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John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:44 No. 38299 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 135370708948.jpg - (76.63KB , 1280x544 , eh.jpg )

Welcome to /eh/

Where everything is just... eh...

/eh/ is not for crying, /rnb/ is for crying.

John Smith ## Mod ## 12/11/23(Fri)22:46 No. 38300

File 135370717210.png - (552.52KB , 851x477 , eh.png )

The music is from the Tenpenny Tower lobby in Fallout 3.


John Smith 19/05/19(Sun)14:23 No. 46953 [Reply]

File 155826860841.png - (0.97MB , 720x720 , image2.png )

What are your thoughts on cooking ramen/noodles in a microwave, as opposed to on the stove?

John Smith 19/05/19(Sun)20:38 No. 46954

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, John, but it was my understanding that one of the main selling points of instant noodles is that they are... well, instant. As in, you do not need to cook them. I've always made them by pouring hot water on them from the kettle and letting them sit for 4-5 minutes.

I remember witnessing my flatmate cook such noodles on the stove once. When I asked him why is he cooking noodles that don't really need to be cooked, he looked at me like I was insane.

John Smith 18/11/19(Mon)13:04 No. 46758 [Reply]

File 154262909796.jpg - (172.19KB , 1400x1050 , vibrance_24_9830_oboi_belaja_roza_1400x1050.jpg )

What is the weather today in your place

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John Smith 19/05/03(Fri)07:43 No. 46944

Mumble of thunder, soft drizzle of night time rain. The air blows limp and warm. Damp, heady smell of mud. I see it all slowly sluice down the hill secretly twinkling beneath the dim streetlamp.

John Smith 19/05/12(Sun)18:18 No. 46950

It's quite sunny and the weather is hot. But the wind blows away the heat.

John Smith 19/05/16(Thu)14:25 No. 46952

If, as you say, the wind blows away the heat, wouldn't that mean the air temperature is low? Still, you say "weather is hot". Does the word "weather" define how it feels, rather than referring to the physical properties, such as temperature?

John Smith 19/04/20(Sat)01:38 No. 46935 [Reply]

File 155571713535.jpg - (12.96KB , 240x300 , awaken.jpg )

Can anyone tell me the name of this metal band member?

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John Smith 19/04/23(Tue)21:13 No. 46938

Side question, does anyone else enjoy some light jazz every once and a while?

John Smith 19/04/24(Wed)00:27 No. 46939

I enjoy light jazz while doing some light reading or light coding

John Smith 19/05/16(Thu)05:54 No. 46951

Every once in a while. I use it as a sort of palette cleanse when I need a break from my usual lineup.

John Smith 19/03/26(Tue)09:11 No. 46910 [Reply]

File 155358790316.jpg - (163.98KB , 1500x1500 , Pisector-Professional-Wireless-Home-Security-Alarm.jpg )

guys , do you have house security system in your home?

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John Smith 19/05/11(Sat)01:36 No. 46947

My landlord is a cop. He also lives in the building. You'd have to be suicidal to even think about messing around with my house.

John Smith 19/05/11(Sat)05:44 No. 46948

I got a German Shepherd. Does the job well.

John Smith 19/05/11(Sat)18:44 No. 46949

My SIL had a Shepherd. He was a funny dog.

John Smith 19/03/25(Mon)20:53 No. 46908 [Reply]

File 155354363474.gif - (11.52KB , 960x480 , nniaftaiznbc686r2lsr8279a72cdbSimSun RegularT.gif )

Good afternoon, John.
What is your favorite computer font?
I am kind of fond of the SimSun font myself.

Kind Regards

John Smith 19/04/17(Wed)23:57 No. 46933

Good evening, John.

I believe the monospace font family to be quite a pretty class of fonts. Especially the fonts which typerwriters had back in the day.

John Smith 19/04/21(Sun)10:04 No. 46936

This message is not spam! i agree john, monospace is a very good font, i had it on my old computer
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John Smith 19/05/06(Mon)12:26 No. 46946

File 155713840030.png - (24.88KB , 220x260 , 220px-Times_New_Roman-sample_svg[1].png )

I like good old Times New Roman. A modern classic.
It's clear, easy to read, displays properly on all digital devices and the flowy lines, subtle differences in thickness of the corpus and the seriff make it classy but not too gaudy.

John Smith 18/12/30(Sun)23:50 No. 46839 [Reply]

File 154621025135.jpg - (789.12KB , 640x480 , land.jpg )

Was dreaming of this place to escape my mundane life, where is this place?

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John Smith 19/02/20(Wed)19:45 No. 46878

somewhat curiously, John, I believe there are people who spend their lives in places such as the one in your picture and dream about escaping their mundane lives.

John Smith 19/04/26(Fri)20:54 No. 46940

i like to visit new countries

John Smith 19/04/26(Fri)21:01 No. 46941

I like traveling too. Recently I spent weekend in nice European city- Prague. I visited many beatiful spots for tourists like museums, cathedrals and tried erotic massage on https://www.eroticpraguemassage.com/en/massage-offer/

John Smith 16/09/10(Sat)22:49 No. 45612 [Reply]

File 147354055221.jpg - (1.23MB , 2048x1536 , IMG_3323.jpg )

Dear John

Let us write a story together.
I am pretty confident, that we can create something great together.

