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r000t 16/06/28(Tue)01:13 No. 754901 [Reply]

File 146706921380.jpg - (30.04KB , 620x330 , image.jpg )

i read an article on the internet and now I'm an expert

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Closet Furry 16/06/28(Tue)04:43 No. 754907

>I hate myself so much...

You should molest yourself to get even.

Conductor Cat 16/06/28(Tue)09:14 No. 754912

I saw a vice documentary of youtube and now social justice has always been important to me.

[tags4lyf]PEARS 16/07/01(Fri)23:34 No. 755070


Are you salty because you lost an internet argument?

zeneslev 16/06/18(Sat)10:44 No. 754551 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 146623948163.jpg - (20.00KB , 365x364 , 622994_orig.jpg )

Veganism is the only morally acceptable lifestyle.

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Reimu Hakurei 16/06/24(Fri)19:28 No. 754776

File 146678931227.jpg - (73.92KB , 404x552 , cobain---restricted-horizontal-large-gallery.jpg )


He-Man 16/06/25(Sat)03:18 No. 754794

Neither do schizophrenics, but because political correctness has gone mad you can't go into a psych ward and orally pleasure everyone without getting arrested.

Brony 16/07/01(Fri)23:35 No. 755072


You must be extremely unintelligent.

O.P. 16/06/23(Thu)19:21 No. 754736 [Reply]

File 146670251622.jpg - (84.48KB , 640x480 , ALLTHESEBEES.jpg )


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Bill 16/06/27(Mon)19:18 No. 754889


Apologize to them for turning on caps lock, yet still pressing shift when starting your sentence.

Optimus Prime 16/06/27(Mon)20:37 No. 754892


derp 16/07/01(Fri)23:35 No. 755071


Shit, just try to enjoy your time with them, then. It's all perception, man. Those bees love you.

Steve 16/06/14(Tue)07:03 No. 754260 [Reply]

File 146588058446.jpg - (82.74KB , 750x563 , summer_flings.jpg )

Straight feelings are not as important as gay lives.

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derp 16/07/01(Fri)12:30 No. 755018

That's different, it has nothing to do with homosexual men. Those people were fags (or pedoes, or terrorists, or spam); not the same thing.

Brony 16/07/01(Fri)14:58 No. 755047

Ignoring the disproportionately large amount of hyper-productive fags throughout human cultural abd technological history, what is it you add exactly?

r000t 16/07/01(Fri)23:31 No. 755069


Gay people used to contribute lots to society, Alan Turing was rumored to be homosexual. But what do they contribute now? Tumblr posts, and annoying personalities.

r000t 16/06/19(Sun)15:08 No. 754597 [Reply]

File 146634172186.jpg - (108.62KB , 1380x900 , 9983990_G.jpg )


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Novice Equestrian 16/06/27(Mon)19:23 No. 754891


It's a shame we don't live in a world where this is acceptable anymore. I want to go back to the 1950's.

Reimu Hakurei 16/07/01(Fri)20:47 No. 755067

"Tumblety appeared to revel in denouncing all women, but reserved a special hatred for prostitutes; he blamed his misogyny on a failed marriage to a prostitute.[7] In Washington, D.C., he displayed a collection of uteruses preserved in jars, which he kept in his study, to his guests at an all-male dinner party, and proudly boasted that they came from 'every class of woman'."

I wanna go back to 1888.

Spider Expert 16/07/01(Fri)22:02 No. 755068

so stupid "cutesy" couple shirts are not a gross product of the Coca Cola consumerist 80s

Cryomancer 16/07/01(Fri)20:33 No. 755066 [Reply]

File 146739798475.jpg - (115.32KB , 1006x694 , wBZsyIy.jpg )

I send you half the
Kidne I took from one women
prasarved it for you tother pirce
I fried and ate it was very nise I
may send you the bloody knif that
took it out if you only wate a whil

Catch me when
you Can

Spider Expert 16/05/10(Tue)07:17 No. 752785 [Reply]

File 146285742925.png - (466.91KB , 2754x1397 , English_Wikipedia_–_Most_popular_edition_of_Wiki.png )

Does English have a richer technical vocabulary than any other language?

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tee 16/06/30(Thu)17:28 No. 754978

Sometimes I wonder if people do this because they really don't know anything, or they are driven by a paranoid distrust of anyone claiming to state fact on the internet...

de jure (Latin, which composes about a third of English vocabulary)
tsunami (Japanese, along with "skosh" and others more obvious)
RSVP (French, which provided a second dose of Latin grammar and vocabulary)
forte fortissimo (Italian; they didn't invent music, there are other ways to say this)
algebra (Arabic, you's be surprised how much arabic you speak)

I'd find you more, but you get the picture. English is a giant, mutant mess of a language.

