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/grim/ - Cold, Grim & Miserable As always ideas for rules, anonymous names and better headers are always welcome, post them in the main sticky and we'll consider them.
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Eeyore ## Admin ## 12/10/14(Sun)22:41 No. 1 ID: 8ff395 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 135024730515.gif - (499.57KB , 500x291 , I googled Creepy gif and got this_ Not bad imo.gif )

Yep, this is an actual board. Congratulations to you.. you sad, lonely individuals. I think the best way to describe this board is to just copy paste the post that inspired it's trip on to /777/:
"There's too much happiness on this site already. We need more cold stuff, more darkness and unhappiness.
I propose a /grim/ board. Where we gather to share jokes that aren't funny. Grim stuff like gore perhaps. Murder stories. Genocide. Results of war. Pictures of areas in the dark. Pictures of crumbling ruins. Pictures of thing that are decreasing in value or are stagnant in value in the sense that they cannot get any more undesired. Also, Nigrachan is obligatory."

Lets have a minor tweak of the rules from the /777/, version. This board is not for gore. Gore posters will be banned. It's just for generally miserable shit, just go with the stuff that is in the above quote and you should be fine. Any further rules will be made up as we go along if necessary and will be added to this post.

Go Wild.

To request future /777/s use this thread.

New Admin post 30th Sept, 2013.

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Belonging Eeyore 17/01/19(Thu)14:12 No. 5277 ID: a58afa

Come in, please.

Can We Escape? Eeyore 17/05/24(Wed)01:33 No. 5415 ID: a6056e [Reply]

File 149558241645.jpg - (13.52KB , 350x240 , depressed-man-in-hallway-350.jpg )

Will moving away make my life truly better?

I have so bad of social anxiety around people I grew up with and went to school with. When I see them out in the public I want to run and hide. I see them with their kids and life successes while I'm just a nobody accomplishing nothing.

I had threats made towards me years ago and ended up being chased by people worried about getting jumped I became a shut in and each year my depression gets worse. So many ex girlfriends made my life hell and just the people here I can function around them.

I only feel free when I'm far away from this small little town. Which is why I just have to wonder the question I stated above. "Will moving away truly make my life better?"

Eeyore 17/05/24(Wed)01:14 No. 5414 ID: 2a25c1 [Reply]

File 149558126946.jpg - (26.07KB , 500x500 , birdblackblackandwhitedarkphotographyshadows-f665b.jpg )

I like this board.

I'll share my solitude with you.


Eeyore 16/12/08(Thu)19:58 No. 5214 ID: 354b15 [Reply]

File 148122352756.png - (1.81MB , 2259x1600 , 007.png )

Lets say you die and wake up in a grey room devoid of anything, "god" what ever that may be says it will decide your fate in 1 hour, in this time you can ask 3 questions of any nature.
what are they?

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Eeyore 17/01/10(Tue)20:42 No. 5252 ID: 335076

File 148407735650.gif - (4.00MB , 1525x1080 , 148122352756-curvature-1080.gif )

i just felt like redoing this one.

Eeyore 17/05/03(Wed)09:07 No. 5396 ID: 203ed3

What could have been?

Can anything be done now?

Would you accept me?

Eeyore 17/05/22(Mon)07:12 No. 5413 ID: 257703

Can i have cake and a cup of black tea?

Num ninho de mafagafos, seis mafagafinhos há; quem os desmafagafizar, bom desmafagafizador será?

What about the universe? Its your time to ask.

Eeyore 16/09/04(Sun)14:55 No. 5035 ID: 8b6ae7 [Reply]

File 147299373752.jpg - (21.57KB , 236x354 , 12a12bd39e6ac6a7ca8fe32f8cba1364.jpg )

What do you desire /grim/?

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Eeyore 17/05/15(Mon)17:27 No. 5407 ID: 4bb259

A world without change. A timeless stagnant place where every day is the same as the next

Eeyore 17/05/21(Sun)07:58 No. 5411 ID: 894509


Eeyore 17/05/21(Sun)19:47 No. 5412 ID: a6056e

I only desire to leave West Virginia and never come back.

Death Seeker Eeyore 17/03/28(Tue)22:06 No. 5361 ID: 0c1a2b [Reply]

File 149073159667.jpg - (73.99KB , 500x500 , dav.jpg )

DISCLAIMER... I've posted this elsewhere and didn't get traction. This looks like the right place though.

I'm an Army veteran. Honorable discharge. No combat experience. In my mid 30's.

I have a multi-facet medical issue that the VA doctors will acknowledge in person, but apparently will not create a medical record for outside their own specialty. It's an issue I've been pursuing for over a decade.

I was advised by a VA employee (who asked not to be quoted) that I should get Social Security to validate my compound issue, at which point they can use that as evidence to support my claim.

I just finished a Social Security hearing. My claim was rejected for lack of evidence. Specifically I need medical confirmation of my compound issue.

