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Celsius ## Admin ## 11/08/30(Tue)00:08 No. 5660 ID: 70382c [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131465571457.jpg - (208.12KB , 1024x819 , 129979802025.jpg )

stop fucking asking for advice or i'll ban your bitch ass

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Teenage Girl 16/12/29(Thu)09:08 No. 21341 ID: b357f5


I got a serious nigger issue. And I need some suggestions on how to handle Niggerhater 17/07/16(Sun)02:30 No. 21511 ID: 83b43c [Reply]

File 150016502751.jpg - (26.26KB , 236x334 , a31ad95ab717b3b04df8045a0b19beef--lynching-strange.jpg )

Long story short, my best friends sister is getting beaten and pimped by a fucking shitskin niggerboy. My buddy died in Iraq and I can't just let this niggertry continue. I got his number and building number. I'm ready to do ANY FUCKED UP SHIT you fucking devious geniuses can conjure up. I'll post any results possible. He's a nigger so I won't get in any serious legal issues from what I do to him. The more fucked up the better.

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Teenage Girl 17/07/20(Thu)16:56 No. 21521 ID: a52bda

>My buddy died in Iraq

Your personal bullet catcher died so you came here to, what? Ask us to be your personal army? Look, bitch, this may not be /b/ but that shit still applies.

Light Yagami 17/08/17(Thu)19:31 No. 21568 ID: f5c7bd

First off. Saying "shitskin nigger" makes you look like a pigskin piece of shit. You're generalizing an entire population of people based on a single pimp who happens to be a psychotic bastard. If you want my opinion, be an adult and shoot him yourself when he's by himself, buy an extra gun, and put it in another voilent pimps closet using a cloth. It will look like the other pimp killed him, but don't blame an entire population based on what one nutcase is doing.

Teenage Girl 17/08/19(Sat)09:21 No. 21569 ID: 780eff

File 150312730255.png - (255.11KB , 500x493 , InternetQuotes.png )

>Saying "shitskin nigger" makes you look like a pigskin piece of shit.
Actually it's much more descriptive than you give it credit for.

His skin is the color of shit and he's a nigger. His skin isn't the color of a cup of coffee with 6 creams, it's the color of shit.

Now if you want to argue that OP has the green shits and the guy's skin isn't green then fine, but unless you have a horrid diet or are sick your shits are usually going to be a uniform dark brown color, which is as descriptive a term as any for describing a color.

>You're generalizing an entire population of people based on a single pimp
I see him doing no such thing. You appear to be triggered by the word nigger and can't accept that not all black people are niggers.

Since the target of OPs ire is beating and whoring out a woman, he most definitely qualifies as a nigger.

Teenage Girl 17/07/27(Thu)08:58 No. 21528 ID: 1de074 [Reply]

File 150113873695.jpg - (5.50KB , 288x172 , index.jpg )

why can't I be like one of those men who are in control of their lives?

why am I so fucking weak?

why do I constantly make fucked up decisions in life?

why do I have such a low self-esteem?

what the fuck is wrong with me?

why am I self-destructive?

I'm a big fucking tool and here's so much more to be said but I'm too socially inept to verbally express my self.

why can't I, at least, control myself?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Teenage Girl 17/08/04(Fri)11:46 No. 21545 ID: 6f609c

>do you just assume everyone here can't talk to wemon?
It was an example, not to be taken literal. But your focus and overreaction to that one example speaks aplenty.

Teenage Girl 17/08/11(Fri)15:36 No. 21566 ID: a9b98b

i see. that kind of motivational crap just pisses me off. chicks aren't everyone's goal.

Teenage Girl 17/08/17(Thu)01:24 No. 21567 ID: a870df

I understand that gay guys aren't so interesting in chicks.

Teenage Girl 17/08/07(Mon)00:52 No. 21553 ID: 79f895 [Reply]

File 150205996371.png - (549.24KB , 8558x10632 , fake_maas_020_heiko1.png )

Minister Kanzlerin namens Feministin Angela Merkel der SPD Antifa aus Kekistan Pepe der Hexenjagd Heiko Maas muss die CDU Abgasaffäre und Abgasskandal oder von Audi aber VW Porsche BMW oder Opel Dobrindt.

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Teenage Girl 17/08/07(Mon)01:03 No. 21562 ID: 79f895

File 150206061555.png - (840.52KB , 12258x7031 , gutmensch-kollektion27.png )

fake nazis

Boxxy Craig Busboom 17/08/07(Mon)05:37 No. 21563 ID: 6fe7d9

Hallo froulein wie gehest du? Im mein heartz mitt Hitler orda mitt da gogo tanzen liebe?

