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John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:44 No. 38299 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 135370708948.jpg - (76.63KB , 1280x544 , eh.jpg )

Welcome to /eh/

Where everything is just... eh...

/eh/ is not for crying, /rnb/ is for crying.

John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:46 No. 38300

File 135370717210.png - (552.52KB , 851x477 , eh.png )

The music is from the Tenpenny Tower lobby in Fallout 3.


John Smith 18/11/27(Tue)18:32 No. 46782 [Reply]

File 154333994168.jpg - (43.34KB , 493x335 , getty_rf_photo_of_dietary_supplements.jpg )

I have replaced over half of my meals with soylent because I hate eating. I think that eating is meaningless and I would rather have a nice meal with my family once in a while instead of having a bunch of boring reheated leftovers every day. My parents don't understand it, but they pay for it and let me "eat it." I also worry that before I adopted my diet, I worried that I wasn't getting enough nutrients since I felt sickly all the time. Soylent is easy, and it's my happy medium between junk food and literal stalks of lettuce.

What about you? Have you tried any experimental diets?

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John Smith 18/12/01(Sat)10:35 No. 46797

John, I can empathize. I purchased one of those green powder drink mixes because I found eating whole vegetables and fruits time consuming and laborious. The problem with that is, even the most nutrient dense formulas out there are still only intended as supplements and not replacements.

John Smith 19/08/08(Thu)02:55 No. 47036

You hate pasta? I find that interesting enough that I may have to report you to the mods for breaking the spirit of this sub.

Just kidding John, I wouldn't do such a thing. Anyhow, I grew up eating rice and lentils. While they were spicy, the sheer blandness of texture, constant goopy mush in each "bite" made me get sick of it really quick. For me it was pasta that lightened up the monotony of rice and lentils, so I find your distaste for it striking.

OP, I used to drink vegetable shakes as my brunch every day for weight loss reasons. While they were effective in providing me the nutrients I needed to sustain myself, I missed the act of actually eating so much that I abandoned said diet after a month. I just needed something with texture and taste to chew on for 30 minutes at work, lest my concentration evaporate.

John Smith 19/08/21(Wed)15:53 No. 47067

Wouldn't this just soften your jaw (both strength-wise and appearance-wise) over time?

John Smith 19/08/20(Tue)17:23 No. 47061 [Reply]

File 156631459258.png - (55.93KB , 498x594 , 139205.png )

So John, how'd you get here? On his side of the internet?

John Smith 19/08/21(Wed)13:32 No. 47066

We've always been here.

John Smith 18/10/04(Thu)01:26 No. 46706 [Reply]

File 153860918392.jpg - (21.62KB , 450x450 , 614InHWoMuL__SY450_.jpg )

Since I bought a house life has become so much more /eh/. It's what I was hoping for and more.
People that live ten houses down the road greet me. I have no idea of who they are or if we even have any shared interests, but enjoy the interaction and their friendly manner. An older lady that's moving away came to my door and asked me if I wanted to have her old chair. It's a very nice and comfortable chair.
Doing the dishes while looking out the window at the garden that's slowly becoming my garden is very soothing. One of the nicer customers at work turns out to live a few houses down the street. We say 'Hi, neighbour!' now when he comes in.
Today I found myself looking for one of those enamel house number plaques. All in all, pretty ok.

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John Smith 19/08/17(Sat)00:31 No. 47058

I have been wondering about this, John. Glad to see you've been successful in acquiring one. Twenty-nine is an okay number.

John Smith 19/08/17(Sat)16:11 No. 47059


It's pretty ok. Also dug out some ferns from the forest and planted them under my tree after letting their roots get strong in pots for a while, it turned out alright so far. How have you been, John?

John Smith 19/08/20(Tue)20:26 No. 47063

that's nice. i have moved into another flatshare recently and it is rather enjoyable. a cat lives with us.

John Smith 19/08/12(Mon)04:20 No. 47047 [Reply]

File 15655764508.jpg - (95.61KB , 700x633 , 1556149109583.jpg )

I want to drink Komiko's sweat.

John Smith 19/08/12(Mon)04:32 No. 47048

File 156557712816.jpg - (528.95KB , 1300x1893 , 1559099233412.jpg )

John Smith 19/08/12(Mon)14:34 No. 47050

that would be pretty salty john, may I suggest a less saltier treat?

John Smith 19/08/20(Tue)20:23 No. 47062

File 156632543798.jpg - (16.88KB , 190x445 , 71AP+VW1w9L__SY445_.jpg )

John Smith 19/05/19(Sun)14:23 No. 46953 [Reply]

File 155826860841.png - (0.97MB , 720x720 , image2.png )

What are your thoughts on cooking ramen/noodles in a microwave, as opposed to on the stove?

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John Smith 19/08/11(Sun)10:39 No. 47043

It's the only way I ever eat them.

