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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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BCS!zYWrhqMVos 20/03/09(Mon)12:58 No. 22505 ID: 750b93


Test Teenage Girl 20/09/22(Tue)05:52 No. 23032 ID: baa2f3 [Reply]

File 160074676928.jpg - (121.18KB , 475x716 , T.jpg )

There is little to no relationship between the Taylor that you know, & the actual person.
No matter who you are, if you are to define a known individual in your head, you are way off.
There is a lot wrong with this woman.
I have known her for over 18 years, or rather, known of her after losing ties with her in her youth, and now she is essentially the main problem in so many lives.
There are riots. There is a distaste for the arts, and a disdain towards humans. We are losing ourselves.
I cannot believe a woman of such apparent grace has decided to do such unspeakable acts. So damning, that she is unwilling to admit to them or, for heaven's sake, take a fall.
My rhetoric is damned. My mind leaks of pain. I feel lacking. I was better off alone in the world, & I wish death upon myself. I also wish to move on some day, which should imply I am simply in a bad place.
As I recognize things, Taylor deserves so much more than your hatred. I feel guilty implying anyone should lose their life, but we have a police force & a jail system for a reason. What happens to kids in these many countries should be limited. I've always hoped that the youth would keep their innocence.
I'm doing my best here to avoid saying what I don't want to know, but considering the unspeakable is still unspoken, I do sometimes send my wishes to the heavens.
I've lost my wills. I've lost my hopes; dreams. I am at a loss. I cannot direct anything but your attention. If a discussion breaks free of my subject, then my work is done. That is to say, I still have things to do.

Teenage Girl 19/01/05(Sat)04:36 No. 22113 ID: 88576f [Reply]

File 154665940573.png - (956.04KB , 1280x913 , drink.png )

Oh, fuck OFF. I just wanted to read a guide on how to not be so addicted to my goddamned phone, and you have to hit me with this shit. "Oh but really the best way to get past addiction is interacting with THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE. GO ON, TEXT THEM RIGHT NOW, SET UP A TIME TO SEE THEM, YOU KNOW, THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE WHO YOU HAVE." FUCK you, fuck off.

I'm gonna cut back on using my fucking phone and it's not for that special someone, it's so I'm not a fucking mongoloid with frazzled synapses checking his phone every 2 minutes forever. Maybe one day I'll even get off the internet so much, but one step at a fucking time, don't rush me cunt.

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Teenage Girl 19/01/23(Wed)17:42 No. 22121 ID: 40cb3e

Indeed. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure a friend of mine deliberately impregnated his girlfriend in an attempt to stabilize their abusive, distrustful, and sex-based relationship. They are "in love"; there's not enough popcorn on Earth.

Teenage Girl 19/01/26(Sat)01:24 No. 22124 ID: a870df

A friend of mine married a pretty girl with ginormous tits who was absolutely batshit insane and within 2 years she was making him absolutely miserable, walking around on egg shells all the time and getting screamed at for shit that was completely her fault. I'm talking she ran the car into the garage door and somehow that's his fault.

So then they go to counseling. She refuses to listen to the counselor. Then refuses to attend altogether.

So he decides they should have a kid to save their marriage.

It did not work out that way.

Teenage Girl 20/09/21(Mon)01:36 No. 23031 ID: 30a1ff

Love is secondary lust. It doesn't rely on what makes your dick feel good but what makes your soul tingle.
Its an incentive for humans to breed.
Adults who aggressively promote marriage and parenthood as the "great stabilizer of civilization" are just lonely little boys looking for the perfect family they never had/will have.

Teenage Girl 20/08/04(Tue)23:26 No. 22980 ID: faa2f5 [Reply]

File 159657639224.png - (238.93KB , 500x571 , 1502255490421.png )

anyone on this website hate their job/boss? I work for a software firm that pays 20/hr. It's decent money considering I live in a flyover shithole with low taxes and cost of living, but my boss is an absolute control freak psycho. I'd quit but all the other jobs I've applied for have been taken by hinduniggers or SEAmonkies who will literally work for like 10/hr. shits cucked.

not an advice thread btw. Just need to vent

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Teenage Girl 20/09/19(Sat)19:37 No. 23028 ID: 665cee

>Why is libertarianism seen as shallow like "socialism"?
It's not, it's just the behaviour of anyone who mindlessly subscribes to an ideology to imply any competing ideologies are shallow.

