose most of our tech you would have an advantage.

Sarah Palin 19/07/11(Thu)20:59 No. 15485

This is /w/, retard.

Sarah Palin 18/07/21(Sat)12:12 No. 15432 [Reply]

File 153216797235.jpg - (32.40KB , 1024x505 , schrade-blade.jpg )

You guys like knives or what?
Knife General thread
Oh, and dont make this a dick measuring contest because some knives are just built bigger than others it doesn't make one much better than the other just because the blade is longer.

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Sarah Palin 18/11/08(Thu)16:30 No. 15449

File 154169103682.png - (262.39KB , 353x469 , code 43.png )


Sarah Palin 18/11/08(Thu)16:30 No. 15450

File 154169104626.png - (210.65KB , 468x352 , code42.png )


This particular one isn`t mine but it is the same kind just a bit thinner Guy 19/03/09(Sat)23:55 No. 15477

File 155217211686.jpg - (4.99KB , 375x134 , Muh Murican Knife.jpg )

9mm vs. .45 Sarah Palin 13/10/05(Sat)05:22 No. 14799 [Reply]

File 13809433645.jpg - (84.95KB , 1366x768 , 2993.jpg )

Hello /v/, first time poster here, my 21st D-day is coming up and I want my license to carry and conceal. I have my eyes on a snazzy Glock 21 chambered in the .45 but I only have experience in the lighter 9 mm round, so, I need to know, is the extra recoil very noticeable? I am a pretty big guy and can usually handle myself but is there a hugely noticeable difference in kick?

6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Sarah Palin 18/06/20(Wed)08:21 No. 15431

Glock 26 is a terrible choice if you have even slightly normal sized hands. It simply wont fit your hand. Some people may be able to deal with their pinky and possibly their ring finger hanging off of the grip, but I cant stand it personally. I feel that it GREATLY affects my shooting ability. To each their own, but you should probably rent a sub-compact and compact at your local range to try them out and see whats comfortable for you. Also the short barrel on the sub-compacts has a noticeable increase in muzzle flip (recoil)

Sarah Palin 18/10/25(Thu)07:26 No. 15440

My suggestion is to go rent a few different guns you like at the range and try them out. When I was getting my ccw I went out and bought a P2000Sk subcompact without shooting it first. It was great because it was so concealable, but it was small and light enough that it sucked to shoot with and thus I rarely even shot it. Moral of the story is that you need to find something that works for you.

Sarah Palin 18/12/09(Sun)16:57 No. 15462

>tfw not carrying the century arms springfield knockoff with an 18 round mag to dump half into chest cavity of attacker and still have legal deniablitiy of time to think or retreat as some states would not call it legal self defense if you have time for shot placement

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