Teenage Girl 17/08/07(Mon)22:27 No. 21565 ID: 5fd22b

File 150213766873.png - (552.27KB , 8558x10632 , fake_maas_016_heiko1.png )

Liebe good! :)

Maas, Audi, Mercedes, Star Wars, BMW, VW, Porsche, Merkel, Alternative für Deutschland, die Grünen, spd, cdu csu, die linke, trump, russland, russia, cnn

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)06:03 No. 21549 ID: ff4681 [Reply]

File 150199222156.gif - (205.44KB , 500x310 , 1453945881911.gif )

due to my undiagnosed narcissistic personality disorder, which I diagnosed myself with promptly after a 4 day episode of engaging in hoovering, after she cut off contact with me without telling me why... mostly, but not entirely... (by looking at the signs and realizing just how much I fucked up and did them, the rage bit was short lived relatively, but it was unfair)
I admit, I was very hurt by her not telling me why she broke off the relationship after telling me she loved me so much, so many times... but it was no excuse...

I'm afraid I've pushed away the woman I love and would die for if I had to step in and do so...
I need to make amends. I don't know if I can.

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)21:01 No. 21550 ID: db32a8

File 150204611060.png - (114.51KB , 1200x1140 , Hoover_Logo_svg.png )

You can't.

Your obsessive-compulsive behaviour and emotional outbursts are indicative of something far worse than the made-up personality disorder it would make you feel cool to have: you're pathetic, you suck, and you can't handle rejection.

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)21:42 No. 21551 ID: d9030c

If you haven't been to a doctor, you don't know what you have. In short, your ignorance does not equal their knowledge.

Teenage Girl 17/08/07(Mon)14:40 No. 21564 ID: a52bda

An actual narcissist would never call themselves one because they'd have to admit their actions hurt others and no narcissist is self aware enough for that.

Teenage Girl 17/03/27(Mon)17:24 No. 21412 ID: 0b0a9f [Reply]

File 149062826178.jpg - (6.10KB , 259x194 , me.jpg )

So this is where I whine about shit when there's no other place to post it because literally no one in the world gives a shit?

2 weeks ago I was a 25 year old kissless virgin that no girl had ever had interest in. On a vacation in Thailand I managed to get dates from tinder and I spent all of last week with her in my hotel, making out, cuddling, having sex, hugging, sleeping together and just having a lot of fun.
She left for work and school but missed classes most days because she was busy with me, she also stopped seeing her friends temporarily.

We both enjoyed the time a lot, she was really nice and cute and overall great, she seemed to like me too and seemingly couldn't get enough of the cuddling, kissing or fucking.

In the last night she started crying and then I started crying too, same the next morning at around 4:30 when I was packing the last stuff and right after that when we said goodbye before I entered the taxi.

This was the best week of my life and saying goodbye to her, knowing that we might never meet again, was the most painful thing I've done.

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Teenage Girl 17/05/12(Fri)03:32 No. 21458 ID: 8551d7

I'm too much of a pussy to make my own thread for my whining so I'm gonna do it here.
I feel unfulfilled as fuck.
I have no friends and I don't get on with my family that well. The only joy in my life is posting on various imageboards and discord, but that's pretty shit and I need to spend time studying for the future. I want to get into the us navy, but I'm a foreigner and idk if my marks are good enough to get into an American university. I want to be a trap but that will either be impossible with my current body (shoulders too wide etc.) or involve drastic measures which will gimp me for the navy.

It's nice to actually write that down tbh.

Teenage Girl 17/07/03(Mon)22:18 No. 21501 ID: 3f12c9

File 149911309368.jpg - (24.65KB , 400x400 , 1313991.jpg )

I'm in a similar place anon. I have no friends since I left boarding school and now that it's summer I've spent everyday playing video games and getting drunk alone. How do you meet new people?

Oh but I'm not interested in becoming a trap unlike you.

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)04:05 No. 21548 ID: 99429b


Without meaning to samefag, I am also in this situation. Unfortunately I'm in a bit of a mental bear trap too, since I have both depression and anxiety that doctors and therapists are either unwilling to or incapable of treating, and it becomes more and more tempting to an hero every day.

Bundestroll Netzdg Zensur Minister SPD CDU CSU AFD NPD LINKE GRÜNE FDP Teenage Girl 17/07/29(Sat)16:09 No. 21532 ID: 1f34b9 [Reply]

File 150133738857.png - (228.81KB , 7680x4320 , bundestrollgrey.png )

So after the newest german Auto scandal they are about to bad involved cars from entering the fucking inner city of my fucking hometown. Jesus fucking christ, am I surrounded by complete retards. Who the fuck is running this piece of country shit?

7 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 17/08/05(Sat)10:30 No. 21546 ID: d9030c

I'm always surprised when people fail to realize that relationships are the key to a healthy business. Grow your network and you will grow your business. Nothing will save your business if you fail to maintain and grow your interpersonal relationships, which are key to making meaningful new contacts with others interested in what you offer.

Its really not that hard, though those without people skills will resort to tricks like social media to try and cover up their ineptitude. Of course those social media contacts are ridiculously flighty because there's no emotional investment. They don't know you, they don't know anyone who knows you, you're just one of a billion schmoes they've contacted online before moving on to the next schmo.

Hope you're saving what you're making, because you'll need it. Soon.

Teenage Girl 17/08/05(Sat)14:17 No. 21547 ID: 5b458f

Sure small time, you just keep thinking that way while other people make money.

