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He-Man 14/10/31(Fri)13:42 No. 733976 [Reply]

File 141475935846.jpg - (83.73KB , 736x506 , ear gunk.jpg )

Is there anyway to cure an ear infection without medical help?

I've been having a harder and harder time hearing for the last few weeks, and tonight i noticed i couldn't hear shit out of my right ear.

So i stuck some stuff up in my ear and this is what came out.
Smells like rot/death. I literally can't even afford to step foot in a doctors office where i live, i'd be in debt for years

tee 14/10/31(Fri)16:14 No. 733977

Ear candles from your local health food store will relieve pressure. Instructions will be on the box. All of the below rememdies work quite well. But your's looks pretty festered. Don't go on any longer then a week without improvement before seeing a doctor because you could literally go deaf.


Miku Fanboy 14/10/31(Fri)16:15 No. 733978

File 14147685513.jpg - (14.14KB , 342x267 , ear-candles.jpg )

Calendula oil
Lemon essential oil
lavender and tea tree oil too apperently
mix it up with a base oil like coconut oil, don't put it directly into your ear.

Ear candles (pic related) work really well apperently for cleaning out ears, i never tried these things though so idk

zeneslev 14/10/31(Fri)18:12 No. 733980

ear candles are not medically approved so avoid them.

Do you have in some third world shit hole where they don't provide medical care?

Hydrogen peroxide mix with water can help clean out your ear canal.

you could buy OTC medication

Nyan Cat 14/10/31(Fri)04:28 No. 733948 [Reply]

File 141472610723.png - (546.83KB , 343x430 , Lanky_FB.png )


poe 14/10/31(Fri)07:52 No. 733960

File 141473834399.jpg - (285.44KB , 1600x1600 , arniold.jpg )


r000t 14/10/31(Fri)18:03 No. 733979

File 141477499148.jpg - (151.79KB , 580x872 , Hey Arnold.jpg )

Hey Arnold!

tee 14/10/29(Wed)02:27 No. 733791 [Reply]

File 141454607357.jpg - (153.82KB , 640x359 , US-Army.jpg )

So,/b/. I am planning on joining the United States Army and I just have some questions for any Military or ex-Military people.

1.What was it like?

2.How did it change you? Did it make you stronger? Did it cause desensitization? Did it make you more or less moral?

3.Would you reccomend it for me?

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Sonichu 14/10/31(Fri)09:58 No. 733968

Man, The vet's don't get real respect from their own goverment, trying to cut funds for vet's.
Happened in the government of Bush Jr.

Spider Expert 14/10/31(Fri)10:27 No. 733969

What real use is a foot solider?
Our SP and a bunch of dudes sitting in the desert hacking are the today's military.. enlisted men are just the mexicans

He-Man 14/10/31(Fri)12:10 No. 733974

Attack on Titan pun

p4ch3c0 14/10/27(Mon)10:57 No. 733693 [Reply]

File 141440387118.jpg - (23.93KB , 339x429 , hitler-tits.jpg )

Hi /b/. I'm getting old.

When I was a little shithead, I loved the web. I loved the untamed web of the '90s. I loved being a script kiddy, and poking around where I didn't belong. I loved the old chan, and I came here when it got rotten.

Most of all, I loved porn.

I've been away for years. I come back and poke around the old neighborhood, and what do I see? Neo-Reactionaries. The gigantic unholy fusion of: basement-dwellers who read "The Game" and want to brag on the internet about all the sex they're not having; inbred neo-nazi hicks; anal-retentive authority-worshipping closet cases who would make Wayland Smithers roll his eyes; mormon youth ministers; silicon valley douchebags...

And to top it off, who's their long-winded prophet? Curtis Goddamn Yavin. From the Cult of the Dead Cow.

He betrayed the spirit of the internet. You know I'm right.

I want people to stop taking this cancer seriously. Rule 34 on "Reactionaries." I'll take each one, print it, and mail wax-sealed scrolls to some upstanding monarchist douchebags.

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Christian Weston Chandler 14/10/31(Fri)10:31 No. 733970

bro i know.
All the alt-chans are airwolfing hilarious i see why shitchan got so big

Twincess Applesparkle Rainbowfly 14/10/31(Fri)11:22 No. 733972

It's amazing how you can be so wrong and so condescending at the same time. Let's take this point by point.

With regards to the DRNK, I had already anticipated your response and addressed it in my post. The DRNK has a centrally-planned economy with no private industry and all mainstream sources refer to it as communist. The only kinds of people who insist that the DRNK and the USSR and all of the other totalitarian communist shitholes throughout history "weren't/aren't really communist" are the anarcho-chomskybots that browse Revleft. They vainly and absurdly insist the word "communist" be reserved for the non-existing decentralized communal societies based on "participatory economics". And yet all mainstream political commentators and political scientists continue to use the word communist to refer to regimes like the USSR and the DRNK, the "No True Communist" fallacy notwithstanding.

