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Anonymous 12/08/26(Sun)12:12 No. 17141 ID: 396fed [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 134597594527.jpg - (55.76KB , 800x600 , 495d3e90d2eafddf52b6ba881aa9098d.jpg )


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Anonymous 13/10/05(Sat)13:07 No. 21575 ID: 2d4318




Anonymous 14/03/27(Thu)00:29 No. 22833 ID: 91ce6c


Anonymous 14/04/09(Wed)21:14 No. 22959 ID: 2f283c


source? for the love of god

Where can I find this doujin? Winder 13/04/15(Mon)00:42 No. 19554 ID: 1a0347 [Reply]

File 136597932684.jpg - (234.89KB , 654x950 , 001.jpg )

Came across only a few pictures of a doujin that was english translated, would greatly appreciate help in finding just which one it is.

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Anonymous 14/03/18(Tue)06:44 No. 22765 ID: 858985

since the one who found it has not provided, there you go: http://exhentai.org/g/600908/c3f1616de7/

KaiDigo 14/04/01(Tue)20:32 No. 22897 ID: 7a9f97

it has been removed

KaiDigo 14/04/01(Tue)21:53 No. 22900 ID: 7a9f97


Anonymous 14/03/31(Mon)13:41 No. 22877 ID: de89ba [Reply]

File 139626608892.jpg - (822.09KB , 1126x1625 , P221.jpg )

New Agata

See also >>22824

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Anonymous 14/03/31(Mon)14:29 No. 22882 ID: de89ba

Anonymous 14/03/31(Mon)14:35 No. 22883 ID: de89ba

Anonymous 14/03/31(Mon)14:41 No. 22884 ID: de89ba

File 139626966677.jpg - (656.89KB , 1116x1625 , P246.jpg )

Again, I gotta say how much I love Agata's work. His style is dynamic, non-repetitive, super-sexy (love MILFs with curves and giant tits) *and* funny. Also, his characters are deliciously pervy. The only thing I could be asking for are longer-running stories in which it's not just the first time between Mom and son but a developing thing where themes of building a relationship are explored at length.

Anonymous 13/04/28(Sun)12:14 No. 19672 ID: 9a2f83 [Reply]

File 136714404063.png - (275.96KB , 500x500 , 133983791683.png )

Lolis and shotas

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Anonymous 13/10/14(Mon)00:58 No. 21633 ID: c60292

good thread.

Anonymous 14/03/28(Fri)19:18 No. 22850 ID: e773a0

File 139603071684.jpg - (628.62KB , 768x1024 , 42123649.jpg )

Anonymous 14/03/29(Sat)13:21 No. 22854 ID: 02bf5f

File 139609571942.png - (35.17KB , 500x450 , c6e8e93cb96ae3329c211fb95c12a717.png )


Anonymous 14/02/27(Thu)18:46 No. 22639 ID: e7c159 [Reply]

File 139352318213.jpg - (462.19KB , 1031x1500 , b342akrcs00025_0144.jpg )

New Agata

See also >>22307

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Anonymous 14/03/24(Mon)12:01 No. 22810 ID: be504c

names/links to this artists other works?

Zorres90xStShFa 14/03/25(Tue)11:43 No. 22816 ID: 7aae79

I'm a big fan of Agatadaigo's Straight Shota works.
Although this work is an incest work but it's still gorgeous and simply implemented heavenly beautiful.

Hope of Agatadaigo there will be a lot more!

Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)23:44 No. 22832 ID: 91ce6c


Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)15:10 No. 22824 ID: a3635b [Reply]

File 13958430147.jpg - (720.75KB , 1117x1623 , P047.jpg )

New Agata

See also >>22639

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Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)15:34 No. 22827 ID: a3635b

Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)15:41 No. 22828 ID: a3635b

Anonymous 14/03/26(Wed)15:48 No. 22829 ID: a3635b

Breeding shotas? jack 14/03/01(Sat)07:36 No. 22659 ID: 069b48 [Reply]

File 139365576531.jpg - (310.14KB , 1100x900 , p020.jpg )

Anyone know of any SS out there involving small villages/low population/breeding? These from Abubu/Nounanka's are the only ones I've ever seen.

Preferably no incest, if possible.

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Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)02:39 No. 22758 ID: f178a7

I remember finding that stuff on My Incest Hentai. It's way too bizarre to be hot me.

Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)02:40 No. 22759 ID: f178a7

*for me

Polite sage.

Anonymous 14/03/20(Thu)06:43 No. 22777 ID: f2dfce

I can never get those links to work :(

Anonymous 12/11/27(Tue)13:11 No. 18176 ID: 9ec195 [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

File 135401829581.jpg - (84.21KB , 560x525 , shota-mother.jpg )

Any games, flash or otherwise?

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FCS Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)14:22 No. 22760 ID: 5169bd

How do I stop the neverending loops of the Nargis messages? If I start another one, it stops the prior one, but I'm still stuck with her talking and talking, and talking...

FCS Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)14:36 No. 22761 ID: 5169bd

Another thing, the graphics in the MEKwarrior game on the computer seem pretty fucked up, showing as a bird and some butterflies, as opposed to something that'd make sense.

Anonymous 14/03/19(Wed)04:02 No. 22772 ID: 19427c

What, you don't just want to listen to her pretty voice forever and ever? Well, most music can be stopped by using the "no music" option when you click something that plays music. I know for a fact that this works on the jukebox in the MEK Headquarters. Nargis' audio (most of the audio, actually) is classified as music by the game, so it should work.

That was actually a design choice. I thought it looked prettier that way, and I thought it "fit" with the backgrounds better. The trucks that replace the butterflies during the "chase" phase were originally ethereal looking ghost woman sprites, while the cursor changed into a niqabi sprite. I changed it to trucks because my playtesters had no fucking clue what was going on, or what was being represented. Honestly, I wish I hadn't changed it, the trucks look ugly as sin to me, and kind of fuck up the tone of that part of the game. It was supposed to be a very abstract and artistic representation of guerrilla warfare. That's the problem with trying to do art, I guess, there's a point where it gets so abstract that nobody even knows what they're supposed to be looking at. I still liked it the other way, though.

watamai english translation Anonymous 14/01/22(Wed)20:55 No. 22415 ID: e2b490 [Reply]

File 139042055016.jpg - (186.04KB , 820x1212 , watamai_040.jpg )

Anyone know if this has been translated? The only thing I know about this is the folde rname - Watamai

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Anonymous 14/01/22(Wed)20:59 No. 22420 ID: e2b490

that's all I have

Anonymous 14/02/09(Sun)23:28 No. 22501 ID: fcf727

no one found this trnslated yet?

Anonymous 14/03/17(Mon)01:36 No. 22757 ID: 042e8c

Have you tried reverse google image search? It took me 10 seconds to find it translated by searching for the first image

Gang Bang LogamHeather!.EsafRmsZk 14/03/09(Sun)18:40 No. 22709 ID: 0929d8 [Reply]

File 13943868449.png - (832.26KB , 850x637 , sample_1478307f5c263ccdcaf1fda466f12b55.png )

search for this thread but dont find it, so here I go.

LogamHeather!.EsafRmsZk 14/03/09(Sun)18:49 No. 22710 ID: 0929d8

Anonymous 14/03/13(Thu)00:51 No. 22724 ID: 7f5124

File 139466826411.jpg - (199.19KB , 850x768 , sample_b869e5ce62ddd85145ded9aa8ee54355.jpg )

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