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derp 14/08/20(Wed)05:30 No. 729385 [Reply]

File 140850542971.jpg - (376.77KB , 1944x2592 , 12.jpg )

Would you guys band this girl, I have a chance to airwolf her for an hour for 150 bucks.

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h 14/08/21(Thu)21:30 No. 729533

File 140864943231.jpg - (83.00KB , 392x475 , Mon_Calamari_by_Chris_Scalf.jpg )

it's a TRAP!

Spider Expert 14/08/21(Thu)23:41 No. 729548

File 140865729170.jpg - (141.31KB , 534x800 , Ethan.jpg )

What are you doing, son? You don't pay for pussy, especially pussy of that caliber. You can go get some of that for the price of a few drinks.
Pic related: It's me after I get some free pussy

Spiderman 14/08/21(Thu)23:49 No. 729549

First, you don't pay for sex, second, you shouldn't mate with whales.

He-Man 14/08/19(Tue)04:29 No. 729281 [Reply]

File 140841537126.jpg - (69.58KB , 720x960 , 537459_520030971351126_668332717_n.jpg )

Alright /b/, this is a friends sister who'd I'd like to airwolf like an animal, what would be the best way in seducing or otherwise to her?

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poe 14/08/21(Thu)21:53 No. 729543

Show her your penis. Bitches love penises.

Brony 14/08/21(Thu)22:23 No. 729545

Ask her "how bout som buttsecks"

Nyan Cat 14/08/21(Thu)23:24 No. 729547

Don't bother trying.

Here is the thing, you are asking 7chan for advice. Rather than just doing it, or asking some close friends about it, you are asking people who spend their Saturday nights fapping to drawn porn where imaginary people turn into sexdolls. You are asking people whose biggest quandry in life is if they can get a pdf of a D&D book. The busiest threads on here are people wanting more pics of a crossdresser's ass. There is not a single person here that is going to help you get laid.

And you come -here- for advice. Take a look at yourself. You don't have a chance. You are going to try and get shot down like a bright orange plane in the blue sky. Save yourself from the embarrassment and don't try. Just fap to whatever fantasies you have.

In all seriousness though, this thread has some of the best responses.

derp 14/08/19(Tue)07:16 No. 729297 [Reply]

File 140842540724.png - (899.33KB , 1280x720 , Archer_partying.png )

Let's bring this shit dead site back to life. If you see this thread, I want you to post in it. It doesn't matter if you have nothing of value to contribute, after all I sure as hell don't, but post anyway!

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Sazpaimon 14/08/21(Thu)12:59 No. 729504

File 140861877740.png - (44.30KB , 637x384 , 0com.png )

i mad dis one

Reimu Hakurei 14/08/21(Thu)19:58 No. 729527

File 140864388941.gif - (866.20KB , 300x168 , 1400623359438.gif )


Christian Weston Chandler 14/08/21(Thu)22:47 No. 729546

File 140865403995.jpg - (18.65KB , 230x270 , 8f58edad3187ef8f75a9b84ec930ca27.jpg )


Bill 14/08/20(Wed)04:12 No. 729374 [Reply]

File 140850075859.jpg - (31.33KB , 642x413 , tumblr_m28jmrjk2R1r9fsvp.jpg )

I've always behaved completely different on the internet, in real life I am:

-Laid Back, I barely go angry, I'm quiet and never insult others or let others insult me, I don't smile a lot but most of the time I'm happy.

On the internet I am:

-A huge dick, I insult whenever I can, and let insults slip, I tend to correct people in a very douche way.

Before anyone asks, no I'm not repressing anything, I'm actually being a douchebag on the internet to be cool IRL.

How about you airwolfers.

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Moot 14/08/21(Thu)00:22 No. 729450

Same here opie. IRL I couldn't possibly give less of a airwolf about anything if I had all the antiairwolfs in the universe and no pockets to carry them around in.

On the innertubes, I'm trying to figure out just how stuffed a persons NSA file can get before they bring the choppers and the marines in. I regularly call for all the worst things in the world to happen at once and destroy civilization and the entire human race. It's fun.

derp 14/08/21(Thu)02:44 No. 729468

Protip for anyone copying this dude (whom I'm sure already knows this shit if he's going for the high score when it comes to government baiting): you'll get on more lists inf you can pretend to be Muslim. Instead of just saying "civilization should collapse and humanity ought to be destroyed" try saying "civilization should collapse and humanity ought to be destroyed, insha'llah."

