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Fuck me! There's a new /777/! herp ## Admin ## 14/12/19(Fri)22:39 No. 735951 [Reply] Locked Stickied

File 141902514745.jpg - (48.83KB , 500x364 , My posts are bad and i should feel bad.jpg )

There's a new /777/ up, it's /selfhelp/ - You're Pathetic, We're Pathetic, We Can Do This! Check it out. Suggest new /777/s here.

zeneslev 15/06/30(Tue)17:35 No. 742368 [Reply]

File 143567852982.jpg - (1.51MB , 2368x4224 , IMAG1260.jpg )

please please rate!feeling insecure should i have a boobjob?28yo...

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Closet Furry 15/07/01(Wed)17:50 No. 742419

Will post pics off ass if you rate tits first

Sazpaimon 15/07/01(Wed)20:12 No. 742422

I'm the guy who doesn't do ratings. Tits look fine, I'm not going to assign some arbitrary number to them.

Homicide 15/07/01(Wed)23:51 No. 742427


W. T. Snacks 15/06/30(Tue)08:37 No. 742358 [Reply]

File 143564623992.gif - (275.64KB , 497x280 , rainbowpuke.gif )

I don't watch the news, ever. Not very interested in checking posts, updates, or emails either.

I didn't know about the supreme court decision until after people started overlaying their pictures with rainbows, which a friend showed me without explaining why people were doing it.

I seriously thought it was some kind of mass strawberrification phenomenon.

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Christian Weston Chandler 15/07/01(Wed)03:28 No. 742396

This issue is gay. That is sufficient reason to avoid it.

Nyan Cat 15/07/01(Wed)04:35 No. 742399

File 143571815064.jpg - (66.79KB , 1074x520 , aids benefit.jpg )

they would benefit from the aids

PrettyPony 15/07/01(Wed)21:32 No. 742426

everythings made up. including reality.

Nyan Cat 15/06/29(Mon)17:32 No. 742333 [Reply]

File 143559197147.gif - (1.82MB , 320x240 , df2.gif )

ever toss someones salad?

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Closet Furry 15/06/30(Tue)18:59 No. 742375

You sir, are the salad southpaw smartass. Own it.

Bill 15/07/01(Wed)04:21 No. 742398

File 143571726423.jpg - (97.27KB , 444x750 , venom.jpg )

i would poz that little tart with my deadly airwolf stick

Cryomancer 15/07/01(Wed)19:20 No. 742421

yeah. had thought of and wanted it for a bit. happened at a peak of horniness. she was lying below me while we made and and felt each other up. then i flipped her over, pulled up her hips, and just jumped in, fingers in her vagina and tongue on and in her asshole. pretty fun. knew beforehand that the timing would work out. personally i like girls to be at least somewhat freshly cleaned and whatnot. in this instance, pretty shortly after a shower, so it made the whole affair pretty pleasant.
would recommend. i'm an ass guy, so that adds to the appeal. easier to get a finger in there afterwards too. repeated once thus far. she doesn't stop me, even seems into it if i get her worked up beforehand. i think more than anything she just feels self conscious about it. but hey i don't blame her, i don't want her seeing my own asshole. thing's disgusting. hair and colors unlike my asscheeks.
anyway, do it, get in there

Reimu Hakurei 15/06/12(Fri)05:21 No. 741590 [Reply]

File 143407930013.jpg - (346.92KB , 1152x648 , voting for what.jpg )


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Moot 15/06/13(Sat)03:25 No. 741610

File 14341587308.jpg - (198.78KB , 1600x1094 , Lot and his daughters.jpg )

Because it feels airwolfing great to be airwolfed up the ass.

Also, old testament is so last millennium. A lot less fire and brimstone and turning people into pillar of salts these days. Unfortunately, also a lot less incest. I mean Lot's daughters clearly wanted some of daddy's dick. I wouldn't mind if my daughters brought me some wine. If you know what I mean.

h 15/07/01(Wed)14:47 No. 742415

The dog in that picture is staring into my soul.

Spiderman 15/03/08(Sun)12:55 No. 738824 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Audio 07_-_It's_A_Beautiful_Day_(1976).mp3 - (2.37MB , 07 - It's A Beautiful Day (1976).mp3 )

What music do you guys like?