John Smith 19/08/12(Mon)06:56 No. 47049

it's much better on the stovetop

John Smith 19/08/19(Mon)04:38 No. 47060

You would die immediately

John Smith 18/03/24(Sat)07:08 No. 46460 [Reply]

File 152187168166.jpg - (347.15KB , 1000x750 , books.jpg )

So...read any good books lately?

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John Smith 19/08/10(Sat)14:05 No. 47042

last month I read Gnomon by Nick Harkaway.

I picked it up because I had a few years previously enjoyed The Gone-Away World by the same author.

I like sci-fi with a hint of magical realism, dream logic, and the occasional miracle, so Gnomon sat very well with me.

It's about a woman who builds these dream-like narratives inside her head in order to evade a surveillance state that can reads minds. As the woman is interrogated by the mind-reading machines, the narratives struggle to maintain cohesion, and things start to spiral out of control. The narrator is a detective assigned to solve the death-in-custody of the interrogated woman, and as part of her investigation she downloads a copy of the interrogated woman's brain into her own mind. As the detective proceeds with the case, the narratives from the interrogated woman begin to unspool themselves inside the mind of the detective.

John Smith 19/08/13(Tue)10:34 No. 47053

The Goldfinch by Donna Tart was a very good read. So was A Sport And A Pastime by James Salter. My father sent me a book by Truman Capote, In Cold Blood, by mail, but I'm not sure I want to read it.

John Smith 19/08/13(Tue)17:38 No. 47054

Bout to read manufacturing and consent. Feels good, man.

John Smith 19/08/06(Tue)17:00 No. 47026 [Reply]

File 156510361719.png - (86.36KB , 500x433 , german-efficiency-i-never-felt-so-german-43703893.png )

I have a few tomatoes. What should I make with them?

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John Smith 19/08/11(Sun)14:19 No. 47045

Tomato on tomato.

John Smith 19/08/12(Mon)23:53 No. 47051

Hot tomato on tomato.


John Smith 19/08/13(Tue)00:46 No. 47052

You need more ingredients.

But for ideas, make:
*tomato soup
*tomato paste for spaghetti/ragu/raviolli
mix it in with onions and meat for a semblance of fajitas
*char them and make a salsa out of charred onion, *charred green peppers and spices
*use them as a garnish for fresh dishes like ceviche or gazpacho
*use them as a shell for stuffing them
*sautee them and add them to rice/eggplants along some cheese
Its a veery versatile fruit and the base for a mother sauce, so this should give u an idea.

John Smith 16/09/08(Thu)02:29 No. 45598 [Reply]

File 147329456522.jpg - (25.65KB , 640x480 , gond0la.jpg )

What is your worst irrational fear, John?

Mine is the fear of complete isolation. Quite odd considering I'm an introvert.

Yours Truly,

36 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 19/08/07(Wed)08:09 No. 47029

I understand how you feel, John. It's why I try to take a lot of photographs - they help bring back the memories.

John Smith 19/08/11(Sun)19:15 No. 47046

Airmiles. 26 but since I got a credit card at 19 I've been too scared to sign up. Coming of age thing I guess

John Smith 19/08/21(Wed)11:09 No. 47065

Whenever I go to the toilets, I fear that someone is going to go in as I'm cleaning my butt, so I always double check the lock to make sure it's secure.
Anyway that's life I guess

John Smith 19/06/09(Sun)06:55 No. 46992 [Reply]

File 156005612330.jpg - (210.38KB , 1600x1062 , cubicle row.jpg )

Hello, John.

It's been a long, long time since I last wrote to you. I find that I have moved on from internet culture and websites such as these in general yet here I am, again, indulging in the nostalgia of this grey scale page and the soothing tones of Tenpenny Tower. Curiosity is a dangerous feeling, John, but I find myself comforted to know that my exploration of the past reveals that nothing has changed around here. In my years of absence, you will likely be unmoved to know, that life has continued on in a distinctly uninteresting manner and the day-to-day happenings have settled into a mundane and repetitive regime. No longer a young adult, and instead an adult proper, the so called rat-race fits me just fine and I struggle to see why those around me and those I once called friends have failed to settle down and wear the mantle of "adult" with contempt.

How about you, John? Most of us discovered this place in our teens and have grown up a lot since this board, and this website, was created. Do you still visit this place as often as you used to? How is your adulthood coming along?

Regards, John.

John Smith 19/06/09(Sun)22:15 No. 46993

I still visit as often as I did in my teens. However with ages comes wisdom and I'm much more measured in my postings. Less frantic and edgy you could say. Back in my younger days I would post on most boards daily, but now days I'm posting 2 maybe 3 times a week. I do feel I should contribute more but I feel the content would make for, dare I say it, particularly uninteresting conversation.

Looking back, the oldest posts/threads that are still here date back to Jan, 2011.

John Smith 19/08/08(Thu)01:54 No. 47035

Hey there John, it's nice to hear from you again. I agree with you; this place hasn't changed much, probably because most of us haven't changed all that much either fundamentally. Perhaps I'd argue that most people don't change all that much, which isn't a bad thing.

Anyhow, I hope you take care John. It sounds like you're doing just fine which makes me happy.

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