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Movies & TV 24/7 via Channel7: Web Player, .m3u file. Music via Radio7: Web Player, .m3u file.

WebM is now available sitewide! Please check this thread for more info.

Rules & Requests Anonymous ## Mod ## 13/02/25(Mon)15:24 No. 19768 [Reply] Stickied

File 136180228748.jpg - (108.54KB , 724x540 , media_literacy.jpg )

Welcome to /me/ - Media.

This board is NOT for:
- Promoting your band, art project or shitty youtube channel.
- Raging about media (Go to /rnb/)

This board is for discussions about...
Movies, TV, Music, Books, Websites

Requests go in this sticky for stuff you can't find.

Your shitty Soundcloud (and similar) links go in the shitty Soundcloud thread >>18066

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Anonymous 18/05/18(Fri)08:48 No. 21141

I prefer to watch movies and tv shows on Yoututbe. It is convenient during traveling. But in some countries Youtube was banned. So, it is difficult to get access without special tools- vpn or proxy services. I like to use private proxy app which I bought on https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/individualproxy.html Try to use it.

deadbabies!rfBia8M6N2 16/01/17(Sun)03:44 No. 20857 [Reply] Stickied

File 145299869071.png - (104.89KB , 400x276 , channel7.png )

Channel7 is 7Chan's internet stream for movies and all that good stuff and it's STILL running daily after 6 years, fags. or you can be a badass and just open the stream to view all sorts of crazy shit. It starts at 23:00 GMT (3PM PST) every day and runs about 22-23 hours from then with different and fresh content daily! No, we don't keep a schedule, but you can find out what's on today by checking on our IRC channel!.

You can join us on IRC just to lurk and see what's on or for socially engaging in the stream with others on irc.7chan.org #channel7 with your favorite IRC browser.


You can open this link in your browser to get Channel7 in a new tab, open this one in VLC (or your preferred media player, but we know VLC works). In VLC, you open VLC and click on Media > Open Network Stream and then enter our stream playlist link: http://radio.7chan.org:8000/CH7.xspf - and then hitting play. This is the recommended method.

If you're really lazy and just want to peek at what's on you can also go to http://7chan.org/channel7.html at any time. Or just click the Channel7 tab (anywhere on 7chan) at the top right of the screen next to Rules, Watched Threads, and Settings.

Anonymous ## Mod ## 16/01/14(Thu)01:35 No. 20852 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 145273175111.jpg - (79.36KB , 841x949 , 6435438756.jpg )

Radio7 is 7chan's local radio station.

We, at Radio7, play a large variety of music.
Anything, from Electronic, to metal, to punk, to industrial, to classical and, much, much, more.

You can listen here: https://7chanradio.org/
In your browser

Or, if you are feel adventurous, you can listen here: http://radio.7chan.org:8000/radio.m3u
or here: http://radio.7chan.org:8000/radio
Via any streaming device. For example: VLC Media Player.

Our IRC service can be found on the 7chan, premium content, IRC network at #Radio.

So give us a listen and come in and join us. Won't you?
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

... Anonymous 18/05/15(Tue)17:21 No. 21138 [Reply]

File 152639766292.jpg - (47.80KB , 1200x1200 , aphess.jpg )

It's here!!!

Anonymous 18/05/18(Fri)17:17 No. 21143

I'm excited

Anonymous 18/04/08(Sun)05:25 No. 21122 [Reply]

File 152315794229.png - (151.41KB , 600x600 , 1522564221648.png )

I haven't been excited for a theatrical release since 2011 with the final Harry Potter movie. Why are movies so bad now days? And is there anything you may recommend to someone who lost their love for more current movie releases?

Anonymous 18/05/18(Fri)17:02 No. 21142

Have you seen the new Blade Runner? Best movie to come out in years.

3D Google Map in a Movie? Anonymous 18/05/06(Sun)19:20 No. 21137 [Reply]

File 15256272132.png - (462.56KB , 631x433 , google-3d-map-2.png )

I'm trying to remember a movie that had a brief cut where they zoom in on what looks like a Google Maps map to show a 3D reconstruction of a building with a little location info overlaid.

I *think* it was the Hitman movie, and I'm going to watch to verify, but if it's not that it, then I don't know what it is. Any ideas?

Help me, /me/: your my only hope.

is this good/funny? Marvin 18/04/25(Wed)14:32 No. 21130 [Reply]

File 15246595391.jpg - (293.83KB , 1407x748 , 5e0915459551411efdd8ab3bf1e3c77b.jpg )

hey fellas,
im not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not tell me and i remove.

Me and my roomate just started a show on youtube and we would love to hear some feedback and ideas for future episodes.
we just made a new ,imo the most funniest, video and wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

this is our latest video:


much love Marvin and Jan (the bearded)

Anonymous 18/05/01(Tue)01:39 No. 21134


Anonymous 18/02/27(Tue)05:45 No. 21098 [Reply]

File 151970671660.jpg - (37.29KB , 413x549 , pump.jpg )


Share your work thread? Share your work thread. Anonymous 18/04/27(Fri)02:46 No. 21131

File 152478998979.png - (113.29KB , 800x800 , album art.png )


Just finished this track today. I'm not very good at mixing and still trying to find my own original sound/niche. Definitely appreciate any listens or feedback.

>trap rap with death metal/black metal screams, super edgy lyrics, and a few samples of dialog from The Sopranos

Anonymous 16/10/18(Tue)05:54 No. 20928 [Reply]

Youtube  share your all-time favorite classical music performances

"Bolero" is my favorite in general, but this particular performance of this piece is excellent

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