It's an insecurity thing.

Teenage Girl 20/09/20(Sun)15:23 No. 23029 ID: fbe4bf

Since it was an executive order signed by Obama, take a wild guess who's responsible for it going away and just how much compensation anyone got in their replacement executive order.

Nah, it's because the Libertarian party in the US is just that shallow. Make everything legal and remove all taxes aren't realistic philosophies.

Teenage Girl 20/09/20(Sun)23:23 No. 23030 ID: 665cee

>Since it was an executive order signed by Obama, take a wild guess who's responsible for it going away and just how much compensation anyone got in their replacement executive order.
You make that hard to read, you saying Obama took away your TOIL?

Teenage Girl 20/06/22(Mon)05:40 No. 22825 ID: f8a467 [Reply]

File 159279724881.png - (557.14KB , 988x334 , Screenshot_2020-06-21-22-23-12_kindlephoto-1841948.png )

I went swimming at a really nice spot yesterday and in my local river. Why am I posting this on /rnb/? Well, I've been living in this city for almost ten years and in this apartment for five complaining about the lack of swimming options yet not a single person suggested it. It's a fifteen minute leisurely stroll from my house! Bougie fucks. I'm so annoyed by this!

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Teenage Girl 20/07/31(Fri)05:15 No. 22976 ID: 25a369

Are no-see-ums repelled by bug spray?

Teenage Girl 20/09/18(Fri)06:02 No. 23021 ID: 9b7798

OP here.
The bugs went away from the area around the third of August. By then, it was too cold to swim. Oh well. There's always next year, right?

Teenage Girl 20/09/18(Fri)06:02 No. 23022 ID: 9b7798

*third week

Being overly protective of private property is retarded Teenage Girl 20/06/19(Fri)20:51 No. 22811 ID: eb1389 [Reply]

File 159259268835.jpg - (378.27KB , 600x500 , Sambalaxx.jpg )

In America we have to cover each other's ass almost all the time and it's totally accepted that the government gets to just decide you owe them something and you have to pay it or be destroyed. There's a strong argument to be made it goes so far that "private property" really doesn't exist and we all just rent our land from the government via property taxes. Despite this and many other obvious dynamics that make it clear that we "live in a society", there are still people who think that their property line is sacred and it's a mortal sin to stumble over it without permission.

I live in what is essentially a rural neighborhood where there is lots of unused, untended land. You'd think people would understand that this means we don't act like a planned community where every lawn has to be cut at a precise level and all that shit, and it's not a huge deal if you take a shortcut through an empty part of someone's giant property while enjoying nature. Despite this, just recently some asshole I'd lived next to for decades (apparently) but never heard from started bitching at my dad because our dog shit in an unkempt dirt patch outside of his fence and we didn't pick it up. I have walked dogs here forever and have literally never carried shit bags, and I don't know anyone who does, but this guy got so pissed about this he made a Facebook post about it on the neighborhood page. This retard has several big, mean dogs who shit all over his yard every day (and harass other dogs walking by on the street) but apparently we live in a 100% individualist society where no goodwill or credit is extended between white people to their neighbors and the fact that we discretely added one pile of shit to his shit covered plot is a crime against humanity.(I don't say "shit covered property" because this was actually on the road shoulder which is public, I feel like that's worth mentioning)

I know that was a petty blogpost but it's the just most recent example of seen of this kind of selfish autism, it's quite common. I've seen people get in legal trouble for trespassing in areas without signs, I've seen previously public areas be declared private and stop being used at all for no reason. I've personally been told that it's selfish for me (at like 10 years old) to ask my parents to drive me 2 miles to a friend's neighborhood because "gas costs money".

