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John Smith 17/08/17(Thu)02:08 No. 46178 [Reply]

File 150292852156.jpg - (496.62KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20170816_200947.jpg )

I'm at the laundromat. Feels pretty /eh/ in here.

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John Smith 19/03/17(Sun)17:52 No. 46906


John Smith 19/03/28(Thu)01:42 No. 46914

gosh, reminiscing on my days of university brings back some mildly disappointing memories. I do remember the late night visits to the shared washing machines quite fondly though.
How is your experience with university so far, John?

John Smith 19/03/30(Sat)21:17 No. 46916

it is a strange one, John. at the moment i find myself struggling with finding the motivation to complete assignments, for which i seemingly punish myself by not letting myself do much of anything else. this has resulted in the past month or two being rather monotonous, if not mildly depressing.

i regret the decision to do a master's course straight after a bachelor's degree, even though at the time there was a good reason for me to do so. with 6 months to go, i'm struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet deep down i know things will work out in a generally satisfactory way, as they somehow always seem to.

while currently far from enjoyable, overall university has been quite the experience. in the first year i met some great people, in the third year i learned a great deal about myself. i no longer expect myself to achieve great results this term, so i at least hope the self destructive behaviour will go away.

John Smith 18/11/22(Thu)14:17 No. 46772 [Reply]

File 154289265753.jpg - (8.57KB , 176x256 , Gagarin_in_Sweden.jpg )

Hello John,

I'm just doing my usual once every two years stop by to see how things are with you.

My life hasn't changed that much, I may have different people around me but I am still the same.

What about you, John?

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John Smith 19/03/03(Sun)23:12 No. 46894

I'm not here to rewrite the laws of society. I believe those to be largely unexplored to begin with. Best I can personally hope to do is to attempt to aim for a particular boundary and even if I were to somehow reach it I'd want to see whether it's a thin membrane that I'll fall through as I touch it, or a wall which I'd demolish with a bulldozer, and see what kind of people end up falling through with me.

John Smith 19/03/04(Mon)05:11 No. 46896

File 155167266416.png - (131.00KB , 397x397 , 50023938_350416229085328_8365307763764494336_n.png )

Hi John,

My life is in something of a standstill at the moment, I'm afraid. It has been a long while since I have last checked in with you, and I do rather distinctly remember once checking up on you a good four, maybe five years ago myself, so being back here is something of a trip down memory lane.

I'm currently unsure as to what direction I should take my life on, and I feel that perhaps what I should first do is leave everything and everyone behind and begin anew; what do you think? Too exciting, perhaps?

No matter. It is always a pleasure talking to you, John. Please do not hesitate to get back to me so that we may catch up on our otherwise uninteresting lives.

Dearest regards to you,
John Smith

John Smith 19/03/28(Thu)02:02 No. 46915

Hello John,

It is indeed a pleasure to hear from you. I remember we talked many years ago, and we used to talk more frequently, but, alas, life changes. Although we can use this opportunity to meditate on how things come to be and pass away, including things as precious as our inspired correspondence, I shall turn our attention to the matters with which you occupy yourself in your current epistle.

If you are unsure what path to do life, recall the words of the Yaqui man of knowledge: take the path with heart. I humbly remind you that the sands of time stand still for no man. While we breathe to live, we are born to die. The winds that dance with the trees shall soon carry the dust of our bones off to eternity as our existence fades with the passage of time. The coffin stands next to the cradle and we are destined to occupy both, regardless that we are John, for we are bound on an irreversible journey from that which is, to which was, passing between what could be and what cannot, ultimately changing states from becoming to nothingness.

There are many paths, John. But all lead to the same place, so take the one with heart and structure your life along a meaningful practice that can fulfill you. What is meaningful? that which provides nourishment in some way and consequently allows your existence the growth it needs. How ought you to discover this? By trying out many things and seeing how it goes, and trying in earnest. It matters not whether you are proficient at the activity, but the sensation the activity provides and the nourishment that only a life-structuring practice can allow you to enjoy.

Should you leave your friends? That depends, John. Do they nourish you? Are you lovers, in the sense that you love each other's company, and you are there for each other? I find that it is foolish for a man to leave his friends because friends provide a wealth that no other resource can. So, I discourage you from leaving your friends, unless their conduct is so abhorrent that you, as a virtuous man, simply cannot exist around them and it is time to allow the relationship to close on its own terms.

May we withstand the wind and water that erodes the earth evermore. May our spirits grow wings and fly with the gods.

Yours truly,
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

John Smith 19/02/03(Sun)12:47 No. 46863 [Reply]

File 154919447869.png - (370.83KB , 1354x1600 , cirno.png )

I'm new to 7chan. What is the difference beetwen 7chan and 4chan? Please don't bully.

(The rules, John)

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John Smith 19/03/04(Mon)05:29 No. 46897

Starlings are actually quite skilled in the art of mimicry and can even learn to talk. Their mass aerial acrobatics are also impressive.

