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Eroge time. Cable 11/08/11(Thu)22:39 No. 51724 ID: de02aa [Reply]

File 131309519099.jpg - (331.84KB , 1333x1000 , 674ac6610010c750c55f03cd9de0f77e.jpg )

Alice Parade.
This game is fucking legit.

As far as I know, there is no english patch, so I've been guessing the plot.

It appears that you have been dragged into a place called "Sweet Wonderland" by a rabbit-eared monocle-wearing girl for some reason. Then, to become a citizen, you must collect stamps from the residents. This is primarily done by putting your penis into or on them.


The art is done by the character designer for Haruhi, so you know it's good.

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Cable 13/01/21(Mon)11:56 No. 54945 ID: d2d72b

File 135876580388.png - (1.55MB , 1280x720 , 40dcf5c9e8601f1086040ea455235baf.png )

Eiyuu Senki (英雄*戦姫)
Gameplay is similar to Sengoku Rance. No full English patch available, only enough for menus and a battle tutorial. But to be honest, it's not that hard to grasp even without them.

Game Download: http://sukebei.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=127797
English Patch (Incomplete): http://www.craneanime.com/2012/03/pahlawan-militer.html
Hentai CGs: http://hentai-cg.org/eiyuu-senki/

SISTERS ~夏の最後の日~ Cable 13/02/11(Mon)14:34 No. 54955 ID: d2d72b

File 136058963551.gif - (2.93MB , 640x480 , 6e783258ce00ce7ddce3293c603158db.gif )

Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~

Know what you're about to do? You're about to download this fucking torrent and fap until your dick falls the fuck off.

This is the video rip of all the H-scenes from the game. The game is easily available, but I can't find the serial key. So have fun looking for it.

Anonymous 13/02/15(Fri)21:47 No. 54965 ID: 7ae5d5

File 136096123626.jpg - (10.40KB , 390x129 , images.jpg )

anything else on par with that?

Anonymous 12/12/11(Tue)01:37 No. 54768 ID: ceb9f3 [Reply]

File 135518626963.jpg - (100.88KB , 533x746 , 894732 - Keiko_Ayano Sword_Art_Online pina.jpg )

Let it begin!

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Anonymous 12/12/11(Tue)01:41 No. 54771 ID: ceb9f3

And thats all Keiko i have.

XII 12/12/11(Tue)08:20 No. 54772 ID: 5528d5

File 135521045426.jpg - (260.14KB , 1300x919 , 3zSAY.jpg )

Hey a wallpaper even.

Anonymous 13/02/15(Fri)21:43 No. 54964 ID: 7ae5d5

File 136096098965.jpg - (1.06MB , 1440x900 , Sword_Art_Online_full_1294048.jpg )

Any of the rest of the cast, sorry wallpaper is all I have.

Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening 13/02/12(Tue)11:29 No. 54956 ID: 686a75 [Reply]

File 136066496650.jpg - (174.68KB , 400x556 , img_1483900_61729624_0.jpg )

ven since Fire Emblem: Awakening came out, I've been hunting for hentai of Lucina! But I haven't gotten any luck. Does anyone have some of Lucina that you could share or any Fire Emblem female characters?

Lucina+from+Fire+Emblem+Awakening+ 13/02/12(Tue)11:33 No. 54957 ID: 686a75

Lucina+from+Fire+Emblem+Awakening+ 13/02/12(Tue)11:34 No. 54958 ID: 686a75

Female performance anxiety Anonymous 12/11/17(Sat)15:29 No. 54695 ID: 50192f [Reply]

File 13531625443.jpg - (61.85KB , 800x600 , 1317853234714.jpg )

Wanting, but worried or nervous. Not afraid, not anticipating pain. It's that "Will-I-be-able-to-satisfy-him" look.

It's like performance anxiety. For girls who don't know that most guys only require concavity to be satisfied.

Hard to find . . . most pics seem to look more like they think it'll hurt.

Anonymous 12/11/17(Sat)15:32 No. 54696 ID: 50192f

Another couple that . . . could be interpreted that way.

Anonymous 12/12/08(Sat)15:02 No. 54761 ID: f4eddf

yeah this look is one of the cutest and sexiest things ever, my gf is very cute and shy which drives me up a wall into a hormonal rage, I swear Ive nearly blacked out from it.

