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/eh/ - Particularly uninteresting conversation
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John Smith 18/04/29(Sun)16:22 No. 46561 [Reply]

File 152501174983.jpg - (24.10KB , 355x355 , 6789876.jpg )

I was given something called a waterflosser which I think is such a fantastic invention. It has changed my daily life for the better but even so I have little reason to bring it up in any conversation. Are there any tools you use that you have little opportunity to praise?

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John Smith 18/12/30(Sun)05:41 No. 46835

A kitchen faucet with a tall gooseneck is nice for washing dishes, it won't get in the way of large pots.

John Smith 19/01/01(Tue)06:27 No. 46841

I skipped out on my nightly flossing and brushing due to New Year's festivities. I'd gotten into a rhythm with it over the past couple weeks, and I feel a little guilty about it. It reminded me of your thread though, and I figured I'd stop by and say happy new year.

John Smith 19/01/04(Fri)19:33 No. 46842

It doubles as a handheld bidet too.

John Smith 18/09/14(Fri)13:28 No. 46688 [Reply]

File 153692449253.jpg - (23.64KB , 650x488 , 148704_5_-1.jpg )

Hello John. I hope your weekend will end up as uninteresting as mine.

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John Smith 18/12/15(Sat)09:22 No. 46821

Dear John

I accept your wishes as they can be read.


John Smith

John Smith 18/12/15(Sat)19:02 No. 46824

File 154489695954.jpg - (419.62KB , 1600x912 , IMG_20181127_170814.jpg )

I was supposed to work all day today to make up for the day after Christmas but my bosses said fuck it and threw a party instead. I get paid for the day anyway so that's nice.

John Smith 18/12/17(Mon)10:38 No. 46826

Dear John

My weekend was almost interesting as it suddenly began snowing during the night and I had to try my best to not look directly at it.
Luckily, though, such interesting business has been averted as my blinds close automatically.

Yours truly,

John Smith 18/09/11(Tue)00:49 No. 46684 [Reply]

File 153661977327.jpg - (32.31KB , 400x400 , oK9mb8v0_400x400.jpg )

Hey John, would it matter if they found out who you REALLY were?

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John Smith 18/11/12(Mon)08:22 No. 46739

Dear John,

I wonder what you mean by 'who you REALLY were'? I am myself all the time and never anyone else. Is this a hypothetical question you are asking? I work at the meat factory, mind you; not at MI6.

Nice screencap from They Live by the way! What a classic movie, I remember watching it in the cinema with Dave.

John Smith 18/11/19(Mon)23:54 No. 46767

>I don't work at MI6
MI6 detected, that's ok though.

John Smith 18/12/15(Sat)09:19 No. 46820

Dear John,

This feels as if you were trying to make me feel in certain uncomfortable way. I reccomend you to take take this seriously, try communicating with another words so this messsage is not taken how you don't intend it to be.

This answer will be as you thought. No.

Yours truly,

John Smith

John Smith 17/08/27(Sun)18:34 No. 46189 [Reply]

File 15038516764.jpg - (16.29KB , 405x612 , 177516766.jpg )

I'm not hungry yet I'm craving chicken nuggets.

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John Smith 17/10/19(Thu)02:35 No. 46245

Spicy chicken nuggets are $1.49 now too.

They're really not spicy but at least they have some flavor, unlike the normal kind.

All they need now is szechuan sauce.

John Smith 17/12/08(Fri)18:22 No. 46311

Wow, calm down there John. That use of an exclamation mark has no business on this board.

John Smith 18/12/06(Thu)18:32 No. 46808

I can relate John. A few days ago I was craving chicken tenders. I ordered the chicken tenders from a diner, and they weren't as good as i once tasted. I usually find that diner food is decent, but these chicken tenders was just bad. I don't want to eat chicken tendies for the next few months.

John Smith 18/11/27(Tue)18:26 No. 46780 [Reply]

File 154333960582.jpg - (797.52KB , 2060x1236 , Igor-Stravinsky-009.jpg )

It's already pretty muddy, cloudy, cold, and the occasional snowflakes arise, and it's not even Winter yet. I'm in the middle of fall, and it feels as though I'm already half way through winter. I don't like the winter, because it brings along the winter blues. An ideal place to stay would be a place where it's warm and sunny all day. I hate the winter, and love the summer.

What's your favorite season?

John Smith 18/11/28(Wed)14:23 No. 46789

Fall. It's not to cold, it's not too hot, it's not too lush, it is the Goldilocks of seasons. It's all just /eh/.

John Smith 18/12/06(Thu)18:31 No. 46807

My favorite season is the summer because I enjoy sunbathing and I don't get sick in the summer.

John Smith 17/07/23(Sun)21:51 No. 46153 [Reply]

File 150083947326.png - (27.60KB , 514x379 , Phase_Problem.png )

Yesterday I was going through the laundry in my dryer and found my earbuds. I thought they would be dead from the water and the plastic was a bit melted, but they still work. Anyone else have luck like this?

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John Smith 17/07/29(Sat)18:41 No. 46162

Same thing happened to me as well, though they were inside my jacket's pocket.
Thought they were a goner for sure, yet they're still working fine.

John Smith 18/12/03(Mon)18:32 No. 46803

I had an iPod touch that I dropped in the toilet. It worked for a few days, I dried it in rice and everything functioned as normal, except for the fact that a few days later, it stopped.

