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Sazpaimon 16/10/10(Mon)10:06 No. 758641 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 147608681380.jpg - (79.60KB , 675x421 , wage-gap.jpg )

Even if you account for all the variables, like women working less, and choosing less lucrative professions, and doing unpaid work, (which, by the way, is another important issue to address), even if you compare men and women with the exact same experience, qualifications, and job, women are *still* paid slightly less than men.

So, yea, the wage gap is not what people think it is, but make no mistake, it's real, and it exists.

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poe 16/12/04(Sun)08:11 No. 760579

No. that means being assertive and demanding what you are worth. Or walking

Sonichu 16/12/04(Sun)13:36 No. 760587

>being assertive and demanding what you are worth
That's a funny way to say "taking your pants off and asking the boss how he wants you".

OP 16/12/05(Mon)23:25 No. 760617

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Spiderman 16/12/04(Sun)13:37 No. 760588 [Reply]

File 148085504258.jpg - (206.10KB , 1920x1100 , maxresdefault.jpg )

anyone wanna play overwatch with me? I kinda kick ass at it.

Spider Expert 16/12/04(Sun)13:51 No. 760592

I just lost the game.

So did you.

Sonichu 16/12/05(Mon)23:22 No. 760616

Hi, check out my channel


Nyan Cat 16/11/11(Fri)23:35 No. 759936 [Reply]

File 147890372425.jpg - (1.05MB , 2560x1440 , 20161111_214009.jpg )

bleeding for months now -.-

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zeneslev 16/12/05(Mon)23:21 No. 760614

Hi, check out my channel


Bill 16/12/05(Mon)23:21 No. 760615

Hi, check out my channel


Nyan Cat 16/12/05(Mon)05:52 No. 760600 [Reply]

File 148091355032.jpg - (154.96KB , 2002x2002 , 1479429259501-wg.jpg )

Discord circle jerk.
post em, add em.

I'll start

W. T. Snacks 16/12/05(Mon)21:06 No. 760611

this is such an active thread

Steve 16/12/05(Mon)19:50 No. 760609 [Reply]

File 148096380610.jpg - (153.23KB , 400x400 , Ryoji_Uehara.jpg )

The Last Letter

I feel deeply honoured and privileged to have been chosen to become a member of the Army’s “Special Assault Unit,” which embodies the glory of Japan. Having read logic and philosophy through my somewhat extended student life, I am sure that, based upon the idea of reason, triumph of liberty is inevitable to me, although I might sound like a liberalist. As stated by Croce in Italy, it is a universal truth that it is absolutely impossible to exterminate freedom, which is a fundamental human nature, and it will eventually win even though it seems to be temporarily oppressed.

It is a clear fact that authoritarian and totalitarian regimes may sporadically prosper, but they ultimately will perish. We can see the truth of that in the Axis governments. As manifested by the defeat of Italy under Fascism, not to mention Germany under Nazism, authoritarian governments are disappearing one after the other, crumbling like buildings without a foundation.

I believe that the universality of truth will eternally and permanently prove the greatness of liberty as is now being verified by reality and just as history has shown in the past. I will be more than delighted to find that my belief has been proven right even though that turns out to be a disaster for our nation. The current struggle, whatever it is, stems from ideology; and the result of a struggle can readily be predicted by the belief systems upon which the struggle is fought.

The ambition of making my beloved Japan become as mighty an empire as Great Britain has faded away. If the leading positions in Japan had been held by those who truly love Japan, my country would not have been driven into the situation it faces today. I have been dreaming of the Japanese people proud of themselves no matter where one may be in the world.

What a friend of mine once said is true: a pilot of the Special Assault Unit is merely a machine. He just steers the apparatus. He is only a molecule within a magnet that sticks fast to an enemy aircraft carrier, possessing neither personality nor emotions.

If one thinks about it rationally, this act is incomprehensible and, to try to put it in a plain expression, these pilots are, as they say, simply suicidal. Since I am nothing more than a machine, I have no right to put my case forward. However, I only wish that the Japan that I dearly love will someday be made truly great by my fellow citizens.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

h 16/12/05(Mon)12:23 No. 760606 [Reply]

File 148093700477.jpg - (655.33KB , 2048x1536 , 1.jpg )

p4ch3c0 16/12/05(Mon)16:25 No. 760607

is that kid doin the cabbage patch?

herp 16/12/05(Mon)17:40 No. 760608

File 148095604799.jpg - (952.40KB , 2048x1536 , 148093700477.jpg )

Someone could trip over this!

4chan user 16/12/05(Mon)20:43 No. 760610

I like Bernie Sanders rallies too.

He-Man 16/11/06(Sun)12:35 No. 759749 [Reply]

File 147843210938.jpg - (28.38KB , 312x395 , penis@balls.jpg )

Why can't I stop getting angry at stupid shit?
This week I raged at:
Idiots in traffic
13 year olds in video games (not directly, I'm not an idiot)
My boss (directly, I am an idiot)

1 of these has actually had a negative impact and I'm still not sure how severe this could get for me.

I think I just need someone to suck my dick. Or I need to move out. I should probably get a job that doesn't eat up 12 hours of my day on average.

7 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
symbion 16/12/04(Sun)15:16 No. 760596

Sauce plz.

h 16/12/05(Mon)08:57 No. 760603

>what is reverse image search

Bill 16/12/05(Mon)10:35 No. 760604

File 148093053932.jpg - (37.13KB , 385x434 , 4f3963fc92413e7f0ff7c87b90933cb8.jpg )

oh yeah.

by the way, what is greentext misuse?

Mudkip 16/12/04(Sun)08:55 No. 760582 [Reply]

File 148083811146.jpg - (38.65KB , 546x409 , girls-naked-cute-young1e.jpg )

Steve 16/12/04(Sun)08:56 No. 760583

File 148083818254.jpg - (78.64KB , 1030x815 , Deeporal-Deepthroat-Balls-deep-blowjobs-454.jpg )

OP 16/12/05(Mon)07:15 No. 760602


Optimus Prime 16/08/08(Mon)09:46 No. 756218 [Reply]

File 147064241895.jpg - (4.51KB , 300x57 , image.jpg )

I'm getting an apartment this year.
What should I eat that's cheap, nutritious, delicious, diverse, and convenient?
Pic related, relevant captcha, romano.

23 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Steve 16/11/07(Mon)01:15 No. 759776


herp 16/12/04(Sun)09:02 No. 760584

I still haven't baked bread.

I did order a pizza though.

= /

N3X15 16/12/05(Mon)07:00 No. 760601

High 5 bruh.

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