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Info Sticky Anonymous-San 2012年02月01日(水) 02時15分17秒 30466 ID: b35d09 [返信] Locked Stickied

画像ファイル名 132805891655.jpg - (2.76MB , 2600x3860 , 1325193706996.jpg )



Anonymous-San 2012年02月01日(水) 02時20分05秒 30467 ID: b35d09


Don't forget to join us on IRC at:

Game Anonymous-San 2011年10月17日(月) 04時51分42秒 29003 ID: 06d28a [返信] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

画像ファイル名 131881990230.jpg - (27.87KB , 380x318 , SS.jpg )

I have a game for you /a/, take an anime you like, and describe it in a way that makes it sound shitty. I'll start:

Samurai Champloo is about an orphaned girl, and two hooligans who do nothing but bicker with each other. They are all jobless, and thus never have any money.

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Anonymous-San 2017年12月14日(木) 18時05分16秒 35508 ID: 9eab1f

About time to jump in again, been too long.

Two shows that are primarily about toilet humor-literally-if you're into such a thing. One of which has an ending that shows how low japanese girls will go for fame. Fart idols? Really?
Yes, fart idols.

Pani Poni Dash! Anonymous-San 2017年11月17日(金) 00時52分56秒 35488 ID: 24ac78 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151087637667.jpg - (35.01KB , 990x360 , 1131298260649.jpg )

Is this SHAFT's Magnum opus?

Anonymous-San 2017年12月13日(水) 16時35分58秒 35506 ID: 9eab1f

画像ファイル名 151317935796.gif - (338.29KB , 500x333 , mahomahomaho.gif )

For comedy, absolutely. mahomahomahomaho. Though Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei comes in a close second. Unfortunately, Shinbo dug his own grave with the breaking of magical girls and endless series of people slowly looking over their shoulders and thinking it's high art.
Shinbo somehow had a comicectomy, and SHAFT has yet to recover, and may not do so.

Anonymous-San 2017年12月14日(木) 10時22分54秒 35507 ID: 24ac78

画像ファイル名 151324337483.png - (456.74KB , 1024x576 , z23s127.png )

Why the EVA Unit Is a Terrible Mecha Anonymous-San 2017年11月23日(木) 14時43分01秒 35491 ID: 55f86b [返信]

画像ファイル名 151144458152.jpg - (42.39KB , 520x351 , 13684038_f520.jpg )

Do you think that the evangelion mechs are bad?

Anonymous-San 2017年11月27日(月) 17時01分48秒 35498 ID: 567ee4

technically, they aren't even mechs. they're some kind of genetically engineered, domesticated alien monstrosities. i always felt the anime could have gone more deeply into how these creations function, but it took a lot of ambiguity and mystery to keep that plotless mess going.

Anonymous-San 2017年12月04日(月) 02時05分13秒 35499 ID: ee7437

Evangelions are actually Guyver bio booster armors grafted on to the corpses of the pilots dead mothers, the Guyver units respond to the inserted pilots and animate the corpses using their genetic signature which matches the parent. The pilots have to be hermetically sealed and isolated from the evangelions, if they weren't the guyver units would graft on to them to.

As for how you grow a corpse to be 80m high... steroids, lots of steroids, so many steroids that a regular person would die ten times over; fortunately they're dead already.

Anonymous-San 2017年12月12日(火) 05時09分53秒 35505 ID: 07d4bb

No but the main character sucked balls

Find author Anonymous-San 2017年11月24日(金) 13時20分52秒 35493 ID: b09c88 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151152605249.jpg - (53.32KB , 326x500 , sibo.jpg )

Hello my friends. I am some random guy from Ukraine.
I find this picture in the internet, but failed to find its author. ( i find only this page, but have no use of it http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Bingo/3492/CG/sibo.htm )
I think it is a girl.
And a want to say, that it is magical work, and the author is a person with somting special in her soul. And I am very appreciate this magic.

It is sad that we a living in such great distance. Thank you.