This is indeed advantageous in some ways however. In particular, English probably lacks a word for a new thing shorter than most other languages--it easily adopts from romance and germanic languages and English speakers have no linguistic pride to prevent them from borrowing words from any other source.

The main disadvantage, in my opinion, would be the haphazard fusion of German, Latin, and French grammar (SVO, SViOdO, SVOC; article adjectives; countable and uncountable nouns; irregular verb conjugations, etc). Most ESL/EFL student headaches result from attempting to reconcile the vastly different mechanisms of English into a unified system.

N3X15 16/07/01(Fri)03:23 No. 754990

File 146733618552.png - (465.60KB , 640x483 , speedycat.png )


r000t 16/07/01(Fri)19:14 No. 755065

thank you.

sometimes i forget to even look for resources and just dig things out of my brain. actually i have a terrible memory; i wish i could plug a cell phone into my brain and just download wikipedia on the fly. See, I know what I'm looking for--I just have shit capacity for storage; an off-site, online repository is what I need.

Novice Equestrian 16/07/01(Fri)19:10 No. 755064 [Reply]

File 14673930498.jpg - (7.91KB , 300x100 , 7chan-nurchan.jpg )

For great justice, baleted every post.


symbion 16/07/01(Fri)18:59 No. 755063 [Reply]

File 146739238488.jpg - (1.62MB , 4000x2000 , 244.jpg )

>You overestimate her intelligence and you underestimate her immorality.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you should vote for anybody. Be aware that you are being manipulated to vote on your feelings, that Hilary is as guilty of this as Donald, and that it has been the established system of undermining democracy in the United States for decades.

>These travesties are staged. They are fodder for news outlets, politicians, and celebrities to burn for bownie points. All of those people died so that the american people will feel self-righteous with whatever result the electoral college chooses for them, because they will feel like the "right" choice was made based on how the candidate responded morally to this and whatever other incidents are still planned.

>There's been a record number of violent incidents reported in the media this campain season; there's always a record number of reports during the presidential campain season. We already know that the number of reports has nothing to do with the actual crime rate--it's chum. Bait to get people interested in particpating in their machine.

equirectangular pic unrelated.

Liru Fanboy 16/03/28(Mon)12:22 No. 751282 [Reply]

File 145916054288.jpg - (108.08KB , 520x695 , tumblr_inline_o3zqiuu5P61tphe7i_540.jpg )

You may have heard that the far right parties of Europe have been on the rise lately.

Germany is constituted of 16 states, the “Länder”, which all have their own parliament, which also means the states can decide a lot of stuff for themselves (this includes everything school related for example) without needing it to be accepted on a national level. Each Land votes for its parliament at least every 5 years. And today (3rd of March), was the Super-Wahl-Sonntag aka the day three different states elect their respective parliaments: Baden-Würtenberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Sachsen-Anhalt.

The far right party AFD excelled. At the moment, the estimations lie at 24,3% in Sachsen-Anhalt (2nd place with 19 seats out of 102), 15,1% in Baden-Württemberg (3rd place with 23 seats out of 143) and 12,4% in Rheinland-Pfalz (3rd place with 13 seats out of 101). (as of 21h50)

Their political plans include:

-against the “educational exaltation of non-heterosexual people” (schools would only teach about heterosexual relationships)
-stop the “hypersexualization of children” and by this they basically mean abolishing sex-education in schools
-civil partnership (the only possibility in Germany for same-gender couples to get their relationship officially recognized) not to be put on a level with marriage
-against renewable energies
-cancel or at least, reduce subsidies
-suspend the Schengen-Contract (which allows free passage between EU countries) and close the border for the duration of the current wave of migrants
-Migrants should get social benefits solely according to their country of origin or not at all (which means no financial support at all)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Miku Fanboy 16/07/01(Fri)11:12 No. 755007

Why should I care about the politics of Europe? They haven't done anything notable ever since they lost WWII. Didn't France used to control Africa or something? Now they have to many niggers coming in and hate it. Go figure.

Marisa Kirisame 16/07/01(Fri)14:39 No. 755043

You shouldn't. You shouldn't bother yourself learning or thinking of anyone outside your immediate little sphere in your cozy safe little world. Just go to work, pay your taxes, buy as much shut as you can, consume tribal reinforcement entertainment, pacify yourself with booze, stay within the law, breed more copies of yourself, and teach them to do the same. Your government thanks you for your contribution, citizen ssn#391865378.

Marisa Kirisame 16/07/01(Fri)18:02 No. 755061

Which would leave scotand a fully independent nation; they want this--they want this very badly.

I'm actually kind of giddy about it. Humanity has failed pretty hard throughout my lifetime, but I think this one's going to stand out: the greatest failure of the United Kingdom in the 21st century*

*cautiously: they have over 80 years to try to fail harder.

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