He-Man 14/08/21(Thu)22:08 No. 729544

File 140865173194.jpg - (18.46KB , 193x262 , AckbarStanding.jpg )


Allahu Ackbar

Spiderman 14/08/04(Mon)18:52 No. 728529 [Reply]

File 140717115822.jpg - (2.00MB , 1857x2785 , Crassula_capitella_2.jpg )

post some nice plants, why the bloody hell not

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p4ch3c0 14/08/09(Sat)00:41 No. 728764

File 140753766295.jpg - (36.70KB , 300x300 , blueberry-gum-marijuana-strain-3-300x300.jpg )

"Blueberry" Marijuana strain. Aside from being high in both THC and CBD (CBD dominant), it's quite an attractive plant.

Mudkip 14/08/19(Tue)22:19 No. 729342

File 140847958029.png - (215.29KB , 500x310 , tumblr_n5s7c9tpZU1qjm58eo1_500.png )

Optimus Prime 14/08/21(Thu)21:31 No. 729535

File 140864951775.gif - (856.76KB , 500x278 , tumblr_mu9u3x4Pyi1qzt7d8o1_500.gif )


Sazpaimon 14/08/20(Wed)07:36 No. 729412 [Reply]

File 140851299372.jpg - (39.56KB , 425x425 , why.jpg )

I've done a bit of thinking guys. I get all the arguments for and against why fapping to traps/trannies is or is not gay. To begin with, I don't bother with labels of homosexual, bisexual, straight, etc. As far as Im conserned, there are men and women, and some like exclusively the same sex, others the opposite exclusively, and there are tons of people in between. But Im facing a crisis guys. The thing is, I need and want my life to be simple. I want to just be happy with one direction and be done with it. I generally roll with women and what looks like women. I was fapping to drawn traps a short time ago, which I guess some would say is pretty gay. Now, Im a theist of sorts, but nonreligious. However, I have principles.

Id never touch a guy or kid in real life (what some drawn traps supposedly are), and I am uncomfortable with real life trannies and cross dressers. Actual pedophila and obviously small shota/loli makes me uncomfortable even if I fap to drawn traps.

Can somebody come up with a compelling argument from a nonreligious perspective for why I should kick my gay tendencies as I feel I should?

8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
r000t 14/08/21(Thu)00:16 No. 729449

Jesus christ OP. Arguments? A whole paragraph of dithering on what you like to whack off to and what you think other people think of it? wtf is wrong with you?

Whack off to videos, images, photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, or your own imagination. If you like it, then hooray for having an orgasm and keeping your pipes clean and the cancer off your prostate.

Now get on with your day and do something productive worth talking about and quit your blithering.

Spiderman 14/08/21(Thu)05:11 No. 729483

everybody seems wordy, so i'll give you a solid bulleted list.

-if you aren't already, you'll be ostracized from society and most likely your family.

-you'll never have the option of having a normal family with your own children.


-the vast majority of homosexuals/traps are depressed and/or have other behavioral/psychological problems.

-you'll most certainly be discriminated against(nobody ever didn't want to be friends/hire/speak to someone because they were straight)

tee 14/08/21(Thu)06:04 No. 729485

Spoken like a developmentally stunted narrow-minded follower. You must still be a schoolchild.

OP, don't be a airwolfing delicate social butterfly like this adolescent, possessed with what some miserable shitheads will think of you. Realize earlier, not later, that they're shitheads, and you don't need the approval of shitheads to enjoy your life. In fact, the less you have to do with those kind of people, the better. Let them all know you like traps, and they'll do you the favor of letting you know they're shitheads, and removing themselves from your life. You'll be better off with less self-appointed authorities on your personal life shoving their airwolfing judgements down your throat.

Spiderman 14/08/21(Thu)04:16 No. 729474 [Reply]

File 140858739529.jpg - (38.84KB , 291x360 , starting point.jpg )

Anyone know how I can obtain a digital copy?

1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
Reimu Hakurei 14/08/21(Thu)07:49 No. 729496

http://bib.tiera.ru/ might have it, but they're down until autumn.
http://gen.lib.rus.ec is pretty good too, but they don't seem to have it.
If that's a manga you could try the specialized sites. http://bakabt.me/ is the only one I know, but the faggots removed my account for a year of inactivity so I can't look it up for you.

symbion 14/08/21(Thu)14:11 No. 729511

You know we have a board for this? /lit/ is that way ^.