So please, pass this message to her.

faggot 2017年12月08日(金) 17時50分05秒 35504 ID: cc4c6a


Anonymous-San 2014年10月24日(金) 09時48分24秒 34698 ID: f92971 [返信]

画像ファイル名 141413690442.jpg - (70.01KB , 664x572 , 1414029403153.jpg )

Do you have a waifu? /a/?

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Anonymous-San 2017年11月24日(金) 08時47分50秒 35492 ID: 42df0e

画像ファイル名 151150966940.png - (767.82KB , 1449x2000 , 1510755274548.png )

Of course desu~

Anonymous-San 2017年11月27日(月) 16時11分53秒 35496 ID: 24ac78

画像ファイル名 151179551358.png - (503.26KB , 588x576 , vs449.png )


faggot 2017年12月08日(金) 17時49分16秒 35503 ID: cc4c6a


Why was the Keroro Gunso anime so shit when the manga was so good? Anonymous-San 2017年12月07日(木) 23時02分57秒 35500 ID: 24ac78 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151268417769.jpg - (869.96KB , 1642x980 , 戞15姫_130.jpg )

I mean C'mon!

noko faggot 2017年12月08日(金) 17時45分49秒 35502 ID: cc4c6a

OP you're an A S S

Anonymous-San 2013年07月04日(木) 18時42分34秒 33629 ID: 324f31 [返信] [Last 50 posts]

画像ファイル名 13729561547.jpg - (232.62KB , 560x700 , 78e8f9a967c44ac56eff6ed693d8a6bd5f09775e.jpg )

This place is a fucking ghost town. Dumping Squid Moe for a larf.

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Anonymous-San 2017年08月04日(金) 17時55分25秒 35444 ID: 241876

You're a fucking retard

Anonymous-San 2017年11月13日(月) 06時38分09秒 35483 ID: c1edae

no u

noko faggot 2017年12月08日(金) 17時44分00秒 35501 ID: cc4c6a

my monthly check up on /a/ good to know you fags are still complaining that this is a ghost town since 2013
progress boys, it may be slow but it's still progress,

Ryoko or Ayeka? Anonymous-San 2017年11月08日(水) 10時52分07秒 35478 ID: 24ac78 [返信]

画像ファイル名 151013472754.png - (370.30KB , 1800x1035 , p032 - c.png )


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Anonymous-San 2017年11月17日(金) 00時50分35秒 35487 ID: 24ac78

The first 2 ovas are great IMO, But the rest sucks.

Anonymous-San 2017年11月19日(日) 02時40分54秒 35490 ID: 24ac78


Anonymous-San 2017年11月27日(月) 16時18分28秒 35497 ID: 24ac78


Anonymous-San 2014年11月15日(土) 05時31分08秒 34732 ID: eed856 [返信]

画像ファイル名 141602586723.jpg - (1.01MB , 4000x2899 , samuraichamploo.jpg )

Why the fuck can't the Japanese end a series properly? I have yet to see a single anime in which the ending has satisfied me. They always end horribly.

FMA: Nothing explained
Trigun: Most anticlimactic boss fight in history
DBZ: Ending was just... What
Ultimate muscle: Anticlimactic
Gurren Lagann: Eh.
Yu-gi-oh, Bayblade and all the other "buy more shit" animes: Massive build up to final fight that always fails to live up to the hype.

But this shit... This shit right here... Samurai Champloo is the worst of all. Long journey, plot, character development and then just... Nothing. Nothing at all. It's as if nothing happened at all.

So, /a/, what animes do you believe have good endings and which do you think suck?

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Anonymous-San 2017年10月11日(水) 05時31分51秒 35467 ID: cd21ae

Rurouni Kenshin ended well. At least, the manga did.

Anonymous-San 2017年10月14日(土) 20時43分51秒 35468 ID: a3ca91

>watches shounenshit
Have you considered that you're just a fucking normalfag?

Anonymous-San 2017年11月17日(金) 03時48分51秒 35489 ID: 15ffd7

We got Trust and Betrayal fit the ending to Kinshin, didn't we? I consider that a proper end.

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