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Sarah Palin 21/10/24(Sun)20:46 No. 15614 [Reply]

File 163510119352.jpg - (2.40MB , 3264x2448 , 20211022_181142.jpg )

Got these as gifts today. Two.kershaw folders and a USN KA-BAR MK1. All sharpend to a fine edge.

Sarah Palin 21/08/16(Mon)02:14 No. 15605 [Reply]

File 162907284360.jpg - (259.77KB , 1260x840 , article_1260_20190216153955982.jpg )


Today I come to you looking for recommendations. I have decided to assemble my own side arm in the fashion of a Glock 19. My question is, who do you trust to get parts from? There are a million and a half websites selling lowers, slides and barrels. Does anyone have experience with any of them?

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Sarah Palin 21/08/16(Mon)19:48 No. 15609

Thanks for the reply. Your picture is exactly what I am wanting to do. Unfortunately it seems like I picked the worst (best?) time to take on this project, as the jigs seem to be sold out everywhere. Plus it looks like the ATF has gotten a hard-on for Poolymer80, which I am sure isn't helping things.

Sarah Palin 21/08/16(Mon)21:11 No. 15610

For polymer80 solutions, the jig, drill bits, and rails/locking block ship with the frame in the same box (roughly $159.99msrp). Most of the other polymer handgun 80% frames sell the Jig and tools separate from the frame though.
For a while polymer80 was selling "buy, build, shoot" kits, which was everything you needed to build a complete pistol including a magazine and case. The only thing you had to supply was ammunition and basic tools. That fully aroused the ire of the ATF, and led to them raiding their Nevada warehouse.

u gay paul watson 21/10/21(Thu)10:33 No. 15613


"Boring" but necessary Sarah Palin 21/08/31(Tue)14:32 No. 15611 [Reply]

File 16304131412.jpg - (1.10MB , 4032x3024 , 239823984.jpg )

We all love the talk of stocking up on ammunition, magazines, back up firearms, back ups for our back ups, caches, etc, ad nauseum.
How many of us stock up on and maintain a supply of the "boring" wear items?
I recently basically built a "new" .30-06 Winchester Model of 1917, and in so doing I found out that a few parts had begun to wear in the last 100 years.
I replaced the Monte Carlo sporter stock with original wood furniture and all correct (not correct stamping, just correct parts) handguards, bands, screws, buttplate, lugs, etc. All the screws were replaced with new old stock or new reproduction screws. The old trigger plate / receiver screws had actually stretched.
The bolt got a new firing pin spring, new extractor, and a bit of a smoothing of things inside. Cocking piece and firing pin were still good so they stayed.
I got a spare extractor spring, extractor/bolt stop spring screw. Also fitted this rifle with the correct sling, a Kerr No-Buckl M1917 (the 1903 version is too short, in case you are wondering.)
Finally, I checked headspace with a new field gauge. No, the bolt didn't close on it, so I'm good to go.
These little wear parts are important for firearms that get used and will be expected to defend and / or feed us.
These bits and bobs are boring but absolutely necessary, and necessary to check and maintain.
Now I have spares of a few of the more wear prone parts, do you all keep spares of your "boring" but important parts?

Sarah Palin 21/08/31(Tue)16:57 No. 15612

Aside from some assorted springs, I don't keep spare parts on hand. I probably should keep common parts around, but as it stands, I order parts from Midway, Brownell's, etc. as I need them.

Sarah Palin 13/05/06(Mon)21:17 No. 14709 [Reply]

File 136786784633.jpg - (91.70KB , 800x532 , AUGA3NATO.jpg )

I want to buy an AUG A3 SA NATO, see picture.
Specs: http://www.steyrarms.com/products/sporting-riflespistols/steyr-auga3-sa-usa-nato/

What does /w/ think?

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Sarah Palin 13/09/10(Tue)19:48 No. 14789

Austrian army fag here. We have the Steyr AUG and it has NEVER jammed once while firing live ammunition. The only time when my aug ever jammed was with training ammo
Buy the original from austria.

Sarah Palin 13/11/14(Thu)15:28 No. 14833

Ausfag here, not in the army but I have friends who are and they all seem to hate the AUG. From what they've said I think I probably would too, plastic trigger and what not (but then again, I've spent my entire hunting life with an Ansch├╝tz).

Darth+Musturd 21/07/27(Tue)19:34 No. 15603

>uses bullpup
thats cringe. dont be cringe.

Sarah Palin 21/06/06(Sun)06:45 No. 15599 [Reply]

File 162295470973.jpg - (43.15KB , 617x443 , jigfmj.jpg )

Is there some particular reason this isn't a thing? It would've been great when you could actually get target ammo. I would think solid lead with a hole drilled out would expand just as well as factory hollow points

What kind of ideas have you had?