Yamatogawa - Taihen Yokudekimashita Ch.1-10 Anonymous 11/08/14(Sun)01:09 No. 51738 ID: fc8bc4 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 131327698371.jpg - (338.25KB , 1150x1600 , 001.jpg )

Have some spare time so im gonna dump chapters 1-10 of Taihen Yokudekimashita by Yamatogawa.


127 posts and 127 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Chapter 5 Anonymous 11/08/14(Sun)02:38 No. 51866 ID: fc8bc4

File 131328230250.jpg - (476.01KB , 1130x1600 , 135.jpg )

Anonymous 11/08/14(Sun)02:51 No. 51867 ID: fc8bc4

Whoops that was both chapter 5 and 6 my bad. Chapter 6 starts at 116.

Chapter 6: Imp

>An onee-chan who cares too much about her younger sister, and one of the most retarded plans ever to shoo off such doting sisters from butting in their lives.

Anonymous 12/12/05(Wed)04:43 No. 54752 ID: a44a24

chapter 1-5 meh. chapter 6 very nice. Thx

Anonymous J 11/11/04(Fri)05:11 No. 53352 ID: 43f484 [Reply]

File 13203798874.jpg - (73.01KB , 341x500 , cause100.jpg )

Mizore Shirayuki Thread

3 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous J 11/11/04(Fri)05:14 No. 53356 ID: 43f484

File 132038008734.jpg - (60.43KB , 375x500 , safe607.jpg )


Anonymous J 11/11/04(Fri)05:15 No. 53357 ID: 43f484

File 132038013214.jpg - (77.33KB , 500x500 , cough550.jpg )

6 last of my new files

The_Perfect_Name 12/12/03(Mon)01:57 No. 54727 ID: a09f50

I have two or three

Lucy from Fairy Tail Anonymous 12/11/30(Fri)21:22 No. 54721 ID: a5386b [Reply]

File 135430696738.jpg - (38.37KB , 600x693 , 445520_Fairy_Tail_Lucy_Heartfilia.jpg )

Lucy thread.

Feel free to contribute, I don't have much pics of her.

1 post and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 12/11/30(Fri)21:24 No. 54723 ID: a5386b

Anonymous 12/11/30(Fri)21:24 No. 54724 ID: a5386b

Anonymous 12/11/30(Fri)21:25 No. 54725 ID: a5386b

Anonymous 12/11/28(Wed)12:46 No. 54715 ID: 945743 [Reply]

File 135410318081.jpg - (325.19KB , 1234x1240 , 1305284953.jpg )

Sailor Moon thread?
Dumping what I have

1 post and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Anonymous 12/11/28(Wed)12:48 No. 54717 ID: 945743

Anonymous 12/11/28(Wed)12:50 No. 54718 ID: 945743

Anonymous 12/11/28(Wed)12:54 No. 54719 ID: 945743

Strike Witches Cable 11/04/16(Sat)12:57 No. 50000 ID: 3e3c00 [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

File 130295147544.jpg - (1.41MB , 1920x1080 , 797edc7a61910d916e4fc97c6cb021aa.jpg )

191 posts and 191 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Cable 11/04/16(Sat)15:08 No. 50192 ID: 3e3c00

File 130295931028.jpg - (61.08KB , 600x600 , strike_witches_yuri_misc-0099.jpg )

Cable 11/04/16(Sat)15:10 No. 50193 ID: 3e3c00

File 13029594029.jpg - (26.91KB , 640x480 , strike_witches_yuri_misc-0101.jpg )

Anonymous 12/11/22(Thu)22:14 No. 54704 ID: 867b5b

must bump this!

Nattajerk 12/07/14(Sat)22:24 No. 54207 ID: 7d3972 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 134229746839.jpg - (132.61KB , 565x800 , 0fc5ed21f8c3268e0300f4782b8ae84a.jpg )

Ah, I think its time for some neko :I

76 posts and 280 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
uki 12/08/10(Fri)11:15 No. 54321 ID: 6823bd

File 134459012473.jpg - (213.16KB , 800x1054 , f3888bf691a2e16184a24a837ef24e68.jpg )

Last one for now.

Anonymous 12/09/18(Tue)22:55 No. 54416 ID: cd3a81

Nattajerk 12/11/07(Wed)11:43 No. 54664 ID: 7ffb2b

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