John Smith 19/03/15(Fri)04:09 No. 46903

That is something I can confirm. I watch birds a lot, and Starlings talk many dialects. I think they speak dolpin, and maybe even narwhal.

John Smith 19/03/17(Sun)17:52 No. 46905

I saw a cardinal yesterday. I didn't think they came up this far so that was an unexpected treat.

John Smith 19/03/03(Sun)23:20 No. 46895 [Reply]

File 155165163133.jpg - (1.43MB , 2178x2086 , 1551372786867.jpg )

For however long we've been around as lifeforms, it's amazing that we've managed to survive without being obliterated by some lunatic seeking to be the last chapter of our history.

John Smith 18/11/09(Fri)02:56 No. 46734 [Reply]

File 154172857896.jpg - (264.76KB , 2100x1533 , What-is-a-lipoma-e1502140101861.jpg )

I've got a small lipoma in my face.


(Also shops. Gee, Google AI sure does like shops.)

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John Smith 18/11/09(Fri)08:17 No. 46737

Me too

John Smith 18/11/09(Fri)11:03 No. 46738

Not mundane when it has this fibrous capsule and has to be squeezed "dry" every forthnight (creating small bruises).

How was your day?

John Smith 18/12/30(Sun)06:09 No. 46836

My day was fine, John.

John Smith 19/01/25(Fri)16:46 No. 46857 [Reply]

File 154843116880.jpg - (116.93KB , 695x692 , Aztec Calendar.jpg )

Dear John

I've been thinking about that feel.

What is it like for you, John?

John Smith 19/02/13(Wed)23:47 No. 46870

Like turning on my computer for the semblance of familiarity and going to sleep without having ever made it past the desktop, the fan spinning a lightly dusted whir; It's almost motherly, the soft humming encouraging eyes to close and mind to wander.

John Smith 19/02/14(Thu)16:17 No. 46873 [Reply]

File 155015744912.jpg - (377.14KB , 1202x802 , Comfy19.jpg )

Happy Valentine's Day, John. For the first time in quite some time, this time of year means more to me than just another tick on the calendar, and uninteresting as it is I figured I'd write to you about it.

I planned a date for last night. We were going to go to a fancy ramen restaurant, but chickened out at the sight of the large crowd and opted for a cheap chinese place further down the street. We spent a few extra hours in my apartment, lounging on my bed and reading a book. The night concluded with me walking her back home, and doing something entirely outside of my comfort zone--against all odds, I kissed her goodnight.

I'm a very slow-moving man romantically, and believe it or not this simple evening was a huge milestone for me. I've never broken that kissing barrier myself before, in the past I've been much more likely to be kissed than to kiss first. The future here is completely unknown, and it's a situation that enthuses me as much as it concerns me.

John Smith 19/01/06(Sun)22:06 No. 46843 [Reply]

File 154680881575.jpg - (42.05KB , 696x549 , Halüsinasyon-August_Natterer-696x549.jpg )

Sometime I see a girl in my dream. The girl is my beloved. She says why I don't talk with her anymore? I just remember girl but I don't know why we don't talk or who is she, and she just love me. When I wake up from dream I can't remember girl's name or face. But I really remember I spoke with that girl. It's just strange and creepy but probably mental problem about me.

John Smith 19/01/07(Mon)01:23 No. 46844

Just find her IRL john

John Smith 19/02/04(Mon)02:07 No. 46867

I once met a girl. As we got closer we both felt sure we've met each other in some kind of distant past, like a dream, a vision or a past life or something. it's nice when these moments happen, especially if another person is experiencing the same thing.

John Smith 18/12/15(Sat)09:42 No. 46822 [Reply]

File 154486336894.jpg - (46.16KB , 1032x581 , IMG-20180812-WA0000.jpg )

Hello John.

Recently i've been through some stress that can be distracting.

I visited around here and it was as if i had a warm black coffee on a cold morning.

Can you reccomend an image happening to tattoo to make this memorable place a nice memory of the inmersion to this astounding ambience?
I may add that it can't be certain if i do it or not but a phrase than can remark what i'm expressing.

Yours truly,
John Smith

John Smith 18/12/15(Sat)18:57 No. 46823

Those are adorable kittens, John. Are they friends of yours?

John Smith 19/02/03(Sun)00:08 No. 46861

One of them was, John.

But they are no more.

John Smith 18/12/30(Sun)13:46 No. 46838 [Reply]

File 154617400859.jpg - (45.46KB , 1024x681 , drab.jpg )

Dear John,

In my early days on the internet I used to avidly use 4chan, until I decided to migrate to other chans. Since then I have become a nomad of sorts, traveling to other chans, but I always find myself being pulled towards 7chan. I wonder if you have the same experience


John Smith 18/12/31(Mon)02:26 No. 46840

/grim/ and /eh/ have a certain something to them that I have found to be irreplicable

John Smith 19/01/20(Sun)03:34 No. 46851

I agree, there's something in particular about 7chan that keeps drawing me back in, not entirely sure what though.

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