After reciting the most wonted left-wing tripe, you then deliver this gem: "But then you turn around and suggest that Maoist China is the conservative haven we should all be striving for." I explicitly said "Post-Maoist" China. Are you so out of the loop that you're unaware that private industry has kind of been a big thing in China since Mao's death and Deng Xiaoping's reforms? At any rate, it should be noted that even at the height of Mao's power the state did not have as total control of the economy as either the DRNK or the USSR.

You then go on to assert that secular right-wing ideologies "don't exist anymore," which is patently absurd. Although some of the nationalist parties of Europe have a more favorable attitude towards religion than other parties, their underlying motivations are not religious in nature, but rather concerns about the effects of mass immigration on Europe.

And finally we come to the idea that Eisenhower would be considered a "crunchy hippy" today. This feeds into a larger narrative on the left that the post-war U.S. was some golden era of liberalism. But this is largely a fantasy. Look at defense spending, health care spending, and spending on pensions as a percentage of total federal spending during Eisenhower's years and compare them to today: http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/spending_chart_1950_2012USf_15s2li011mcn_30f10f00f
As you can plainly see, defense was once the largest item on the federal budget. But with the introduction of Medicare and Medicaid, increasing medical costs, and the increasing number of retirees, the welfare state has become the primary object of spending on the federal budget. Turning away from fiscal policy and focusing on socia Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

symbion 14/10/31(Fri)11:40 No. 733973

As dumb as I think >>733961 is and as dumb as I think you are for agreeing with him, this discussion has still been a thousand fold more thoughtful than anything posted on failchan's /b/. They're not more popular because they're better, they're more popular because they cater to the lowest common denominator, like KYM faggots and underageb&. See exhibit A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m8vlQSrVNk&t=1m25s

Miku Fanboy 14/10/28(Tue)03:53 No. 733716 [Reply]

File 141446479696.png - (341.75KB , 452x402 , 1414036520971.png )


what are some fun things to do

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He-Man 14/10/31(Fri)08:36 No. 733962

You're assuming posters are the same person, SOUNDS LIKE DRUG INDUCED PARANOIA AMIRITE???

The jew that invented ADHD admitted it was a con to sell kids drugs on his deathbed. Read up on your medications and learn which ones are effective for curing or helping a user progress towards normal function, not just a lifelong therapy (hint: all of them require you to be medicated for life).

Go talk to some people outside of an imageboard, they're not that scary.

Steve 14/10/31(Fri)09:03 No. 733964

I like feeling good.

Mudkip 14/10/31(Fri)10:36 No. 733971

>hyper kids
>give them meth
I love america

Bill 14/10/30(Thu)16:32 No. 733905 [Reply]

File 141468315962.jpg - (122.47KB , 1280x853 , mongol_9.jpg )

Sup all
What do you think about the Mongols
what happened to them after Genghis Khan?

8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Moot 14/10/30(Thu)22:36 No. 733933


If I recall correctly russia pretty much wiped their history from them to the point of baning them from using their clans name/last name or something.

h 14/10/30(Thu)22:59 No. 733934

Mostly communism...

Now a days they are fiercely religious based on a reemergence of their traditional culture mixed with Chinease and Russin spiritulism. It is an religion that has all the elements that North American New Age religions chase after and end up faking/airwolfing up.

r000t 14/10/31(Fri)09:02 No. 733963

Speaking of North America and the Mongols, it is very probable that Native Americans ended in the Americas after migrating over the Bering Strait. The idea was propagated, similar to the Arian race thought of the Germans in the 1930s and 40s, by Turkish nationalists, and was for a short time the national ideology of Turkey. However, it went out of favour ("coincidentally" during the time Turkey decided to remain neutral for WWII). Later research made in the field by Turkish ethnographists stated that although the Turks and the American Indians probably did share a common ancestor, this ancestor was very far away and very different from both of them. However, the cultural similarities, such as the 12-animal calendar, shamanic beliefs, similarities in language and customs, did remain.

An interesting parallel to draw would be Lysenkoism in the Soviet Union. Lysenko (now considered pseudoscientific) denied Mendelian inheritance and hybridization, but since he was a good agrarian policist and helped the Soviet Union get out of the Great Famine, his ideas became mainstream dogma and thus pushed evolutionary biology into the field of heresy in the Soviet Union (this was also caused by an ideological point in the Soviets that human beings were mostly the product of nurture, not nature. Rejection of inheritance would mean that human instincts such as greed, envy, etc. that were detrimental to Man under Socialism, would dissipate if Man was nurtured in a Socialist utopia).