The rationale for this is so hypocritical, I went to business college, and was surrounded by a bunch of silly Neo-liberals who didn't question any of the collectivist bullshit we were taught about corporate obligations to society and HR being magical saviors of humanity, and most of them support shit like welfare and affirmative action. You'd think that would mean they could understand how sometimes its okay to slightly tread on &qu Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 20/09/11(Fri)13:42 No. 23016 ID: ca4620

No Im not talking out my ass.
Anglo societies are "me,my,I". People treat kids as exclusive property of the parents. Kids who're living with non-cosanguine relatives are seen as defects. Kids who're born in broken homes are seen as defects.
People see cousins, uncles,aunts, nieces, and nephews as the "other".
Many sitcoms play on this notion where the main characters survive their cousins visits.
In senescence, many people choose isolation bc they think their family members are idiots.

Teenage Girl 20/09/11(Fri)14:24 No. 23017 ID: 632a13

>Many sitcoms play on this notion where the main characters survive their cousins visits.
Stateside, yeah. Over here it's the opposite. The cousin is portrayed as a saviour, at times of need he's there for you, whether you want it or not he's got your back and when he leaves there's a tinge of sadness. Sure he causes chaos but theres method in his madness.

Teenage Girl 20/09/16(Wed)15:22 No. 23020 ID: 03fcda

ITT: bots botting bots

Teenage Girl 17/03/27(Mon)17:24 No. 21412 ID: 0b0a9f [Reply]

File 149062826178.jpg - (6.10KB , 259x194 , me.jpg )

So this is where I whine about shit when there's no other place to post it because literally no one in the world gives a shit?

2 weeks ago I was a 25 year old kissless virgin that no girl had ever had interest in. On a vacation in Thailand I managed to get dates from tinder and I spent all of last week with her in my hotel, making out, cuddling, having sex, hugging, sleeping together and just having a lot of fun.
She left for work and school but missed classes most days because she was busy with me, she also stopped seeing her friends temporarily.

We both enjoyed the time a lot, she was really nice and cute and overall great, she seemed to like me too and seemingly couldn't get enough of the cuddling, kissing or fucking.

In the last night she started crying and then I started crying too, same the next morning at around 4:30 when I was packing the last stuff and right after that when we said goodbye before I entered the taxi.

This was the best week of my life and saying goodbye to her, knowing that we might never meet again, was the most painful thing I've done.

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Teenage Girl 17/05/12(Fri)03:32 No. 21458 ID: 8551d7

I'm too much of a pussy to make my own thread for my whining so I'm gonna do it here.
I feel unfulfilled as fuck.
I have no friends and I don't get on with my family that well. The only joy in my life is posting on various imageboards and discord, but that's pretty shit and I need to spend time studying for the future. I want to get into the us navy, but I'm a foreigner and idk if my marks are good enough to get into an American university. I want to be a trap but that will either be impossible with my current body (shoulders too wide etc.) or involve drastic measures which will gimp me for the navy.

It's nice to actually write that down tbh.

Teenage Girl 17/07/03(Mon)22:18 No. 21501 ID: 3f12c9

File 149911309368.jpg - (24.65KB , 400x400 , 1313991.jpg )

I'm in a similar place anon. I have no friends since I left boarding school and now that it's summer I've spent everyday playing video games and getting drunk alone. How do you meet new people?

Oh but I'm not interested in becoming a trap unlike you.

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)04:05 No. 21548 ID: 99429b


Without meaning to samefag, I am also in this situation. Unfortunately I'm in a bit of a mental bear trap too, since I have both depression and anxiety that doctors and therapists are either unwilling to or incapable of treating, and it becomes more and more tempting to an hero every day.

Fuck 4chan!!! Teenage Girl 19/07/17(Wed)20:08 No. 22214 ID: a4a21e [Reply]

File 156338690018.png - (340.39KB , 1080x1920 , Screenshot_2019-07-17-12-11-34.png )

I was banned for being honest. Is all of 4chan run by faggots?