John Smith 18/12/03(Mon)19:23 No. 46804

Water only shorts out an active electrical device. That's why you can clean your keyboard by putting it in a dishwasher.

John Smith 18/11/27(Tue)18:32 No. 46782 [Reply]

File 154333994168.jpg - (43.34KB , 493x335 , getty_rf_photo_of_dietary_supplements.jpg )

I have replaced over half of my meals with soylent because I hate eating. I think that eating is meaningless and I would rather have a nice meal with my family once in a while instead of having a bunch of boring reheated leftovers every day. My parents don't understand it, but they pay for it and let me "eat it." I also worry that before I adopted my diet, I worried that I wasn't getting enough nutrients since I felt sickly all the time. Soylent is easy, and it's my happy medium between junk food and literal stalks of lettuce.

What about you? Have you tried any experimental diets?

John Smith 18/11/27(Tue)23:27 No. 46786

Well John I eat what I like within reason but I do understand how boring it can be trying to cook for just yourself. Before you wholly give up on it maybe looks up multiple recipes using the same ingredients. I find rice to be very versatile.

John Smith 18/11/28(Wed)04:07 No. 46787


I understand where you're coming from John, but unfortunately, leading up to this point with the soylent diet, I've been eating rice for as long as i can remember. My family is not ethnic, we are white. And yet we've been eating basmati and brown rice for as long as I can remember.

It's been getting to a point where i loathe all pasta and rice since it's been shoved down my throat for as long as I can remember. I hate pasta. I hate rice. Every kind of Asian noodle except Udon noodles I can tolerate.
I am sick of rice, and I'm sick of pasta.

John Smith 18/12/01(Sat)10:35 No. 46797

John, I can empathize. I purchased one of those green powder drink mixes because I found eating whole vegetables and fruits time consuming and laborious. The problem with that is, even the most nutrient dense formulas out there are still only intended as supplements and not replacements.

John Smith 18/11/19(Mon)01:10 No. 46755 [Reply]

File 154258621167.jpg - (28.85KB , 525x350 , man drinking.jpg )

Hey John,

I was just wondering how you've been.

Sincerely, John

John Smith 18/11/19(Mon)17:43 No. 46762

File 15426458384.png - (572.66KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20181025-204605.png )

Always under everyone's feet OP...

We all seem to get into fights with others and somehow I'm always wondering where the encounters I'm gonna have to see are just going to end up turning out to be, whether it becomes getting insulted or getting into a position where someone gets taunted, but it's the nature of seeing /eh/ like things.

John Smith 18/11/07(Wed)21:15 No. 46729 [Reply]

File 154162170963.jpg - (74.16KB , 452x537 , PSX_20181020_223733.jpg )

Hey /eh/ what do you think makes the world so cruel to those who can't understand what living is about, why doesn't x make sense at all, etc?

Seems like the /eh/ topic, since it kind of doesn't make sense, as society is hard for me to understand today.

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John Smith 18/11/08(Thu)02:11 No. 46732

File 154163951379.jpg - (26.68KB , 319x480 , BLEEUUGHRGHUGUUHBL.jpg )

It's not the world, it's the people in it. Good people, bad people, smart people, stupid people, and retarded people.
Then, there's 7 chan.
Have a Pepsi.

John Smith 18/11/13(Tue)03:32 No. 46741

quite. wasting excitement on everyday occurences seems a rather dull pastime.

John Smith 18/11/19(Mon)17:38 No. 46761

File 15426455164.png - (767.44KB , 1280x720 , Screenshot_20180910-235446.png )

OP responding...

I always seem to find the world is cruel, one way or the other, there's good and evil in the world today, it's like yin and yang, one is good, one is evil, every day I go walk around not knowing where I should be in my life, maybe because I'm misguided? The world can't be a better place if you're a lonewolf or someone who can't work with others. What would be the purpose of living in society if society can't fit well and accept each other for who we all are?

The pic relates, it's the saying if you're nothing of a magician, you're a charlatan. It goes back to the /eh/ kind of feeling when you don't like to see people being stupid or ignorant and idiotic.

John Smith 17/03/28(Tue)02:56 No. 45965 [Reply]

File 149066258224.jpg - (4.68KB , 299x169 , images.jpg )


how do I stop being a whore?


7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 18/09/11(Tue)23:09 No. 46685

On the streets, a blowjob goes for the same price as a Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box. If you want something more upmarket a few individuals on the Internet advertise a more comfortable and slightly less drug- and disease-addled version of the experience as a "quick visit" for the cost of three to four Big Dinner Boxes.

To give up being a whore is to give up that. It's not an easy journey, but patience and understanding will make the journey more bearable.

John Smith 18/10/16(Tue)01:54 No. 46718

Perhaps you could try thinking about your actions and whatever undesirable outcomes they might result in. I think a lot, which has so far resulted in me not doing much, ensuring my rather /eh/ existence.

For instance, I'm an introvert and I need my own space. There are several women at my workplace that I would like to sleep with (and most of these women would undoubtedly like to sleep with me), yet I can't shake the thought that doing so will make the social situation more complex than I'd be comfortable with, so I'm currently (regretfully) abstaining until these thoughts get replaced with an overwhelming urge.

I suppose my theory is that overthinking leads to inaction. It's a curse to those of us who are thinkers by nature, but someone like yourself could use it to better yourself.

John Smith 18/10/31(Wed)04:20 No. 46728

Do a flip, John.

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