You can see the effect political ideologies have on other fields such as the natural sciences and social studies. The result is often pseudoscience. The same can be said of religions as well.

Conductor Cat 14/10/28(Tue)11:59 No. 733745 [Reply]

File 141449396074.jpg - (887.77KB , 1000x728 , stolen_sun_by_poison_free-d4t8cxj.jpg )

What do you truly regret 7chan?

When i was 15, during passing period on a very rainy Friday i shoved my friend jokingly and he bumped into the nerdiest most awkward girl in our entire high school could only be described as a lanky buckteeth, under developed ect.

she fell into a puddle got all wet and dropped her weird army/navy surplus boot-camp cap witha buncha anime buttons and yelled "jerks!" and ran off.
She never picked up her hat. It was there when i left that day.
She never came back to school.

10 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cryomancer 14/10/30(Thu)13:45 No. 733898

I don't want to talk about it...

Anonymous 14/10/30(Thu)18:16 No. 733911

File 141468937859.jpg - (159.75KB , 1200x895 , DVvhClH.jpg )

I think you made the smart move being nervous, same thing happened with me but the lady was much kinder about it. I feel bad so I want to make it up to her someday and do it properly.

This is depressing, I bet she could have been your best friend and you could nurture your autism together. Look her up and say sorry, she might be mega hawt now, and into animu which is a bonus.

Closet Furry 14/10/31(Fri)07:48 No. 733958

what do you regret

zeneslev 14/10/30(Thu)19:36 No. 733917 [Reply]

File 141469421981.jpg - (921.13KB , 1999x1337 , lastchancetosee.jpg )

I've noticed something over the years. People individually are almost always pretty good and decent, even if they have bad ideas. It's when they get together in groups, they get thinking they're part of something bigger and more important than individuals, that goodness and decency goes out the window, and individuals start getting trampled in the shitparade. It happens on every scale, from a group of friends, to a work group, to entire companies, to entire militaries, to governments, to whole religions.

It builds skyscrapers and hospitals, at a cost of turning humanity into a meatgrinder.

I've decided, I'm not a fan.

Steve 14/10/30(Thu)20:15 No. 733925

File 141469654654.jpg - (15.08KB , 261x211 , 1411217770881-3.jpg )

Congrats, you've just figured out humans are flawed sheep. Do you want a cookie?

Nyan Cat 14/10/31(Fri)05:14 No. 733952

And it gets worse when people that never fit anywhere finally get into a group they feel accepted.

Most people do anything to feel part of something, which is pathetic, you are never part of anything, you are born alone and you die alone.

I've seen introverts go apeshit in parties where they feel comfortable, quiet and humble people talk shit about others when they have nothing else to say.

And when they form a group, they start being terrible everywhere whenever they are together, it's awful.

h 14/10/31(Fri)06:16 No. 733955

It seems like sunrise in OP's pic, but could it be sunset?

Any twilight hunters here who could shed some light?

Liru Fanboy 14/10/26(Sun)12:25 No. 733660 [Reply]

File 141432271087.gif - (146.49KB , 250x250 , 1414040728940.gif )

Do any of you have any mental health issues?

I can help

20 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Lorf 14/10/29(Wed)09:15 No. 733843

Ah, thanks, I tried that once for a bit. Didn't "cure" the sociopath, & make me suddenly feel empathy for you worthless shits.

I feel fine though, myself, so... thanks for that quality help, doc.

Anonymous 14/10/29(Wed)16:43 No. 733851

Youtube - Toggle Video
  OCD, unfortunately not the tidy kind but the one that checks doors a million times and save heaps of stuff.
I also do this hand thing.

Bob Ross 14/10/31(Fri)04:51 No. 733949

hey me too. Its so hard to leave without driving back to check a ton of times.

My therapist said to do it "deliberately" like purposefully instead of just an idle action

Moot 14/10/31(Fri)00:31 No. 733935 [Reply]

File 14147118744.jpg - (189.52KB , 900x1170 , 1310747376003.jpg )

Mods have requested an increase in traffic. So say we all. Quality posts gentlemen.

Check, quality. Abominations.

Homicide 14/10/31(Fri)01:19 No. 733938

Youtube - Toggle Video
  I only have flash abominations.
This vid is pretty damnable.

Lorf 14/10/31(Fri)02:36 No. 733940

What on earth is this even

Conductor Cat 14/10/31(Fri)04:14 No. 733945

does this story get sexual

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