Tell you what, I'm feeling generous so I'll give you a hint: Don't use social media to replace personal contact, only to enhance personal contact.

Teenage Girl 17/08/06(Sun)21:47 No. 21552 ID: d9030c

File 150204882323.jpg - (193.55KB , 580x300 , Honest.jpg )

>small time
You're on a chan and you think you're not small time?

You're as delusional as you are clueless.

Teenage Girl 17/07/22(Sat)14:50 No. 21525 ID: c2da96 [Reply]

File 150072785559.jpg - (78.35KB , 600x551 , banana-split-har-dee-har.jpg )

> physically and verbally abused routinely by mother as a child
> Indian expat parents
> mild OCD, ordinary PTSD
> escalates to severe suicidal depression in high school
> oldfagging up 4chan
> disappoint everyone in high school exams
> expect to die a virgin so lose virginity to hooker, a year or two later I've had an oily threesome with a hooker
> fail 1/3 of subjects in uni
> fuck tonne of study drugs, psychiatric meds and psychotherapy
> study farming instead in order to learn how to start a homestead and run away from it all, alone
> degree teaches shit-all about self-sufficiency
> can't find job upon graduating
> experiment sexually - get fucked up the ass by guy on Grindr. Get scared he took of condom and go on anti-HIV meds as prevention for a month. No HIV. Then start attending gay orgies every now and then
> somehow get a job at a leading luxury handbag store with no experience wtf

Teenage Girl 17/07/22(Sat)14:51 No. 21526 ID: c2da96

File 150072789556.jpg - (11.89KB , 220x257 , 220px-Mitsuyo_Maeda.jpg )

> lose job because of social skills and lack of attention to detail
> start studying a master's degree in disease outbreaks cause it's the only thing I can get into
> travel parts the world solo like bus trips across South America and doing magic mushrooms in Thailand in my holidays with money from abusive parents I still live with
> one-off MDMA almost cures PTSD
> finally pick-up-videos, articles, countless rejection and training wheel dates pay off with my first girlfriend - a nice, small asian chick
> graduate and get prestigious internship
> learn nothing there and can't find job afterward
> get put on a minor government disability pension
> fail to start/run business ideas
> can't find job
> not sure what next

Teenage Girl 17/08/02(Wed)04:49 No. 21539 ID: c09d10

I'm raging about your fucking green text.

Sad Elmer Fudd 17/06/20(Tue)06:18 No. 21486 ID: 89dd7c [Reply]

File 149793229955.png - (90.65KB , 314x314 , Startingtogetsad.png )

It's supposed to be wabbit season but there are no wabbits. :(

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Teenage Girl 17/07/21(Fri)09:06 No. 21522 ID: 5f4a72


THNX, Asshole. You ruinded Star Wars.

Teenage Girl 17/07/21(Fri)13:36 No. 21523 ID: 27b597

File 150063701459.jpg - (874.61KB , 7680x4320 , 8k_star_wars_forces_of_destiny.jpg )

Actually Star Wars destroyed Star Wars after Lucas couldn't finish it off...

Teenage Girl 17/07/22(Sat)04:07 No. 21524 ID: a870df

Star Wars was originally supposed to be a trilogy but Lucas squeezed it all into a single film because he didn't think he'd be able to make another Star Wars film. Blowing up the death star was supposed to occur in the last movie.

Everything after SW was Lucas throwing shit at a fan.

I FUCKING HATE MUDSLIMES! Gantzzz 17/01/05(Thu)03:19 No. 21344 ID: 44f7fe [Reply]

File 148358276662.jpg - (22.86KB , 350x252 , tfc9484_3231230758_Angry_Muslim2_xlarge.jpg )

Not trying to be a hater here but damn these sand niggers are getting into my nerves.

These so-called "peaceful" goatfuckers from the sands of Arabia are very arrogant and irritating, I fucking hate them crowding in our plaza later leaving too much trash and spit everywhere. Thi has to stop, they all must face extinction, they do not respect other people and culture, fucking muslims should die because they're all fucking terrorist shit stains!

Allahu Fuckbar? no.. DEUS VULT!!

30 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Teenage Girl 17/07/09(Sun)04:36 No. 21505 ID: d04e24

Could be worse, it could stagnate and completely collapse like countless empires in the past.

Inbreeding kills brain cells - just look at the royal family.

Teenage Girl 17/07/09(Sun)15:47 No. 21507 ID: ecd68b

File 149960802419.jpg - (7.70KB , 200x275 , i-f414434b49438248c19ec65c8a0282fe-CharlesII.jpg )

Seriously. I mean, look at this fucker. Keep in mind that Royals always were painted in the most flattering way possible and he still looked like that.

Teenage Girl 17/07/19(Wed)00:31 No. 21520 ID: 84ec02

File 150041711018.png - (541.16KB , 12800x7200 , uncle_sam_kekistan_needs_you.png )

Laughing my ass off - how could the painter even make that portrait without shitting his pants in laughter???

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