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John Smith 16/12/16(Fri)07:15 No. 45767 [Reply]

File 148186892368.jpg - (23.88KB , 1024x1024 , 17324554326.jpg )

Dear John,

After I wake up, I drink seven hundred and fifty milliliters of water. I then take care of oral hygiene, vacate my bladder and continue onto a shower. Afterwards I eat one bowl of oatmeal, two apples, and a have cup of coffee. I do this every morning.

I'm curious of your routines, John. What do they consist of, and when do they occur?

John Smith

John Smith 16/12/16(Fri)15:40 No. 45768

I usually wake up and sit on the toilet with the shower running while the coffee brews. I'll then fill a mug and sip my coffee while listening to music or watching something on youtube.

In time, I'll pick up whatever trash is around and maybe do a load of laundry (I might do laundry twice or thrice a week) then head for a shower if I didn't take one the night before. After some more music and another cup or two of coffee, I'm off to work.

John Smith 16/12/17(Sat)01:51 No. 45772

I wake up at 5 am, take a cold shower, meditate for 10 minutes to clear my mind, drink a lot of water, and sometimes I eat and sometimes I don't, depending on the demands of the rest of the day. Then I take a dump if I couldn't do so before my shower. After that I play with my dog and feed her. At 6:30 I hit the streets and go to work. I take a lot of time on this early morning routine as you can see, but I can't start my day otherwise. I sometimes read the news on the internet, some others I do some exercise, some others I just the previously stated stuff.

John Smith 16/12/16(Fri)21:37 No. 45770 [Reply]

File 148192064542.jpg - (6.56KB , 200x200 , 148125858864s.jpg )

Hello John, it snowed today.

>Pic unrelated

(User was banned for this post.)

John Smith 16/12/17(Sat)01:43 No. 45771

Hello John. It didn't in here.

Who are you quoting?

John Smith 16/08/24(Wed)22:13 No. 45559 [Reply]

File 147206961827.jpg - (16.00KB , 489x500 , seven.jpg )

I'm an American but I put a line through my sevens. What a delicious waste of ink.

What do you do when you want to feel wicked John?

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John Smith 16/11/29(Tue)04:17 No. 45749

Howdy John, I always appreciate putting a good line under my "1" as well as the little lip that's on the top. I feel like it really distinguishes that it is a "1" rather than a lower-case "L" or the letter "I".

Sincerely, John Smith

John Smith 16/11/29(Tue)23:13 No. 45752

Dear John,

How utterly ruthless of you, I really appreciate adding an extra slash of ink through my sevens as well.



John Smith 16/12/16(Fri)16:17 No. 45769

File 148190146549.jpg - (13.43KB , 514x913 , deposit.jpg )

I don't put a line through all my zeros but when I filled out deposit slips and sales/labor tracking sheets at my old job, I would always write a zero with a line through it, as pictured, to signify "nothing" as it saved me another pen stroke despite my taking a second to admire it.

John Smith 16/10/16(Sun)07:44 No. 45673 [Reply]

File 14765966409.jpg - (76.90KB , 600x434 , John come in.jpg )


You have always been a moderately productive member of society and have an average track record. How do you do it John? What's your secret?

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John Smith 16/10/28(Fri)05:20 No. 45690

My secret John, if there's one, is a mix of absolute lack of any passion for what I do, absence of any goals other than remaining in my current way of living, and incredible talent for following the established rules and procedures.

John Smith 16/11/25(Fri)06:12 No. 45738


My secret is that I have no secrets. I am a book sitting on a shelf that is both easily seen and easily accessible. Being an open book just seems wasteful. We can always afford to put things back where they found them.

I also try to remember that if it was not me doing it, they could probably get someone else to do it, so I may as well do it and not bother anyone else about it unless I need to or do not feel like doing it. It is always alright to just do enough to get by.

Yours Truly,

John Smith 16/12/16(Fri)06:58 No. 45766


Every day I simply say to myself "get on with it" and that is exactly what I do. I get on with my day and the tasks associated within the 24 hour time period. That is all.