Also, t3hparadox might have it or know where to find it.

derp 14/08/21(Thu)19:10 No. 729526

just use site:bakabt.me after your search terms in google man, I've never had an account

He-Man 14/07/22(Tue)14:46 No. 727708 [Reply]

File 140603317398.jpg - (303.06KB , 1920x1280 , niggerbergensis.jpg )

Jesus airwolfing Christ. Look at the shape of that man's skull and jaw.

There's no way that's a fully modern human, it would be fairer to class it as an advanced form of Heidelbergensis.

25 posts and 11 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Miku Fanboy 14/08/06(Wed)03:27 No. 728617

this just looks airwolfing crazy

OP 14/08/21(Thu)13:21 No. 729506

Why do you go out of your way to research this stuff?

I can't really imagine someone browsing an Anonymous image board going out and preaching on the street...
Nobody was ever arguing with you.

So what use is it?
I'm genuinely interested.

He was making a joke...

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 14/08/21(Thu)13:38 No. 729507

The only blacks with big dicks got it from being bred with Europeans.

4chan user 14/08/16(Sat)23:00 No. 729133 [Reply]

File 140822284291.jpg - (46.99KB , 851x315 , nnn.jpg )

How old is too old :Anime & Manga fans.

I'm 21 , I still watch them ,I would rather watch anime instead of movies. People don't realize how much work goes in to create a master piece like this.

Today i was watching "Fate/zero" on tv , someone i know gave me the "TALK",Saying i'm too old for this.

I spend approx 2-3 hours on anime/manga related stuff everyday.

what do you guys think.

P.S, I'm an animator and worked as a web-designer once,Anime is one of the reasons i even got into this field.

23 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Novice Equestrian 14/08/20(Wed)01:27 No. 729360

My wife is 30 and she watches anime every day. I am even older and I read manga with great pleasure. There is no such thing as too old, but there can be such thing as too much.

Bob Ross 14/08/20(Wed)04:21 No. 729375

>It's not a problem just with anime, however. Any fanbase can be terrible. Furries are the classic example

Of course. I don't just walk around all day going "DAMN I HATE DRAWN THINGS! airwolf that anime SHIT!@!1" It's otherwise off my mind until some duchebag starts showing off their figurines and manga books and talking about anime shows, etc. after they know you don't like it.

I, personally, don't care about anime at all. I don't like it so it's just like whatever. It is the fanbase that actually makes it annoying.

Steve 14/08/21(Thu)13:00 No. 729505

Never, it's a storytelling medium... Just say that.

With this thought that person either hates animation or stories

[tags4lyf]PEARS 14/08/18(Mon)23:54 No. 729270 [Reply]

File 140839888927.png - (211.27KB , 1024x597 , hakase_with_ponytail_by_leeh_chan-d3i83k7.png )

how can i quit internet porn for good?

11 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
herp 14/08/20(Wed)03:45 No. 729373

Well if you are just trying to quit porn that's not quite as hard as quitting masturbation. Masturbating without porn is easy enough, just delete all your shit and masturbate in bed or whatever.

h 14/08/20(Wed)05:18 No. 729383

File 140850473239.gif - (841.18KB , 500x281 , 1406748735410.gif )

If the man could not satisfy the woman, it was probably because he either did not masturbate often enough or did not even try to please her(as in no foreplay, no idea where the clitoris is, no consideration whatsoever) or she is just like that. Supposedly some women are not actually capable of climax.

Masturbation is like training for sex. When I have not masturbated in a while, I inevitably ejaculate prematurely. When I have been masturbating three or more times a day, practicing pacing, maintaining an erection after ejaculating, climaxing multiple times in a small span of time etcetera, I do very well with my girlfriend. This is especially vital since we only see each-other on weekends, and even then, often do not have the privacy needed. No one improves with something by refraining from doing so.

Also masturbation and thinking about sex is healthy because unless a person does these things, they end up inevitably in bed with someone, too shocked and disgusted by all the fluids and holes and whatnot to make it anything but awkward. That is why I think this lingering concept of "purity" is pretty anachronistic and unhealthy for the kind of world we live in now. I think it is more influenced by fiction than realism.

OP 14/08/21(Thu)10:47 No. 729503

nobody can, enjoy your internet porn

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