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Anonymous 16/11/10(Thu)02:35 No. 1 ID: 132ea3 [Reply] Stickied

File 14787417401.jpg - (69.55KB , 600x791 , hopeless.jpg )

this is a bad idea

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Anonymous 17/05/06(Sat)03:56 No. 283 ID: 87f732

File 149403578224.jpg - (260.10KB , 1093x705 , your-place-in-the-universe.jpg )

I'm starting to like it.

Anonymous 17/06/25(Sun)16:40 No. 349 ID: f09001 [Reply]

File 149840163438.jpg - (22.61KB , 700x263 , CN_med_red.jpg )

The US has no Best Korea policy.

Anonymous 17/06/27(Tue)03:00 No. 352 ID: 11d550

Are you sure? I'm pretty sure it involves people yelling a lot and then part of the world blowing up.

Anonymous 17/06/27(Tue)08:15 No. 353 ID: 6c7536

b-b-but a CNN correspondent stated it as fact!

Anonymous 17/06/25(Sun)18:44 No. 350 ID: 88cae6 [Reply]

File 14984090535.png - (467.90KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-06-26 01-43-54.png )

Ok, go home!

Anonymous 17/06/25(Sun)18:45 No. 351 ID: 88cae6

File 14984091301.png - (597.35KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-06-26 01-43-57.png )

Listen, Ishmael, you're going to be charged with possession of a concealed firearm.

Anonymous 17/06/11(Sun)08:35 No. 328 ID: 7fa261 [Reply]

File 149716294898.png - (207.08KB , 908x900 , Marshall_Plan_svg.png )

In four years, at an adjusted cost of just $130 billion, the US prevented war-devastated Europe from becoming a shithole for another half-century.

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Anonymous 17/06/21(Wed)10:23 No. 343 ID: 028386

The sad thing is that the right wing's view of Russia is based purely on decades of carefully built up propaganda.

Putin is actually a very, very weak leader. He was put in power by the oligarchs and serves at their pleasure. The minute he stops being useful to them he will disappear, replaced by whoever they choose to succeed him. The only question is whether the public unrest that causes that replacement will yield a successful transition to a new leader or a lot of heads on pikes (oligarchs, Putin, and other leaders of the corruption).

Anonymous 17/06/23(Fri)15:19 No. 347 ID: 7e897d

>The only question is whether the public unrest that causes that replacement will yield a successful transition to a new leader or a lot of heads on pikes (oligarchs, Putin, and other leaders of the corruption)
Again, I doubt large-scale public unrest is a concern for Russia--but if you're right, let's not leave out the likelihood that it would lead to yet another despot and yet more oligarchy.

Anonymous 17/06/25(Sun)05:15 No. 348 ID: 913c4a

You'd be surprised just how little of the public supports Putin vs. just puts up with him because no reasonable challenger has come along.

The older populace are Putin's base, while the younger populace mostly loathe him. That's why when there have been widespread protests the crowds are always full of young people. In the middle are people who don't vote because they believe there's nobody on the ballot worth voting for.

However since alcoholism is doing a pretty good job of decimating the Russian population, his base is shrinking every year. The only way he's held onto power this long is by getting rid of all reasonably competent challengers. He dealt with Navalny by creating charges to stop him from qualifying for the presidential ballot, but most are either poisoned or murdered in the streets.

Anonymous 17/06/20(Tue)02:16 No. 340 ID: 53a76e [Reply]

File 149791779974.jpg - (91.67KB , 600x600 , related_donald-trump_gd_160224.jpg )

Has anyone else noticed that people are becoming generally more belligerent and less concerned with reality outside their point of view?

It seems to me like more and more I hear comments that sound like his tweets; get into arguments against opinions based on nothing more than hearsay; etc.

Anonymous 17/06/21(Wed)23:41 No. 344 ID: 913c4a

I blame social media. People get insulated into little pockets of like-minded individuals and immediately exclude anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Anonymous 17/06/22(Thu)16:51 No. 345 ID: 913c4a

Personally I just want Trump to stop holding campaign rallies and golfing and start doing his goddamn job.

Over 80% of the positions he's required to appoint to manage agencies are unfilled simply because he hasn't gotten off his fat ass and sent candidates over to the Senate to rubber-stamp.

Anonymous 17/06/23(Fri)15:14 No. 346 ID: 7e897d

I agree. It's like we've industrialized high-school.

He has no idea what he's doing. Hard to believe anyone doesn't know it; but I guess the purpose of those rallies is to gather the shit-brains that still love him so they can refill their brains with shit before they run dry. If he doesn't keep pouring a stream of fresh rhetorical diarrhoea into them, who knows where they'll turn for a refill.

Anonymous 17/06/02(Fri)08:44 No. 319 ID: 374426 [Reply]

File 149638589337.jpg - (68.84KB , 557x612 , Hillary25.jpg )

The Democratic Party will run Hillary again in 2020.

There's no other explanation for their continued efforts to keep her in the limelight.

This is quite possibly the stupidest thing they could ever do to themselves and I cannot comprehend why they would persue such an obviously futile goal as putting Hillary Clinton in power.

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Anonymous 17/06/09(Fri)06:10 No. 326 ID: 46cd65

Now we're getting into the actual geographical and cultural divides that the political disagreements seem to follow.