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Teenage Girl 20/09/08(Tue)07:49 No. 23007 ID: 06ac78

File 159954416712.jpg - (36.65KB , 652x470 , images.jpg )

4chan has definitely seen a heavy increase in moral fags. That's for sure. Every thread I goto is the same as reddit or Facebook or others of those heavily moderated safe space bullshittery. Why the fuck would I come to an anonymous posting site if I wanna see political correctness? The world is going to shitz.

Teenage Girl 20/09/08(Tue)07:56 No. 23008 ID: 06ac78

File 159954458362.gif - (5.33KB , 220x184 , unnamed.gif )

Is there an /adv/ kinda board here? Help me 7chanons I need spiritual guidance

Borkborkbork 20/09/15(Tue)04:51 No. 23019 ID: ca8e27

See >>5660.

Teenage Girl 20/06/30(Tue)23:07 No. 22899 ID: 7ae189 [Reply]

File 159355126297.png - (148.22KB , 876x768 , how.png )

Can these paranoid fuckers stop derailing threads on every single imageboard I frequent? LITERALLY every fucking place I go, regardless of the thread topic or how normal everyone else's converstation has been, some absolute retard has to run in and start yelling about how the thread is some kind of sinister plot. Either the liberals did it or the jews did it or the admins did it *for* the liberals or the jews, no matter what the fucking thread is about. They drag every fucking thread down into their shitty crab bucket, forcing every discussion back to the same 4-5 shitty arguments that they've perpetuated for over half a decade without stopping. When you look at someone posting porn that they like, or talking about something COMPLETELY harmless or unrelated to your talking points, and your first thought is that it's a leftist ploy, you need to take a long break from the fucking internet.

And it's so blatantly obvious where most of them are from, because only they would reach so insanely far to make up conspiracy theories and find things to get upset over. Bunch of autistic paranoid motherfuckers who are so far up their own asses, they have to treat every single website the same way regardless of the preexisting userbase/culture. It fucking sucks, it sucking fucks, and I don't like it

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Teenage Girl 20/08/29(Sat)15:55 No. 22999 ID: 0fa8d6

>Let's talk about things
>But you're not allowed to have the following opinions
This is exactly what they are trying to tell you is unacceptable by doubling down and doing everything you tell them they can't do.

Teenage Girl 20/08/29(Sat)20:13 No. 23000 ID: cfca8c

No. OP is talking about how these "freethinkers" whine about people having differing opinions.

Teenage Girl 20/08/30(Sun)23:09 No. 23001 ID: 09c3f6

Wanting entire races to be exterminated is not a differing of opinion.

Teenage Girl 17/03/26(Sun)06:52 No. 21407 ID: fe9887 [Reply]

File 149050396680.jpg - (1.12KB , 300x168 , black.jpg )

Women might be as stupid as we think..

At work, we are to bid among a fixed number of positions available for any given week for our holiday times. A staffer made the mistake of putting on the bulletin board last year's bidding sheet outlining the holidays won for the month of April of 2016 on which I happened to be. It was up a few months ago, but it's gone now. I had made plans for what I thought was my 3-week holiday starting on Monday.

Here is a dialogue I had between the staffer I work with and myself:

Me: So I guess I will have to use many of my sick days next week, then. I made appointments I can't miss.

Staffer: You know what? I don't want to hear it. *Throwing arms in air*

Me: And what is the concern about this?

Staffer: You should be calling a week ahead of time. [There is no rule specifying this. It just helps her to staff easier.]

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 17/11/19(Sun)12:23 No. 21739 ID: 985943

File 151109061786.jpg - (49.81KB , 624x416 , stockholm_hostages.jpg )

>being a dick on purpose, getting banned for it
Not that I didn't evade the bans, but you could say I came to identify with our oppressors benevolent moderators.

That wasn't hard to do when they would ban each other.

Teenage Girl 20/08/13(Thu)18:26 No. 22997 ID: f4b384

Yeah. Some people treat their younger coworkers like one of their children just bc they happen to be in the same age range.
Like wtf?

Focus on your own age group.

Yet if I were to treat older coworkers like frail grampies, that would be disrespectful.

Teenage Girl 20/08/13(Thu)23:31 No. 22998 ID: 6ec29b

Update, my Bitch quit.

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