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/s/ - Sexy Beautiful Women
Since it needs to be said, apparently...

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How to find source? Anonymous ## Mod ## 12/11/18(Sun)21:40 No. 161077 ID: 208b5a [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 135327121793.png - (283.06KB , 475x316 , O4HHJ7IVYMQFTPXT43UIQU6SZ5WIOISZ.png )

How to find source?

Check for watermarks and logos
Many images have the name of the model, photographer, website and/or shoot ID somewhere. After that, it's a simple search away. Many sites have preview sections available, be sure to browse them.
Failure to do this will result in ridicule and possibly a ban.

Look at the original filename
Single image posts have this line at the top File 130532145792.jpg - (278.71KB , 854x1203 , aawn4.jpg)
The last part is the original filename. You can sometimes find the source by searching for that. For posts with multple images, hovering your mouse over the image will reveal this line.
Failure to do this will result in ridicule and possibly a ban.

Image content search
You can drag the image into Google image search or upload an image from your computer and Google will find where else the image is posted on the web. It may lead to an original filename and you'll need to search from there.
In the case of gifs, it may help to extract a few different frames and try them as it might not find any hits on the first frame.
There are other image content search engines out there such as Tineye and some specialized for anime/hentai.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous ## Mod ## 15/04/07(Tue)12:58 No. 185134 ID: 09ccde


Anonymous 09/07/11(Sat)08:16 No. 36 ID: 7866fd [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 124729296398.jpg - (22.36KB , 444x366 , 270913946_efa38ec3d8.jpg )

Let's bring back the best streamed porn vids on the net!

I know there's already a thread like this up, but it's about an androgynous woman getting fisted and I don't think it would make a fitting start (pun intended).

I'll start with a few of my favorites.




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New John Cooper 16/10/09(Sun)19:54 No. 189927 ID: 9dc1f5


Fuckable lola pics :)

Raxo ## Admin ## 09/07/11(Sat)05:33 No. 14 ID: d7b751 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 12472831809.jpg - (150.70KB , 485x725 , 124433455354.jpg )


Download at your own risk. 99% of these are spam.

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Anonymous 16/08/15(Mon)10:52 No. 189516 ID: 375d92


40000 ... Anonymous 09/09/16(Wed)04:01 No. 37543 ID: 4fe3dc [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 125306650576.jpg - (144.26KB , 900x1200 , 0465.jpg )

I have 40000 amature pics, what should i do with them?

12156 posts and 12167 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
40000 Anonymous 16/09/25(Sun)16:44 No. 189841 ID: 339603

send them to me

Anonymous 16/10/23(Sun)06:05 No. 189998 ID: 4fe886 [Reply]

File 147719550466.jpg - (180.68KB , 960x720 , 1477185598115.jpg )

Who would hit that?

Of course Bill 16/10/23(Sun)11:19 No. 190000 ID: 5705f7

With a shovel

teen sluts Anonymous 16/04/03(Sun)19:21 No. 188477 ID: c1e437 [Reply]

File 145970409768.jpg - (1.45MB , 1600x1597 , ebc21da4-d507-4ddf-b32d-419c0d648fc9.jpg )

post images with slutty teens

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Anonymous 16/04/06(Wed)10:47 No. 188494 ID: 391a27

Cock teasing little sluts.. I bet they've already had more dicks inside them than I've had hot dinners.

Anonymous 16/05/13(Fri)09:10 No. 188760 ID: 32cb81

Anonymous 16/10/18(Tue)00:36 No. 189963 ID: 3591d9

Nearly chubby jayxxx 16/10/17(Mon)22:09 No. 189961 ID: fdc304 [Reply]

File 14767349499.jpg - (59.83KB , 762x1016 , 565_10001.jpg )

Let's get a thread with some non-hourglass nearly chubby bodies with puffy flat tits.

Dressed and undressed Anonymous 12/04/26(Thu)07:14 No. 152537 ID: cbcda5 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 133541726490.jpg - (115.72KB , 1024x687 , 133212797570.jpg )

I couldn't find the dressed/undressed thread. It must have slipped off the end while nobody was watching.

Is it cool to have another one?

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Clothed Unclothed Amateurs Anonymous 16/10/09(Sun)09:52 No. 189925 ID: 4981ac

Clothed Unclothed Amateur Babes

Anonymous 16/10/17(Mon)20:24 No. 189959 ID: 99b084

File 14767286926.jpg - (583.23KB , 1200x783 , avantapresapresapres.jpg )

Anonymous 16/10/17(Mon)21:13 No. 189960 ID: 99b084

File 147673162175.jpg - (2.42MB , 2001x1467 , avantapres8.jpg )

Anonymous 16/10/07(Fri)15:13 No. 189915 ID: 42646a [Reply]

File 147584602695.jpg - (3.65MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_1858.jpg )

7 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 16/10/10(Mon)13:19 No. 189931 ID: 65fb00

comment the picture.
what do you think of my wife and jerk on her face

Anonymous 16/10/15(Sat)06:24 No. 189949 ID: 49b777

Would bang her ass for hours.
Post more of her butthole pls.

Anonymous 16/10/15(Sat)13:00 No. 189950 ID: 7bdf51

File 147652922641.jpg - (3.15MB , 4608x3456 , IMG_1873.jpg )

Numpho Problems Anonymous 16/08/17(Wed)19:25 No. 189533 ID: 3b92a6 [Reply]

File 147145473869.jpg - (81.37KB , 1024x1024 , mk9gdli9v7.jpg )

I met on adult dating site (kink.ga) with a girl. After a while she admitted that she's a nymphomaniac. But the problem is that I'm a virgin and I'm afraid to screw it up. Can you recommend something? Her profile: kink.ga/amyhailey And sorry for my language.

Anonymous 16/08/18(Thu)01:31 No. 189535 ID: ca7e87

You posted this before on /b/, didn't you? I'm going to just repeat myself: people don't "admit" they're nymphomaniacs, they say it to get attention and hopefully reel in some dumb motherfucker who spends money on them.

Also, that link took me to one of those "dating" sites where every message you want to send costs money. Literally everyone on those sites (read: the two or three people managing hundreds of profiles) is either a nymphomaniac or a virgin (yet somehow experienced), but the main things they have in common are 1) nothing about their profiles is real and 2) it's in their financial interest to keep you sending messages.

TL;DR holy shit son get a clue.

Anonymous 16/10/14(Fri)15:17 No. 189947 ID: f84aaa

It's actually just a scam Link man, nothing more.

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