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poe 15/11/26(Thu)00:34 No. 746655 [Reply]

File 144849444977.jpg - (74.46KB , 960x833 , 12190809_10153889349221055_818659883095846454_n.jpg )

Sometimes it feels like everyone is a weirdo, and it looks like this place and you guys are the only sane people left.

derp 15/11/26(Thu)23:19 No. 746670

Because we're wizards or what?

Brony 15/11/27(Fri)18:23 No. 746683

I expected the last panel to be blue-shirt behind a computer

derp 15/11/28(Sat)11:52 No. 746700

File 144870797829.png - (2.12MB , 1440x1389 , 1447478533594.png )

Relationship/marriage isn't that surprising to me. You at least get pussy on the reg and you have what equates to a very good friend. What doesn't make sense is having kids.
>Let's go ahead and give up everything about our current lives; our hobbies, our social lives, our friends, the ability to have fun, and any last semblance of freedom just to raise a couple of shitstains, who we will airwolf up emotionally and psychologically because we don't know what the airwolf we're doing.

airwolfing kids, man.

PrettyPony 15/11/24(Tue)09:04 No. 746617 [Reply]

File 144835227127.jpg - (22.73KB , 768x531 , HlC9wEX.jpg )

I drew a dog today. Serious responses only, what do you think of my dog?

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He-Man 15/11/27(Fri)11:03 No. 746677

Please, draw more.

N3X15 15/11/28(Sat)10:17 No. 746697

Why is there a dick below its mouth?

Closet Furry 15/11/28(Sat)11:21 No. 746699

Anyone who says it's good is only saying that because the lines are clean.

W. T. Snacks 15/11/13(Fri)11:38 No. 746426 [Reply]

File 144741109056.png - (343.94KB , 745x772 , triangles.png )


Spider Expert 15/11/15(Sun)00:25 No. 746462

real good. those fags looked shock but that guy with the dick know whats up. looking right at that pretty sun. nice man nice

Christian Weston Chandler 15/11/25(Wed)04:24 No. 746638

File 14484218658.jpg - (27.05KB , 350x473 , 1446162029650.jpg )

the airwolfing triangles make this gold

Optimus Prime 15/11/28(Sat)10:57 No. 746698

File 144870462427.jpg - (10.21KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )

what this is?

Miku Fanboy 15/11/27(Fri)16:25 No. 746679 [Reply]

File 144863794043.png - (11.98KB , 200x80 , Nation_of_Islam_Symbol.png )

Today I learned about the batshit hodge-podge of Abrahamic nonsense, Scientology, Gaddafi's money, and blatantly made-up black-supremacist fantasies that is the Nation of Islam.

5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
derp 15/11/28(Sat)02:54 No. 746691

File 14486756708.jpg - (22.92KB , 240x321 , 1442888464819.jpg )

They are a sect of Islam. Let's be honest.

O.P. 15/11/28(Sat)04:10 No. 746692

>not theologically or philosophically sound

This I already knew. I've looked into orthodox islam enough to see quite plainly that Mohammed was just another self-centered patriarchial war-monger with delusions of grandeur. It didn't take long to figure out.

symbion 15/11/28(Sat)06:29 No. 746695

In much the same way as Mormons are a sect of Christanity. Very much the same way in fact, both claim to be derived from a larger religious following but differ in their inclusion of entirely new and unreconcillably divergent stories that were rather obviously products of their respective founders' imaginations, as evident that these stories address very modern problems by revising history in rediculously implausible ways.

Lorf 15/11/26(Thu)07:37 No. 746658 [Reply]

File 144851983863.jpg - (1.71MB , 3920x2204 , DSC_0003.jpg )

Wanting a tattoo to cover up this scar. Any ideas?

4 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
He-Man 15/11/27(Fri)16:28 No. 746680

An operation was certainly performed here.


tee 15/11/27(Fri)20:19 No. 746688

The guy who replaced OP's bones with adamantium must have botched it.

O.P. 15/11/28(Sat)06:00 No. 746694

I am also looking to get scars covered on my inner forearm.

I'm having trouble. I have been considering getting "Saoirse" but I don't know if that would be cool. I also think people will confuse it with Saoirse Ronan or people will constantly ask what it is since no one speaks Irish anymore.

BUUUT I will say this. Don't get a band name or do it on impulse. Anyone I know that gets tattoos regrets their first one because it seemed like a good idea at the time, or they loved a band for a while then changed their mind later. Well, too bad it's permanent. Put some real thought in to it, and once you've made up your mind, imagine it being there every day for a while.

Steve 15/11/24(Tue)10:43 No. 746618 [Reply]

File 144835823353.jpg - (1.35MB , 2734x3645 , Hepatitis-C-liver.jpg )

How bad is hep c?

4 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
Mudkip 15/11/27(Fri)03:30 No. 746673

I actually am a doctor. It's very bad in a certain ammount of patients, like 30 or 40%, in which it evolves to cirrhosis.
Autoimmune and C hep are different things, like completely different, like one is caused by a virus and the other is not.
There's no such thing as an established cure or treatment, maybe you'll find something about it in google but it's all brand new and expensive and time will tell if it works. For now, no cure.
You sure it was C? Cause it's very unlikelly to cause acute symptoms, that is more frequent with B.

