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Booty closeup ani+suicide 16/11/27(Sun)07:57 No. 44275 Board: /cd/ [Reply]

File 148022986078.jpg - (801.43KB , 2592x1944 , Picture 33.jpg )

Also taking requests...

Who is this? Roar 16/11/28(Mon)00:05 No. 44278 Board: /cd/ [Reply]

File 148028791379.jpg - (43.79KB , 500x375 , image.jpg )

Anyone know who this is or where I can see more of her?

Anonymous 16/11/28(Mon)22:19 No. 44282

goes by shytrap: http://pictures.mrstiff.com/gallery/cd-trap-shytrap_8262658

First time posting...thoughts? Musicalcat 17/04/29(Sat)00:25 No. 44883 Board: /cd/ [Reply]

File 149341834886.jpg - (67.18KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2013-09-12 at 11_20.jpg )

Really love the swimsuit, feels amazing. Lemme know what you guys think.

Musicalcat 17/04/29(Sat)00:26 No. 44884

File 149341839117.jpg - (62.14KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2013-09-12 at 11_20 #3.jpg )

another one

Musicalcat 17/04/29(Sat)00:27 No. 44885

File 149341842379.jpg - (59.77KB , 640x480 , Photo on 2013-09-12 at 11_22 #3.jpg )

and another

John Smith 16/07/04(Mon)20:49 No. 45451 Board: /eh/ [Reply]

File 146765817155.jpg - (646.15KB , 3264x1840 , 20150906_005.jpg )

Dear John

Have you been doing sports lately?
I just came home from the gym, i did something for my back and jogged for 25 minutes.

Best regards,

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John Smith 16/08/29(Mon)21:08 No. 45571

File 147249767991.gif - (767.73KB , 256x176 , breathing bread.gif )

I've been digging a large hole last week at work.
It's roughly 4 meters wide, 2.3 meters long and 2.90 meters deep.
It's been, admittedly, a moderately enjoyable project.
My core, legs, arms, hands, my whole body (to cut the list short) has grown in strength.
I prefer to workout by means of physical labour.

John Smith 16/09/01(Thu)11:22 No. 45580

I wish John. I have injured my back and cannot train at all for the next two weeks. I am dreading the lack of endorphins. But I will say, two weeks of complete recovery sounds quite nice.

Regards, John

John Smith 16/09/04(Sun)23:41 No. 45587

May you be blessed with beautiful ferns John.

Sometimes it is actually good to take a step back in life.
Same goes for working out, let your body rest and go for it even harder when your back is all well again.

Rave Sluts xOR!!IzLzH3ZJR1 10/01/30(Sat)19:04 No. 10069 Board: /unf/ ID: b58e7d [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 126487467252.jpg - (54.36KB , 467x700 , 467x700_raver_girls_498adc2bcbfa2.jpg )

Starting a rave sluts thread and will update with as and when I find the content to, but I can't seem to find much. As always on /unf/, contributions are welcome.

Going for rave/cyberpunk in look/colours.

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Anonymous 16/12/21(Wed)12:01 No. 24897 ID: 80b9ec

Anonymous 16/12/21(Wed)12:03 No. 24898 ID: 80b9ec

Anonymous 16/12/21(Wed)12:23 No. 24899 ID: 80b9ec

File 148231941832.jpg - (82.48KB , 640x640 , cute-rave-girls-xmas-2014.jpg )

The Coral Coast Joseph 16/07/17(Sun)06:42 No. 107088 Board: /tg/ [Reply]

(I know the photo sucks, sorry!)
So I read alot of Pathfinder books, and I enjoy making my own worlds so this is what I have come up with using what I've read from those books. This is a tiny piece of much larger map that I have made that I felt like sharing. If you enjoy it I'll add more !
Welcome to the warm waters of the Coral Coast, to the right we have the budding frontier lands, lawless and free, settlement attempt to carve out their own nations and pirates patrol dangerous waters for their next mark.
In this area we have.
Fellic: A small coastal frontier village located at the bottom of the northern woods. (Bloomwood) Unaffiliated to any nation Fellic serves as a gateway into a wild land filled with untapped potential and a home for those tired of the seas, allowing an unbiased stop for any to resupply.
Rise of Thiclin: Creasing the coast south of Fellic is a collection of rolling hills know as the Rise of Thiclin, home to wondering bands of hill giants that stumble about most of the year finding food and pillaging where they can. Once a year they gather in a valley to celebrate their survival of another year. This celebration normally involves drums and load stomp-dancing which can be heard miles away.
The Brazen Fields: Just south of the Rise of Thiclin is The Brazen Fields which are baked into a golden brown by an unforgiving sun beating down on its land. Scattered in its high grass, one can hear the laughter of stalking gnolls, whose nomadic tribes travel the lands in ever search of prey to feed their packs. Dinosaurs roam through, making large packs of imposing herbivores, while carnivores hunt those who do not. Here is a land filled with savagery and primal instinct waiting to burst at any moment.
Alken, The Primal Heart: Within a lone wood set aside from the the larger Witchmyre forest is the Druid conclave of Alken, saurian worshipers and protectors. These primal druids protect their borders from those who would disrupt the balance of the Brazen Fields. Riding atop Triceratops, Utah-raptor, or even Stegosauri compainions to keep their domain from the scavenging Gnoll tribes that roam their lands. Vil'Krec , the current ruler of Alken, keeps most of these tribes in check on over hunting in their lands, but there are some that contest their power. Leu-klin outright ravages the lands of Alken much to Vil'krec's dismay and the shamen fights with the growing power of the gnolls daily. While the current high shamen Vil'krec has been in power the last twelve years, it is almost time to crown a new ruler. Every four years the tribes gather together here in Alken to renew their pacts with their charges and place upon the Suriia Throne a new high priest to lead them into the years to come
Blistering Bog: Scarred with large boiling tar pits that can shear the flesh straight from any creature that is unlucky to fall into them, while the rest of this hellish marsh is Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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Anonymous 16/07/21(Thu)01:33 No. 107244