Incidentally, if you need more arguments for state, county, and municipal rights, imagine what those assholes in the places you don't live will do when they pass laws that have no relevance to your own life and in fact make it more difficult.

Anonymous 17/06/09(Fri)08:40 No. 327 ID: 6aad31

File 149699042667.jpg - (600.71KB , 600x486 , Religion.jpg )

>imagine what those assholes in the places you don't live will do when they ... have no relevance to your own life and in fact make it more difficult
Which is Trump and the GOP in a nutshell.

Assholes in far away places with no grasp of anything approaching a modern society making everyone's lives more difficult because they think coal mining is going to take off or unskilled labor factory jobs are going to surge and a billion other fantasies that never will happen no matter who the fuck you elect.

Rather than adapt to the modern world they want to force everyone to return to the dark ages because they distrust anyone with an IQ over 40 who talks to them like a goddamn adult.

Anonymous 17/06/17(Sat)03:19 No. 337 ID: a870df

File 149766238417.jpg - (69.43KB , 1024x546 , Pretend.jpg )

We've already got that.

When local government passes laws that a GOP state government doesn't like, they write laws that invalidate the local ordinances. When state governments pass laws that the GOP federal government doesn't like, they try to write laws that invalidate state ordinances.

The GOP is only about local & state rights when they're some kneejerk topic the GOP agrees with. If you write something that's the opposite of their kneejerk then all local & state rights can go right the fuck out the window.

You will march in lockstep with your wealthy master race or they'll remove your voting rights.

Anonymous 17/06/13(Tue)17:57 No. 331 ID: b6b250 [Reply]

File 149736947113.png - (173.09KB , 640x360 , huckabeesanders_pockettweet_screenshot.png )

Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders monotheism divinity guy?

Anonymous 17/06/13(Tue)19:50 No. 332 ID: b6b250

What are the political implications if the Principal Deputy White House Press Secretary is actually an artificially intelligent islamic postbot?

Anonymous 17/06/14(Wed)05:30 No. 333 ID: 8ba46b

File 149741101755.jpg - (36.75KB , 600x413 , A Happy Inauguration.jpg )


Next question.

Anonymous 17/06/14(Wed)15:58 No. 334 ID: fc9a30

Perfect trips, flawless victory.

Next question >>332

Anonymous 17/05/31(Wed)13:52 No. 317 ID: 2ca532 [Reply]

File 149623155047.png - (180.87KB , 1440x1286 , covfefe.png )

Sorry guys, but our long national nightmare has come to an end. Trump just had a stroke.

All hail President Pence!

Anonymous 17/06/01(Thu)10:51 No. 318 ID: 2ca532

File 149630708173.jpg - (199.96KB , 1484x1065 , DrainTheSwampByDoingNothingAtAll.jpg )

Apparently Trump couldn't figure out how to delete a tweet on his new iPhone, so he's back on his old unpatched KitKat phone with the Russian-loaded rootkit.

Anonymous 17/05/13(Sat)09:31 No. 302 ID: e7513d [Reply]

File 149466071781.jpg - (892.64KB , 2510x2510 , Gardening.jpg )

I think people have been going down the wrong track when it comes to Trump threatening Comey. They're missing the obvious.

Trump spends his life surrounded by conspiracy theorists. They funnel every stupid idea posted on the internet 24/7 to keep him in a perpetually agitated, distracted state. This is a man who think global warming is a conspiracy created by China, that fluoride is a form of mind control, that jet contrails contain biological agents, that vaccines cause autism... it's really not much of a stretch for him to think people are recording his every move every single day.

Given this I find it highly unlikely that Trump was threatening Comey because Trump had recorded conversations. Instead he was threatening Comey because he thought Comey had recorded their conversations.

The threat wasn't about Trump going to the press with a recording. Its a threat against Comey going to the press with recordings of what Trump said.

9 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/05/27(Sat)14:18 No. 313 ID: fb5950

That's not how to quote a post.

Click the number next to No. See, the site does the heavy lifting for you. No need to copy and paste.

Anonymous 17/05/27(Sat)17:20 No. 314 ID: 2301e0

newfags gonna new

Anonymous 17/05/28(Sun)10:51 No. 315 ID: fb5950

Its not their fault. They're just a wee baby.

Anonymous 17/03/16(Thu)11:46 No. 215 ID: 088518 [Reply]

File 148966117838.jpg - (28.29KB , 668x385 , geert-wilders.jpg )

Dutch Trump lost today.

I think he lost because his hair wasn't up to the challenge.

In his views and ideals he fit right in with Trump but his hair certainly wasn't comparable.

This is why he lost.

8 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)21:26 No. 299 ID: 1d7577

You can't defend a corrupt incompetent by pointing out another corrupt incompetent.

I bet you're the sort of guy who gets pulled over for speeding and tries to defend yourself by saying that guy was going faster than you.

Anonymous 17/05/10(Wed)23:24 No. 300 ID: 412291

You say this knowing full well Trump supporters do exactly that all the time.

but but but hillary

Anonymous 17/05/24(Wed)18:52 No. 310 ID: c6e683

File 149564477777.png - (570.20KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot from 2017-05-25 00-00-08.png )


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