O.P. 15/11/27(Fri)17:02 No. 746682

you are full of shit.

tee 15/11/28(Sat)01:57 No. 746690

>There's no such thing as an established cure or treatment, maybe you'll find something about it in google but it's all brand new and expensive and time will tell if it works. For now, no cure.

There's a 21 day treatment. It's a pill. You take one a day and it goes away. Shit costs $1000 each though so you're right about it being expensive.

So yeah there's no cure but shit's got a high rate of effectiveness.

Steve 15/11/26(Thu)03:04 No. 746657 [Reply]

File 14485034882.png - (688.82KB , 768x576 , 1448311702473.png )

Heya again 7chan! Wow, this last month flew by fast! (at least for me) The holidays are already upon us! The full frost/beaver moon is tonight and the weather looks pretty good for prime viewing in many of the states.

A bonus treat this holiday season is Comet Catalina that is viewable with the naked eye (or much better with binoculars/telescope) in the northern hemisphere dawn. It will gradually grow higher above the horizon into the end of December increasing it's visibility as well. Plenty of time to catch a glimpse! It recently gained a second tail as well. Don't wait too long as it won't be back for many centuries! :)

Have a wonderful night and a yummy Thanksgiving!

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
Reimu Hakurei 15/11/26(Thu)22:33 No. 746669

The comet grew a second tail... do you think it's a sign? Am I strawberryed?
The tetrad of 4 blood moons (is that what it's called?) is supposed to signify the coming of the apocalypse, oh no.
Thanks again Lirufanboy, I was happy to see your post.

Spiderman 15/11/27(Fri)08:20 No. 746675

tonight's moon was incredible!

derp 15/11/28(Sat)10:00 No. 746696

File 144870123599.jpg - (46.29KB , 640x480 , [Kotomi] Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan 07 [DVDxH2.jpg )

Yup! It was pretty nice. A freak warm spell without the humidity and cloud cover hit us at just the right time. We had a campfire and I tried out some crummy 10x50 Bushnell binoculars. Guy friend didnt get the whole diopter thingy so i just said i calibrated it then set it to zero. ;P I just bought a drone too! Put me back a few thousand with accessories but meh... My dad when I was young use to use like I think a couple thousand a year in model rockets fuel and materials. Hope I don't crash it!

Nyan Cat 15/11/25(Wed)19:12 No. 746651 [Reply]

File 144847512985.jpg - (77.73KB , 1000x750 , nazis-chic-is-asias-offensive-fashion-craze-456-bo.jpg )

I think that wear today is still seen in a modernistic-romanticist way. What I mean is that we think it is well defined with a beginning and the end, when in reality it, as everything else, became postsemantic. It is diffused, and there is no border between peace and war, more so there is no pure peace or pure war.

What other things, you anons, think are like this (semantically defined but completely diffused in reality)?

2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
p4ch3c0 15/11/26(Thu)10:25 No. 746664

Speaking of asians, I've tried to put together a comprehensive timeline of th conflicts Japan was involved in during and leading up to the siging of their pacifist constitition, and found it rather overwhelming.

Some time before World War I, asia began to destabilize and Japan developed a modern military based on european models. They appear to have been on constant war effforts throughout this time on a number of fronts; the war between Japan and the rest of Asia continued throughout both world wars.

Optimus Prime 15/11/26(Thu)17:38 No. 746667

Yeah, It is basically their own fault for ignoring nuclear fission research.

herp 15/11/27(Fri)20:01 No. 746687

How is that a reply to my post?

herp 15/11/01(Sun)22:41 No. 746141 [Reply]

File 144641410378.jpg - (219.72KB , 635x720 , 1439130371647.jpg )

is loli aloud hear? could not find it in the rules.

19 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Closet Furry 15/11/25(Wed)07:24 No. 746643

If a few people don't get what you're trying to say, you can reasonably claim to be subtle. If a lot of people don't get what you're trying to say, you suck at communicating ideas.

Bob Ross 15/11/25(Wed)07:37 No. 746644

as long as it's hot.

Closet Furry 15/11/26(Thu)08:52 No. 746662

no, because the mods are fags and wont allow anything fun here.

Moot 15/11/25(Wed)23:14 No. 746654 [Reply]

File 144848964558.png - (876.38KB , 1920x1080 , Screenshot_2015-11-25-22-35-17.png )

I have two theories:
-It's a straight up money grab, and this handsome young CEO will dissapear in Central America shortly before the Senate completes its investigation.
-It's but one play in a larger strategy of pushing the US healthcare infrastructure to the point of insustainability.

Lorf 15/11/28(Sat)04:24 No. 746693

God dammit my phone's software is crap.

It's a japanese android phone, with mostly custom applications provided by the manufacturer, all of which are shoddy. First of all, there was no method available to download that image other than taking a screenshot (javascript fail?). Then, I did go to the trouble of cropping out the status bar and buttons, but when the picture uploaded they are still there. That picture doesn't exist in such a state on the phone, or so I am led to believe: perhaps it only saved the editing in a database and displays an image rendered on-the-fly from that editing data on the original.

airwolfing nonsense.

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