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Cake Torrents Anonymous 10/08/18(Wed)09:42 No. 26274 ID: 8919b4 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 128211736096.png - (216.33KB , 400x300 , 126372220737.png )

More info: http://pant.su/index.php/2010/02/batch-torrent-v4/
>this is almost a comprehensive pant.su archive.

Alternative links:

11.3gb doujin torrent
Password: sd-lolicondoijins

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Erusukettano 16/09/03(Sat)20:32 No. 59399 ID: 5c1e84

[Senke Kagero] Plum Series.rar has a password in the 137GB torrent. Anyone have the pass? The pass in the original post doesn't work for that rar.

Rules and Regulations Anonymous ## Mod ## 11/04/16(Sat)11:56 No. 32149 ID: 3e3c00 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 13029477868.jpg - (1.14MB , 1754x2480 , 582cd72f49aff54bddf590379e2657eb.jpg )

Welcome to /cake/, 7chan's board for drawn lolicon material.
The rules are as follows:

  • The definition of "drawn" is obvious. Drawn does not mean 3D "art", and posting such material will result in deletion and a temporary ban.
  • This board is not for the discussion of real life lolicon experiences. All threads relating to such content are subject to deletion and a ban.
  • Cartoons and photorealistic images will be deleted on sight. Offenders will be banned.
  • A character's canon age is irrelevant on this board. Should a character appear to be a loli, for all intents and purposes, they are.
  • This board is for porn, not for in-depth discussion of the subject matter of said porn. Repeat offenders will be banned and their threads deleted.
  • Posting a request thread without at least three related pictures is a bannable offense.
  • Toddlercon is NOT permitted. Any such posts are subject to deletion. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  • Remember that the global rules and FAQ still apply here, just like on every 7chan board.

Massive Cake by the Slice Cum Covered Cake 12/03/09(Fri)09:09 No. 37325 ID: 2acf37 [Reply] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 133128054853.jpg - (93.30KB , 960x1200 , 0b187e52b08ebef833ea033b15a13947e971e4e8.jpg )

yarg who wants my cake

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Anonymous 17/02/05(Sun)21:12 No. 61757 ID: f2524d


filesharing thread Anonymous 11/10/02(Sun)07:13 No. 35600 ID: a7a630 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts] Stickied

File 131753243036.gif - (387.15KB , 160x160 , 129115231418.gif )

Shove fileserve, medifire, rapidshits etc into this thread.

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Anonymous 16/01/13(Wed)12:39 No. 58372 ID: 45b655

Reupload, or maybe tell me the names of the two shown(and maybe whete can i find them)????

Sauce please! Anonymous 17/02/09(Thu)06:46 No. 61762 ID: 021be3 [Reply]

File 148661920443.jpg - (116.20KB , 666x1000 , 1698131_Hatebit_Star_Butterfly_Star_vs_the_Forces_.jpg )

Hello, /cake/
I was wondering if you could help me locating an image. Is a black and white, lines only drawing about a girl who is collared and naked in the middle of the street (except for her shoes and socks) and tied to a post. She is greedily looking at another girl in front of her who is enjoying herself completely naked on all fours, gagged and tied to a pleasuring machine on the floor, next to other similar but empty stations. The first girl is thinking something like "I wish mom would just pay the ten damned cents when she goes shoppig". In the background, we can see a third girl being walked on a leash naked except for her shoes.
I cannot remember the name of the artist but it's non-asian. I found the image in a collective website that had works from many other artists and many other styles. But I can't find that site either.
Pics somewhat related in terms of style and content.

Anonymous 17/02/09(Thu)06:48 No. 61763 ID: 021be3

Here are the rest.

Anonymous 17/02/09(Thu)09:06 No. 61764 ID: fcfbc4

Don't know what you're talking about but would like to see it myself.
With that said the other artwork you've got is Bosshi/askray and another whose name escapes me.
The dick carousel is machete01

Anonymous 17/02/26(Sun)17:48 No. 61843 ID: 485052

File 148812770688.gif - (65.97KB , 800x756 , 3488780_1235234631947.gif )

OP here. I've found it!

Raziel 17/02/24(Fri)02:23 No. 61838 ID: 23285d [Reply]

File 148789942091.jpg - (335.17KB , 1365x1024 , 3652.jpg )

loli vs older family member Anonymous 16/11/25(Fri)03:17 No. 61257 ID: d1b5b0 [Reply]

File 148004026712.jpg - (305.94KB , 938x814 , dfxzgcjfgyt.jpg )

loli vs older family member

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Anonymous 16/12/04(Sun)15:51 No. 61403 ID: c2052c

File 148086309046.jpg - (70.20KB , 831x1024 , news7-logo.jpg )

Tonight on News 7: MOAR

Anonymous 17/01/20(Fri)08:35 No. 61697 ID: 7970e8


First and third images of post #61258 and second image of post #61259, I'm wondering where are these from, is there anymore, and are they available uncensored?

Anonymous 17/02/25(Sat)21:31 No. 61840 ID: 3f0552

Is there a source for post 61257?

Raziel 17/02/24(Fri)02:19 No. 61837 ID: 23285d [Reply]

File 148789916624.jpg - (157.76KB , 811x1081 , --Loli-hentai-2191194.jpg )

Collection dump. Anonymous 16/11/18(Fri)20:56 No. 59773 ID: fea963 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 147949899366.png - (222.97KB , 600x848 , 0c5555b1fcfaca5ef8315cb86295d438.png )

ITT we just unload what we have and hope somebody gives us something new.

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Anonymous 16/11/30(Wed)11:53 No. 61387 ID: 3d1aac

File 148050323932.jpg - (437.45KB , 850x1161 , sample_9105cbbfea210a7baa1f4545ac77e94b.jpg )

Icas Zales 16/12/03(Sat)17:00 No. 61398 ID: ccaecf

File 148078083933.jpg - (404.39KB , 881x1200 , ddf69626bf3aba96a912112949d5894d.jpg )


Nobody666 17/02/20(Mon)21:17 No. 61810 ID: c0d0fc

Pretty sure that stuff's not allowed here. Try a different corner of the Internet... or have fun in jail when the cops suddenly show up. :P

Legal Lolis Anonymous 17/01/06(Fri)07:55 No. 61668 ID: 4f42c6 [Reply]

File 148368572089.jpg - (133.62KB , 1233x1006 , 1721597 - Disgaea Etna.jpg )

Characters that look younger than they actually are

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Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)11:26 No. 61831 ID: 442020

File 148784556926.jpg - (1.02MB , 1800x2097 , 1913210 - Adventure_Time Bishop_(artist) Marceline.jpg )

Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)11:30 No. 61832 ID: 442020

File 148784584612.png - (1.17MB , 1651x2796 , 1932431 - Adventure_Time Princess_Bubblegum hoshim.png )

Anonymous 17/02/23(Thu)11:42 No. 61833 ID: 442020

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