So I'm stuck in a catch 22.

I haven't worked in 4 years. I've lived off 40% service connection and my fiancee since then.

None of what follows will come to pass if my Social Security appeal works out. If it doesn't I will likely lose my housing, car, fiancee, and dog.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Eeyore 17/04/11(Tue)06:30 No. 5381 ID: 9c4b9c

although ritual disembowelment on the steps of a federal building sounds pretty cool, maybe walk or crawl or take a bus to a doctor who can help with your multifaceted medical issue and perhaps someone with high rate or rank to help navigate Veterans Administration
you were in the war man, suicide kills more guys than bombs and dissentary put together, next time show them your bullet wounds.

Eeyore 17/04/26(Wed)11:23 No. 5388 ID: c93ab8

Definitely option 2. The government has fucked you over enough, I honestly feel that is an amazing statement to make though I cannot volunteer for either position

Eeyore 17/05/21(Sun)01:31 No. 5410 ID: a52bda

You do have another option that requires more balls than either of your plans and that's not using other people to commit suicide, fight harder for what this shitbag government owes you due to your sacrifices, and live this life to its fullest possible extent. My uncle was in Vietnam and did just that. He never let up on his SS claims and wore those fuckers down because, they way he saw it, that was his money and they were not going to tire him out fighting for it. Don't give up. If it takes ten years, kick their scheming asses the whole way.

Eeyore 17/05/09(Tue)23:08 No. 5399 ID: 750857 [Reply]

File 149436411781.jpg - (1.48MB , 2514x1931 , 57c2b07b7c6f2bdba3151805eff086ea.jpg )

I reached a point in my life, where I'm about to lose everything I've worked for, again.
So I'm looking for a painless ofr very quick way to kill myself.
I think about to jump in front of a moving train, would I feel much?

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ProleGirl 17/05/13(Sat)02:30 No. 5405 ID: 2a32f8

If you get it right, probably not.
I sincerely hope you explore all other options before ending your life, though.

Eeyore 17/05/13(Sat)11:46 No. 5406 ID: 750857

I already did, tried several times to get everything together.
I'm 29 now and this life just isn't meant for me.

Eeyore 17/05/18(Thu)02:34 No. 5409 ID: cfee17

That's an exceptionally good question. It would depend on the mixture ratio (actual air is only about 20% oxygen so even if it's 75% helium you still wouldn't die because helium is inert). But the short answer is: Amazon won't sell helium mixed with oxygen when it says it's pure helium, because that would be false advertising and illegal. If it says its pure helium and its from a reputable seller, then you can assume it is.

However, any inert pure gas will do the trick. If you can get helium, then nitrogen or argon will be just as effective. It's only carbon dioxide that produces a painful suffocating feeling, not the lack of oxygen. So long as you're breathing SOMETHING, it will be painless.

on the topic of "normies" Eeyore 17/05/01(Mon)07:04 No. 5390 ID: f266c0 [Reply]

File 149361506378.png - (108.69KB , 603x660 , Stencil Wojak.png )

>tfw you realize the social ladder is just a pretense for barbarism

Eeyore 17/05/16(Tue)08:58 No. 5408 ID: 9c4b9c

File 149491791870.jpg - (96.84KB , 423x408 , A02489-large1.jpg )

fuck em

Ariel 17/02/27(Mon)01:06 No. 5323 ID: 7d8cf4 [Reply]

File 148815398169.jpg - (146.31KB , 1920x1080 , maxresdefault (6).jpg )

When I feel down I listen to really angry music:

college tips online education programs 17/05/02(Tue)08:24 No. 5395 ID: a00996

Have you ever thought about including a little bit more than just your articles? I mean, what you say is valuable and everything. But think of if you added some great graphics or videos to give your posts more, "pop"! Your content is excellent but with pics and video clips, this site could definitely be one of the very best in its field. Great blog!

Eeyore 17/05/02(Tue)02:35 No. 5391 ID: f1d3df [Reply]

File 149368533654.jpg - (179.29KB , 1069x540 , ddd.jpg )

It's all going downhill.
The only thing constant with every passing miserable day is that yesterday was better. Even memories hurt. I don't want anything. I just wait.
It will inevitably get unbearable someday.
That will be the day of my freedom.

I just wait.

Is there anyone who waits with me?

Eeyore 17/05/02(Tue)03:10 No. 5393 ID: 0c2267

yes, i wait with you, friend.

a young witch once told me "do not dread death, do not run away from it. it will always catch you. do not run towards death with open arms. it will catch up to you in its own time. just be at peace, and you and death will meet in time."

so for now, be at peace, friend.
everything will be okay, if not now, then later. one day, everything really will be okay.

so be at peace, and rest at ease, friend.

Eeyore 17/05/02(Tue)07:47 No. 5394 ID: f1d3df

I try to be at peace. But this world really pushes me.
I see me fade a little more each day.
One day I will know absolute peace.

I wait for that day with you.

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