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/rx/ - Drugs
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Anonymous 13/08/30(Fri)04:12 No. 11744 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 137782875513.jpg - (50.02KB , 627x352 , 627.jpg )

Suggestions for drug-themed movies and TV serials?

Seen so far:
Breaking Bad,
The Wired,
Weeds (that was a shitty show in my opinion)
How to make money selling drugs (yeah documentaries are fine too)
and maybe some more, but I can't remember any.

And keep it centered around the topic please. I don't care what aspects, but I've been recommended movie "Leon" - very, VERY good movie, but the presence of heroin dealer doesn't make it about drugs.

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Anonymous 18/10/03(Wed)04:02 No. 13554

First time I ever saw enter the void was three hours into a two g mush chocolate and three quality doses. That shit blew my mind

comatoast ## Mod ## 13/08/25(Sun)06:03 No. 11698 [Reply] Stickied

File 137740340835.jpg - (10.57KB , 400x300 , tumblr_m2jtf2R6t31qfqudho1_400.jpg )

Hey guys, I'm comatoast, and I will be taking over as moderator for /rx/. I wanted to say hello as well as update the rules to make them a bit clearer for everyone. These rules are here to make sure we all have a good experience and a trouble free time while discussing our relationships with our favorite substances.

Rules of Rx:
1. No asking for drugs, soliciting drugs, discussion of sources for drugs or the sources for equipment and supplies to make drugs, or in general any discussion of buying or selling drugs in any way shape or form.
2. Do not by any means encourage nor discuss in a positive light the ingestion of toxic, poisonous, and lethal substances or encourage or suggest to anyone to overdose. We will forward your information to the proper authorities if you do this because people can and have died from this.
3. DO feel free to ask questions about whether something is harmful. We are here to minimize harm and have a good time.
4. No trolling or flamewars.
5. All other global rules apply. (No underageB&, no CP, no spam, you know the drill.)

We have an IRC chatroom - please come and join us as you are and let's talk drugs together:
Server: irc.7chan.org Port: 6667 Channel: #drugs

Keep in mind that we are not medical professionals, just people relaying our own experiences, so please do your research before following any advice on this forum and when in doubt, seek a medical professional.

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X/ Anonymous 17/11/11(Sat)09:52 No. 13424

Man this page just got boring af. Guess we'll all just smoke weed and sing kumbaya.

Anonymous 18/08/26(Sun)16:26 No. 13519 [Reply]

File 153529360049.png - (6.13KB , 180x243 , 180px-LSD_structure_svg.png )

What's /rx/ consensus on LSD? Is it really as safe as people say and not addictive at all?

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Anonymous 18/08/29(Wed)00:47 No. 13524

LSD is fine as long as you don't take it in an environment that has too much stimulation. Then your trips get really weird. Just take it in a place that's calm.

Anonymous 18/09/03(Mon)04:53 No. 13533

It's not safe of you overuse it and your rewired brain and is concious becomes self aware during tripps and feels trapped on decaying hardware and exposed to all kinds of forced influences by other parts of the brain.
However, if you use lsd wisely and with a clear mission you will get great results.
t. Someone who did +50 trips in 1.5 years (by now I recommend 2 trips per year Max. Or if you are in exploratiory phase maybe 1 trip per month. Probably you will be fine if you trip more often but maybe not. ;)

Anonymous 18/10/29(Mon)02:35 No. 13567

To elaborate on why since they didn't. If you use LSD too often your tolerance will quickly build to a point of it having no effect. You pretty much have to take a minimum 2 week break between trips. Also research has shown the more people use psychedelics the less they feel they need to use them.

Kratom InquisitiveBiochemist 18/07/18(Wed)11:45 No. 13510 [Reply]

File 153190712558.png - (756.56KB , 720x1280 , Screenshot_20180718-045818.png )

Gentlemen, what are your views on Kratom? Have you ever tried It? Recently I have been taking it to help me remain positive as I take on more debt for my degree. I currently live in Indiana where it is illegal, but I just go over the border to Illinois to buy ounces.

Rx/ please share your views on kratom as well as experiences.

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Anonymous 18/09/20(Thu)15:42 No. 13552

I've heard things but nothing specific about its effects. >>13546 is probably the closest I've heard to actually trying to describe it.

Weed makes me super anxious, I immediately have to poop really bad and for a while there I would get that cyclical vomiting symptom, though that hasn't been a problem the last few times I've smoked.