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zeneslev 15/06/29(Mon)18:34 No. 742334

Youtube - Toggle Video
Try Juno Reactor. I'm usually rock, metal, punk, but by some weird reason I really enjoy them.

Anonymous 15/07/01(Wed)01:09 No. 742385

Youtube - Toggle Video
oh yeah them, the texhnolyze intro is a modified version of their song around 1:16:00ish they sound pretty good

atomic and the embed, cambreadth - knights and dragons too, but then I like march unto death as well, I also like mozart, beethoven, bach, SS marschiert, not sure about brahms though

I used to go through AMV's a lot because it was a better bet for finding the songs that feel like motion in sound

also there's some really old stuff, when I first got into music there were only a few songs I had access to, I was so naive I got a backstreet boys CD because they were in all white and nice suits and the only other CD I had was a bond soundtrack because noone knew anything about what I liked, I guess my tastes have shifted ever since I knew what was out there but here's a few things from a long time ago, I remember watching the saturday night music video but there's some way older songs I've had too, the thing is they weren't exactly the tastes of the people that gave me the things at the time

(also turn! turn! turn! and mister tambourine man) I just noticed a lot of islamic songs are basically about revenge or something as a juxtaposition
sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band was also a CD I got

then there's the sort of 60's-70's american south style rockers
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

4chan user 15/07/01(Wed)10:25 No. 742414

Audio 7chantheme.mp3 - (4.05MB )

Only the classics

Lorf 15/06/27(Sat)11:38 No. 742222 [Reply]

File 143539788949.jpg - (83.07KB , 600x400 , Microsoft-Windows-XP-logo-bliss.jpg )

Does anyone miss Windows XP? Its interface, its graphics, its sounds... its everything. I feel feels.

27 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Steve 15/06/29(Mon)13:59 No. 742323

Lurk more.

He-Man 15/06/29(Mon)14:32 No. 742325

I like windows XP, I like windows 7, they're made for different era computers

personally I think people should take a step back and appreciate just how much can be done on inferior computers! I mean, granted their actual power was limited so there's a hard cap on many things, but consider all the things you take for granted today - they were at some point new and amazing

it's an interesting tribute to the power of proper design to make use of limited resources, one wonders what one could do with proper design with more resources

personally I look forwards to a revival golden age of quality, I've actually come up with a term qualityist, I don't want it to get hijacked by people trying to pawn off a shitty kickstarter campaign or something which by definition violates the concept

a qualityist movement would be about getting quality to be appreciated over the latest fads, one can appreciate quality and humour the latest fads and appreciate them too, but quality is "eternal", I don't think I need to explain why that's a good thing

Cryomancer 15/07/01(Wed)08:50 No. 742413


You ever wonder why it's free? There's a saying that goes with free services: "If it's free, you're the product." Right now in the Windows 10 test EULA there's a clause stating microsoft can monitor your keystrokes, words spoken into a microphone, even applications you run. Do you think that's going to go away with the official release? Probably not, it's just going to get buried under more legal jargon in the EULA. Windows has taken a cue from google, data mining is ridiculously lucrative.

Brony 15/07/01(Wed)06:09 No. 742401 [Reply]

File 143572376094.jpg - (153.33KB , 726x1018 , 083.jpg )

Timmy Turner airwolf Vicky: https://hec.su/2Av

Marisa Kirisame 15/07/01(Wed)03:22 No. 742395 [Reply]

File 143571377128.jpg - (21.67KB , 450x370 , sidey.jpg )

>dads genetics

[tags4lyf]PEARS 15/07/01(Wed)04:43 No. 742400

inb4 banned

Cryomancer 15/06/23(Tue)11:08 No. 742072 [Reply]

File 143505053823.jpg - (592.72KB , 1773x996 , sky_bright.jpg )

I think Google's AI is looking for the gods and that sort of bothers me.

N3X15 15/06/23(Tue)16:19 No. 742079

File 143506919761.jpg - (108.91KB , 782x441 , 43d4515bdd.jpg )

I really like the pictures!

O.P. 15/07/01(Wed)03:15 No. 742394

I agree. Post more.

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