John Smith 16/11/27(Sun)06:29 No. 45742 [Reply]

File 148022457084.jpg - (2.25MB , 1920x1080 , 1479774338342.jpg )

What are you doing Satuday night, John?

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John Smith 16/12/05(Mon)05:59 No. 45757

why was this so interesting and so sad at the same time

John Smith 16/12/08(Thu)07:58 No. 45759

I like your way of thinking, John. Very novel-esque.
We are all going to make it, John.

John Smith 16/12/16(Fri)01:15 No. 45765

Thank you for this detailed reply, John. I truly enjoyed reading it.

John Smith 16/02/18(Thu)16:45 No. 45182 [Reply]

File 145581034071.jpg - (0.98MB , 3741x2490 , Hannibal.jpg )

I'm always researching 3 kinds of things. One I'm open about (my master's thesis), the second I only share with people who are more intelligence, knowledgeable and/or wise than me (investigating and prosecuting market manipulation) and the third I only discuss online under pseudonyms (motivation and philanthropy). What do you think of my approach?

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John Smith 16/03/07(Mon)18:06 No. 45219

You're a commie.

John Smith 16/03/14(Mon)12:43 No. 45230

Today I learned...the university building supervisors name is Nick

John Smith 16/12/01(Thu)06:24 No. 45754


I do think that it is a bit risky to use a pseudonym.

People may get the wrong idea.

Yours Truly,

John Smith 16/11/12(Sat)01:47 No. 45720 [Reply]

File 147891165086.jpg - (158.22KB , 700x1022 , image.jpg )

Hi John,
I remember the busy schedules, where I always needed to be somewhere. Life, as we both knew it, went by trough the flashing lights of the city.
But we always had time to make an exception for a spontaneous lunch you and I.
Always time to eat at a place with an even more tight schedule.
Now, my life is ,,/eh/.
It feels like I traded the moonshine for the sunshine.
While I've always had the dream , ever since I was a young boy, to never experience one inch of moonlight again, I so miss the light in the city.

With time passing i find myself staring at the distant moon just to catch a little glint of how I used to be.
I never in my already twisted state of mind would have even thought to be addicted to the moonlight which I detested.
I guess you can call it a kind of a Stockholm-syndrome.
But I now know that I have been living in denial, I so long for the big claws, the hair and the thirst of blood of warm human blood.
As I linger on in this sunshine, all cut off from my senses, feeling like I'm /eh/ by too much golf. I miss my days as a werewolf!
I am so at peace of mind when I at last have come to my senses.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

John Smith 16/11/12(Sat)02:26 No. 45721

That's nice, John.

I wouldn't, thank you.


John Smith 16/11/29(Tue)16:04 No. 45751

My dear friend John, how unlucky for me.
I still feel that you might open up if I tell you about my recent encounter with moonlight.

As I presume, you might have heard about the so called super-moon, it was all over the written press.

While there is no doubt about me anticipating the moon I was on about my daily chores in the god forsaken heat of the November sun.
As my impatience grew stronger I knew I couldn't stay in town for the night. Like an unsatisfied child with attention deficit disorder I grabbed my car keys, left the chores half-done, muttered to my neighbors and started the engine.

While the car started, the radio turned on with a bittersweet screech of my favorite artist playing the electrically amplified guitar, as if the universe knew about my secret, as if the radio was singing to me.
"Highway to hell" blasted through the radio waves and in to my cells like a neurotransmitter.
With the sun beginning to set, I had already passed through several various towns.

As I passed through a community I was always struck by the tragedies of men and how life always seemed to be too short.
I could often see it oh so clearly and vividly , even though the moment only lasted for as long as a heartbeat, it felt like a lifetime watching those twitching tear-filled eyes become still.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

John Smith 16/07/25(Mon)01:22 No. 45500 [Reply]

File 14694025224.jpg - (32.25KB , 604x452 , gondola_gondemblades.jpg )

The days get slower as I get older John.
Is it the same for you?

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John Smith 16/11/20(Sun)03:43 No. 45731

I remember reading a post somewhere (I was sure it was in this very thread but I guess not), in which John was saying he had a fear of passage of time and that he'd wake up every morning with his heart racing because he feels that he's losing time.

i'd like to have a similar sense of urgency.