Weed also helps me be productive, I get more pleasure from the anticipation of and completion of my chores, instead of just being sad about having to get up and go. Would I expect to have a similar effect on mood from kratom?

Mr Brown 18/10/23(Tue)21:39 No. 13562

I just started fucking with Kratom. One 500mg pill (half a gram, i think) makes me happy yet functional during the day.On two the warm feeling on the back of my legs is stronger and my body complains every time i have to move, so active productivity comes to a stand still. My body make up is more sensitive to substances than most other people i guess, since most people say a
good starting dosage is 4-6 g. I take Kratom casually and at random, just to add a little fun to my day. I'd reccommend it. It feels nice.

Anonymous 18/10/29(Mon)02:32 No. 13566

I take 3g daily for work for pain relief from 4 broken bones I broke 2 months ago. It works and is legal where I live. Weed is also legal but I feel like they accomplish different things. I use weed to relax the muscles after work. It is the worst tasting thing I have ever ingested, I'd recommend buying some gelatin pill capsules and pill loader. 00 Capsules fills up to .5 grams.

Drug Anonymous 16/09/22(Thu)16:30 No. 13224 [Reply]

File 147455461888.jpg - (25.87KB , 400x273 , image.jpg )

What is your favourite drug and why? Mine is either methamphetamine or opiates for sure.

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Anonymous 18/09/18(Tue)08:20 No. 13551

Smoking cannabis can be funny way to relax. But it is also can be useful in some ways. Cannabis widespread use in medicine. I live in LA and smoking cannabis is popular thing here too. Sometimes I smoke cannabis a bit. I use this https://allweed.us/ delivery service of weed.

Anonymous 18/10/23(Tue)13:10 No. 13561

hard choice between morphine cocaine diazepam and mephedrone

Anonymous 18/10/24(Wed)11:41 No. 13564

I have smoked 5x salvia many times (back when it was legal in my country, early 2000s) and never had much fun on it, in fact often found it really unpleasant, except for one time.... the time I took it with a decent dose of DXM, probably 400+ mg. And it was beautiful, the floor seemed to be a pattern of stars, I walked across it and felt like I was walking across a universe instead of falling into it, and my friend looked like an owl perching and chatting to me. DXM is a decent powerful disassociative that mixes strangely with other drugs... but I'd highly recommend salvia+DXM if you get the chance

Anonymous 15/08/13(Thu)19:11 No. 12979 [Reply]

File 143948591274.jpg - (74.51KB , 800x600 , 143480768073.jpg )

I want to start taking opiates. Tell me your experience with them.

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Anonymous 18/05/20(Sun)04:31 No. 13488

Alright MOM, chill.

I've done heroin 5 times when I was 16 and i stopped right after that. All you have to do is not be a fag and fucking chill on it.

Anonymous 18/06/13(Wed)05:29 No. 13496

I take them for a week when I break bones (both legs and right arm so far), I took morphine and hydrocodone for about a month and one week after a spinal fusion surgery. I’ll take old morphine sulfate pills when I’m really sick.

I never really get high on them. I just get tired and itchy. I definitely had withdrawals when I had my surgery but I just put up with it. It was only one month of taking opioids though so that’s like, nothing.

Anonymous 18/10/23(Tue)13:03 No. 13560

been addicted to them on and off for like 5 years now only use about once a week and at a low dose, am much more careful these days. have way more of a problem with benzos. advice is be very careful with them and always have enough to do a quick taper in case you get cut off from your supplier or something. also make sure you not using more than you can afford. make sure you have money for rent and that then spend your spare on pills/ gear. most of the people in this tread are saying stay away from them compleatly i don't agree with that just be careful if you can use them responsibly they are fucking amazing. also personally i try to stay away from street heroin if at all possible paying more for consistent clean pills is worth it btw i mainly inject morphine pills and eat codeine pills. if you need to quit you can reduce by 5-10% per day comparatively painlessly. avoid methadone unless you are desperate withdrawal form that is far worse imo.

tl;dr i recommend opioids but take a great deal of care with them

plants general thread Anonymous 18/08/30(Thu)07:58 No. 13525 [Reply]

File 153560870583.png - (33.19KB , 115x134 , wdwada.png )

plants general thread

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Anonymous 18/09/03(Mon)17:59 No. 13542

Why are you posting this?
Are these guys at risk of blowing their entire operation because they have their cctv system connected to the internet?