GIMP is free, but like Photoshop, it has a high learning curve.

Anonymous 16/07/26(Tue)05:53 No. 107506

How does Paint.net compare to GIMP?

Anonymous 16/07/26(Tue)11:51 No. 107518

Never used it so I can't be of help there; I've only used Paintshop Pro (When JASC owned it) and Photoshop.

Furder Vulpes Inculta 16/09/28(Wed)06:53 No. 24040 Board: /fur/ ID: e042a8 [Reply]

File 147503841422.jpg - (191.97KB , 800x600 , yost-2800.jpg )

>Two men were charged Tuesday in the triple homicide of a couple and their friend at a house in Fullerton, California, PEOPLE confirms.

>While police have said they don't believe the violence was "random," family friends tell PEOPLE the suspects and the family knew each other through the "furry" community.

>Joshua Charles Acosta, 21, and Frank Sato Felix, 25, were both charged with three felony counts of special circumstances murder for the shooting deaths of Jennifer Goodwill Yost, 39, her 34-year-old husband Christopher Yost and the couple's friend, Arthur William Boucher, 28. The Yost's two young daughters, ages 6 and 9, were at home during the rampage but were unharmed.


Vulpes Inculta 16/09/29(Thu)03:37 No. 24041 ID: 4eb08f

I don't believe that link is there, I think the press is just blowing details out of proportion that doesn't have anything to do with the murder.

Anonymous 14/03/31(Mon)05:33 No. 23857 Board: /co/ [Reply]

File 139623678994.jpg - (41.21KB , 720x544 , ChannelChasersPt2-138.jpg )

Post frames from cartoons where a female character is unusually-proportioned, in the context of that show.

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Anonymous 15/04/16(Thu)00:41 No. 24252

do you follow the /co/ generals?
did you voted already?
Am I a faggot?

Zodia!vEawx7Krcs 15/04/17(Fri)23:42 No. 24253

Oh, hm. I chose Alexandrite because porking all 3 (4) main gems is how I ship Steven. If I weren't a turd I'd get to animating a porn parody ala Zone. The show's got enough innuendo it'd be easy enough to get the audio at least :3

Anonymous 15/05/03(Sun)09:26 No. 24259

Wasn't there an episode of totally spies where the spies were bloated for some reason?

Truthsuks President 17/02/24(Fri)02:09 No. 1232 Board: /777/ [Reply]

File 148789855394.jpg - (183.83KB , 720x955 , IMG_0728.jpg )

31 posts and 18 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
President 17/03/21(Tue)07:28 No. 1455

>worldwide Joo conspiracy

Deflect much?

President 17/03/21(Tue)21:59 No. 1461

If the Joo fits...

President 17/03/27(Mon)07:08 No. 1508

For some reason i'm seeing Johnny Cochran holding up one of Micheal Jackson's spangled gloves.

New thread for Amanda! Amanda 16/12/31(Sat)10:32 No. 44387 Board: /cd/ [Reply]

File 148317675510.jpg - (890.77KB , 2560x1440 , 20161230_213735_HDR.jpg )

Well, a long time ago i had a thread on here but i let it die, so here i am to start a new one! I doubt anyone here would remember me, but thats one reason im trying again! hopefully this thread will be longer lived

8 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
23ciccio 17/01/01(Sun)11:34 No. 44400

omg! that's so cute (:

Amanda 17/01/15(Sun)09:43 No. 44456

Ahhh sorry I havnt posted in a while, but I did buy an epilator and am trying to use that, once my legs look better ill post more, promise

Anonymous 17/03/13(Mon)06:32 No. 44663

When I saw the small pic I was like "another ugly cd" but then WOW.
Don't worry, all your photos are gorgeous, and do you have a feminine voice too?

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