John Smith 16/11/27(Sun)08:16 No. 45745

Its not a very nice feeling John, after some time you get up and go to work and every day it feels like you have done nothing. Nothing worth living for, but then you want to try keeping busy or finding some sort of hobby and you never get to it.

John Smith 16/11/28(Mon)00:20 No. 45748

They get faster for me, John.
And it feels strange to think that I have been idle for so many years.

John Smith 16/11/05(Sat)08:40 No. 45708 [Reply]

File 14783316113.jpg - (81.16KB , 426x655 , gerolsteiner750mLTripletMedium.jpg )

Hello John, what's your favorite eh beverage? Mine would have to be mineral water.


4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
John Smith 16/11/16(Wed)23:34 No. 45726

Dear John, it's wonderful to see the amount of variety and discrepancy people can exhibit when it comes to tastes. I can't even begin to understand those who drink cold water or put ice in it. When I buy my mineral water, I ask for one from the deposit so it's been kept outside the fridge. I even drink water from taps in public conveniences using my bare hand to carry the liquid to my mouth when I have to, and am often caught in the middle of this very disgraceful maneuver, all in order to have it natural. Being myself a physician you can imagine how harmful and ignominious it gets performing such tricks in the toilets of public hospitals and clinics and being seen doing so by colleges and patients, but heck, that's how I like my water.

Yours truly.

John Smith 16/11/25(Fri)05:52 No. 45736


You know, lately, I have been taking my bottle of water with me on my walking route for work, and the water gets pretty cold by the end of a shift because it gets so cold outside after sunset. It is really worth it to wait those several hours to drink my water while it cools down. No worries about ice.

Yours Truly,

John Smith 16/11/25(Fri)20:01 No. 45740

File 148010051363.jpg - (2.66MB , 2400x2400 , prod_ec_1688970302.jpg )

These 3 liter bottles are easy to drink out of and relatively economical, but they have a quality enough plastic that I can leave them in the car without the bottle degrading and the water tasting all plasticky. They're useful for long commutes and longer travels.

If you go looking for these in your part of the country, be warned that the exact brand may vary, as Nestlé owns all sorts of brands of water, so they might try to sell you something more local.

John Smith 16/11/12(Sat)00:24 No. 45717 [Reply]

File 147890666080.gif - (3.66KB , 491x547 , cancer.gif )

#Out With the Old by N3X15 - 10/29/16 @ 08:46 AM CEST
7Chan was originally formed as a counter-statement to 4chan. We had grown tired of the shitty memes, administrative injustices, and other issues. So, after creating the site, we added rules - written and otherwise - that would help us enforce our own culture and keep 4chan shittiness out.
Nearly a decade later, and the world has changed. Even complete newbies who find us from Google are familiar with the culture 4chan has spread to the Internet at large, and many of the memes they have perpetuated have become common parlance.
We now acknowledge this change and, after a unanimous Administrative Council vote (including Saz), we are no longer enforcing bans on greentext, image macros, and many of the other unwritten rules. I am currently going through the ban list and removing the bans made under these rules. If you were banned for the unwritten culture rules, please contact us in IRC (irc.7chan.org #appeals - highlight an op and be prepared to give us your IP address).

<Sazpaimon_> we lost this battle, and im okay with that
#.-- .- .-. -. .. -. --. by ponbiki - 10/02/15 @ 07:30 AM CEST
--... -.-. .... .- -. / .... .- ... / -... . . -. / -.-. --- -- .--. .-. --- -- .. ... . -.. / -... -.-- / --- ..- - ... .. -.. . / .- --. . -. - ... / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / -... . .. -. --. / -- --- -. .. - --- .-. . -.. / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / -... . .. -. --. / .-- .- - -.-. .... . -.. / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / -... . .. -. --. / - .-. --- .-.. .-.. . -..

P.s. Your music is shitty.

John Smith 16/11/12(Sat)00:25 No. 45718

I meant to type that that shit is morse I am pretty sure. I also meant to not copy the top thing.

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