Need a weapon Josey Grubbing 17/11/01(Wed)14:50 No. 15397 [Reply]

File 150954422810.jpg - (52.06KB , 300x300 , Sublime40OztoFreedomalbumcover.jpg )

I need a gun for the low any ideas

Sarah Palin 20/05/08(Fri)22:28 No. 15532


Sarah Palin 20/05/21(Thu)20:49 No. 15536

File 159008699034.jpg - (548.34KB , 2917x1049 , GRORIOUS NIPPON STEER.jpg )

why be LOW
when you can be HIGH

Sarah Palin 21/05/21(Fri)08:32 No. 15597

literally hipoint
if thats not an option somehow then could build one which is easier than you think

Weaponized semi-/submersible drones? Sarah Palin 21/01/25(Mon)18:20 No. 15578 [Reply]

File 161159522267.jpg - (856.70KB , 2400x1800 , underwaterglider.jpg )

Why doesn't Iran, Syria, China, or Russia put a shape charge on a submersible or semi-submersible drone? They could blow holes in aircraft carriers from thousands of miles away just by towing the drones under fishing/merchant ships and deploying them when US carriers are in the middle of the ocean.

Totally deniable too, no easy way to tell who did it.

Being underwater provides some protection from small arms.

They could tow antennas a few thousand feet behind them for communication, to prevent easy sigint spotting and jamming.

Taiwan could make tens of thousands of these and stop all shipping into and out of China.

Any 2nd world nation could make thousands of them, enough to prevent any naval attacks for thousands of miles.

Why isn't anyone doing this?

Sarah Palin 21/01/25(Mon)18:49 No. 15579

iran, venezuela, or russia could use this to destroy oil shipping for their rivals, driving up oil/gas prices

any nation that wants to fuck other nations that depend on global shipping supply chains could do this and target container ships. i don't know how many container ships there are, but just targeting the biggest one and working your way down the list would crippled the USA, China, probably Canada too.

any smaller island nation would be fucked.

terrorists could use it to destroy civilian targets like cruise ships and fishing vessels.

this could literally end force projection for naval powers like the USA for a generation or longer.

Sarah Palin 21/01/25(Mon)19:08 No. 15580

only issues i can think of are below.

1. positioning without giving yourself away.

you need an alternative to US owned GPS satellite systems.

possible alternative is to use machine learning to make something that can navigate with just a compass, the sun, the moon, positions of the stars, reliable calendar/clock apps, and various tables for star positions and other shit i don't know about.

above might not work in fog, but then again there are probably cameras that can see through it with IR, UV, microwave radiation, or something else.

2. power source.

need a shitload of high capacity batteries, or solar panels. but then you need to stay above water for a while during the day, which is very risky.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Sarah Palin 21/05/17(Mon)01:58 No. 15596

something else: could you create decoy drones/buoys to confuse infrared, radar (radio), sonar, visible light, ultraviolet, and microwave detection?

which of these would be easiest to do?

is there any way to do this passively, by using something which reflects a signal back at the source, or reflecting it in such a way that it appears to be larger?

is it possible to flood the detection mechanisms of ships and planes so they waste resources attacking decoys, and can't attack targets?

how could this be used to confuse drone attacks on vehicles, people, and buildings?

Weapons Sarah Palin 20/05/26(Tue)03:05 No. 15538 [Reply]

File 159045513618.jpg - (1.21MB , 4000x3000 , 159001510198.jpg )

Hello everyone, I would like to ask how can I create homemade weapons?

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Ur local FBI agent 20/11/10(Tue)19:04 No. 15566

Hey buddy what are you planning on doing with this gun, u know just asking , lol * emoji *Emoji smile

Sarah Palin 21/01/05(Tue)06:13 No. 15575

No use a wooden bat.

Sarah Palin 21/04/30(Fri)01:59 No. 15595

i don't know who are ya asking me?

Sarah Palin 21/04/05(Mon)17:43 No. 15592 [Reply]

File 161763742136.jpg - (2.41MB , 3264x2448 , 1617456788253.jpg )

What do my sidearm purchases say about me?

Sarah Palin 21/04/18(Sun)23:09 No. 15594

That your a pretty cool guy

Anon0ps 16/11/13(Sun)02:10 No. 15353 [Reply]

File 147899942238.jpg - (169.13KB , 480x480 , FB_IMG_14788789279016489.jpg )

What is the powerfull gun a man will ever create?

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Sarah Palin 20/08/22(Sat)14:27 No. 15560

I heard the mass production 500 Smith & Wessons have a dozen thousand shot cap into frame failure.

Sarah Palin 20/08/25(Tue)09:27 No. 15561

The Giant German gun that obliterated a French City and that one American Nuclear Rocket Launcher.

Sarah Palin 21/03/15(Mon)16:06 No. 15590

File 161582078978.jpg - (85.17KB , 922x631 , nicholsdyson.jpg )

Just based on what we know is physically and technologically possible, the nicoll dyson laser is probably a good bet. Slap one of these around the brightest star and congrats, you beat the game.

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