Anonymous 18/09/25(Tue)15:45 No. 13553

File 153788310149.png - (609.90KB , 990x700 , jjl.png )

Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)17:05 No. 13558

It may not be an illegal grow

Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)06:11 No. 13555 [Reply]

File 153931748912.jpg - (20.61KB , 500x335 , coca.jpg )


Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)06:11 No. 13556

File 153931751917.jpg - (196.54KB , 900x1200 , cola.jpg )


Anonymous 18/10/12(Fri)08:05 No. 13557

File 153932430291.webm - (1.45MB , 720x484 , cocacola.webm )

help gthecloen 17/05/04(Thu)21:51 No. 13365 [Reply]

File 149392747871.jpg - (339.65KB , 1920x1080 , dmt backround.jpg )

backround information:i smoked weed the first time when i was 14,i was an every week stoner who smoked weed regularly never had a bad trip, made dabs and had a crazy experience and i have done mdma 2 times. my fist mdma trip wasnt amazing until towards the end but my second trip i took a hole pill which we think was close to the 200mg range. this trip hit me hard and i was fearful for about the first hour after the peak which then was just a crazy night after. i then tried to find lsd and we came apon tabs that we thought were real but i ended up not having much visual and only odd perceptions of realty. this trip was very hard becuase i starting throwing up and was unable to drink water(becuase i would throw up instantly) and i was sick the next day. i want to do lsd and we have accuired real tabs because my friend has tripped on them and says its for sure real and the are from the black net. they are 150 ug and i waned advice becuase i am not sure i want to start with 150 ug. i had quit all drugs except for ciggarets for the last 5 monthes and i am fearful of having a too intense first experience. my past hard drug experiences have made me more cautious and i would like some feed beck for how much i should take, where i should take it, how to get help if i need i, and other tips.keep in mind i am recently 18.
thank you

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Anonymous 18/08/01(Wed)16:44 No. 13516

File 153313466292.gif - (712.47KB , 720x780 , 1530039267462.gif )

Highly recommended anon. Acid and shrooms are always amazing, I know it sounds absurd desu, but I legitimately think I've obtained some IQ simply by them engaging parts ofy brain that were previously dormant. Acid is actually a pretty sober drug if you know how to control the hallucinations - never state off into the distance, nor focus in on a single object, that's when you trip HARd. If you're doing it with a friend just keep up a dialogue and you'll notice that not only are you relatively straight mentally, but you bring up topics you don't normally engage in in unorthodox formats...150ug isn't too hard, you will be tripping, but you'll be in control mentally, outside of when it peaks for about 10 mins, 3hrs in or so. But yeah, acid >>>>>>> mdma.

Anonymous 18/09/03(Mon)04:59 No. 13534

> just remember you're on drugs and it'll be over in 8 hours
Top kek. Better also tell him that there is nowhere to hide and 1 minute during bad trip can be 1 hour.

Anonymous 18/09/03(Mon)18:16 No. 13543

File 153599140152.gif - (1.64MB , 540x540 , 151062486134.gif )

I'm sure OP
150ug will be a nice trip but it's gonna be intense regardless. You just need to be in the right setting, comfortable, with no interruptions and a positive mindframe at the time. Plan it out in advanced.
The best environment will be with a good friend in a safe and free environment. comfortable. Maybe outside?
Or you could do it the way I did it. Lock my bedroom door and trip balls on my bed for hours just enjoying the hallucinations and dreams.
(or having a bad trip)

Yeah thats some bad advice.
But there's only so much you can do for bad trips, especially depending on what kind of drug you're taking.

I mean, you have your basic harm reduction, anchors like writing positive messages and reminders down in places. fresh air, shower, somebody to talk to, food/water.
But for some drugs there's not much you can do. I've had some shitty trips on heavy dissasociatives where I near lost total control.

Had a couple bad trips on shrooms and lsd too. Sometimes the only things I could do were lay down curled up for several hours suffering. Sometimes naked on the cold floor.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18/04/02(Mon)09:34 No. 13473 [Reply]

File 152265444334.jpg - (785.35KB , 1500x1500 , ggchf.jpg )

weed growing discussion
pic is me plant

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Anonymous 18/06/20(Wed)03:44 No. 13501

Woman hating. How retro.

Anonymous 18/06/27(Wed)18:01 No. 13505

I have a friend who grows and he just has 4 plants but it supplies me and five other guys with some pretty packed, high quality shit

  18/08/31(Fri)10:50 No. 13531

File 153570543774.jpg - (423.79KB , 900x1200 , the sopranos.jpg )

0.5-1 ounce per gallon of soil outdoors is a common result

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