I shall start:
John shut down his computer and stared at the now black screen in front of him for what seemed ages.

42 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 18/10/18(Thu)06:21 No. 46720

Not knowing what to do with them, he put the horse's eyes in a coffee that had appeared beside him. Absentmindedly, he stared ahead of him, grasping the warm cup. For a moment he felt a pang of emptiness within himself and habitually took a sip of the steaming beverage. He thought of all the chances he had, and added a few what ifs. What is the point anyway, he thought. Maybe we're just a bunch of hurt idiots hurting each other in an attempt to feel better about our own mortality. Perhaps causing other people pain is a feeble attempt to trick our minds into believing we have some control over our blip of a life.

John Smith 18/11/29(Thu)18:39 No. 46795

John pondered this thought. Mortality, hasn't he had enough of that lately? John sighs.

John grasps in the air to "feel something." He moves his arm to the air, and grasps the air. He proceeds to do that for the next 5 minutes. John forgets about the coffee, and by now, it has gotten cold.

He sticks his finger in his coffee, and finds that his finger meets the doll horse's eyes that he had previously dumped into the coffee cup. Upon sticking his finger in the coffee, he feels a cold liquid on his finger, What, could it be? It's the coffee. And it's cold. But it's not just cold, it's freezing.

John ponders this. For John, it is quite peculiar. The coffee is freezing, but why?

John doesn't think about it too hard, and lets his finger rest in the coffee. He has no intentions of drinking the coffee now, he just wants to let his finger rest in it. The freezing coffee puts him at ease.

John Smith 19/04/18(Thu)00:13 No. 46934

John's finger freezes and falls off into the coffee. After falling into a long thirty minute nap, he cries at the top of his lungs.
"My finger! My finger! My index finger!"
Suddenly he caught himself in the midst of the stinging pain of frostbite. He dazed into the thick, frozen coffee. He was intrigued. He remembered his coffee to be quite hot only forty five minutes ago, but he remembered that it became awfully cold only five minutes after he placed it on his desk.
"I wonder what kind of witchcraft that could possibly be."
John, after staring intently into the frozen coffee, grabs the cup with his four remaining fingers and tries to chug it down. The coffee slides into his mouth, a long chuck that his lips could barely wrap around, and he accidentally swallows it. His finger was in the coffee, but John felt no such feeling as disgust as his own finger is now caged into a block of black ice and inside of his mouth. The ice slipped into his throat, and, unable to swallow it down, John collapses onto the ground... choking... dying... and eventually dead. Nobody knew that he died but his landlord.

-100 years later-

John's arm punched through the coffin and dug out of the ground. He was reborn now, but no longer as a human or a corpse. He was reborn as a bloodthirsty beast.
"Ah. At last! I have slept for too long!" he roared. "It is time for my dinner." He jumped through the cemetary and punched through a passing taxi. He bit the taxi driver's neck and sucked the man's blood dry.
"You shall be reborn and serve under me!" he chuckled like a demon. The taxi driver remained dead for an hour but was brought back to life by John's power. The taxi driver was now the same creature as John, and would come to be his bestfriend and his ally.
"You—" John called to the man, "What say your name?"
"My name—" the former taxi driver said haughtily, "is Smith."

(too much effort, calm down man)

John Smith 16/09/08(Thu)02:29 No. 45598 [Reply]

File 147329456522.jpg - (25.65KB , 640x480 , gond0la.jpg )

What is your worst irrational fear, John?

Mine is the fear of complete isolation. Quite odd considering I'm an introvert.

Yours Truly,

28 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 19/01/10(Thu)16:52 No. 46845

I feel rather uncomfortable when something or someone touches my belly button.

I don't think it is psychological in my case; it really feels like something is poking my intestines and disturbing my digestional tract--a hard poke would probably cause internal bleeding.

John Smith 19/01/20(Sun)03:29 No. 46849

Hello John, I have an irrational fear of my window-blinds/curtains being open. I get super uncomfortable, and I refuse to walk into a room if they happen to be open.

John Smith 19/02/20(Wed)19:42 No. 46877

when i poke my belly button with my nail it makes it easier for me to urinate

John Smith 19/03/26(Tue)01:21 No. 46909 [Reply]

File 155355968289.png - (609.37KB , 630x470 , 1c92cb886aa473affed24f7bc8197537_jpg.png )

its a beutiful decoretion,art,don't think?

3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 19/04/12(Fri)16:38 No. 46929

I forgot to add, Corrosion of Conformity did appear to start off as a "hardcore punk" band, turning into a "heavy metal" one later.

Is it natural human instinct to fit in, rather than stand out?

John Smith 19/04/13(Sat)21:08 No. 46930


John Smith 19/04/13(Sat)21:09 No. 46931

do you guys know some actual punk band?that istill exist?

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